November 14, 2009

Nupur's Blogging Academy!

Now, my blog has always been a matter of intense (?) conversations everywhere I go and everywhere I don't go. There was a point in time when Aanchal used to introduce me like, "Meet her, she's Nupur and she's a blogger!" and Lakshmi and Hetvi instead of saying Shut up, Nupur, used to say, "Blog it, you blogger!" all because of my blog! But these days conversations revolving around my blog are getting rather weird....the discussions about my blog!! My friend, Ajay, who doesn't read my blog, told me that people are complaining to him so that he could tell me that the quality of my posts is going down the Mithi river! Now, when was it good to begin with, but anyways, assuming that it was, even people who don't read my blog are now worried about the quality of the posts (only because random people eat their brains for my bad posts!). I don't know what to say to that!!

And this is a rather interesting thing that happened last week. Not many from my MBA college know that I blog, so when a guy from another class asks my friends and then me about my blog, it is shocking in a very nice way! And when he told me that somebody from a different MBA college was talking about my blog, appreciating it and recommending it to people, I really didn't know what to say!! Except blushing ofcourse! I know, I'm showing-off but it feels good to show off once in a while. I have a friend who was once analysing why I blog and he came up with the conclusion that I blog because I like the attention I get here (But, what will I do of virtual attention?) and because I'm a loner! I say, I blog because adulation is addictive. Damned addictive! On a serious note, I blog because I like to blog.

Now, I've figured the precise reasons why I'm not blogging like I used to. First is ofcourse, I need my Cell Biology lectures. (No, Operations Management isn't doing the trick.... because when I start writing in Op-Mgmt lectures, people scornfully look at me assuming that I'm taking notes and when I clarify that I'm not that dedicated in life, they give me a why-do-you-blog-in-your-book expression!). Second, earlier when I was at Mithibai, I used to travel alone, so I'd be getting a lotta me-time to think and hence blog! But now-a-days, I'm almost always having some or the other person giving me a lift to and from college (I'm now writing a book called , "Wanting to have a boyfriend so that he could drop you to college is passe!!!".... Yes. I've given up hopes of ever getting a boyfriend!) so, I don't get time to think. That's why I can't blog! No Cogito....therefore no ergo sum!! So, I've decided to start walking a little, to get some time to think!. Anyways, people tell me I've put on a little weight(I'm now 44.234 kgs from my initial 43.876 kgs!), so, I gotta exercise....!!!

Now that we're talking about blogs and all, a lot of people ask me how to improve their blogs and all. Here's something that I like in blogs and something I would see in a blog before reading it, so if it makes sense to you, you could use the tips and send me a return ticket for one (I don't
have a boyfriend, remember?) for Venice for all the traffic you'll get by changing your blog!!

Blogging For Dummies!!!
  • Pick up an interesting template (that's the background of your blog) because that's the first thing that will catch a reader's attention. But at the same time, don't get colours that would injure the eyes! You could Google for websites offering templates (that is just in case you don't like the ones offered by your blogging site)
  • Choose an interesting domain name (mine shows complete lack of creativity I know!). But more important is the name of your blog (mine is very creative, modestly be damned!), because that's the first thing the reader will read. Make it as innovative as possible. Something that would compel a person to read further! Furthermore, if it could summarise YOU in a phrase/word, nothing like it. Like mine says, Unlearning The Muteness is apt for me. You'll know why if you've seen me TALK!
  • For your posts, write whatever you want. Remember, it's YOUR blog, YOUR world and you are the king/queen. Write from your heart. But the most important thing is to continue writing the way you want to write without getting conscious of your readers. Because the minute you get conscious, you lose your charm. At least that's what I think! You are writing for yourself not for your readers. If you want to write for readers, go the Chetan Bhagat way! (yes, I hate him after 2 States.... it was disappointing)
  • And please, please, please DON'T write in SMS language!! It's irritating to read an article in that language! And, yeah, pay great attention to grammar and spellings! It's putting off to read articles with spelling and grammatical errors. Please put Bill Gates' creation to some use.... F7 in MS Word is not a redundant key.
  • Proof read your posts. (Yes, the perfectionist in me is speaking!) and give a catchy title to your post.
  • You could add many widgets on your the StatCounter (it gives you the count of people who've been on your blog) or Feedjit (who comes from where) or many more... you could Google for more. You could also add Follow Me option and give a list of blogs you like.
  • Now, we come to advertising your blog. If you've just begun blogging, catch hold of all your friends, bribe them with a Crackle and make them read and comment on your blog! Then, put up the link of your blog on your profiles on all the social networking sites you visit. You could also join Communities on Orkut for Blogging. Here you can advertise the most because all other members are bloggers and are interested in reading and finding new blogs. You could also get your blog listed on Blogging websites like Indiblogger or Blogcatalog or something.
  • Then, you could also visit famous blogs and comment there, hoping to get some traffic to your blog from there! (Start by commenting HERE!)
  • Book a return ticket to Venice in the name of Nupur Bhayani NOW!

November 6, 2009

Love Is When....

Love is When....
  • You look for the cheapest mobile plans!
  • You think of changing your network operator and your number(!) not because the rest of your family and 110 million other users use it, but only because that one person uses it.
  • You don't mind sending 750 messages a month! (and then think of reasons to pacify your folks when they freak out looking at the phone bill!)
  • You'd rather climb down the stairs than take the elevator....and wish that it was a 50 storeyed building that you were climbing down!
  • You stop listening to your iPod because 1) you have someone singing for you and learning to play the guitar for you and 2) someone doesn't want you to listen to it because the reason you're partially deaf and say 'What' more often than any other word is your iPod !
  • You look at cute babies in restaurants and you feel like having one yourself!
  • You don't look at your girl from below her face (her eyes, nose and chin as maybe the case with different love stories!)
  • You can picture the person sitting right next to you in your family dinners....because that's one big family you want.
  • You're completely over your ex and you can now spend months not thinking about your ex, something that never happened earlier!
  • You always have a smile on your face, even though you're watching KRK throw bottles at people on Bigg Boss!
  • You feel like singing romantic songs and it's been ages since you've heard a sad song!
  • You feel like breaking all rules....anyways, going to hell is inevitable, might as well, break some rules and go there! (So Twilightish!!!)
  • You get a 3D life and move over your virtual life that consisted of Facebook and GTalk!
  • You in your love oblivious-ness tell all about your love story to your blogger friend, who's incidentally suffering from a massive writer's block and she writes a full fledged blogpost on it!!! Yipee!! I so love myself!!! Hehaw hehaw *some more Raavan style laughter*

P.S: Thank you to all my friends. I dedicate this post to you guys!

P.S 2: When you leave a comment, start with Love is When, I........ and complete the sentence.... let's get a lil mushy here!!