March 27, 2008

It Ain't The Wrath Of Sour Grapes.....!

Its been since ages that we've been hearing our parents,peers etc tell us "jo hota hain ache ke liye hota hain" whenever something went amiss. At the time when things go horribly wrong, we feel we've been struck by catastrophe........! Now that I've been retrospecting since quite a few days(yeah, you've guessed it right....... I'm seriously jobless and have nothing better to do!) I've begun to realize that actually whatever happens,does happen for good!! When things never happened the way I wanted them to happen, I used to feel that I'm the only one who has to face Destiny's Wrath, and that nothing ever will go my way! This was the "Why-again-me" syndrome that keeps on recurring! But now that I've become sagacious(a l'il bit!!) I think its for good that things never went my way.... because not-my-way is cool too!! And yes I'm not being subtlely sarcastic neither is it the case of sour grapes! I'll tell you a few instances that make me feel so..........

I was in Std 9, life complete with good grades,great teachers(ah how much I value them now after seeing University Professors!) and awesome buddies,but life had to intervene, so my parents decided to shift! The shifting meant me changing my school in the last year...... How cool is that?! No amount of hunger strikes from me helped me in my case to stay back,so I had to leave and go into a new school which I did eventually,though I was cursing my new school under my breath from the minute I got admission(which ironically was due to the good impression my Writing skills created on the Interviewer!!).I entered the school with a negative frame of mind.Little did I know that the friends,(Pooja and Radhika) I was gonna make there were actually the best and would remain with me till my last breath(God willing!!). My tenth std is memorable only because of them!

Then came 11std, and despite getting admission in Mithibai Science, I went to Gokhlibai..... for the only reason that my mom wanted me to take IT!! I tried going on a hunger strike again......... but I was asked to shut up! Initially G'bai seemed rosy.(how!!???!!) Later on it turned out to be a nightmare,a battleground, a mud slinging match or God knows what! I started regretting the fact that I wasted my 2 years.Its now that I realize how much G'bai taught me about life,to to be strong and always walk with head held high no matter what people talk or think....... and most importantly it taught me the most important lessons in life that 1.Don't trust people blindly,for they will walk over you 2.Don't make friends so quickly.(That's why I refrain from making new friends..... remember in the earlier posts.....) and 3.Don't love anybody more than you love yourself!

The only thing I learnt from my SP days is that I need to improve my taste in guys!!!!(According to Akshata,Radhika and Sneh....... the latter wanted to puke on one of my crush's face!)

Like I told you I never liked the first few initial months at Mithibai..... for my degree course....... but then later on when I actually started attending college regularly(though Ajay and Ankit would still beg to differ on the last part...... I can't help not attending all the lectures that take place...... after all I need my beauty sleep....and the 7 o clock lecture interferes with it!!), I realised I'd have missed out on so much had I listened to my "well-wishers" who adviced me against "BSc".I'd have never met Aanchal who will see to it that I shed all my laziness and show the world my real potential and calibre in the field of academics..... which she feels is great......although I wouldn't want to comment on it!(Somebody just mentioned that modesty is the "in" thing these days.Hehe!) I'd have never met Hetvi whose attitude in life is something I'd really like to emulate!I'd have never met Ankita who will be my stock broker in future and if HAN India Pvt. Ltd does get established(Amen) she'll be our company's head of stocks or whatever its called! And Manshi,who'd be the company's bartender!Ajay woould have obviously multiple jobs ranging from the postman to clerk to the R and D head(His mom is gonna have a reason every day to make "gajar ka halwa"!!).Ankit would be the CFO(Chief Financial Officer..... for all you ignorant souls!!) in the spare time that he'd have after romancing well... hmm.... I'd really wouldn't have met them if I had paid heed to other people!

One more positive that I've taken from life is that its for good that I don't have a boyfriend..... God is wise na....... and he loves all human beings equally....... so He wouldn't want a gangster who adulates Gabbar Singh and tries to ape him in every possible way, to kill my boyfriend because my Veeru's Basanti(that's me!!) can't dance to save his life!!Rather the Gabbar fan gangster would release Veeru(my guy) so that he can find a DANCER girlfriend(He can try Nisha Kothari if Hema Malini failed......although it'll look eeks!!)And besides, God doesn't want me to be my guy's murderer!!!!

So, see I mean what I say......... everything happens for a reason and you have the option of looking at either the positive or negative side(negative side is bound to be there na!).......... the prerogative is yours to make the call and make it matter and channelize life in the right direction! C'est la vie,people! After all grapes may be sour,but you can definitely ferment them to get sweet wine!! That's why it ain't the wrath of sour grapes!

March 26, 2008

SOS! TV cries out!

It was 2000,when a revolution took place...... it wasn't the Y2K bug, it even wasn't the dot com boom, it was the advent of "new" TV shows. Yes it was then when we were introduced to the "saas bahu" soaps! It's been 8 years ever since and these soaps are still going on! Arey yaar itna time toh pyaar bhi nahi tikta!!

This blog is completely dedicated to the current TV scenario which is crying out for help,desperate help! First, I'd like to put some light on the "soaps" ........ why aren't they being called "onions............Maybe due to Ekta's fear on losing out on Jain viewers!! Ok sorry for the bad joke, but none the less I think my joke was better than the jokes cracked on laughter shows! So coming back to the soaps, can someone tell me the logic of wearing such heavy sarees and jewellery at home? Who goes to bed with full make up? I'm sure even Rakhi Sawant must be wiping out her makeup before going to sleep .Her boyfriend,Abhishek is now acclimatised to seeing Rakhi without makeup and her implants........ that's what explains his puppy dog behaviour! I mean who'd take 2,3,4......n slaps from his girl in front of the media? Can't they slap,whip,spank or do whatever behind closed doors? Yeah coming back to out topic(please excuse me for changing tracks .......... I can't talk on one topic for more than 145 secs!!). I'm so glad that the people in these shows are not eligible to be counted in the census! We'd have overtaken China in 2002 itself! But one positive thing coming from the soaps is that it generates employment........ there are so many people aspiring to be lawyers looking at the rates marriages are breaking apart!! But the best thing that I find that people with soooooo many companies are forever working on some or the other project or filling up a tender or contract which always runs up to a few crore rupees. Now, there's nothing unusual in this,it happens in business families, but what definitely doesn't happen it the riches-to-rags story! How can you come to stay in a chawl if somebody buys all your company shares? Don't you have other immovable or other liquid assets?? How many times have we heard an Ambani or Tata coming to stay in a neighbourhood chawl??? Don't these story writers have any sense of economics, or have they lost it along with their logical reasoning?

One soap that I've started watching is "Kuchh Is Tara" ..... how I wish they put the H's in it's proper place, but that's not my point of concern right now...... When I began watching this show my primary concern was jus to find out what genre does it belong to? Is it a saas bahu saga or is it some comedy show? My inference after religiously following this show for 3 weeks is that is a saas bahu show which has actors who overact to the extent that the viewers feel that its a comedy show and not a regular drama! I mean what's with Akashdeep Sehgal and Shanta Tai??? And now as always the hero and heroine have fallen in love....... I'm just counting days before the entry of some third person to make this company a crowd! But the best moment was when there was this lady standing next to the ex-hero(he was the one who was initially supposed to get married to the heroine!)and my mom asked me how she was related to the ex-hero.......looking at their faces and mentally appraising their ages, I thought she must be his wife, but I got the shock of my life when he addressed her as MOM........ she infact looked like his daughter!!!

Another show I'd like to talk about is Roadies that comes on Roadies TV...... oops MTV..... but they show Roadies the whole day, don't they? It seems to me that we had less bitches on saas bahu soaps that MTV got us more. Why do they beep when someone uses invectives? We all know what the say! I'm so glad Ankita and Prabhjyot are out.Ankita didn't know how to talk..... did you see her mouth when she opened it to talk? Ewww...... not happening! And Prabhjyot...... all you Pallavis and Mandiras, take a bow!

Now I come to my favourite bashing targets....... HINDI NEWS CHANNELS.. esp Aaj Tak and India TV!!!I'd like to talk about them in detail about their fixations with
  • Astrology-Can India TV please do something about the black robed baba?He's rather scary....... and so is Star News' Teen Deviya's numerologist... why is she so extra happy and why does she blush so much while reading out predictions....... and someone please tell her Matte lipsticks haven't been used since almost Iron Age!
  • Spreading superstitions. I thought one of media's primary role was to curb them, par mere sochne se kya hota hain?
  • Unwarranted interest in cricketer's love stories and linking any person to any cricketer.Leave Deepika alone! She ain't interested in Yuvi or Mahi!(Thank God they didn't link her with my Irfi!)
  • Children falling down a bore well.I mean why not rather ask the authorities to close all such kind of wells,haven't you learnt enough from the Prince case that you want to have more Vandanas?
  • Animated reactions garnered by ex-unemployed-always-willing-to-give-sound-bytes cricketers whenever we lose or win a match
  • Asking "aapko kaisa mehsus ho raha hain" to any collar they can catch hold of, irrespective of the fact that you might be asking a mother this question who'd have lost her only son in the bomb blast you are covering.
  • Use of extraaaaa adjectives that too in chaste Hindi! We really don't understand 97.68% of them!
  • Predicting Doom's Day........I think so far they've shortlisted about 387556542 dates when it could be Apocalypse... and 37565093 of them have already gone by, and like we all know Earth is in the pink of her health!
  • And most importantly....... What's with their excessive amorous relationship with Khali,the Mahabali!?! He looks so weird and sounds weirder! I really am exasperated looking at a huge creature growling and thumping his chest whenever i switch on my TV.... doesn't he know a lot of people in India suffer from heart ailments and that they may have an attack looking at his antics. Hats off to the girls who are "Khali ki deewani"!!!
  • The only positive from these news channels is that they have reduced showing Baba Ramdev who can cure cancer and diabetes with yoga..... I'm sure all we biotechnologists and pharmacists have nothing better to do that's why we spend years locked up in a lab trying to find out panacea!
I just want to request news channels is to stop showing drama as its high time we saw some actual NEWS!

I'm gonna miss my SP days!

From L to R: Rads,Aks and Nups.

Now that I've written about my college life, I feel inappropriate if I don't write about the days spent at SP Classes, a place where I found my 3 best friends, Radhika,Akshata and Rao at a time when I was completely bollixed up with the term "friendship". And its gonna be such a wonderful trip down the memory lane as I write this one!

Radhika and I knew each other since school, we met in school and became friends after we left school!! We entered SP Classes on Dec 12,2004(see I remember dates concerning you people too) at around 1.45 to see some people scattered in a class. We chose to sit on the second last bench besides a verrrrrryyyy tall girl, Akshata who was sitting with Alisha......... my first impression of Akshata was that she was of behenji types!!!(sorry!)Rads and Aks became friends(I told you people na I don't make new friends when I have good old ones!) and then I was dragged in the scene and that's how the three of us became friends and the second last bench became our second home for a good one year!Me, being me started ranting about my life, and Akshata and Radhika had no option but to listen to it! That's how the bond deepened.
Today whenever I pass by Vile Parle station, I make it a point to inform(for the n th time!) whoever is with me that the three of us used to stand there and talk about our guys problems(mine,to be more precise!!) Those trains that we made you miss, Akshata........ agli train please! I miss going down to eat half a dosa and half a sev puri in the stingy 30 min break we used to get in the gruelling 7 hour day we used to have at SPs! Agreed, that I seldom ate, but I never used to stare at you guys when you used to eat like what Parth said! Ah! Parth! How could I miss mentioning him! One of the best mimics I've ever seen! Remember the "Good Morning,Rads,Nups,Aks" notes that we used to find early in the morning written by Parth in the previous day's evening batch? And then writing "Good Evening,Parth" back! Somehow this mode of communication has its different charm than the SMS!
But I still don't get how you guys don't like Malini M'am! My organic chemistry rocks totally because of her....... yeah she was strict but that helped,right? I'll always cherish those dreaded before-Malini M'am-lecture-minutes where everyone used to run to the other batch to enquire about her mood and if she asked any quetions,also the hiding of faces in our books so that she wouldn't catch us! See, Akshata my short height helped! Gossiping,keeping a track of other people's relationships,slyly walking past them while they were with thier guys was so much fun! But the best of all was coming between Rads and Aks while walking and addressing them as my bodyguards..... Aks, come on you looked like one ok!
My vocabulary went for a complete spin staying with Aks. Never before had I used the word "chipad", "bhikaran" for anybody! "Aunty" still sounds awesome from you,Aks! I still don't get why on earth you two never liked the guys I liked at SPs....... they were better than the guys you people liked!
I miss you guys so much........ you know nobody listens to my purans the way you guys did! Nobody laughs at my jokes like how you did! Nobody thinks I'm funny! Nobody thinks that I can sing!Nobody thinks of me as you guys do!
Somehow telling my purans to other people isn't that interesting anymore...... Remember peeping into nearby classes to get a glimpse?I had been so mad na in 12th! But you know,I tried to wipe out the madness......... but then in the process, Nupur gets lost...... I was,am and will always be happy being mad, atleast with you guys........ beacuse you give a method to my madness! My madness isn't madness for you,its the "normal Nupur" for you! Thats why I don't mind making 90 min STD calls to you,Aks(and then tearing the bills later on!) because I need to tell you everything that happens because the way you abuse the people involved just tells me how much you love me! You remember you had told me after I returned from US that everything about me had changed(even the fact that I had started eating and started LIKING food!) except one thing........ This one thing will always remain (even if its over in my life), afterall this is the thing that will always have the three of us interested,no matter how life changes,won't it?I bet my life on it,it will!!! Hope our friendship never changes..........Three cheers to us! And yeah no matter how many ever new friends I make, I'll continue harassing you with my same ol' Puran!
P.S:I've not written much about my life with Rads and Rao not only because they've become synonymous with me but also because I don't have words to express their presence in my life, without whom I'd have fallen, THANK YOU for not letting me fall ever! (This doesnt mean that I don't love Akshata as much, I do, but that's at a different level!!)
More on Life with Aanchal and Hetvi later!

March 25, 2008

A small request

Heya people..... I was walkin down the boulevard yesterday and I saw a man going past me in a wheelchair.My heart sank just thinking of the life without legs.... being dependent on somebody for every trifle chore you want to do,not being able to walk run,dance in joy or even merely stand up..... Its such a difficult life and hats off to the people who live it with such a braod smile on their face......
Just one thing I'd like everybody to keep in mind is that don't ridicule them..... I know people today are sensitive and they don't laugh...... what I menat was in the broader term..... calling them by improper names is ridiculing,isn't it? I think calling them as "physically handicapped" is equally rude..... try saying "physically challenged"....... the word HANDICAP would hurt any soul,wouldn't it? Similarly for people who can't speak shouldn't be addressed as dumb..... "mute" or "silent" are better means of addressing. This partly comes from the English lesson in Grade ten 'You're my Dictionary' where the authoress, Ruth Sidransky couldn't stand anyone call her mute father "dumb". And yeah I think mentally challenged people should be called so and not as "mentally retarded". It would be really polite if we call blind and deaf people "visually and acoustically challenged/imapired" and not andha or behra...... especially not after the ridicule that these words have become after the so-called Hindi movies on disability.

You may feel why am I writing this blog when all this doesn't even bother me? But somewhere deep down it does bother me........ afterall we would not like to be called or like our near and dear ones be called by aforesaid names,would we?

When we go through the troughs in our life, being normal teenagers,we think that its the end of the world and God has selected us out of the 6 billion people roaming on Earth to subject His wrath to, but when we deeply think, are our problems(read: having being dumped by your partner, finding out your partner's cheating,not being able to tell your crush you like him/her, watching him/her happy with someone else,fighting over trivial issues with your crush/partner/friend etc ....) even grave enough to be considered as problems?? Atleast we have a proper functional body with all body parts doing just the right functions.Atleast we are chromosomally fine.... as a chromosomal aberration...... the size that goes in pico scale can cause a great upheaval in normal life.Atleast we get a square meal a day and don't have to worry where the next meal or next day's meal is gonna come from.Atleast we don't have to worry how our fees will get paid.Atleast we don't have to drop out so that we can earn and pay our sibling's fees.........Atleast God is kind to us that we are so privileged and that we have everything yet we keep cribbing for a few things that we don't have.
Coming back to our less privileged friends, can't we show extra kindness to them to make up for the lack of kindness shown by Him? Can't we do somethign as simple as be polite to them while addressing them and show our compassion?I don't think thats asking for too much,is it?And yes...... I'd like to give all of you,my fighter friends a standing ovation and sing(er... make some GOOD singer sing)

Ruk jaana nahin tu kahin har ke,
Kanto pe chal ke milinge saaye bahar ke.
O Raahi... O Raahi...
Sooraj dekh rook gaya hai, tere aahe jhook gaya hai..
Jab kabhi aise koi mastana, nikale apani dhoon me divana...
Sham suhani ban jate hain, din intezar ke..
O raahi.. O raahi..
Sathi na karavan hai, ye tera imtihaan hai
Yunhi chala chal dil ke sahare, karati hai manzil tujhko ishare...
Dekh kahin koi rok nahi le, tujhko pukar ke..
O raahi.. O raahi..
Nain aansu jo liye hain, ye rahon ke diye hain
Logon ko unka sab kuchh deke, tu to chala tha sapne hi leke..
Koi nahi to tere apne hain, sapne ye pyaar ke...
O raahi O raahi...
Ruk jaana nahin tu kahin har ke,
Kanto pe chal ke milinge saaye bahar ke
O Raahi... O Raahi...


Why is it always changes its questions when we have found the answers to the previous questions? Why is it that we look for answers whose questions we dont know? Why is it that answers to even the most obvious questions are so dreadful? Why is it that we fear answers to certain questions but in heart of hearts we want to know the answers? Why is it that we fear asking questions to that one person from whom we desperately want an answer?Why is it that, that one person never asks us "the question" whose answer we have rehersed time n again in the bathroom? Why is it that, that one person never realizes that he has to ask "something" n we have to answer "something".why is that when we finally muster up the courage to finally ask "something" .....he says....."I'm a bit busy can we talk later"?Why is it then day in day out u wait for that one fone call? Why is it that u r filled with 1 million joules of energy wen that name flashes oon the cell phone screen? Why is it that with every ring, u hope its him,with every msg u hope its his? Why is it that if the call or msg wasnt his ,u lose 2 million joules of energy?? Why is it that one HI and BYE is more important than another 10 million HI's n BYE's? Why is it that he always forgets to call u n u call him?Why is that when u finally go to "tell" him,he asks you how girls like to be "asked" and u r on top of the world"? Why is it that after this u wait for the "question" but you just dont get to "answer" it? Why is that when again u decide to ask the "question" yourself to him, you find him saying "Do u feel the way i do for u?" and you reach cloud nine? Why is that you go numb answering this "question" although you have rehersed the "answer" like an Ocsar speech?Why is it that you finally manage to open you mouth to "answer" and u come to know that this "question" has to be "answered" by someone else? Why is it that he "asks" you but wants the "answer" from someone else? Why is it that he asks u if SHE will give the "answer" that he wants? Why is it that SHE gives the "answer" to his "question" the way he wanted? Why is it that he asks u to come and meet her? Why is it that you go with your best friend and squeeze her hand till she shouts in pain when u see THEM holding hands? Why is it that he colud never see the pain,the tears,the feelings,the undying love that u had for him? Why is it that, he-the one who could once read your eyes,could hear you when u didnt open ur mouth can't see ur eyes shouting? Why is it that he cant understand ur silence? Why is it that he takes this "silence" as your approval of HER? Why is it that you r happy within ur heart to see him happy with HER? Why is it u have such a big heart that u can see HIM with HER n being happy about THEM? Why is it u r genuinely happy for THEM n not just pretending like what ur friends feel u r doing?Why is it that he goes on and on takling about HER? Why is it that he doesnt realize your eyes drifting away from his when he talks about "HER"?Why is it that he cant make out your fake smile when he talks about HER? Why is it that he "asks" you if he should start talking to her and apologize ot HER if THEY have fought? Why is it that u hav such a big heart and always get THEM together......immaterial of the heartache u go through?? Why is it Why is it that he, years later wants u to be HER maid of honour? Why is it that he names his first kid on you? Why is it that u then realize that he always wanted to ASK YOU that QUESTION but did not.....fearing that he would lose you if you didnt "answer" him the way he wanted!! Why is it that this was why your opinion always mattered to him? Why is it that YOU could never read HIS eyes? Why is it that some relations get so complicated and they then cease to have a name??Why is it that both of you realize this when its too late......and u r with ur husband and he with HER ......and u still wonder "IT COULD HAVE BEEN US!!!!!"
Why is it that there is no Z after this Y.................... wish there was something after every WHY. Wish there was someONE after every WHY.

One year @ Table 1

Round Table one conference:Aanchal,Me,Ajay(original table oneites),Ankita,Manshi,Hetvi,Hinal and Fatty(extended table oneites!)
I don't remember attending the first two months of my First Year BSc in Biotechnology at Mithibai College,simply for the reason that I didn't like the crowd. Although I chose Bsc and it wasn't out of compulsion that I took this course,unlike many of my classmates,I somehow couldn't get myself to attend college. This primarily could've been due to the wonderfully lit and aerated classes we were put in and secondarily due to .... well ... hmm.... you are smart enough to get it! FYBsc came and went,without us coming to know of it(we knew about it only before Saturdays ..... Botany pracs,Botany exams,or while completing Botany journals!!) Life revolved only around Aanchal(on Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays and Saturdays!) and Hetvi(on Mondays,Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays!) For people who are wondering, I used to bnk college on Tuesdays,Aanchal on Thursdays and Hetvi on Saturdays....... for no apparent reason! The three os us always together..... we even opened a company HAN India Pvt. Ltd.(you'll read about it more,later). The three of us agree that we'd have dessicated if we didn't find each other! It was a great year.Then came SYBsc. We were relieved to leave back Botany..... yeah I know we were a little premature in celebrating...... we genuinely had no idea what was going to hit us next!

I joined college about 2 weeks late,ofcourse due to my US trip(more on it later!). And Aanchal and Hetvi had made new friends.... not that they had forgotten me! I was pleasantly surprised to find new friends(because generally I don't make new friends when I have made real good friends in the same place).We became friends with the rest of the gang.... Ankita, Manshi, Ajay, Ankit, Fatema, Lucky, Hinal, Neha, Mansi(names are in a random order). Then came the sorting ritual for the seating arrangement in the lab, and due to my trip and late admission i was Roll No.94,instead of 61 which would've had me immediately ahead of Aanchal and Ajay. But thanks to lack of place in the Micro lab, I came between Ajay and Aanchal in the first row! See that's where my coming-between-Ajay-and-Aanchal started! And in the Biotech lab(heaven on earth!!) due to Khushboo's ultimate exasperation with Ajay,Hetvi and Aanchal's poor quality of jokes and the frustrating habit to be able to laugh at ANYTHING, she changed her place and I got a chnace to enter! Thats the Table One Genesis!

The very first experiment we were asked to perform was the MBRT, where we had to add Methylene Blue dye after boiling the milk. But we being Table oneites and being in our own sweet world in the lab and due to our certain disregard to rules we did not believe in listening to the Teacher's instructions, we ended up adding the dye before heating the milk! And disaster followed! Our experiment went down the drain,so did our reputation in Rency M'am's eyes! Sorry M'am! This was just one of the blunders by Table One,many more were to follow in the course of the year... which included adding all possible dyes ..... DNSA,Basic Fuchsin,CV,Iodine etc in milk samples and making some kinda cancerous milk....all the dyes are carcinogenic na, to adding the same dyes to Sodium alginate to make colourful encapsulated beads. The teachers no doubt were extremely harrowed with Table One, but they could do nothing as we were the worst of brats anyone could've encountered.Our antics,initially upset the teachers but then they learnt that there's no use correcting us as we toh are laat ke bhoot who will not understand baat ki bhasha!We ate the samples we were supposed to test,we ate vadapav in the lab while performing Micro experiments,we broke somethign or the other EVERYDAY,we never even MADE a Rough Journal,we never PERFORMED experiments..... basically we did NOTHING, but yet we attended all the practicals in Term I. In Term II we didn't even bother attending pracs..... we were busy gracing other colleges' competitions and recieving PARTICIPATING certificates for ourselves every weekend! And the only practical which Table One attended was attended by not more than 7 people(mind you,Table One itself consists of 4 people!) That was the year that just went by..... total masti,zero level of seriousness and a certain disregard to rules..... but this didn't mean that we didn't respect the teachers. Biotech Teachers are the loved and respected by all of us..... I mean you harass the ones you love na...... And we know that deep within, Teachers too love Table One..... Hetvi even got Rency M'am to admit it!!! They love us and we love them! Its a mutual admiration society afterall!! Really looking forward to the Industrial Visit with all the teachers and ofcourse my co-Table Oneites!

P.S: For people who think that we left SY without paying for the mischief, you are wrong, humko laat padi...... Journal ki laat...... I'm sure Rency M'am will agree!!! (We love you Rency M'am for seeing to it that our journals were perfect.)

All in all it was MISCHIEF MANAGED!!!

The missing jigsaw piece

Here I am sitting alone on a bench in a garden,
My shoulders drooping with an unknown burden,
Lips break into a smile looking at others joy
Because no one's played with their heart,thinking of it as a toy,
To think so is a lame excuse,a way of escapism,
It was my decision afterall,to walk with my eyes closed and fall into the chasm,
The chasm of betrayal,of hurt,of tears immortal,
You tried to stop me, if only I listened to you pal,
But the damage is now done,It was all here,in my hands but now its gone,
What is it that I want now,what is it that i crave?
Will this remain as the missing jigsaw piece on my grave?????

March 24, 2008

Here I am....

Ok.... Here I am, blogging for the first time in life(my "Why......" story wasn't exactly a blog). The whole world is going gaga about blogging and everybody seems on the blogworld so i thought, why not try this as well..... in any case I'm not doing anything worthwhile this summer besides preparing for CAT ofcourse. The CAT has turned out to be such a nasty animal!! Ouch!! Never thought it could bite this hard!! They say a cat has nine lives....... lets see how many lives my CAT has!!(According to my five-year-plan I assure myself it won't go beyond FIVE!!)

Ok so moving away from CAT, other activity that I could possibly be doing(apart from sleeping almost 17 1/2 hours and watching TV) would be writing my yet untitled story!! Never knew it was so difficult to name a story!5 years and still on the hunt for a name!Suggestions welcome! On second thoughts... why am I even looking for a title when I'm not going to publish my work(ah it pains to see my 5 years worth of khoon pasina going in the drains but its too personal to get published and besides I don't want to be spanked by my friends for washing their dirty linen in public!!!!).But then one doesn't always do something looking at the future results...... certain things are better done by following your instincts..... So here I am,writing my story for my creative satisfaction and not for the world to ponder over!

Enough of rants about my unfinished story..... I'll talk about it later when it gets finished....(Amen!!) Let's now come to umm.....well.... Holi!! Its all about Holi these days..... from news channels to TV shows.With the "exclusive" Holi coverage on news channels, I'm left to wonder how on earth is Holi NEWS??? I mean ok, its a festival but the 24*7 coverage on Holi makes it banal....But the most intriguing part on the Holi coverage was one presentation on India TV,I presume with a heavily bearded guy with long hair in black robes giving out astrological colour advice!!! Simply put,he was mentioning which sun sign people should play with which sun sign and with which colour!! Now this was unheard of!!! So the next time you are about to smear somebody's face..... or whicever body part you please with colour, make sure you know his/her star sign and have the write colour...... you obviously don't want to face the wrath of whatever by not doing so!!! We can get so superstitous sometimes!!

Speaking of superstitions,how can we forget (K)Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johaaaaaar??!!The Johaaaaaaaar wasn't due to a typing error or some stupid numerology gimmick, it wasn't even vaguely related to my love of the movie Jodhaaaaaa Akbar..... it was simply the way Mr.Johaaaaar pronounces his name! But i feel bad for the two of them..... i mean whenever it comes to talking about the K factor, people only talk about these two stalwarts..... why do the forget Akbar's Daddy dear..... not Humayun,you history freakos,Rakesh Roshan....... he too has the K philia(Its just the Word Power Made Easy talking!!!!) Ms.Kapoor, I belive was remaking Sholay in Bhojpuri with Ravi Kisen in the lead(the Lords will have to descend down to Earth to save the humankind now as some people just don't learn from other's mistakes!) But if this Sholay ever does gets made(God forbid!!) what would it be called,considering Ekta's K philia..... Kholay or Ksholay or K..... wateva........ lets leave the permuations and combinations to Ms.Kapoor and her partner in crime, Sheetal Menon. There'll be more of K-bashing later on,I promise(no pun intended all you SY Biotech smarty pants!!!)

Speaking of puns, the King of puns is back!Yeah the King is back......SRK "King" Khan is back with Kya aap pachvi pass se tej hain...... a desi version of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader..... it looks promising..... it would've looked more promising had Vodafone been their telecom partner...... atleast my SMSes would have been delivered!! But Vodafone and Airtel are both forgiven for doling out such wonderful ads..... the Pehla Nasha(vodafone) and the Two-kids-at-the-border ad(Airtel) were WOW! But me thinks the smartest of them all is the I'm -not-interested-in-guys-so-i-wont-go-to-Goa ad(Virgin mobile).... obviously with Richard....oops Sir Richard Branson at the helm,things had to be done with panache! And his earn-10paise-for-every-minute-you-talk scheme is sure gonna be something!!There's sure a very good method to Mr.Branson's madness!!

Ah! 11.30........ Sarabhai vs Sarabhai time...... catch up with you later buddies!!!