May 9, 2010

Seasons - Reposted

I had written this long time back..... at a time when I had no idea what I wrote had the power to come true!!!

You came like a wave of new spring,

Thawed my frozen heart,
That had seen only harsh winters,
You showed it Spring,
Summer and Monsoon too,
Were there holding me tight,
during the Winter and Fall,
I began loving Autumn, because,
You were there, always,
All I needed to do was,
to look to my side,
to meet your loving eyes...
We saw, together, the flowers bud,
the leaves sprout,
We saw them shower in the first rains,
change clothes to red, in Autumn,
hues that matched the blush on our face,
They fell, eventually, during Fall,
Assured of their return, I slept, alone,
Waited, for you to come and tuck me in,
and reassure my beliefs,
like you had, many springs ago,
They came back, Spring 't was,
But, I still waited...
Yet not accepting your departure,
WHY...cried over this for nights on end,
Watched the rains wet the window sill, alone,
Still made 2 cups of coffee,
and gulped down yours too,
Hoping you'd come, drenched,
one day, asking for a towel,
and an apology....
Hold me again, for Winter was back..
The leaves fell again,
So did I,
In genuflect before Him, begging,
To send you back,
He sent rather the leaves and flowers,
The rain and then snow,
No sign of you nowhere....
My heart has now frozen again....
in the middle of Summer,
Not ready to be thawed again....
Not wanting to be thawed again....