June 30, 2008

I can write too!

To be really very honest, I never thought I had the writing talent in me. I was content with the essays I wrote for my school work. Then in Std.10 a brainwave struck me "If my life were something else....how would it be" and I began writing my story. Yeah its been 5 years and I'm still writing it! Talk about being slow! And I'm still hunting for its title.... and due to the lack of it, I've been calling it "My Story"! My friends initially had to be forced to read it and they liked it but didn't have to patience to read it further.... I'm just halfway through and its already 145 pages in MS Word!!

Due to the forcing, thought, maybe my story sucks and I should get over it..... but I still continued writing it only for myself.... for my creative satisfaction. To my surprise I happened to find people from unexpected corners who read it and liked my work..... Saumya, Krupa, Neha, Aanchal.

Then another brainwave hit me and I started blogging. Through my blogs, an old school mate of mine, Manalee, read my blog and encouraged me to write further. She messaged me with some competition details and I participated more because of the faith she had in me. I never expected to win it. And to my surprise, I was one of the runners-up for the contest! This actually made me feel that apart from Quizzes and painting competitions there are other things in which I can win!! Thank You Manalee....... I'm so glad I found you in the most unexpected way... They say na.... People who change your lives are found in the most exceptional circumstances!!

Now that I'm on the thanking spree, let me thank all those who believed and helped in "writing"....
  1. Mom: For inculcating the reading habit in me so that I could go on and write in the future!
  2. Suelin Miss, Agnela Miss, Nuzhat Teacher: For being the best English teachers
  3. Pooja and Radhika: for Putting up with the crudest form of "my story" and liking it
  4. Aanchal: reading my story, helping me with the Punju culture and the vocab of course!
  5. Rao: for calling me the next JK Rowling
  6. Manalee: rekindling the writing bug in me
  7. Jay: For mentioning "Unlearning the Muteness" as a phrase to describe me.... way back in 2005... I still remember it and hence have used it as my blog name.
  8. Everybody who's read my blog and has appreciated it: Thank You!!
  9. AJ: I started blogging because of you...
I never wanted to publish "my story".... always found it very crude to be published, but now, I'm actually thinking that it might have a future... I might have a future.... One day after I pass out from some MBA college(IIM-A/JBIMS.... please, God!) I might just walk into a publishing house with "my story" in my hand...... Amen!

God send me some friends!!

Orkut says I have 137 friends..... but when I need them..... where do all of them collectively disappear?!!? I guess this is a universal phenomenon, as all my friends too compalain of the same! Well from my earlier posts, you'd have guessed what whacky ideas my friends get to get me married.... I have lost all hopes that they'd actually find me a decent guy!

But this time they showed thier dosti in a unique way..... I soooooooooo badly wanna watch Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na..... and bloody no one is ready to come with me!! Not a single soul!! Bloody look at the probability! God Bless Manshi and Radhika for agreeing now! I was actually prepared to go for the movie alone.... bunking my Friday pracs for the first day first show!Something I've never done before! I wasn't so desperate to see Jab We Met also(I have that one on my iPod and seen it 14 times already...!!) Hoping to get the tickets and the DVD of JTYJN soon!! My stupid iPod is waiting! Yeah coming to my iPod....it seems that it can guess my moods better than Radhika does(She's one person who can guess my mood even from my scraps!) no wonder it played Tumse Hi Pyaar...by Aasma after I spoke to *him*....... gotta change my playlist!!! Wierd that gadgets do understand feelings...!!

I so wanna want JTYJN to be a hit.... not because Imran Khan is my current love interest, not because I've bet Hershey's with a friend on the fate of the movie.... but just to avenge for an unknown feeling arising from deep within..... wish it does.......

What an IDEA Sirjee....

As usual, I was talking on the phone and giving some exercise to my phalanges by swapping the channels at light speed when I spotted an ad with Abhishek Bachchan in it. After watching the egregious Motorola ad, it was a serious risk that I took by staying put. And to my relief it was an IDEA ad.... Going by their previous track record, I expected this ad to be heart touching as well, and I must say, I wasn't disappointed.

Cut to an old man begging the watchman in a school to let his granddaughter study in the school, after the admissions had closed... Abhi looks at the helpless girl and ponders how he'd get everyone in the school... then he uses cell phones with IDEA connectivity and children in villages learn from teachers in schools...... A bit unrealistic... but does get the message through.... WONDERFUL, I must say! One of the few ads, that have come up of late, which I liked. And for the first time after Bunty Aur Babli, did I like Abhi again(Can't believe I actually liked that guy once upon a time!!)! His stubble is so much tolerable now!! Truly recommended, this ad.

I Wish I Had Written This!

So true!!!! Wish it was my pen that had inked this!

June 27, 2008

25 Reasons Why One Should Be A Girl

Waise toh I'm a hardcore feminist... but my last post didn't seem so!! But here's my take why one should be a girl...... (my bid to pacify all the feminists I've angered!)

* This list is applicable only if girls are surrounded by good,loving,caring ,understanding and chivalrous gentlemen around her..!!

  1. You're the most protected and sheltered one in your family
  2. You can wear pink....
  3. You can carry off floral print without looking like a Hawaii return!
  4. Nobody accuses you of crossdressing if you happen to wear your guy's shirt...(behind close doors, ofcourse!)
  5. You do not have to pay anywhere! (Travelling, entertainment and food is almost always paid for!)
  6. You get rickshaws/taxis comparatively easily.(Your one "rickshaw" call launches a thousand rickshaws!)
  7. You never have to take the pain of driving...you just have to grace the fron seat.
  8. Your primary business in the car is changing the CDs(Giving directions is futile...they're never acted upon,even when you're DEAD SURE about it!)
  9. You never have to do anything... most of the times things are taken care of!
  10. If they are not, then all you need to do is flutter your eye lids at great speed and say PLEASE in a very soft and bechari voice!
  11. You're Daddy's favourite... hence you've never heard the word NO!
  12. You can GOSSIP and BITCH...that's the centre of the universe for you(No wonder I'm considered a Gossip Queen in my class!)
  13. Cat fights have made you a stronger person, physically!
  14. Your punches may not hurt.....but your nails definitely do!!
  15. You have reservations everywhere!
  16. You do not have to pay fees in junior college and school
  17. You abuse in English... and sound classy
  18. "P" words from you scare the most toughest of guys!
  19. Sports means flying-in-the-air hair,cute faces, bulging biceps, strong hamstrings....in short Greek God replicas in the form of sportpersons!
  20. You hate WAGS and are jealous of them!
  21. You are pampered and loved the most when pregnant.
  22. You can give birth.... something that's so selfless.
  23. You are mentally very very very strong.
  24. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
And the most important of them all.....
25. YOU CAN CRY!!!

June 25, 2008

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Life is funny.... Like we didn't know.... but Life has to make sure that we don't forget who's the boss, that's why it plays all kinda stupid games with us... and yeah we lose.... miserably! I'm a person who believes a lot in "signs and signals" indicated by nature. I believe in signs and not superstitions! Another thing that I was wondering was if over a period of time inanimate tihngs become animate.... do they start understanding you or your moods....

The other day I was going somewhere in my car, with the earphones of my iPod plugged in at full volume in my ears. No sooner did I pass the college of the guy I'm trying to get over since eons than there was a song change and my iPod played "You're still the one". I'm not kidding! I felt so angry at myself for listening to songs on shuffle!! I really did not know what to make of this "sign". Just let it pass. Didn't want to think about it further(though I had a desire to just drop in and say hello!) so just went straight ahead to the road that led.....

I know his might seem a bit bizzare but since the past couple of months, I feel, that my Ipod kinda senses my moods and plays songs! If I'm low, it plays one of the sad songs, followed by some Akon shit my sis put in! If I'm happy, it plays those happy songs. Maybe they do sometimes understand sometimes or maybe my vibes penetrate the silicon chips of iPods and laptops!

P.S: I had to listen to Quit Playing Games With My Heart after that song to teach my iPod a lesson! Stupid iPod!!

25 Reasons Why You Should Be a BOY!

It's just one chromosome....just bloody one chromosome that makes all the difference... the "Y" Chromosome! (For non Biology people..guys have XY chromosome in their cells and gals XX). After studying the capricious habits of the Y chromosomed creatures for almost a year(this was way back in 2005!!) I've come up with the "Y Chromosome Theory"...in this theory I have explained the way in which guys behave(tried to, actually!!) ... more on this theory later on... Following are the reasons why one shouldn't have double X chromosomes... ie advatages of being a BOY..... !
  1. You're not subjected to a free full body scan the minute you step out of the house.
  2. You can wear/not wear anything you want without thinking about what log kahenge
  3. People look into your EYES while talking to you
  4. The world's your toilet!!
  5. You are allowed to drive on the highway...(You're allowed to drive in the first place!)
  6. You can abuse in Hindi!
  7. Your punches do hurt other people
  8. You can watch sports without being asked "Who's the guy who sparked this sudden interest!"
  9. Beer, football and friends together are UTOPIA!
  10. You understand football and the difference between off-spin and leg-spin in cricket
  11. You'd go nuts if a Ferrari was parked near your building because you realize the importance of it!
  12. You have atleast the benefit of doubt of being able to pass engineering!(With my Maths and Physics I know why I didn't have the benefit of doubt!)
  13. You have relaxed and flexible curfew timings
  14. You can afford getting drunk because you don't have to care about who'll drop you home
  15. Pleasure is never a pain for you.... not even the first time!!!
  16. You are not scared of bikes or rather being spotted on a bike with a person of the opposite sex
  17. You probably haven't heard of or do not care about PMS
  18. You don't have to undergo labour or the frightful stretch marks after it!
  19. You don't have to undergo the terrible pain of depilation every 4 weeks...you can roam around like a hairy orang-utan all your life
  20. Boys night out is not at all about gossiping and bitching....
  21. You don't have to think twice before the second helping of the Blueberry Cheese Cake
  22. You don't have to diet or work out
  23. Butter zyaada Pav Bhaji can be relished without appraising the calories
  24. Your name is yours forever
And the most important of them all........
25. YOU DO NOT HAVE OESTROGEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S: Hetvi..... this one's dedicated to you babes.... will always remember your line "Temme one bad thing about being a guy!"

June 22, 2008


You came like a wave of new spring,
Thawed my frozen heart,
That had seen only harsh winters,
You showed it Spring,
Summer and Monsoon too,
Were there holding me tight,
during the Winter and Fall,
I began loving Autumn, because,
You were there, always,
All I needed to do was,
to look to my side,
to meet your loving eyes...
We saw, together, the flowers bud,
the leaves sprout,
We saw them shower in the first rains,
change clothes to red, in Autumn,
hues that matched the blush on our face,
They fell, eventually, during Fall,
Assured of their return, I slept, alone,
Waited, for you to come and tuck me in,
and reassure my beliefs,
like you had, many springs ago,
They came back, Spring 't was,
But, I still waited...
Yet not accepting your departure,
WHY...cried over this for nights on end,
Watched the rains wet the window sill, alone,
Still made 2 cups of coffee,
and gulped down yours too,
Hoping you'd come, drenched,
one day, asking for a towel,
and an apology....
Hold me again, for Winter was back..
The leaves fell again,
So did I,
In genuflect before Him, begging,
To send you back,
He sent rather the leaves and flowers,
The rain and then snow,
No sign of you nowhere....
My heart has now frozen again....
in the middle of Summer,
Not ready to be thawed again....
Not wanting to be thawed again....

June 20, 2008

A Chapter From The "Chronicles Of A Fucked Up Life"

People, in a way are not wrong when they look down upon Bsc... for various reasons like:
1. Dearth of future careeer options (Research, my friend, is a pain in the wrong place and MBA requires Maths...something that you've lost touch with since the New Stone Age.)
2. Poor quality of syllabus(Well, this phenomenon is omnipresent!)
3. Teachers.... um...well... (But we're lucky to have a good Biotech staff!)
4. The ample vacation time we get to waste!
5. No scope of enjoyment like bunking lectures for a movie or to sit in the canteen....
6. The size of our journals that supersedes our size sometimes(with my size, defnitely!!)
7. Lack of guys....
8. Because its BSc!!

You can find all these and many more reasons in "The Chronicles of a fucked up life”, a book authored by the specimens of Table One.(If ever some publisher shows guts enough to publish it!). The book is about what not to do in Bsc… ‘Don’t Do Bsc’ is written in gold as the page header!

But still, what makes Bsc clicks for me atleast, are my friends in class.... with them around even the home-class-college-class-home drudgery seems fun! Laboratory doesn't come to haunt us because of Table One(Table One is the table occupied by my friends and me in our lab, where we do all kinds of peevish keedas ). Table One haunting our teachers is another stosry altogether! But now that our teachers have become strict with us this year(Board exams again!) I really wonder if they'd put up with the Table One antics! So to compensate, we've started a new stream of antics in the class itself!

Because we think we study way too much with just one week into college, we need to fill our famished stomachs. How we fill it is a spectacle in itself! 8 chapattis from my dabba, 6 theplas from Ankita's, 5 from Ankit's, 8 from Hetvi's and 5 Aloo Paranthas from Aanchal's(with the aachar ofcourse)and 6 roti's from Ajay's tiffin, fried rice from Hinal's.... all finished in an astonishing 10 minutes by around 9 people. I actually haven't really been able to count the exact number of people eating from our dabbas beacuse I'm too busy in eating... I know, looking at my frame, people feel I'm Kareena's inspiration for the Size Zero figure, but to shock them all, I'll tell you... I eat a lot! We actually eat like people who've come from East Africa and have seen food for the first time in life(no offences meant). I'm really unable to figure out why we eat like such gluttons!! And the mess we create around the table while eating would make the chest of a two year old's mother swell with pride!! Never before have I eaten like this, creating so much mess!

This style of eating, however junglee-ish it may appear to onlookers, gives a great deal of happiness and satisfaction...to us as well as our mothers(Indian mothers... I must say...are behind their kids only for two reasons..1]eating 2]getting married!).We eat like there's no tomorrow, and in a way it is right, after all who knows next year this time, after graduating, where each one of us may land? Someone might be in A'bad(Aanchal, if you don't get through, who will???), someone in B'lore(Ankit, the future genetic expert), someone in BSE(Ankita), someone in USA(me,purportedly married to a Patel in USA..according to my friends ofcourse but,... I'm gonna be in B'bay, trying to get out of the Mithibai gully..... 5 years of college in the same damned gully can be exasperating.... I so hope I don't get in NMIMS ...please God get me A'bad with Aanchal at IIM-A!!). All of us will be separated, all of us treading a different path... its then when all this gluttony is gonna get on to us.... bringing in the memories of these days.... For, hostel food will never taste like our dabbas.... for, one won't be able to hog on the hostel food....for,eating with these people won't match up to eating with anyone else on earth!

June 19, 2008

The Carry Over of Karmic Connections....

I'm one of the people who believes in the Karma theory... its not to be a part of the latest fad going around town ,but because of my own spiritual yearnings. I know I'm sounding like a sadhu at 19! One of the aspects of the Theory that appeals to me is that whomever we met or know well is because of the connections we've had in our previous births. Whatever we have, whatever yen for is all determined by the cumulative Karma of all our previous births

This explains a lot... the reason why we get along like a house on fire with some people, and spend an entire lifetime to know some, and yet feel like we're strangers!This explains why we'd change completely if someone asks us to,without even arguing once.Karma theory reasons for this as, you had a great bond with the person in your previous birth, so in this birth, you are just starting from where you left. And the reason for why we feel antipathy towards some is the the same as well. It's the "Carry over" system after all! This is well elucidated by Krishna in Geeta,when He preaches Arjun, "Karm kiye jaa, phal ki ichaa mat kar.." Even though I may say this and understand it well, there are times when I feel that no matter whatever good I may do, I'm never gonna have the things I want....this, well, I'd like to leave on the basic human nature of not being satisfied with what you have!!

Swami Vivekanand, was asked, during hos lecture on Hinduism and Karma, in the famous World's Fair in Chicago, by an agnostic woman, 'How would you prove Karma's existence?' To this, Swami replied, 'The very fact that you are here,physically and mentally normal, inside, listening to me talk and not begging for food outside like the beggar who's crippled, is proof enough.Its because you've done something good that he didn't.' This made the woman convert from Christianity to Hinduism.

Anyways, leaving the Karma funda aside, what's the harm in being good to people? What's the big deal in going a bit out of your way to help someone in distress? It wont cost a bomb to see the 32 muscles on someone's face work for a smile!!Life, after all is all about walking miles and spreading smiles before you sleep, isn't it?

P.S: Hetvi, I'm indebted to you, for bringing me back to my old self...the one who doesn't expect things back! Thanks for re-assuring my beliefs!

"IF" is a very big word....

Sometimes... actually more than sometimes, I wonder what Paulo Coelho must have been thinking when he penned down "If you want something, the entire universe will conspire to give it to you". Because as far as I know..... the universe has never really bothered with what we lesser mortals want! Anyway I'll leave ranting about my life for later posts, lets talk about life and its games.... sometimes I really wish Life was not a sportsperson....(Leave it if you didn't get the joke!)

One of the lines I love repeating and have the pleasure of patting my back for having penned it is "IF is a very big word". I mean... its true, isn't it? It's omnipresent! Whatever you've wanted but haven't got or whatever you didn't want and are stuck with is sprinkled with an abstemious amount of IF's .... Our lives revolve and rotate around the word IF... IF I had this.... IF I were this... IF this was like that.... Uff!!

But then why do we never get things we think are the best for us after all to some extent, after being exposed to this ruthless world, we've become sagacious enough to know what is good for us and what is not. A part of me says it may be because of the aphorism we've grown up listening "Sabr ka phal meetha hota hain"... OK, we wait for things to show their prettier face, or better still, wait for better things to come, because that's one ray of hope .... but till when shall one wait.... till the sabr ka phal becomes over ripe and falls of the tree??

Another part of me says that it may be because of Karma... Maybe you're not supposed to have things you've wanted.... or maybe because you snatched it from someone so this birth you're supposed to make do without it.... but then here comes the only thing I don't agree in the Karma Theory(I think you'd have surmised it by now that do believe in the Karma Theory) is why aren't things levelled in one birth itself? Why the carry over method? Its a type of procrastination, isn't it?(This just relives me of the fact that to an extent even the Almighty procrastinates and I'm not the only lazy bum!)

But then another part of me (sorry, but I normally have a million viewpoints about the same thing... one demerit of being a pukki Libran!), the pragmatic and prudent one says that maybe you've not wished enough for it to come to you.... Simply put, you've not worked hard for it... If its a seat in the nation's most aspired for college(Ah! the IIMs come here as well!) and you failed to get it, maybe the effort you put it wasn't enough.. or the effort others put in was more than you did. This is one consideration none of us want to think of when things don't go our way, but it can't be obviated!

So the status quo is I'm confused as to who is to be blamed if I have to use the word IF.... Methinks it depends on the situation.... some amount of human error is bound to be there so is a chance of mistake in the carry over system....

P.S: I seek pardon from all my readers... I was suffering from a massive writer's block and just wanted to get over it so have written down whatever signals my neurons gave to my fingers! So sorry if the post was way too discursive and made just no sense!!

June 5, 2008

Hypocrisies, Ironies and Paradoxes!!!

Although I'm preparing for CAT which is only going to further confirm my "Loser" status, I'm trying not to leave any stone unturned for it(I mean I WILL START TRYING NOW!) This includes mugging up a lot of words and knowing the subtle difference between two close sounding ones. I'm still,after analysing the definitions thrown up by www.dictionary.com for almost 30 minutes, confused between irony and paradox! I know this is High School Grammar, but you can't expect one to retain all this, years(5, to be precise) after finishing school!

Coming back to the title I've put up for this write, "Hypocrisies, Ironies and Paradoxes!" aren't we all fed up with them already, with just about 19 years invested in life? To me hypocrisies irritate the most, maybe because of the fact that I, for one don't lie and can't stand liars. But yet this world is full of hypocrites and howmuchever I hate them, they won't just go... maybe they're inspired from cockroaches!

Irony, dictionary.com, defines as "the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning". After reading this bit, you may ask me, what's so abtruse in this? Well, trust me, there will be times in life when you'll get bamboozled! The most common irony one encounters would be "The paper was a f***ing piece of s**t" and a month later we find that person's pic in the paper with a tag line "Topped the university"!! You just bloody well had to tell the truth, if the paper was good... why the dissimulation?

Paradox is "a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. " by definition. After much rumination, I think I've somewhat understood it.... Sample this, the paradox in life is that only person who can stop you from crying, is the only person who makes you cry in the first place". This was an SMS I recieved. Thanks to SMSes, dukhi,bechare aashiqs have got a new job....creating them!

But someone pray tell me what to feel/say/think when one opens the paper the first thing in the morning to find a full page report (with pictures of malnourished kids)on the Govt's initiative to form a Nutrition Committee to combat the hunger wave caused due to the rising inflation on one page and a report on the contiguous page with pictures of a quintal of fruits, mountain sized ladoos, and many more food items in front of an overstuffed with food, Karunanidhi. (Pardon me for not reading the article and providing you with the reason for the feast, as the picture was nauseating enough). What do we call this..... Oxymoron??

Time we wake up to the harsh reality surrounding our protected cocoon.... Time we start asking pertinent questions to the people responsible... Time to bring a change, and not merely be a part of one....Time we get some REAL answers....

June 4, 2008

Mitti Ki Khushboo...

It's started raining ... finally some reprieve from the sun! Nothing beats the smell of earth,the sight of raindrops falling from your roof to kiss earth, a hot cuppa coffee and the arms of your beloved(For me, its everything except the last clause, a good book would do wonders for me!). According to me, the one thing I would always associate with rains would be the sweet-damp fragrance of earth when it first pours... It beats even the best of perfumes from Christian Dior! So natural, so replenishing, so cathartic, so nostalgic.....

Last year, due to my now renowned US trip, I missed the first rains(I came by the time Mumbai was gearing up to get flooded again!). I truly missed everything aforementioned. While my stay in US one of the first few songs to find their way into my iPod was "Yeh jo des hain tera" from Swades... a heart wrenching song from an equally poignant movie. Each and every line of this song means its worth .... and one can feel it only when that person is away from India(like I was!). The line that actually makes you sit up and take notice is "Mitti ki hain jo khushboo, tu kaise bhulayega". Its so very true. It rained a couple of times when I was in US but the earth never exuded the fragrance we've grown up devouring. I never realised this until I shed a few tears listening to the song! Maybe that's why I connect to this song in a way which most of you cannot.

Coming from a Microbiology dept., I decided to Google out why does earth smell during rains and I found out that Actinomycetes(a type of bacteria growing in soil,omnipresent in all soils... I'm assuming my audience has read enough to know what bacteria are!!) release Geomycin, a pigment which is water soluble on contact with water(rain) which later gives out the fragrance. Science, in it place and emotions in its, someone pray tell me how come US Actinomycetes aren't potent enough to release geomycin(they're supposed to) and the fragrance...??? And yeah, this question is asked by a Science student, not a patriotic Indian!!

June 3, 2008

Googly, Google and Goggles!!!

No, this isn't my way to practice alliteration,they're are the three things that are keeping the heat of this summer at bay! We'll begin with Googly... (obviously going by the thing I have for cricket) There's a show called NDTV Good Times Googly coming on NDTV Good Times. This show shows the cricketers off the field, what they do while chilling with other cricketers. Some of 'em sing, play the guitar, basically they do everything to make me wonder why I wasn't there hosting the show! I definitely think I would have done a fantabulous job(I would even promise not to hit on the cricketers!) Its such a good show, I guess its one of the best things to have happened to TV since SRK, Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai and IPL!! And the channel NDTV Good Times is the only watchable channel today... although it makes you feel like the most penurious person to have walked on Earth!

We now come to Google... Enough has been said about Google and I don't wnat to sound banal by repeating the same things. Google has brought the world at our fingertips!

Goggles.... well, I'am not one of the lucky ones on whom glares(sorry, but "goggles" to me sounds ultimately middle class!)suit all thanks to my small face! But I feel glares are the best way to beat the summer sun! Ah! How I wish I could wear those! Nonetheless, I feel I have saved a great deal of money!! Maybe my guy can add the money I saved to the money he'd spend on my RING! Wow! Now that was some good money planning! IIM-A.... are you listening?!

June 2, 2008

The Ring

I saw Jannat last week.... yes its true... I actually had the verve and nerve to voluntarily go for an Emraan Hashmi flick in a theatre which stripped me off 120 bucks! Guess the cricket in it drew me.. or maybe the fact that it was declared a hit. Well I guess I should give my readers some respite from cricket(But I'm missing it!!).

Yeah so coming back to Jannat... it was a cute movie, a bit too Hindi filmy types at times especially with Hashmi's match predicting prowess....He should've been a selector if he could predict so well! Sonal Chauhan only looks pretty.... she can't act! And like my friend Lakshmi said, she has major registration problems(coz she had to do a "huh" for everything Hashmi said)!! Its so much fun watching movies with her... she has a wise crack for every scene(Lakshmi, not Chauhan!). The movie was otherwise well made. The only unpardonable thing in the movie was the slaughter of the "Lambi Judaai" song!But,I must say the the way "Zara sa" was executed was aah so cute! The best scenes of the movie, to me, were the ones where Emraan breaks the glass window of a jewelry showroom because Sonal loved a particular "ring" and another scene where Sonal rues that for employees not having their own car have to travel by the company vehicle. What we next see is Emraan buying a brand new black Honda Accord for her and the "ring"! Wow! A guy like this wouldn't hurt! I so felt like going and standing outside a jewelry showroom!! An uncut solitaire diamond on white gold with sapphires around it is all I ask for... is it asking for too much???I guess not!

The movie shows how the "ring" is the unifying and breaking factor between the two and how Hashmi dies because of the "ring". This makes me suggest the Bhatt's to remake "The Ring" in Hindi!! Sorry for the poor joke! While we're still talking about the ring, I'm so glad I found my ring(gold, not the one I aforementioned!)which I dropped while playing with it and forgot to pick up later on, with my mom and spy sis not noticing it, because had this happened I sure would've been the haunting factor in the Bhatt's "The Ring" version!!(Sorry again for the deteriorating quality of jokes!).

P.S: I'm still wondering why did Aanchal feel like crying while watching this movie?? Pray, tell me!

June 1, 2008

Some serious withdrawal symptoms!!

The IPL's over!! For me it was virtually over when Punjab was pulverized by Chennai... but that's another sad story :( Now that I've been advised to get over the loss and move on in life, I've began to wonder.... can we ever get over the phenomenon called IPL? I guess not!

I know it sounds preposterous, but IPL, over the past month and half had become such an integral part of our daily schedule that its going to be a Herculean task to move on to other things in life and especially on TV.... considering its moribund state as of now! We might now, sometimes switch on Set Max at 8 only to find some OTT hero dancing around a tree in a bid to woo his love! I wonder how did this ever work! But how is life gonna be minus IPL... that would mean no fighting with Aanchal over Chennai or Hetvi for Mumbai... that would mean receiving no HAHA messages when Punjab would lose... that would mean no ogling over the cute Aussie hunks!! Ouch! This is gonna hurt!

IPL is surely gonna be missed..... please come soon next year and yeah come after all the zillion entrance exams of mine are over..... I surely don't want to ruin my career coz keeping that TV set off is gonna be more difficult than resisting molten Hershey's! (The irony of life is that I don't get both!!)