October 26, 2009

Pain Breeds Art!!!

Pain breeds art! If you disagree, you can check your friends' facebook status updates!! Those 19 line essays people write as their stat-ups, man, seriously, it feels like Facebook is full of Devdases! But, jokes apart, seriously, I've always felt that pain, really does breed art. Almost all of my posts that I feel proud of and still can't believe that it was me who's written them, have been a result of immense pain. Try sitting in Cell Biology lectures, desmosomes, gap junctions, striated muscles et al, taught by a teacher with the most morose expressions, soporific voice, abstruse pronunciations and well, a dull and drab subject...what you get is pain..... unbearable PAIN!!! Third degree torture is much better!!! That is when, art happens and you write incredibly great (yes, modesty is damned in this part of the blogosphere!) articles! But when the pain is taken away from you and you are happy, the stuff you write is much worse than watching KRK romance Rakhi Sawant....even for a die hard romantic like moi! So, I have come to the conclusion that if I want to blog like I used to, I need my Cell Biology lectures!! And, ofcourse, I need an ambience of Lakshmi, Hetvi and Mansh making a note of the words wrongly pronounced by the teacher, Aanchal doing Quants besides me, Ajay and Ankit trying to impress a certain chick in class by attempting to listen to the dead lecture and asking questions (like how!!!???) and Ankita sleeping and/or texting/talking to someone over the phone!!! But, since this is never gonna happen *having a huge lump in my throat*, I thought its time I find another Cell Biology in MBA! I found my Operations Management lectures equally painful, but I'm still unable to write like the old me wrote!! Maybe, it was all in the ambience!! Like Lakshmi rightly said, I've run out of topics to write after Mithibai got over!!

Seriously, Operation Management is PAINFUL! Anyways, it's so funny that how used to we get to people and things surrounding them! And then we don't even realise that we are having acceptance problems with other people, only because we want other people to be like these people....like I expect my new friends to not get annoyed if I use her freshly waxed hand as a white board and make notes on her hand and not my notebook...only because Aanchal never had a problem when I did that with her....or like just get away with anything by saying Forget about it kardo like Lakshmi used to say, and not expect people to doubt your English knowledge when you make statements like these!! And, expect people to pull out chairs, carry our bags, do your work for you only because Ajay and Ankit always did that!! Or expect to be taken care of and being pampered and sheltered from your problems and have people rolling up their sleeves to hit other idiots only because you cried because of them! Shit man! I sound like such a spoilt brat!

But, I love people at my new college too. It's just not fair to expect your new group to be like your old group. One thing you learn from these oldies with work-ex is to let go of things, however painful it maybe! I don't have an acceptance problem I just have a let go problem! That is why I'm still talking Biotech, missing Biotech, the lab and the people who made the lab a 'private' lab!! On second thoughts, desmosomes, gap junctions and striated muscles are anyday better than depreciation, defered revenue and capital expenditure!!

Anyways, enough of the philosophical talks! It's just so strange how you still act like a teenager, despite being 21 (and definitely not looking a day older than 16) when the guy you're crushing on passes by you and all the people knowing about it nudge you if you want an 'introduction'! Yeah, there's this super hot guy in college, with a very un-hot name (yeah, there's a lot in a name, Mr. Shakespeare got the funda completely wrong!!) unfortunately not in my class, who is rich as well.... so, I finally have some eye candy to look at in life! I've never really had hot guys studying in my college before! Damned Biotech...we just had 4 guys for 28 girls!! With Ajay and Ankit being brother material and Sean and Ratan never been seen in class.... Mithibai always felt like SNDT to me! The only positive thing being the hot BMM and BMS guys of UPG who shared their class floor with us!! And yeah, these guys are HOT!! So, if there's any Mithibai Biotech junior of mine reading my blog, you now know where to go bird watching! So, chuck those journals and enjoy your life in TY....go get a car, bunk a test and escape to Bandra...... you'll regret not doing it!!
P.S: It's so weird that I used to bunk lectures at Mithibai and ran away to Bandra (Carter Rd and Bandstand) to eat....and now, from my college at Carter Road I come to eat at Mithibai!!!! Life is strange!!! So fucking strange!

October 19, 2009

Some More Nonsense

Yay!!! I finally turned 21 yipee!!! And I so want to go to Las Vegas RIGHT NOW and throw an age proof on those casino people's face! At least now, they can't shoo me away for being underage!! Yay!! I'm 21!

I finally saw a Ranbir Kapoor movie in a theatre!! Yay!! I'm so happy! Finally I saw him on the big screen!! Wake up Sid! ain't that bad a movie that everyone says it was! Of course, I have no clue about the story.... I was lost in Ranbir Kapoor!! And there was Rahul Khanna too....he's hot too! Now I wish, even I have a hot boss like him and a hotter room-mate! Then, life would be totally COOLLL!!!Ranbir Kapoor in formals is actually hotter than Ranbir Kapoor in boxers! See, I can like men fully clothed too.... they need not be shirtless and playing football for me to find them hot! Anyways, RK in that white kurta in the end getting wet in the rain and in white shirt and blue jeans was breath-taking! I had to remind myself to breathe...just like Bella had to remind herself to breathe when she saw Edward Cullen! Yes! The Twilight fever is back!!

I'm so waiting for November... 2012, New Moon (Twilight's sequel) and Ajab Prem Ki Gajab kahani releasing! Wow! TREAT for my eyes!! And Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in New Moon is beyond HAWT!!! And APKGK looks like Andaz Apna Apna types....so I'm all in for it. And hopefully, I get people to catch one First Day First Show with me! If not, then I'm gonna force people!

Yet another post.... yet some more non-sense. People, please bear with me. I'm going through the biggest and the worst writer's block possible and can't think of anything better to write!! So till then, read this! Oh Damn.... I really need my Cell Biology lectures to get my creativity back....

P.S- How's Chetan Bhagat's 2 States.... reviews needed...

October 8, 2009

Things I Learnt in MBA

Things I learnt after joining MBA college (which incidentally have nothing to do with MBA in general!)

  • There is an unexplainable pleasure in using your nails on your friend's touch screen phone!
  • Don't trust MBA students. EVER. Give them your phone to read the messages in your inbox, and they'll read even the ones in your sent items!! And then, they get scandalized and abuse you!
  • Learn to delete messages from your sent items....especially if you have called people HOT!
  • Lock your phone and DO NOT reveal the password!
  • You actually do know a lot about your graduation subjects than you think you do!! I'm batoing Bio gyaan to all and sundry!!!
  • Listen to your elders....that is people with work ex....if they say don't go for What's Your Raashee..... bloody, don't GO! Listen to them!! (Only if WYR had 12 Ranbir Kapoors...man! I'd have seen the movie even if it had been a 6 hour torture!)
  • People from a Science background are more serious than their Commerce counterparts!!
  • You can throw tantrums and get away with it! (yeah, one of the advantages I have....being the only under 21 in my class!!)
  • People pity you and your size and carry your bags and Kotlers!!
  • People offer to do your projects because you're a girl ! *wink*
  • Shirtless people playing football in the rain, is HOT!!!
  • And the most important thing, which I think happens only in my B-school..... guys are made to wait on and serve girls during lunches and dinners during the trips!! Yay!!

Sorry for another non-sensical post from me. Really outta ideas to blog...might just quit blogging for the lack of ideas! And for people waiting for the Chapter 15 of my story....sorry...that's gonna take a LOOOOONNNGGGGG time.... for the simple reason that I still don't know what should I write about what went wrong between the lead couple.....please send me ideas if you want the post soon!!