June 26, 2010


I know, coming from me, this sounds like blasphemy, but when I saw Raajneeti, I didn't like Ranbir Kapoor! I mean, I wanted to see more of Arjun Rampal than him! Arjun was definitely the hotter one! And his husky voice coupled with power.....its a totally irresistible! Ranbir, no doubt was good in the movie, but there was something missing. Or maybe it was just me..... I think I'm done with men who can 'think'! I didn't like him even when he was shirtless in the shower....and when he was shirtless with just the jeans on and smoking! I really need to shake myself up! I mean for God's sake it's me who's NOT liking Ranbir Kapoor! And, the same goes for Irfan Pathan too. I mean I actually changed channels when he came on Indian Idol!!! Ah! Not one of those misoandrist phases again!

There's just no good music to listen to! Radio also plays such sad songs! Even the RJs suck. Earlier, I remember listening to this morning show of Jaggu and Tarana.....they were the best RJs ever!! I guess their show is over now. Anyways, when I first saw Raavan's credits and read A.R. Rahman's name there, I thought, there will finally be some respite....but the music was such a downer. The music of I Hate Luv Storys is some relief! There are some great songs.....like the Bin Tere Reprise version and Sadka Hua. And the title track is peppy!!! Aakhon se kehke yeh sapna gaya hain, subah ko jaage toh rasta naya hain!! Wish life was as simple! I've also been listening to the male version of Iktara....and trust me it gives you the chills! Je naina karu band band....beh jaaye boond boond....tadpaye re kyun sunaye geet malhar de....! Also, while you're at it, download the title track of Kaminey. It's an awesommmmme song! Meri arzoo kamini....mere khwab bhi kaminey....ek dil se dosti thi....yeh huzoor bhi kaminey!!! A nice song to listen to when you thought you never had a dark side but then, life proves you wrong!

BTW, how are Kabir, Nikhil and Sehar as names of my new story? I've just finalised the names.... I have no clue where I'm gonna get a story from! I have a faint idea for a story.....but I'm not sure if it'll be something I'd want to write on...! This story was actually something someone had promised to give me in this lifetime... A story that only I could write....something that I could write because I'd felt it, because I had lived it.....but it's precisely why I don't want to write!! This time, I want to write something that I've not experienced in life. That would be a great challenge! So, if anyone has any ideas as starters, please let me know and book your place in the acknowledgements!!

June 19, 2010

Being Human!

I never thought that writing for me, could be so difficult! After having deleted almost 9 nine drafts, I am posting this one! The past 2 months were really bad for me. Lost 6 kgs of weight, so now, being 20 kgs underweight, I can officially be the face that India can show to get some more loans from the World Bank! I had become a cynic in these 2 months. I couldn't see other people happy only because I wasn't happy! Something that's just so not me! And just when I thought that I couldn't ever be happy for anyone in life because I was too immersed in self pity, I surprisingly felt happy for someone. And I've not even met that someone! That someone is my blog friend Arshat, whose blogs I just love! He's publishing his first novel, How I Got My Girl Back on July 10 and when I got to know that, I felt my first happiness in 2 months! I just went back to being the old me! Someone who rejoiced in other people's happiness. All the while I was congratulating him and he was thanking me, I felt this thing to tell him, that its not you who should thank me, but I want to thank you for making me feel human again! So, here it is, Thanks a lot, Arshat and I wish you all the luck for this book and the many more to come! (And yes, I'm not doing this for getting one of the 10 complimentary copies of your book. Like I promised, yours will be the first book I'll buy!!)

I never had been ambitious in life, I was like the mujhe toh bachpan se shaadi karna ka bada shauk hain types, but still I wanted to make an identity for me all my myself and I did that when I started blogging. But then, one fine day, I just gave it up, my name, my fame, my identity.....everything for a man only because he didn't like me blogging because he knew that I blogged only because there was a lot of unsaid sadness and loneliness in me.Things a woman can give up and do for the man she loves! And if there's anything I regret the most right now, is having stopped blogging!!! Blogging gave me a lot in life..... it made me famous! People who don't know me, know me!! People got inspired from me and they started blogging! And trust me, getting appreciated in the comments is orgasmic!!!! A lot of other perks of blogging for me were knowing people I've never met, feeling happy for them, calling them up at 3 in the night to cry ,getting my first STD calls and messages, getting don't-jump-into-the-sea warnings when I used to sit alone at Carter Road! (Thanks Vinod, I'll try finishing a post on you soon!).....and I got all this from my blog! And I just regret giving all this up! But, now I'm never leaving my baby....my blog! Not for anyone.....not for myself....and most certainly never for anyone who has a Y chromosome!! 

And one more thing that I've learnt in this last week is the sheer strength women possess. From hating each others guts to actually flinging yourself over the other to protect her from being hit...... I have completely seen a different side of a woman's nature.....how they bond in the most unexpected ways, their ability to forgive and let go.....no matter how bad things were. I'm yet to meet a man who can forgive like the way a woman does.I'm yet to meet men who bonded over something deeper than beer and porn.......and football(keeping the FIFA and the Waka Waka shit in mind!) !! I also got to see the bad side of a woman...the bitchy, selfish one, and it hurts to say it was me, and again, being forgiven when I realised how mean I had become!!! I never knew my favourite books could happen to me in my life.....first Twilight happened....and then A Thousand Splendid Suns! I know, you don't read my blogs, but, this para was for you, girl!! And, I'm really sorry.... I did it, I am publicly apologizing to you!

Now, Arshat has sparked the thing in me to get published! Even I want my name on the cover of a book!! I'm just waiting for a kickass idea to hit my neurons. But this time, I don't want to write about the 'perfect guy-meeting-the-'perfect girl'.....this time, I want something more deeper, something that delves into relationships other than a romantic relationship (yeah, I'm really taking the woman-bonding thing too seriously!!) But knowing me, I know I'll end up writing a romantic thing only.....but it won't be teenage romance!!!! Till then, I'll write my old Anay-Ahaana-Arjun story. For the followers of my Abhay-Aditi story, I'm sorry..... I don't think I'd ever write it again!!