July 23, 2009


Yipee!!! I recieved my second blog award!!! Yo!! And it came at a really good time, just when my blog was gathering cobwebs due to the lack of posts I got a chance to write something, yeah you guessed it right, writer's block on!! This award comes from Saim...! The rules are simple... you've gotta list down 10 truths about yourself and pass the award to other people who's blogs have webs of their own!

So here's my Sach ka saamna.....
  1. These days I'm dancing like a naagin to Twist from Love Aaj Kal! It's a really cool song.... though I can't make out what Neeraj Sridhar is singing..... the beats are cool!
  2. The only Y chromosome trait in me is that I hate taking a shower!!! My Mom, even today, has to push me in the bathroom to take a shower!!! But, I do take a shower everyday ... unlike the guys, how much ever I find it a waste of time and resources!!
  3. I talk a lot....and half the times, the speed at which I talk goes beyond normal human brain comprehension! And I actually fell off my chair when Mayank of Miley Jab Hum Tum was talking to Nupur, who was exceptionally quiet in that episode, "Arey, tum toh Nupur ho, phir kaise chup ho!!" True!!!
  4. I'm a die hard romantic... put love in anything, and I'll be chooo-cutttee-ing it!!! But, I hadn't read a romantic book until Twilight.....not Mills and Boons too! Because I knew, it'd mess with my brain!!! Which did happen when I started reading love stories! But now, I've learnt my lesson, and I'm off love stories now!
  5. You can't beat me in laziness. Trust me!! According to my Dad, who's always cracking jokes on my laziness, I'm the world's second most lazy person.... not the first... as I at least don't feel lazy to breathe....unlike the first person!!
  6. I can do any work on Earth and survive....but not subzi shopping!! I'd either give more money and come...or pick up the worst veggies of the lot, which are just one step from rotting....or pick up something tangentially different from something that I'm supposed to buy.... like I had once picked up methi....when my Mom sent me to get dhania!! Can you believe that I actually studied BOTANY for a year!!
  7. I had begun planning for my wedding (in my head)....thinking of my trousseu, menu, guest list, venue et al.... the week before last... because three astrologers on three different occassions in the past had predicted that I'd be getting married by 2009 end!!!!! Also, I was doing this, because I genuinely have NOTHING to do these days!! P.S: I'm NOT getting married so soon!! P.S 2: Aanchal had also started planning for my wedding!
  8. I'm 11 kgs underweight!! I'm supposed to be 54 kgs... but am only 43! Don't tell me that I don't eat! I eat a lot... it's just that there are a very few things that I'd eat without making a fuss, but if I like the food, then I'll hog! I still remember the expression on Ankita's face when she saw me eat during our IV.... it was more like "Looking at you, NOBODY can guess you eat THIS much!!" Just, better metabolism and good genes, Ankita!
  9. I'm semi-anaemic, I have low BP and my blood volume is very low.... so in short... the reason I'm gonna die is over-exertion of my heart...because the poor thing has to work doubly hard to pump blood in me!! Add to that, getting over heartaches!!! Poor heart of mine!
  10. The only reason I never took up medicine was because I'm scared of blood.... I can't see people bleed!! One day, one of my friend had come to meet me, and poor thing's tooth was bleeding for some reason.... and I actually spoke to her with my eyes closed all the while!!!

So, now I'm done!!! I'll wake up other people from their blog-slumber!
  1. Arshat...... the best Timepass on the net!
  2. Aanchal.....time she really wakes up and writes something!
  3. Dhaval......I'm always laughing reading his blogs!!!
  4. Vinod.......Chandler in real life!!
  5. Manalee...you need to get up too!
  6. Rucha......I love her sarcasms!!
  7. Kushal.... he hasn't written anything since...well...ages!!!
  8. AJ....... he got me interested in blogging and now he's disappeared!
  9. Tushar.... he writes amazing poems!
  10. Siddharth..... because it's been a millenium since he blogged!!

So wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!! Start typing!!! Accept the award....copy the picture, paste it on your blog...list down 10 truths about yourselves and pass it on to 10 different people...!!! Happy Blogging!

July 16, 2009

The Universe Stopped Conspiring- Part Two

**Part 2**
Read Part One here

I was in love and for just that one look at her I could do just about anything. Even if everything meant walking for 15 minutes and to the stationary shop outside her building, everyday in the hope that someday I'd get to see her standing on the balcony! Even if it meant buying new pens, refills, erasers, pencils and ink cartridges (one everyday....those were the days of pocket money being 10Rs/day) not from the shop near my house.... but walking for 15 minutes and going to that one shop near her's!!!

One fine day, she did turn up at the same time when I was buying a sharpener(for the pencil I would be buying the next day) she was at the balcony having her evening cup of tea. She waved to me and my heart missed more than just one beat! She was saying something to me, which I couldn't hear, so I gave her a call from the PCO outside the shop. (I had asked for her number once earlier.... just in case I had a doubt..... regarding what.... I don't know!) and we spoke for 10 minutes. And I didn't sleep that night.

This continued for around three months.... waking for 15 minutes everyday, sacrificing the 10 Rs I got for eating Vada-pav and eating from others' tiffins just to see her while talking to her for 10 minutes a day. I simply loved the way I'd talk in English and she'd reply in Hindi. Being a Southie, my Hindi sucked.... but it improved by leaps and bounds in these three months! And, she never really called me aap after that first conversation, but, the other peripheral words she used for me, were well, the ones you use for aap! Needless to say, the PCO owner became my best friend..... he actually put a chair near the phone for me to sit because I used to go there, everyday..... !!

Finally after three months, I mustered up some courage (how I did it, don't ask!) and told her,
"I really like you..... so.... what do you think....like.... about me...?" I stammered, for the first time in my life, there was no thoughts to tongue co-ordination in me!
"Err.... soch ke batau?" she replied, the smile missing.
"Ok..." I said, wondering what soch ke batau meant in Hindi..... a yes or a no!
I waited and waited and waited for 3 days for the answer.... why on Earth did I have to ask her on a Friday!?!? For those 72 hours, I don't what I ate, how much I drank and how little I slept.... all I did was stare at that God-damned phone of mine to ring just once....
On Monday, finally, she came upto me, "err.... woh din ke baare main baat karni thi..."
Did an earthquake happen or everything spinning around me was just a delusion, I thought to myself.
"Maine socha, aur haan...jo pucha tha uske liye!"
HAAN..... It means YES in Hindi, right..... I checked it thrice in my head!! Till now, I had heard people saying that they went weak in their knees.... now I knew what it meant..... suddenly, my knees couldn't just take my body weight.... I felt like screaming like Tarzan in happiness.... but I didn't... lest she change her mind about being my Jane!!
"So, what did you like in me", I asked..... after a few minutes I spent trying to get my head in order.
"Umm...... sabkuch" she answered. Simple and sweet........ who wanted a full personality evaluation anyways! Life was P-E-R-F-E-C-T!! Simple and sweet......just like the girl I loved!! Complicated stuff like black holes and Theory of Relativity best be left with PhDs!!!


It's just so amazing how we can remember parts of our lives so vividly that each and every word spoken is carved in our heads! This story is written verbatim from what was narrated to me (it took 2 three hour phone calls for me to write down the dailouges.... yeah, I wrote them down on a paper)... I didn't want to change the charm of the story by writing it in MY way...so the story is exactly how it happened, some 9 years back!

All the while my friend was narrating his story to me, I kept on irritating him by saying how Yashraj film-ish his story was.... and then he said one and I shut up for the rest of the story. He said, "There's just a little difference..... Yashraj stories have a happy ending..
Only if life was so PERFECT! They were PERFECT for each other. Only if people were to understand it.....or atleast give them a chance. They did see each other for 3 years after that....which meant just seeing and talking, literally! But, fate had other plans. They aren't together today, not because they couldn't adjust with each other or the normal couple-issues.... but because people wouldn't understand that you don't really ask the other person they language they spoke, or the different form of the same God they worshipped before they fall in love..... Because they weren't given even ONE chance to see if their relationship could work. She's a Marwadi, getting married soon....and he's a Southie, well, talking crap all day, making others laugh by this cheap, vulgar, non sensical jokes.....just so that he doesn't have to be quiet for a single second....because that would mean thinking about her in that one free second....and one more month trying to let her go....again.

He's the one guy, whom I've said... go run away with her.... and he refused. He said he would, if running away solved problems, he would...but it only creates more, so he's accepted that he has to move on. And when I asked him if I could write his story on my blog.... he just had one request....Don't take her name in your blog. Don't know why it touched my heart!! I just hope I never meet her in my life.... because I would beg her to be with him, knowing the fact that she wants it much more than I do.

Anyways, Read chapter 6 of my story here.

July 8, 2009

For The Sake Of It....!!!

Sorry for the wrong alert on Facebook that I'm off blogging! Well, actually I have nothing to blog about... but still, considering that it's a good way to feel good, I'm back to blogging! My friend Dhaval suggested I watch some TV and I'll have plenty of stuff to write about. So I thought, why not give it a shot. He suggested I watch Aaj Tak... but sorry, I can watch Rakhi Ka Swayamvar's back to back episodes on weekends... but Aaj Tak... is well.... urrgghh!!

When you switch on TV these days, there's not much to watch. Now that Roadies has ended, MTV has come up with crappier shows than Spiltsvilla! (It's a misconception that I like the show, but the truth is that I despised it!). There's this twin-show and I couldn't watch it for more than a second after I saw Nauman in it! There's not one girl with a good face on the F1 wala show! Seriously, what's with today's girls? I pity the guys, seriously!! I know good face is not a criteria for being a good human... but the bitching.... for what?!! Seems like people have a lot of time on their hands! The Tickr also is not funny these days!

Even the ads suck! Try watching the Harpic ads to know what I mean! I saw this Fair and Lovely ad... a girl uses the cream, becomes a couple of shades lighter and instantly get into a good college or something. No wonder, Aanchal got into MBA and I didn't.... she's a couple of shades fairer than I am! Damn! I should've used FnL before my GD-PIs! Just kidding! She got in because she worked harder! But what are people thinking when they make ads? And that other ad about that guy coming all the way to personally say Sweet Dreams to his girlfriend.... seems cute at first... but then, why not take a better looking guy!?

Coming to movies.... Well, Imran Khan's back with Luck. It's all action in this one it seems. Shruti Haasan is kinda pretty.... but what is Ravi Kissen doing in this movie? With Sanjay Dutt, somehow, I have an apprehension that this movie will go the Kidnap way! But nonetheless, with Irfan deciding to get married, I have to look for greener pastures elsewhere, so I'll be one of the people watching this movie in its first week! And yeah, Imran is looking hot!! Any guy would... if he were to jump from helicopters!!
Chalo, I'll go and read the backlog of blogs I've not read since a week..... Till my next post (which is a short love story.... don't worry, it'll get over in one post...I won't drag it for chapters and chapters on end!!) keep reading and commenting.... I go into a depression when no one comments!!! Yeah yeah.... adulation is addictive!!!