September 27, 2008

CAT, Imran, Irfan.... as usual!!!

I logged onto 5 times since morning to post something, but went without posting. You can call it ennui. Boredom, for people who aren't learning new Vocab words. Quants, DI, AIMCAT solutions, DNA typing, Quants(A lot of thing in this in this time table is fabricated.. This was just an archetypal timetable I wish I could follow!!). That's my schedule for a day(Amen!). God, please get me through CAT this time itself.... I can't study Quants for another year!!!

So as to prevent myself from falling to sleep while solving QA at night, I've started listening to those night radio shows.... not those "Loveguru" types!!! It's fun actually, though to listen to them for a maximum of 22 secs.... just amazing to know that almost the entire city faces problems you faced!! And don't worry, I'm not one of those Devdas types to listen to these shows everyday.... I listen to Nightrogen on Radio Mirchi.... it's not a Loveguru show.... it's kind of a thing for the college crowd! The only hitch in this show is that the RJ plays Himmesh a lot!! Tandoori Nights...... EWWWWW!!! More on Himmesh bashing later.

Biotech, I thought would suck bigtime, as I had lost whatever interest was left in me last year for the subject, but surprisingly, this year Biotech is really ain't the Greek and Latin professors spoke while teaching us. So hopefully, I'll scrape through TY! First I'll have to save face for my 6th Oct exams!! A few terrorists who've been caught by the police, were found to be IT engineers. Finally I got a witty repartee to my sis, a to-be-engineer, whenever she says teasingly that we BIOTECHNICIANS (as in those mechanic types.....and yeah, my degree holds no value to her!!) aren't gonna do anything further in life due to various factors (No, she doesn't know about my Bandra trips with my friends!!), I can say that at least people from my fraternity don't go around planting bombs!! I know, it was a very insensitive and callous comment, but at least for time being I don't have to called out a BIOTECHNICIAN!! Another friend of mine, too got help dealing with her siblings by the same line!! The best part of all this is that it hasn't struck my sis that Biological bombs is far more lethal!!!!! I seriously wonder how my gang and me have survived 3 years of playing holi with lethal bacterial cultures in the lab!!

I really can't resist Himmesh bashing, so without wasting time, I'll get down to it. In one of the songs he's wearing this deep V necked black Tshirt, showing off his Veeted chest. What point does he want to prove?? That he's hot and sexy....!!! I guess, he thinks that after being tormented to Aag, the recent Yashraj flicks and the likes, our taste has really degraded..... Dude... it has not!! So please cover up! Veet is better off with Katrina for product endorsements. The dame who's the actress in this movie... I don't know her name, although Ankit did tell me, and I forgot, and now to expect that I'd Google out that chick's name... would be well.... too optimistic!! Yeah, while we are at this dame... she looks mentally challenged to me. No offences, but seriously...she doesn't look normal! And going by the decisions she's taken in life (agreeing to do Karzzzzz .... still unsure of the number of z's!!!), I'm not totally wrong in my assumptions!

How can I not talk about Imran Khan?? Just saw the new Kidnap video.... where he's in this sexy see through white shirt, with a deep V neck under a waterfall....... a song to die for!!! There were 5 pages of Imran Khan in today's What's Hot paper.... Total treat for me! Early birthday gift, I presume! And he was totally breathtaking!! There were two things in there which I totally agree : 1) The fact that you can't have him, makes you want him more!! 2) The tattoo gives him the "edge" girls like in boys!!! On the sixth page, there was Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika s**t Padukone. The bit of news on them was totally putting off, especially when one had just read 5 pages on IK! And the fact that they resembled Siamese twins conjoined at the hips and palms(the credit for inventing this phrase goes to my sis, who describes the couples in her college with the phrase! Couples in engineering colleges...??? Since when??), did not assuage my feelings!Aanch, you can have Ranbir.... Am not interested... not until he changes his taste in women!

I have company!! Irfan can't dance saala!! Yay!! I dunno why I'm happy for the fact that he can't dance in a dancing show, and might get eliminated because of it!?! But the fact that I'm not the only one who can't dance gives a moral support kinda thing! Sreesanth, I thought was a fab dancer, but he didn't dance in the show the way he danced in the Pepsi ad. And Wasim Akram looks soooooo HOT! Even at.... whatever his age is!!! Irfan can't dance.... but he can sing.... he's gonna sing Chaudvin Ka Chand in tomorrow's episode....for whom?? I dunno?? If you're listening/reading (too optimistic, I know!!) Irfan, I really really really love guys who can sing and that's how, I'd like to be wooed!!!!! Yay! I love Colors!!

Chalo, I'll go back to Radio Mirchi and Quants!!

September 20, 2008

Love is Blind

Love is blind. And deaf . Probably mute too. Mentally handicapped as well. This is my observation... first hand as well as observed. In 12th std, I tried to decode the way guys behave/think/function in my "Y Chromosome Theory". I expected to win a Nobel Prize for the path breaking service I did to the 3 billion women on Earth, but nothing of that sort happened. So no more Nobel Peace Prize for me. Looking forward to the Nobel Prize for Literature!!!! Just hoping that the level of the Nobel Prize panel degrades when my book comes out!

OK, I'm sorry for the discourse. I wanted to talk about LOVE. When we entered teens, love was a mystery we were looking forward to decrypt. When we are exiting teens, we're still baffled by this yet unsolved mystery and have no more guts nor the ATP in our worn out cells to continue with the decryption procedure. But there's still something about love that keeps us coming back to it. Kinda analogue to cocaine. But more lethal. When we were kids, we just wanted to grow up, and fall in love, ignorant of the fact that wounded knees hurt much less than wounded (smashed/butchered/broken to nano pieces etc) hearts!!

Love is magical. No two thoughts about it.But only for the time it lasts. After it's all over... life is hell! Especially if you're one of the sentimental fools who takes 2 light years to get over people. Here's a low down on how people can fall out of love.

Falling in love is easy. Falling out takes the life out of your soul. But it's not impossible.(it's not Don na! OK, apologies for the joke!!) One needs to really want to come out of that hell hole and be mentally strong throughout the process and have a really really good set of friends who will not let you fall. This friends part is really important because they keep in check all the withdrawal symptoms and their blackmailing (read: Taking out the phone and threatening you that they'd call up your love interest and tell him/her about your feelings for him/her.... in case he/she doesn't know about it already. Trust me it works). But the most important thing is to really feel and MEAN from inside when you say that you actually had it enough and want to get over him/her. Once your resolve is strong, everything will take its own course automatically.

One thing that one does in love is to give in to what your love says. No questions asked. You just do it, even if it's hard on your self respect. The thing is that, we do it, only because there's no time nor the inclination to THINK when the thing happens!!! It just happens ..... kind of an involuntary action. The outcome of this is that we start hating ourselves after everything's over. For neglecting our self respect for a person who probably didn't even bother to care. The I-hate-myself part is the toughest. And it's not right... why hate yourself for something that you did which was right to you? You did it, and now if you are feeling bad, just chuck it out of your grey cells. After all, you can't hate yourself.... you have to live with yourself for your entire life, whereas life with that one person is as uncertain as Deepika Padukone's affairs. Love yourself, it's YOU after all!!! And just think about this... when you were in love..... how many times did you have the time to love and think about yourself.... isn't that a crime on your part not to love YOURSELF.... someone who's the only person who's the closest to you?? (Kinda abstract idea!) Just look into the mirror once and muse over the person you've become after "love" happened and the person you were before that. It'll be motivation enough!

Looking at the amount of sermons I've been giving in the past few days, I think, I can make money out of it by putting it in a book and selling it (See, I still haven't given up on my Nobel Prize dream). I've thougt of the name as well: How To Get Over and How To Get Back With People (It's also about how you can get back with your love!!!) but the thing is that you don't need to be an Einstein to figure it out. Love hampers your thinking abilities. The minute you're out of it, you'll have all the wisdom on Earth to deliver sermons on how you did it, write blog posts, penning down books etc etc...!! Yeh ishq nahi aasan.... but if you're one of the lucky ones for whom it is.... there's nothing like it!!!

They say love is blind. Agreed. But then, why is lingerie so popular????!!!! Think about it!!

September 17, 2008

When You're Happy and You Know Clap Your Hands....

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap........ I can go on clapping till the end of this millennium. Reason? Simple....'s temporary working site has come up. A few of my articles are there. It's not the first time I'm on a website... I've been blogging since March, so I'm technically present on the WWW, but this CJ thing gives me a different high. A feeling of accomplishment. A feeling that ...yes...there's something that I love doing and can do well! And the biggest thing is that I don't get bored doing it, which normally is the case whenever I start and do something for sometime. Been writing since the past 5 years, and truly loving it!! My name is finally immortalized in the pages of cyber space!! I'll post the actual CJ link when the actual website is launched. Please read, comment and rate my articles! Even Manalee's article has come there, so more claps!

Another reason to go clap clap is that I've realised that old romances die hard. It's an age old aphorism, but I've always been a slow learner! Yeah, I just caught the new Hero Honda ad... yeah the same one which is just 5 seconds shorter than Jodhaa Akbar in length. And it also has Akbar! And guess who's also there.... my old crush... IRFAN PATHAN.... yay!! Seen him after ages.... must've been at least half a light year since seen him last in IPL. My heart skips a beat even today when he lights up the screen. And he's gonna be dancing too! There's this new show on Colors ... Ek Khiladi, Ek Hasina... and Irfi baby is one of the participants in the show. In this show, one cricketer is paired with one actress. They dance and hopefully not fall in love with each other, are judged, do not play cricket and let the Aussies make a kachumbar out of them yet again, and well entertain us. Me, to be precise!

The show is judged by one of my favourites.... (I really have to make a list of people, guys actually, whom I've not liked.... ), Wasim Akram! So one more reason to watch this show. Sreesanth is also there, so no prizes for guessing who's gonna win this one. It'll be the first time in the history of reality TV that Nupur will be voting!!! Yeah.... I'm gonna vote for Irfan and you guys also do, please! Somehow, I feel that Irfan is as good as I am in dancing, so he'll need your votes... please vote for Irfan. Cheer for Irfi.... Give me an I....give me an R... Give me an F.... Give me an A... annnnnnnnnnnddddd give me an N!!! At this rate, I can definitely apply for cheerleader's post for next year's IPL. But then, who wants to see a cheerleader who dances the "Happy Feet" dance??!!

Vijender, the cute boxer, is in talks to participate in Nach Baliye 4... Clap.Clap.(Yuvi is there in EKEH..... no clap.No clap.). I'll watch it for him. Only his performance amongst all other losers. And no, I won't vote for him. My last name ain't Ambani or Mittal.

The papers are saying that Brett Lee is getting divorced. Not a reason to clap. I really like that chap and his wife. Sad thing to happen. So no claps. Thank God Imran Khan is not married. I'd be sad for his break up too........ Sachhi yaar! Not believing me? I don't blame you!

Aanchal took away one clapping moment from me! The other day, it was Neha's birthday, so I called her up to wish, and going by my compulsive talking habits, spoke for nearly 2 hours..... 58 minutes from my cell!!! Next day she's telling me that last day due to some technical glitches in Vodafone, the entire billing thing had shut down. I actually did a victory jig in the midst of JP's lecture, just looking at my lucky stars! But then she said, that the glitch was in the evening and not at midnight! Stupid Vodafone and stupider stars of mine and stupidest lecture I was left to bear!

I'm finally out of this love shit! It feels so nice. I feel like slapping who over comes up to me and says, "Don't worry, there's someone for you too". Bullshit. I don't want anyone! I'm happy alone.... happy single. At least I have time for friends staying like this. At least I don't have to make promises only to break them later on! So one more reason to clap.

The most important reason to clap... is that I've finally started studying izzat se! Yippee... Hope it wasn't just a one day thing!

I've been clapping incessantly since the past half hour, and have lost count of the mosquito genocide I committed, so I'll go and follow some ahimsa in life now! It's raining like dogs and cats and RATS (IK in JTYJN!!.... Wish it rained IK!!) so just hoping I'd be relieved of tomorrow's 7 o clock practicals. Please God...!

September 11, 2008

It's Jaane Tu again

For people who are sick of my Jaane Tu posts, please blame Ankit, for this post. He was the one who gave me the movie Jaane Tu on my pen drive, which,needless to say, I saw for the second time. Yes. I've seen Jaane Tu only two times. I'm in love with the movie all over again. I know, I saw Rock On!! just two days back, and I have CAT in 2 months, which again needless to say is doomed!

I've promised myself that from today, I'll not watch any movies and will blog less. I can see so many people heaving a sigh of relief at the latter part of my statement! May the Force be with me.

I can't help but talk about Jaane Tu... It's so cute!! Even though my Dad feels that Aamir bluffed the audience by serving an old product packaged attractively! But who cares when the packaging is soooooo cute! Just check out the way his shirt flutters when he's on the horse. I can remember Mansh horrified at the sight of me, who normally is a very quiet movie watcher, jumping and clapping during the horse wala scene! And what a way to propose man!! Wow!! Singing and proposing always works!! Wink wink!!

I never knew that all "Bombay" things were changed to "Mumbai". I mean I knew those fanatics were wanting to do it, but had no idea people gave in! Bombay Blue has become Mumbai Blue.... !! Gosh! It has lost it's charm! Now that we are at Bombay Blue, Í'd like to mention that I finally had Nachos in my life, and surprise suprise, I liked it... I mean it was good!! And had pasta for lunch and dinner..... and I'm still alive, so this proves that cheese and pasta do not kill!! Finally my hatred for cheese is reducing! This is India TV's headline for tomorrow!! This also reminds me of the way Aanchal started laughing when she read that 16th Oct is World Food Day. Meaning that on my birthday is a day that I would not celebrate. Food. Haha! I mean this is the irony of the decade man!

India TV reminds me that how I've stopped believing them. Even when they show actual news! They were showing this thing about the Big Bang experiment and how everything could get destroyed and stuff. I saw it and chucked the matter thinking it's another piece of shit until I heard almost everyone discussing it the next day. For a minute I thought that everyboydy's gone mad to discuss India TV at 7 in the morning, but later I realised that it's an actual REAL thing!! See, this is what happens when they cry WOLF..... Apocalypso, actually!

I'll wind up this post before I start talking about Imran again. But still, Tera mujhse hain pehle ka naata koi, yuhi nahi dil lubhata koi..... JAANE TU..... YA JAANE NA..... maane tu, ya maane na!!

September 10, 2008

Pichle 180 Dino Mein.....

Joe ne glass toda, Debbie ne kaan maroda.... hum sab hase, mushkil main tum phase.... kyunki Joe ne band choda...!! No, I haven't gone mad, not yet! It's just the Rock On!! hang over.I'll be fine in a day or two, so don't worry! I looveee Farhan Akhtar! Pooja, I really don't care of you are contemplating murder at this announcement of mine. Sorry Darling, love knows no tera-mera!!

There were two announcements in class today one: Exams from 14 Oct. In short, my birthday is ruined and I'm not even talking about CAT, because it has no chance of any resurrection and I couldn't care less about my college exams. And two: College is getting over from 26 Sept. I mean COLLEGE IS GETTING OVER!!!!!! My college days, carefree, fully paid, no tension about life, responsiblity free days ARE OVER?!? I mean SHIT!!! Someone please hit the panic button for me please!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Ok, I'm a bit better now! The panic attack has alleviated. In the past 6 months, life has been awesome. Seen some wonderful times with friends. Fought the ugliest fights with them. Made the impossible-est of confessions (I'm still shocked how I did it!), enjoyed pracs, planned parties and surprises... all in this span of 180 days. It's this 180 days that's giving me the lump in my throat whenever I think about the college getting over.

180 days back
Get up. Go to station, wait like an ass for minutes for Manshi to come, take a rick (on days when we HAD money) or a bus (when we were broke, which was almost everyday) to Aanchal's place. Go there. Study for 1/10 of the time. Eat for 7/10. Talk for the other 2/10 of the time. It was bliss! Classes, Aanchal's Punjabi food, Hetvi's stories about her life, Aanchal and me exchanging the when-are-we-gonna-have-some-kinda-adventure-in-life look, teasing Aanchal, TIME, being a heroine in VA lectures and jhadoing all the vocab we knew, maintaining statistics of the number of times Aanchal "turned back",hoping everyday "HE" came to class, imaginary cheerharan during a boring quant class....... everything... I mean everything spelt BLISS!

90 days back.
Rains. College. Class Tests. Perfect reasons for one to pull up the blanket and continue dozing. I would have been too much of an optimist had I done that and thought that I'd get way with it. 100pc attendance is what my HOD wants! Wishful thinking, I know! The past 3 years at Mithibai... the first year with Aanchal and Hetvi and our "coffee book" which had all the bitching about the class, SY with the gang, planning Biotechnova, fighting, solving fights and making up summed up SY. TY with the same gang, eating like gluttons, not performing pracs and being a pain for the teachers, doing nonsense during lectures was TY.

But in the past three months, we've enjoyed college like no man's business. Bunking college tests and running away to Bandra. Finding new excuses every Saturday to go to Bandra. Going to Bandra from Infiniti Mall only to have icecream at Carter Road wala Amore, when there was one right there at Infiniti! Ankita's car and five other girls in one car, amazing weather and Bandra Bandstand, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra Fort, Carters....!! Going for pracs to college and somehow landing up for lunch at Renaissance.... we are broke yet we lunch at Renaissance! Unpredictable College Life, I say! Missing turns while going to Bandra and somehow reaching Danapani, going all the way to Malad from Powai when we wanted to come back to Parla, only because Aarey colony road is awesome. Life was so much fun. Missed you , Aanchal in each and every trip. Sacchi.

Today when I think that in another fortnight or so when college is going to get over.... I get jittery. It's a shock! It actually is. Never thought college getting over would be so shocking! Ankita already expressed her shock! Lucky is still in shock. Blogger had Blogged it! OMG! Just give us a month more. With no studies .... please... there's so much more to do..... Lonavla is still left man! Now that the Bandra trips are over, I feel how much I'm gonna miss it. Bandra will always tantamount to these 5 people and me in Ankita's Corolla. Now, it's already begun. Whenver I see, an off-white Corolla, all I think about is the six of us and Bandra!! It brings a wonderful smile to my face! Thank You everybody. Aanch, you know, in every trip I used to wish that you'd come, I really missed you. I just wanted you to have the same memories we were taking back.

Life, in the past quarter of the year has changed in more ways than these. I'm in a way a different person and a much stronger person today. I know, Radhika is fuming at the thought that I've changed once again!! Realising and finally letting go of things is something that I always said I wanted to do, and I've finally done it now. It's a simple principle in life which I never believed earlier, but now I do. You don't need someone for your happiness.... you don't need someone to make you happy and your happiness should not depend on someone else. It's my elixir from now. Just yesterday, one friend of mine gave my example to another friend who was going through the same thing I had gone through and was asking her to look at me and see that life is good even without the people you wanted to be a part of your life. I was happy not because someone was asked to look at me and learn, because of the pride in my friend's voice when she narrated this to me, the sense of accomplishment she felt when I finally came out of my own illusions and delusions. It just feels nice to have made someone proud!! Take a bow Radhika, Rao, Aanchal and Hetvi for all the effort you guys put in!

It was in this past 180 days that I began blogging, thanks to AJ. It was for the first time that someone, who until then was a stranger, put in confidence in me and pushed me to write further, made me believe that I had a writer in me. I wrote for Camous Junkie and am gonna be paid for it, finally something to go down in my blank resume. Manalee, I owe you one, babes! 1500 page hits already on my blog... I'm loving it!

I'm never gonna forget 2008.... it was a wonderful year spent with wonderful people.

People who've heard me sing, please close your ears if you're planning to start imagine me singing and for people who've not heard me, imagine Lata Mangeshkar-esque voice coming in your brain as I sing : Pichle 180 dino main, maine yeh sab hain paaya. Kabhi khud pe hasi main, kabhi khud pe royi!!!!

P.s: Hey, everyone named in the blog please take a minute out and write a comment!! please!!

September 9, 2008

Rock On

I finally saw Rock On!! and it's a fantastic movie...!! I won't write a review on it because, by now, everybody's seen the movie. A Tuesday, and we tried going for the week's most popular movie...! We got tickets on the first row!! FIRST ROW! It was the first time I was watching a movie from the first row. We could have come on another day, but we were too impatient to wait any further. But, there were two positives out of this move... first being that we got to see a rock show from the front row and Hetvi could droooool over Arjun Rampal from close quarters and second being that I got to see Kidnap promo that is Imran Khan from the front row!! I guess it was 100 bucks well spent!

Farhan Akhtar's acting and voice are gonna keep me in love with him for atleast a week! Tum Ho Toh is a gem! Farhan's home in the movie is a ruby if Tum Ho Toh is a diamond... er... sorry for the poor comparison... but in short, his home was AWESOME. The day when I've earnt enough, I'll have a place like that. IF...!!! If not, I'll simply marry an investment banker. If he can play the guitar, all the better.... my song list will finally be sung to me!!! yipee!! But there was this one line which touched me the most. It was when KD says: Jab log 20-22 ke hote hain, unko lagta hain duniya unke ishaaro pe nachegi, par....!!!

I don't think the movie was even a bit like Dil Chahta Hain... it definitely was about friendship... it was about living your dream and that it's never too late to pursue your dream and if you get a chance, grab it, there might not be a tomorrow. And today, I feel so happy that atleast after 20 years I've found something that I love doing and feel like pursuing it. Writing. Thanks to AJ, whose blog inspired me to start blogging and Manalee, who pushed me further, I wouldn't have found my true calling. Thank You.

True to myself, I started thinking about the movie and it's parallels in my life. Why does it have to happen that once best friends have problems between them which lead to a point where it becomes difficult to even hug each other after years? Why is that chasm? Why does it become easier to write about it on a blog than talk it out to the person concerned? That's life I presume! Phew! Life and it's games!!

All in all, Rock On was a wonderful experience.... something I can watch over and over again. Go watch it if you still haven't.

September 8, 2008

Untitled 5

It's 10... and there's no chance I'm gonna get the remote, so it's better to come here, plant myself before my laptop, check if anyone's alive on Orkut or MSN and then detour here on, to do what makes me happy.... blog!!! Yes.... I've become a compulsive blogger.... at least that's what I think! Blogging is addictive! From being a compulsive talker to a compulsive blogger!! Damn!! It didn't have to happen now! Not when I have a zillion exams lined up! I kinda calculated and I've realised that since April, I've been giving an exam every Sunday(and go deeper down in shit every time I look at the results!) and will continue to do so until May! Gosh!!

I'm finally going for for Rock On!! tomorrow... Finally! That's come at a price though.... my mom made me sign a paper saying that this is the last movie I'll see!! See, this is how 20 year olds are treated even today!! One thing that is common amongst all parents, I think is the line, "Jab hum tumhare umar ke the tab.... " Yeah I saw it on DKD and have been musing over it since then! But my kids will be lucky... coz I'm 20, and I've done NOTHING in life as yet (if watching TV, talking on the phone, blogging/MSNing/Orkuting, solving people's issues in life and getting messed up in it aren't counted)..... so they won't be subjected to this age old melodrama from me!

Tum Ho Toh is my latest crush. I've watched Mit Jaaye sooo many times on TV that I've already gotten bored by the song that I change it when it plays on my iPod (My sister has been frustrated to the limit watching this song with me that she can actually now rather request Imran to ask me out than watch/hear it again!) . I know, you can't believe your eyes, but it's true... I'm bored of it. But I still love Imran! I've just realised that in life, I've had these 5 year periods during which I've been mad about people. From 5th to 10th, it was SRK, from 10th to 15th it was Irfan Pathan. And now from 15th to..... it's Imran!! Yeah, you read it right again, I don't love Irfan anymore. Only one at a time! And besides, so goes a popular saying which I've incorporated in my life and have been happy since then, it goes like Out of sight.... Out of Love....!!

Coming back to Tum Ho Toh, I just love it! So now my guy (whenever he sheds his laziness, gets off his royal ass and realises someone's been waiting!!) has to sing this song on a guitar to me. Truly, Madly, Deeply and Tum Se Hi have been chucked out! He can sing these on our various anniversaries!!! My friends, they say, if I keep on adding songs to my "Want these to be sung for me" list, my guy would gift me another iPod and leave! Any which ways, one of my pals says that looking at the amount of qualities I'm looking in for a guy, I need to give an ad in today to get a guy after 6 years!!

Whoever invented the scientific calci is a fool. Certified fool. I mean you write off on top of one button but you need to press another button along with this button which is very gauchely titled OFF to switch the damned thing off! For exactly 1.2344 minutes I was trying to figure out how to switch my sis' calci off, but due to the lack of patience in me, I had to call her up and ask. I could hear all her engineering friends laugh at me through the phone. One of the friends even commented that I could recover my laptop all by myself even when everyone else failed including the comp guy and my comp engineer sis, but I couldn't switch off a calci!! But hey, listen, it's not my fault. Name things properly man!

One thing I simply can't resist talking on my blogs is movies and TV... so here's a small snippet.... here's the reason for the recurrent earthquakes in China .... Salman had been shooting for "Bang Bang" song for the film Hello. Watch it. Sunny Deol finally has competition. God bless earth and it's buildings.

September 7, 2008

Untitled 4

Have you heard Tum Ho Toh from Rock On?? If you haven't then please go to, download the song and listen to it asap! It's like the new Kahin Toh Hogi woh for me! Meaning, it's on repeat on my iPod and I'm not bored of it... not as yet. Farhan Akhtar's crude voice does for the song what even Shaan or Sonu Nigam wouldn't have been able to do. It's that unpolished, rough side which makes you love the song. Imperfectness works here. The lyrics are awesome. Dunno about the picturisation... haven't seen the movie as yet. My fingers are crossed for my Tuesday movie plans!!

I really can't fathom what is in Bigg Boss that everyone around me is so obsessed with it? Try asking Mom for the remote after 10 and I get a look which I think I'd get when I tell my mom that I've gotten married in a court that to a guy who's 20 years my senior! Even some of my friends rue that their family members too, have been behaving in the same fashion! Trust me, I really can't understand how people tolerate so much of bitching on TV..... isn't real life enough? Seriously what's with Network 18?? Why are they coming up with asinine shows? Roadies, Splitsvilla, Bigg Boss....?? What?? One more thing I can't figure out is how the people agreed to be a part of the show?!?

I really don't remember when Dus Ka Dum started. Haven't seen any episode. But I did see yesterday ka episode where Salman's brothers, Sohail and Arbaaz had come. I don't like Salman...never liked him actually, the only exception being Andaaz Apna Apna, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Maine Pyaar Kiya. Never even liked his six packs. Don't like anyone's six packs for that matter... they look so fake... This is one reason I like Imran Khan.... because he's not perfect... he can't sing... not even in trains, he dances OK.... doesn't have 'muzzles' ... OK sorry... this wasn't about why I like Imran, it was about DKD. Yeah, there's something about this family that always has me interested. I really like the love and the bonding between them. The way they are all standing by Salman whenever he goes to jail, or at any function. You really need to start learning Braille to miss the filial bonds! I guess this is the only family in B-town which I like. This family doesn't hurt your eyes and pancreas like the Bachchan family does. Too much of sugar causes diabetes.....!! And Ash in any form irritates! For me she's just a one movie wonder... HDDCS... none of her other movies can come even close.

One more thing I noticed on this episode was Chetan Bhagat. I mean he's from IIT-D and IIM-A... I really thought he'd be having this super personality, with awesome oratorial qualities and stuff you expect from a guy who managed to clear IIM-A GDPIs! But I was in for a shock. To me, he just looked like a milder version of Karan Johar. No offences but ... yeah, actually! But, I'll always love his books and will try to be able to write like him! I really dunno what's with the IIM-A guys. I mean my friends and me, we thought, that we'll get our share of good guys at IÍMs, so it's better to wait. But if there are people like ..well, Chetan Bhagat and one of my profs at TIME.... I'd rather get hitched with someone else. (I promise he won't be 20 years my senior!And no court marriages for me either!)

Finally Mit Jaaye is on my cell phone. Been dying to listen to this song since first seen on TV! I'm really out of topics to write on..... and I have a big fat journal to complete, so I better go and do some constructive work! And yeah can someone please suggest a good blog template.... other than the ones on offer here at, then please let me know!

September 6, 2008

The Holy Grail of Happiness!

For a good part of last year, I thought that like Physics, in life too, happiness can't be created. It can be destroyed, though..... !!! And yeah it definitely passes on from one person to another. But, this year, I've realised that happiness can be created. And it should be created. For your own sake. Happiness, is all inside your head... You decide you want to be happy, then you will be, no matter what. But if you want too say sad and melancholic, then even Imran Khan singing Kabhi Kabhi ----- (Your name) won't make you smile. Now, I gave this egregious example only to teach you how to stay happy when the world around you is cracking stupid jokes!

Coming back to Happiness, I think I've figured out its Holy Grail. Now that's only until I'm hit by another bout of sadness!! ohk... so the secret of staying happy is
1) Fight against everything that makes you sad and make a conscious decision to stay happy. Trust me, it works. It is, for me, since the past few months.
2) Chuck the fucking world and just do what you want to do (According to Sri Sri Sri Rao Baba ....My wisdom imparter of late!) Now this is one thing that I've been doing which has knocked out the daylights out of people around me! I mean it's my life and why should I care what others' opinion about it is? I should, and for that matter everyone should lead their lives according to their wishes and whims. If it shocks people, who cares?

One more philosophy I'm being subjected these days to, of course by my friend Sri Sri Sri Rao Baba, is that "Learn from the past, Aim for the Future, But LIVE in the present". That's what I've been doing. I have CAT in like 2 months, and my graduation in another 6. And yet today, I'm here blogging, and spending more time doing top level TP than spending them amongst books. The amount I study in a week is what I used to study in half a day back in 10th and 12th. I know, if Aanchal is reading this, I won't be alive and all you folks will be spared of reading further posts from me.

About living life on your terms and living for the present.... who's seen tomorrow.... certainty about tomorrow is so uncertain... then why waste your today for tomorrow and then if there's no tomorrow, rue over it? My college will be getting over soon.... 2 more months max... and everyone will be separated. I'm sure everyone is feeling it, but no one is talking about it. And me being the Blogging Blogger, I've Blogged it! It's like so less time, so much to do. Study. Laugh. Eat. Go to Bandra. Gossip. Bitch. Feel depressed looking at even jerks having boyfriends and we being single!.Write Zay Pee's pronunciations. Video shoot in the name of Campus Junkie. So much to do and no time. I wish I had met all my college freinds in FY itslef... all this would have been done to death by now. But, there's still 2 months, and I will enjoy them with my friends no matter what.

4 people have told me in the past few days that I've changed. I have. I know, for I can feel the change in me. And the best thing is that I'm happy. 3 of the 4 people know me okayish. 1 person knows me in and out. One thing they all fail to understand is that everyone has to change.... nothing in life is permanent. You have to be able to deal with all the changes life throws up at you. And, I'm just trying to prepare myself to absorb all the shocks that will come in the next 6 months. People are gonna change. People are gonna go. Most of my friends have become "couples"... so they don't have time for other friends. They left. And that's after making me promise that I will never leave them, come what may. Some just became distant and left. Some stabbed me in the back and left. Some just never came back to resolve misunderstandings. Everyone goes. Even today, there has come this creepy silence and a widening distance between a friend and me. It pains to see it.... more so because we don't know what the issue is. I've cried thinking of it and I just want to clarify that the only reason I never justified myself was because I didn't want to belittle my friendship by having to justify myself to a person who once read my silence perfectly, who was the only one who felt my VOID by just looking at me look out of the window.... I know, you are hurt to read it here. I'm sorry for that. I have become too dependent on people to take decisions for me. To the extent that I can't take my own decisions now. And I've changed to change this. Nothing else. It's my first independent decision in a year!

And I'm so glad I'm back to my spiritual self after a sabbatical of a year!!! Spirituality gives you an inner peace and happiness that can't be described.... it's just to be felt. The past week of Pajushan felt like catharsis! I've decided to give up eating onions and potatoes again, and I hope I can maintain it and resist everything, even Aanchal's Chole!!! God give me strength!!Believe it or not, the time when I had given it up, back in 12th ke vacations, I used to feel the same inner peace and happiness. That's the reason for the hermitgiri!

September 2, 2008

Someone please do something about the news channels

One thing that I absolutely hate is people's lack of general knowledge and something that I abhor, detest, despise, and all the synonyms of hate thrown up by, is people's apathy to whatever is going on in the nation. I know, I have a lot of Ï-want-to-make-India-a-better-country nucleotides in my DNA, and my aforementioned feelings are just an extension of the same.

I somehow managed to catch the Splitsvilla finale..... I didn't watch the entire show, yet I was interested in knowing who won in the end. I liked Varun till the moment he opened his mouth to say that Lal Bahadur Shastri was India's first president.... Can someone please send him to primary school? MTV people, please do the honours.

One of the factors attributing to people's lack of GK today can be ignominy on the part of Mumbai univ while setting up the syllabus. But then it is also the student's fault. I mean how difficult is it to just open TOI and go through what's happening in the country? The headlines at least? Or just listen your Dad talk, for a change... you'll have all the information about the world you need.

One more incident that happened in real life, not to me, but to one of the people I know was, someone asked who's Tony Blair(this was about 2 years back). And the person who was supposed to answer said: I know him... he's the US Prime Minister!! This showed two things 1) this person had no clue what so ever who Mr. TB is and 2) She has no clue who George Bush is. So when in doubt, it is better to keep your mouth shut.... !! One more incident that I can recollect is when I asked one of my friend who Vilasrao Deshmukh is. And she replied: isn't he Ritiesh Deshmukh's dad?? I said, yes he is... but that's like knowing Imran Khan as the guy whom Nupur likes! Chuck it if you fail to register the analogy. You're just suffering from the Sonal Chuahan syndrome (Watch Jannat and you'll know how dyslexic she is)

I've titled this post against the news channels because I've had it from them. I never really felt like dragging them to court when they kept on showing stupid superstitious shows, predicting Doom's Day, showing when which God will reincarnate, showing how Earth is in constant peril of being attacked by aliens who look out of a Steven Spielberg movie and all other antics they're upto 24x7. I also never went ahead on my mission to rechristen these channels as COMEDY CIRCUS channels. I never took any drastic step to vent my anger. But now, I feel, it's time I do that. At least try filing a PIL or something. I mean Bihar was submerged in floods with 3 million people stranded. No food.No water. There never was any electricity in this part of the world. Food riots breaking out..... and none of the news channels are showing it. I mean what?!? What are you supposed to show? Comedy clips or natural catastrophes? How many of us know why there have been communal riots in Orissa? Why is Kashmir burning? Farmers are still committing suicide... where have the 5000 crore rupees gone?? I didn't have a clue until I googled these things out. TV, today, has reached the Mariana Trench.... time it at least comes back to surface.

News channels aside, it's the people around me who've also been irritating me. Nobody cares about the the people who are affected. Call me an atheist or whatever but I just can't fathom how someone can spend crores, donate a couple of other crore rupees, set up huge Ganpati pandals, immerse the idols in water only to increase pollution levels and kill some fish and aquatic flora and fauna only because someone else is doing it? Why can't you rather go to Bihar and distribute food packets to children who go to sleep drinking the flood water or something even worse? Why does every body's logic go to the dogs when it comes to religion? I'm sure Ganpatiji would be more happy if you help out someone and not just simply worship a stone/POP cut out in His form. This entire Ganeshotsav was started by Lokmanya Tilak, whose sole motive behind it was to get people together and fight for freedom..... so why the extravagance today??

I know, I know, if MNS/Bajrang Dal people are reading this post, they want to come and break the windows of my house and stuff.... but I don't care. I have a fundamental right to the freedom of Speech, and I have just used it. I even don't care if this post doesn't go down well with many of you. You have your point of view..... I have mine....
And yeah Mr. Thackeray, before ordering your men to vandalise shops that haven't put up their store names in Marathi, kindly, break the windows of your house first. Your son doesn't want to learn Marathi.... so how the hell are you to impose the language on a million other people?? I really respeted you when you came out with your new party... A young, dynamic leader to lead the way, I thought.... and it...well, just remained a thought. Practice before you preach. You make your dumb cousin look better than you because of all your antics.