July 31, 2008

I'm back!

My last few posts were not exactly what I would blog about... they were the articles I'm planning to send to Campusjunkie, which is a college campus website. There've been so many things that I've wanted to write on... the bomb blasts, Ram Gopal Varma ki Phoonk.... so much to write on, so little time.... yeah, you guessed it ..... I've begun to start studying for CAT.... increased my study time from 5 nanoseconds to 5 seconds.

It's the last year of college.... the realization has just dawned upon me... last few months of a carefree, fully paid existence!! OMG...!! Feels just like yesterday when I stepped into Jr College and today it's the last year od Undergrad college and tomorrow its gonna be some B-school..... time flies faster than a cockroach of my lab!!

All the wonderful friends I've happened to make and have been lucky that they've tolerated me for 2 years and counting are all going to go their own separate ways... in just about 8 months... sounds creepy... All those days of indulging in gluttony, singing Suniel Shetty and Govinda songs in lectures with Aanch acting as www.lyrics.com .... She actually remembers the lyrics of a song called Sundara Sundara (Suniel Shetty and Raveena Tandon).... which had come and hit mankind back in 220 BC, the days wherein I played Asshole, a card game with Lakshmi, Sean and Ratan, until the watchman confiscated the cards thinking we were playing Strip Poker or something... well, that was the expression on his face! The days when I wrote my CJ articles in JP's lectures, the days, when we wondered if KD was teaching us stuff taught in Pluto, the days when we marvelled the amount of time taken by Ankita to fall asleep, the days when Ajay "Kaala Ramu" Kutty did all our work and jheloed all our slaps, the days when Mansh and I checked out all the possible cute guys in college(BMM and BMS guys to be exact).

The days of our Lab Chronicles.... where the teachers were exasperated with us to the limit that they were just one step from extirpating their hair from the follicles! The days, when we eat chikki and brownie in the lab, during a Micro experiment(For non Micro people... eating while doing a Micro experiment, according to out teachers is as serious a crime as is playing Holi with Uranium ore). That was not the only way we flirt with danger in the lab... (there are no guys, so we have only danger to flirt with...) by playing mini Holi with carcinogenic reagents and working without gloves on blood samples from hospitals..... we just haven't heard of HIV and TB being spread through blood.

If I want to, I can single handedly complete 'Chronicles of a fucked up life' , the book my friends and me were going to write about our college life in this post itself, but then that would be a serious setback to the sales of the book, whenever it gets done! I'd rather leak out some juicy snippets from the book, a few days prior to its release, just to pump up the sales.... yeah yeah.... the MBA in me is speaking!

But, I was actually wondering, that this time, next year everyone.... I mean EACH AND EVERYONE of us is going to be in tangentially opposite corners of the world, pursing the careers of their choice... it no longer would be about getting up at 6 and rushing to college... no longer about asking Mom every two days for 2oo bucks for xerox... no days when we would have practicals.... MAN! I'm really gonna miss these days...(No, don't offer me a tissue yet, am still not crying... maybe after a few more lines I will!!) Degree college will no longer be about AANCHAL and HETVI.........(offer me a tissue, dumbass!!).

No longer about the why-did-you-mention-the-topic looks Hetvi would give me... no longer about Aanch and her Punju habits... no longer about the paranthas.... more importantly.... chole and aanchar yaar!! No longer about the pride in your eyes, Aanch when I'd tell you.... I told him..!! No longer about you guys.... no longer about YOU TWO...

P.S: Manshi, I'll miss you too, darling.... !!
P.S 2: Just my way of saying sorry for today.... Aanch and Het.... will always love you man!

July 29, 2008

An Interesting Conversation

Location: Inside the Louis Vuitton handbag of Girlie, a human Girl
Celly (a male, Girlie’s cell phone) was hitting Pody (Girlie’s iPod, male) with his elbows in order to get some room in the filled upto the limit handbag. Celly was the quintessential gentleman whereas posy was snobbish and an arrogant boy. Both of them hated each other as they were in love with the same girl…. Lippie… (Girlie’s lip gloss)
Celly: Move it, you fatty!
Pody: WTF?? You’re 3 cm fatter than I am!
Celly: Yeah, whatever at least I don’t have wires coming out of me!!
Pody: Blah blah blah…. Heard you went on a dinner date with Memo (Memory Card, male)?? Turning gay?
Celly: Shut up…. Had gone to him for advice...
Pody: Advice…. Hmm... Regarding??
Celly: It’s personal, if you don’t mind.
Pody: You bloody, stiff upper lipped moron… go rot in hell!
Combie: (Girlie’s comb, female) Hey you guys, stop abusing!! Show some decency, at least when around women… haven’t you seen we girls talking??
Pody: Girls…. Who???
Combie: Rude, you insensitive boy!
Pody: You’re not a girl…. You’re a woman, Aunt Combie!!! Haha!!
Combie: Aunt Combie!!! *fainting in the background*
Chewie: (Lippie’s best friend, Chewing Gum, female) *sobbing* Boys will be boys…. Insensitive jerks!!
Celly: *panicking looking at a crying girl* What’s the matter, Chewie??
Pody: Waah!! Chance pe dance!! Offering a shoulder to a crying girl and all huh??
Celly: Cut the crap, Pody! Chewie… what happened?
Chewie: Lippie…..
Celly & Pody: What happened to Lippie??
Chewie: She broke off with Peny…. He dumped her for her step sis, Lakmey…

Celly and Posy broke into a victory dance and started hugging and clapping and thanking their stars that Lippie was single again! But Chewie was disgusted by their behaviour and hence chided them and left*
Chewie: Boys will be boys…. Insensitive jerks!
Pody: Hey, Chewie… you’ve been saying the same line since the New Stone Age, please modify it now!!
Chewie: Gross!

Celly: Hey bro… you’re gonna get yourself a brand new sis-in-law!!
Pody: Wow! You marrying Aunt Combie…. That’s great… you guys can share your dentures with each other!! Call me for the wedding bro!!
Celly: Shut up, you jackass…. I'm marrying Lippie…
Pody: Stay away from her… she’s mine….
Celly: No …. She’s mine…

Pody got angry, he always had been a very short tempered guy and grabbed Celly’
collar and started punching him. Celly too did the same. Their fight intensified only when
the Bag Elders, Calci (Calculator) and Wally (Wallet) came in to pacify them

Calci: Ok, fine… I have one solution to end this fight… both of you shall get 2 minutes to say why Lippie should be with you and then we’ll judge and the one who’s worth her, will get her. Wally and I will personally talk to Mabby and Mac… Lippie’s parents.

Celly & Pody: Fair enough.

Pody: As I'm younger, I’ll start first. I really love Lippie … from the bottom of my chips… I promise, I’ll keep her very happy… her every wish shall be my command…I’ll serenade her by singing romantic love songs and will completely disown sad song from my playlists. We will watch movies together, only family movies….I promise. She can also see her pics with her friends on me…. I’ll really….
Calci: Time’s up…. Celly…
Celly: I fell in love with Lippie first… I truly love her… I’ll also sing songs for her…. Not only her... but also her entire family, as I have speakers too, not just earphones. She can click and view pics with her friends on me… She can also talk to Chewie or her family through me… something she can’t do with Pody… I end my case by saying that I love Lippie and will always do. Thank You.
Pody: I can punch people if they mess up with her…. Your gentlemangiri won’t let you do that!
Wally: Pody… One more word from you and you shall be disqualified
Calci: After listening to both of them, I’ve calculated that Celly wins….
Wally: I beg to differ… I think that Pody was better…..
Chewie: Why don’t we go to Aunt Mabby and Uncle Mac and ask them to pick one?
Wally: Good idea.

Mabby: Oh! I really like both of you… Pody and Celly…. But the issue is that Lippie has already found a guy for herself and we’ve given them our consent… and moreover, aren’t both of you going to shift tomorrow??
Celly: Shift??
Pody: Where??
Mac: To Cutie’s Bag (Girlie’s Sis)
Wally: Why??
Mac: Because, iPhoney is coming here tomorrow… he’s Lippie’s new boyfriend….He’s got the bet of features from both Celly and Pody…. So we said yes… he’ll love Lippie as much as both of you do together… Sorry boys… but don’t you worry… there’s someone made for you too….!!!

July 26, 2008

How Science Students Can Get A “Life”!!

Are you a bored Science student trying to wade your way through the huge pile of books (Journals, rather)? Are you the one who ignored the only piece of sound advice your relatives gave you to take up Commerce/Arts to enjoy LIFE? Do you think that your social life is as interesting as Mallika Sherawat in a burqa? Does your daily schedule consist of a home to class to college (lab) to another class to home schedule? Do you think your kids would be a tad less interested in knowing about your college life than Rakhi Sawant is interested about knowing the revenues generated by the IT industry in Croatia? OK! I’ll stop sounding like a bhaade ka firangi talking for a Telebrands ad and get down to some serious business. If the answers to the questions put above are positive, here’s how you can enjoy your LIFE even in the humdrum and bordering-on-melancholy schedule of yours, in your class itself! (Shit! I'm still sounding like the firangi advertising for Telebrands!)

Playing Antakshri, dumb charades etc are so 16th centuryish that even Einstein’s portrait hanging in your class would yawn in boredom! So, for a change, you could play cards in class. No, this ain’t a “21” hangover. There is a variety of games one could furtively play in class. But please refrain from playing the game where you pick one card from the pack and then sit and calculate the probability of it being a red card or black… a face card or a numbered!

If you think you’re the only enlightened soul in your group, desperate to get a LIFE, you could ensure your friends’ participation by singing those ‘80’s and ‘90’s songs from the movies of Govinda, Suniel Shetty and the likes! Either your friends will permanently cut all ties with you or join you. The probability of the latter occurring is higher as not many can resist laughing over those songs and singing them again and travel back to those days when you first sang these songs, at a time when you still probably used to wet your bed at night!! Some songs may actually, even end up giving you much required tips such as this song “ Aangana pe baba, dwaare pe maa, kaisain aaye gori, hum thore ghar ma??” gives tips on entering your girl’s house. Just a humble request to all the Himmesh clones…. Please do your bit for humanity by keeping away!!

Now, this one’s for BSc students (read: a classroom with 99.999% girl population and the probability of finding a cute guy is like spotting Kareena ‘Size Zero’ Kapoor gorging on Blueberry Cheesecake). During the lecture when the natural sleep inducer, the professor, is at his job, you could well, pass your time by zeroing down on the 10 Hot Actors/Sportspersons in a book. I assure you, it will take you the entire duration of the lecture to come down to ONLY 10 guys from sooooo many of them! And, more so, it would give the professor an impression tat you actually followed the gibberish he/she spoke and hence are ruminating so intently on the topic.

If you have friends who can read tarot cards, palms, faces, legs, toe nails, hair strands etc, you could have fokat ke astrology sessions in class. Everybody is curious about their future na; however kale andhere main lipta hua it may be! You could also eat like kids from Somalia who’ve just been treated to a seven coarse meal. All the moms would be happy looking at the empty, licked-to-the-limit-that-washing-it-would-be-redundant tiffins returning home! You could also gossip in hushed tones (exclusively for BSc girls, again!). You could also satiate your creative urge by doodling, writing love letters to your girl/guy, writing poems, articles etc. Yes, you win a 3 night 4 days trip to Hawaii with Pamela Anderson/ Orlando Bloom for guessing when this article was written!

Basically, there are innumerable things one can do during lectures. Although they aren’t exactly the ways to help get you a LIFE, they definitely are the times, the memories you’d cherish until you suffer from Alzheimer’s. Things that you would laugh at, at the college reunion 10 years down the line. And if your partner is from Arts/Commerce, you could tell him that practicals and 100% attendance was fun too!!

P.S: My heartfelt thanks to my college gang by indulging in all the aforementioned antics, which gave me the base to write on! (Yes, these are tried and tested methods!) And yeah, I wasn’t paid by the Telebrand people and the Mathematics Dept (I spoke of probability so much!!) of my college to advertise!!

July 24, 2008

How To Patao The Watchman Into Letting You In

Ah! We’ve all secured admissions(again/ for the first time) in the much coveted Mithibai College … and now the colleges have reopened. What a relief to come back to college(Yeah, call me a geek, call me a nerd… but I love going to college.. it is so much better than sitting at home…at least there’s no physical work you’re supposed to do in college!!). I don’t know about other colleges but in Mithibai, if you happen to forget your ID cards or the fee receipts … you’ve committed a cardinal sin! All the temptation you resisted by getting up at 6 in the morning and dragging yourself to college goes down the nullah that flows (or rather, is stagnant!) by the college! Here are a list of whacky ideas you can use to enter the college should you forget your ID at home… the ID was in another bag, it is with the principal, my friend is supposed to get mine…I happened to leave it in her/his book, etc etc are passé…. Let’s look at ideas that are not clichéd… (Thank God, this article won’t have my picture alongside it… otherwise the Mithibai Watchman Association would run after me like how Sunny Deol ran after Pakistanis!!)

*Disclaimer: The author doesn’t own responsibility if any of the following excuses were used and the user were crucified!
  • I gave it instead of my license to the Pandu at the signal, by mistake of course!
  • I used the patta of the card to keep control of my dog… but he ran away with the neighbour’s bitch (dog ki striling wali bitch baba!!) so my ID also … you know..
  • The theatre doorman confiscated it as I shot Ranbir Kapoor’s “towel” scene on my phone…(the doorman definitely worked for Mithibai before joining Fame… that explains the confiscation of ID on every trivial matter!)
  • I used the patta of the ID to kill myself (didn’t want to spend money on buying a rope) and ever since, it lying on my fan
  • It is lying in the “WANTED” section of the girl’s hostel (for boys)
  • I gave it to my girl/boyfriend as she/he didn’t have a photo of mine
  • My friends and I were playing Frisbee with it and got thrown out of the window of my 6th floor classroom.
  • My ex flushed it down the toilet to get rid of my memories (yeah, my ex is a die hard Jab We Met fan)
  • I was sitting on the bank of the nullah and used my ID to create ripples in the water(??)
  • I gave it to a plastic surgeon to use my photo on the ID as a reference ( his clientele boasts of people like Rakhi Sawant, Pooja Bedi …. And so on)
  • I give it to a face reader to predict my future based on the photo on the ID
  • I gave it away as a visiting card
  • My uncle borrowed it to scratch his back
  • I gave it to my Dad so that he can remember for sure which class I’m studying in.
  • My mom gave it to the raddiwala as she had lost all hopes of me going to college!
  • My younger sibling used my ID as a rectangular stencil
  • I shoved my ID up on my friend’s mouth to shut her up.
  • I threw my ID thinking it was the Library card as I never ever in the 5 years of my college life used the Library and this year too I wasn’t going in for an aberration.
  • The Librarian took it to display it in the Library Hall Of Shame
  • I got lost in the pothole I was trying to prevent myself from drowning in.
  • I forgot it in the ATM Machine (I’m still wondering why any money didn’t come out??!!)
  • I was playing “Tommy Catch” with my dog using my ID and it got lost in the bushes
  • It got confiscated when I tried to enter another college with my ID of this college
  • I used my fee receipt as toilet paper in the morning(It was an EMERGENCY… I had to report for a 7 o clock lecture!!)
    (Asking the Watchman) Don’t you remember confiscating it last week for giving absurd excuses for not carrying the ID… shit man! Your memory sucks!!

    The best excuse would undoubtedly be : Here is my ID… Haha!!! I was just trying to humour you.( if the watchman shoots you, the author won’t be held responsible…. According to the disclaimer)

July 21, 2008

Aiweyein Bakwaas Hain....

As the title suggests..... I really don't have anything to talk about right now... the Gossip World is also in deep slumber due to lack of secret affairs, break offs , who's sleeping-with-whom and all that... so I'll have to move on to other pastures... for talking...!

It was Katrina Kaif's birthday.... 24th.... Methinks she looks too old to be 24.... OK... Nupur... Not everyone suffers from Nupur-Syndrome (read: looking like an underfed, size minus one, 14 year old when one is 19 1/2!). Salman and Shahrukh had a spat and Aamir (Khan ... not Rajiv Khandelwal!). Methinks they would've fought over Aishwariya Rai... Old romances die hard na, Sallu...?? Hyper imaginative people (read: overenthusiastic news channels) have already come out with polls predicting and showing through cheap and amateurish animation who's the real king of Bollywood... or should I say the "Indian Film Industry" , Mr. Bachchan?? Gosh! I think egos apart... these stars are too busy in their lives and dancing at weddings to fight among themselves...(I mean the Ash fight.... in the verbal tirade... SRK would've won hands down and the physical fight would have crowned Sallu the king!)

Lets now talk about something that can have REAL consequences to all of us.... the Trust Vote... that is gonna happen tomorrow... for all you ignoramus souls.... use Google for the right purpose, for a change. But this MP exchange seems so business like to me... I mean it is.... but somehow its just seeming creepy...!! But what makes matters worse is the possibility of Mayawati being the PM... I mean WHAT ?!#$#%#$^%^^&& Trust me the day this Apocalypse happens, I'll beg my mom and dad to get me married to some Patel in US.... after all, I can't have my kids TRY to join a school which has 99.99999999 % reservation for everybody but the general class??Hah! Future seems bleak.... Seems like the Mumbai shown in Love Story 2050 won't be possible even in 20050..... if this happens!!!

After trying (and still at it) to figure out how a guy's brain functions, I'm trying to find out how MOM's brain functions (was trying to figure out what went into students' mind when they took up Bio tech....but eventually gave up at looking at the futility of the event).... I mean its okay if one skips a lunch here and a dinner there.... I mean its okay to have Hershey's for brunch sometimes... but no.... they won't understand.... they also don't understand that you are not on the phone 24x7... you happen to be on the phone every time they enter the room can also be a mere fortuitous event ..... give us a benefit of doubt momma!! And yeah... this is a universal phenomenon prevalent in all homes where teenagers reside!! And yeah not every guy we talk to is a potential damaad!!! So please cut the melodrama of "Mere sar ki kasam kha ke bata if you have a boyfriend" shit!!!! Gosh its so '90s ish!!! I was so relieved when all my friends empathised with me.... So good to know I'm not the only one in the boat!!

I can go on and on talking shit until Compaq comes and sues me for overuse of their product ....so I'm signing off now.... yeah and by the way I noticed a really cool thing(they feminists would agree and the chauvinists would disagree) that Women are much calmer in crisis than Men!! I'm sure Mom, Dad, Rao and I'll agree!!! Stop smiling ,Niyati!!! Adios..!!!

Kismet Konnection

One more second day first show (bloody 7.55 am show!!) movie for me.... Kismet Konnection.... The only thing that is talkable in this movie is SHAHID KAPOOR...... Hetvi and Lucky will agree!! Vidya Balan can only act. She can't dress well..... even to save her life!! Gosh! What was she wearing at the engagement song?! Donnatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and Jean Paul Gaultier....... all of them will have a simultaneous heart attack if they choose to see her in the song! EGREGIOUS is the word!

The story is pretty much ok.... they guy was an all rounder in school but luck didn't favour him after school ... so is pretty much a loser (like me!! hehe!!). Everything for him goes wrong.... right from his alarm not ringing, water supply giving way, car not starting, boss dying et cetera et cetera.... but then Lady Luck aka Vidya enters his life and everything falls in place! They met at an ATM.... Guess I should also wait for my Guy Luck outside an ATM centre!!! (I've defenestrated the standing-outta-jewellery store idea.... Jannat was way too well...hmm... Emraan Haashmiish!)

They scenes you might wanna check out would all feature Shahid either in black or white or pink.... this guy can actually look like a GUY in pink!!! Shahid dancing, Shahid smiling, Shahid thinking..... all these scenes are ones you should definitely check out.... check out the gol gol shots taken around Shahid in Bakhuda Tumhi Ho song.... this ong vasoolofies your paisa to the movie!! The Global Warming and lack of CSR gibberish in the end is a tad irritating (more so after you know this is not how the corporate world functions... CAT asar you know!!)

Overall, the movie was like okay.... Shahid being the only saving grace..!!

July 18, 2008

Incoherent Ramblings

Hmm.... so its 122 days to CAT.... the forms are out... I've bought the form... Yet to fill it...yet to to the exam.... YET TO START PREPARING!! Gosh! I'm nervous! I know, I know....CAT is tough and all.... yeah well... ask me... IT IS egregiously tough!! Bloody can't even clear sectional cut offs!! CET offers a bit of hope..... MAT also does.... but the institutes under MAT ... are like shit!!

Ah...CAT puts me to depression... lets talk about something else.... So am back to my old self.... after soooooooooo many days... confessed stuff, got people back, ensured them for forever( I know forever is too big a word....but a tad smaller than IF!) but then some relations are worth maintaining for life na..... (Like we would want it otherwise). Gosh.... I'm getting a proof everyday why tears are as important for your health as much is laughter.... One feels so light after the river that flows from the lacrimal glands.... especially when you have a really comforting shoulder!! Wink wink!!

EGREGIOUS has become my favourite word of late.... more so after the vocab teacher at my classes rubbished my definition of it, even when it was right and made it a subject of ridicule.... EGREGIOUS= OUTSTANDINGLY BAD!!! Guess I was the only one in class who knew! Coming to egregious, one thing that comes to my mind when I think of this word is Vidya Balan's styling in Kismet Connection!! She looked like Shahid's aunty!!! Yeah, its one more movie that I saw second day first show(review later). God save the CAT!!

I'm bored...... so much to do, so little time, yet here I am typing away shit! Gosh! I really really need a life........ BADLY! And yeah I got my driving license....... without giving the test....... so I can drive now (I promise I'll drive better than Ankita.... I promise my car will never be airborne for more than 5 secs.... I promise I'll never speed while taking a turn.... I promise I'll never overtake a police van.... I promise I'll not thoko poor cyclists on the road... well..... in short I WILL NEVER drive like Ankita.... I promise!!) All you women driver haters watch out!! Jay, one day you will be forced to give me a certificate that states "Women may be bad drivers....but Nupur drives really really really really well!!" So much for optimism!!

P.s: Anki, the way you saved the cyclist by cutting reassured my faith that women can drive... You drive well.... when you're normal!!

July 9, 2008

The Big Screen

So, I spoke about the Small Screen in my last post.... so in this post I'll talk about what's hot and what's not on the Big Screen! Firstly, Love Story 2050 is a dud(I know, you would've expected me to begin with Jaane Tu... so much for my self control!!). And Harman can't act, he can dance... so what... every guy coming up in Bollywood dances... He really need to learn how to say I LOVE YOU without crying.... what is he... a girl?? Gosh! How did Priyanka ever say YES to HIM!! Coming to Priyanka... what's with the new accent? Inspired by whom... the pati patni aur woh trio.... the Abhishek, Ash and Sallu trio, sillies!! I don't know why do we Indians love to lose our Indianness? You're a former Miss World and you got that by being an Indian.

Moving on from Love Story 2050 to another love story.... this, for goodness' sake set in 2008! Bachna Ae Hasseno...... and my Ranboo returns!! What an exceptional teaser! What an extraodinary guy! My heart actually skipped a beat when he was wearing white capris on the beach in a genuflect.... AHHHHH!!!!!! Wow!! Treat for the eyes, surely!! The three women in the movie are definitely gonna be sidelined by this charmer! Minisha Lamba looks cute and her hair looks wonderful. Bipisha, to me, still looks very manly! How do people find her sexy? Maybe the silicon! Deepika continues to look the s**t she has started to look of late. The show stealer is gonna be Ranboo...

Another nice thing is Kismet Connection.... Shahid... Ah! Thw break up with Kareena has gone something good to him as well, for, he's never looked sooooooo hot before( Jab We Met excluded!!) Bakhuda tumhi ho...... zameen se falak ke darmiyan tumhi ho!! So now, after talking and talking and talking about Jaane Tu, I'll be talking about Kismet Connection until Bachna Ae Haseeno releases!!!

And yeah I really really do hope that Mission Istanbul isn't shown anywhere near my house.... I'll go and tear the poster... or worse, maybe even stone the theatre.... Gosh! Have you seen those beefy guys getting cosy with those bhade ki goris one second and shrieking 'Mission Mission Mission Istanbul' the next..... Calm down folks... you have just one voice box... and it has to last your entire life! And yeah where's the Vivek of yore..... Saathiya seemed to have come in the Iron Age.... time you get the Adi back...!

Besides this Filmland seems to be doing good with Jaane Tu.... being a hit(yipee!! hurray!! yay!!).

July 7, 2008

The State Of TV - II

Since the past week or so, all I can see on TV is Jaane Tu.... Even after one week of non stop Jaane Tu, I'm not bored.... Such a patient chick I am! But the minute anything even remotely close to Love Story 2050 comes and I start yawning! That guy, Harman, can't speak! The way he says "I Love You" to the red haired Piglet(oops sorry, Piggy Chopps). God! The only differentiating factor he has from Hrithik is that he is not HRITHIK ROSHAN!! About time, Jay, to give me my Hershey's for Love Story 2050 is a flop... and Janne Tu's a HIT!!

The state of TV is still moribund! What can we expect with the NEWS Channels still alive and kicking, the saas and bahus still whining and crying and the reality shows showing everything but reality! MTV still hasn't gotten over stuppid reality shows... from Roadies, they've moved on to something more egregious.... SPLITSVILLA.... God! Whatever were MTV bosses thinking?? Vishal doesn't even look cute now! Imagine my shock when I found out my 13 year old cousin watch it... !! I was on the verge of complaining to my aunt!

Some respite shown by Ms. Kapoor is that Mahabharat, judged solely on the basis of the first episode is watchable... though the shirtless people were a bit rude to the eye and the way Draupadi was screaming was typical Ekta Kapoorish, methinks, it'll b fun to watch Mahabharat, mainly because it's the greatest story ever written( and plus the fact that Ali from Left Right Left is playing Arjun!!) Let's see if it stays this way....

For more on TV, I'll watch more TV and let you guys know!

July 6, 2008

The Endorphin Rush

Jaane kahaan woh duniya hain,
jaane na woh hain ki ya nahi,
jahaan meri zindagi mujhse
itni khafa nahi!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just in love with these lines! I know, I know, I deperately need to be admitted in the Jaane Tu.. rehab centre.... I'm literally eating, drinking, sleeping this movie! Actually only sleeping this movie.... eating and drinking ...... I've not learnt doing these things!! Yeah so as to not lose out on my readers I will not make them brook Jaane Tu..... any further!

It was another Sunday... meaning another AIMCAT and another set of shitty marks! 'm not expecting anything good from this AIMCAT as well...!! But what makes this Sunday special is I got Aanch back... yup... we (I, to be more precise) had been behaving wierd since a fortnight and now things came back to Square One(read:normal). The best thing God blessed girls with is the innate ability to cry! Man! The endorphin rush after the tears is anyday better than an Adrenaline rush! Feels light! I felt proud in a way that Aanchal, pessimist to a level(was), was speaking like me.... an eternal optimist.... you sounded like a hybrid of Nupur and Hetvi, Aanch!

Another thing, "signs" rather that I encountered today were 1) The RC passage on "HAPPINESS".... it was one of the few passages that I understood thoroughly and got 80% accuracy in.... it felt like the essence of the passage: happiness is an innate thing... it is inbuilt, yet we keep looking for it because our minds are in a conflict... turbulent... tumultous.... 2) the daily horoscope on Orkut said: Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.... Seemed like bagal main chora gaav main dhindhora!! It felt like these things were just God's way of communicating with me!(I really need rehab now!!) I'm out of the drum labelled "DOLDRUM"... pardon me for the poor quality of jokes!

I'm so touched these days with the way my 2 best friends.. Rads and Aanch have been describing me... Aanch says : Nupur is a person who loves talking,blogging, telling stories(about herself and others...Gossip Queen, you see!), swapping channels at light speed and is always stuck in the chasm between IF and WHY..... how true!! And Rads replied to my "I'm a tough cookie, Rads"... she said, "Yeah a completely baked one!" ....!! You guys really know me man!! And yeah I'm so happy Mansh finally spoke her crush herself.... it was quite a task pretending to be Mansh and speak to him!! Very Mujhse-Dosti-Karogeish!!

Finally succeeded in my pursuit of happiness!!

July 5, 2008

Jaaannneee Tuuuu Yaaa Jaanneee Naaaa (kinda spoiler!!)

*May seem like a spoiler to some... read at your own risk

Yipee!!! I've finally managed to see this movie!! My scrupules didn't grant me the permission to bunk pracs so couldn't go for the First Day First Show. Thank God for some inane seminar on Saturday, we got a day off and off I went along with Manshi to watch the movie Second Day First Show! Manshi was the only person of the 140 (added 3 more people on Orkut last week!!) to have the foresight that this movie would be good!! Sorry Mansh... had to ask you to come to Suncity on a holiday!

Yeah coming down to the movie's review.... they movie in one word can be described as REFRESHING.... it was a cliched storyline woven in such a brilliant way that it didn't seem banal at all. From the first frame to the trite airport climax.... everything was fresh.... just like the morning dew. The opening credits looked like a canvas painted... novel idea. Xavier's has never looked so enthralling... Pooja, you were right, I fell in love with Xavier's! The dialogues, the screenplay, the so loveable climax everything was perfect!

Check out the following scenes:

1. When Jay saves Meghna in the nightclub

2. When the guitar first strummed at the beginnning of Aditi song.... it got the most whistles!!

3. When Jay tells the inspector: Dubaara bolke dikha

4. When Jay yells at Meghna that the scooter was just a scooter and nothing else!

5. When Meghna tells Jay that this time her hand was waved to say goodbye..(Ah!Touching!)

6. When Amit shows Aditi his room and paintings! (What paintings!!Showed loneliness so effectively)

7. When Jay's mom says: Phone pe beta, phone pe... when Aditi wondered where her college years went by

8. When Aditi says: Sometimes running away seems the only thing you feel like doing.... Ouch.... so true!!

9. The Expression on Aditi's face when Jay was at Meghna's on her birthday

10. When Amit and Jay play Mommy and Daddy to the pet rat

11. The Mowgli, Ballu, Bagheera moment in Jail

12. When Jay hikes a ride on a horse(I actually shot a video of this scene!)

13. When Jay punches Aditi's fiance thrice (Felt like someone avenged an insult for me... Wish it was his namesake...)

15. When Jay sings Jaane tu... Jaane na at the airport....... the best proposal I've seen in quite some time!!!!

It seems ke I've told you the entire movie! Just that nobody comes to hit me, I've warned everyone with the disclaimer on top! The audience was getting hysterical with every ensuing scene and there were whistles and claps every second scene. I, too, for the only time in life clapped and jumped on my seat(at the horseriding scene!). I liked the movie because it was young, refreshing, peppy and entertaining, not everyone may share the same views. I also liked the movie because Aditi is exactly like me... she can't dance, she has curly hair, she is a fighter cock(Ah! used this term for the first time after passing out from school!), she wants a guy who can hit and punch,she went to US running away from people and situations, she too never realised when she fell in love.... if only real lives got inspired by reel lives, for a change!! Each and every frame of the movie was eeringly similar to my life, damn it!! No wonder Mansh asked me why I went quiet in some scenes and why my eyes were moist!! Damn methinks I should sue them for copyrights or atleast ask them to replace Aditi's name with Nupur!!!!

P.S: The only irritating factor was the way Meghna pronounced Jay.... she said saomething like Jaeee

July 4, 2008

Not A Girl, Not yet A Woman

I’m not a girl, Not yet a woman, All I need is time, A moment that is mine, While I'm in between, I’m not a girl” These words from Britney Spears’ famous song “Not a girl, not yet a woman” describe precisely what a young woman feels at the age when teens are out and tweens have set in. Not young enough to be called a “girl”, not prudent enough to be called a “woman”. This age is full of unexplained desires, fears, anxieties, heartaches and much more. In short, this age can be described as the “Mid mid life crisis!!”

We’ve all crossed and survived the tumultuous teenage years which were complete with its own bitter and sweet moments. Now, we’ve moved on from playing with dolls, to being one and the hands of many… our boyfriends, our bosses, parents… the list just goes on… Right from living upto our parents’ expectation then, to living upto other people’s expectations from us, now, somewhere down the line we’ve just forgotten what are expecting from ourselves. Lived for everyone, but forgotten to live for ourselves.

Teens are over, tweens have seeped in. ‘You’ve grown up’ is what parents say endlessly, and for a change you actually agree with them, for you’ve seen the world in a way that they had not. This rat race, sickening competition,crumpling others to get ahead… things like such never existed then. All this has only made you wise. You’ve actually grown up…. But have you, actually grown up?Have you really become wise? Think of all the tears shed for all the backstabbing, for all the heartbreaks, for all the emotional pain you’ve gone through. You’re above 18, an adult, eligible to vote and can legally get married, according to the Constitution of India. It considers you sagacious enough to be able to decide the country’s future, unfaltering, and you do, but you falter so many times while making a decision concerning yourself.

In a way, this can be attributed to the age and the hormones! It’s such a temptation to be able to resist the lures of life. In so many ways life as a teenager is different from life as a tweenager and in so many ways it is similar. Like you no longer feel guilty about lying to parents for that one date with your guy( you’ve gotten immune to the lying bit!). Life is much more than HIM, it is also about your career which will not take a back seat, this wasn't the case when you were a teen… life revolved and rotated around just one person. Life’s only tensions then were attendance problems, fights with friends over time not spent with them, pacifying parents who ranted over the huge phone bills. But now life is about meeting deadlines, pacifying your boss, avoiding fights with colleagues. But the underlining part of being a Woman remains the same.

The want to be loved and sheltered…. The need to be pampered and cared for… they did and always will make any one go week in their knees at any age…! The lives then and now may have changed and will keep on changing but the basic nature of being a Woman will always remain the same. The gentleness, the love, the care, the touch… all these things will continue to be an inseparable part of being a Woman. We, right now, are not girls and not exactly women but we’re out of one phase ready to enter another and experience life through the glasses of Womanhood! Here’s celebrating ‘Womanhood’!

July 3, 2008

In love with this song!

For the people who know me or who have read my blogs know one thing for sure, that if I happen to like something, rather like someone, I actually like that some thing/one for quite some time(until another some thing/one comes along!!) This has been the case with SRK, when I was in school, Irfan Pathan(I still love him!), Ranbir Kapoor(I really liked Saanwariya....my type of a story hehe!) and now its Imran Khan's turn! Every time I mention his name, my friends mistake him for the yesteryear cricketer Imran Khan and think that I've actually lost it to have fallen for a 50 year old guy!

I'm totally nuts for his debut movie, for some unexplained reason. I'm ready to bunk my pracs or even go for it alone..... yes my friends are trying to drop subtle hints that they aren't coming for the movie with me! Guess I'll have to wait for Akshata to come from Pune next week or muster up the courage to go alone.... actually I think I should go alone... a lesson for all the 137 people who don't have 3 hours for me. Huh! I'll leave ranting for now.

Yeah so like that title of this post suggests that I'm in love with a song.... and it doesn't need one to be an Einstein to figure out that its one of Jaane Tu's song... it is Kahin Toh Hogi Ho..... one thing that should justify my likeness for it should be the name of the composer- A.R "God" Rahman.... what a soulful song.... what heart touching lyrics... what a cute guy in the song! All these reasons cumulatively make me forget the fact that it sounds too close to "Nothing's gonna change my love for you". One of the line in this song is like
"Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse
Inti kafa nahi"
WOW..... If this is not brilliance, I guess what is! Amazing!
The movie is releasing tomorrow..... let's see when I finally get to see the film and give you guys a detailed review (read tareefs of Imran Khan).

P.S: This PSing has become a new obsession with me of late!! Yeah, I found the face for Ayaan.... the main guy in "My Story"..... needless to say.... its Imran!! All you Einsteins...You guys should've been in 1921.... there would've been more people who got the Theory Of Relativity!! (I still don't get it.... my sis says my interpretation of the Theory would make Einstein dig his grave further!) And yeah Aanchal... you dare name your son(the 12th man in my son's cricket team!) Ayaan.... I've IPRed it for my son, the cricketer!