May 31, 2008


No, I haven't taken to watching LOST again.... I saw just one season and that was about it! What I'm referring to here is the pulverization at the hands of Chennai Super Kings.... Yes its hard to accept, but Punjab lost.....!! I guess it was their most egregious day on the field.

I am feeling so drained right now.... seems like I've lost the zest to live! I know it was just a match but what is keeping me petrified is the taunting that I'm gonna face once my classes resume.... I've started getting those "Haha ...Punjab lost" messages!!! Life is so bad!! Life is so mean!! Life is so unfair!! But come what may I'll always stand by the players I like... Irfan, Brett and Marsh...... hoping that they remain in the same team next year!! I'll always support them...atleast they had a wonderful tournament....! And I'm sure next year we'll lift the trophy next year, however bizzare the trophy may look! After all haar kar jeetnewale ko hi baazigar kehte hain....

May 30, 2008

Proud to be an Indian....

It was a hot afteroon in June when I was in US last year(it gets hotter after May) and we had been to the Grand Canyon. There was a pathway along the Canyon where one could walk and have a look at the massive rocks. After a greulling walk in the scorching heat, my cousin and I decided to sit down in the shade by the tree.

A group of senior citizens were also touring the Canyon around the same time and they came and stood near the tree where we were sitting. Everyone sat, but one, as there was no seat left. And Americans are way to polite to ask someone to get up so that they could sit! Guess people travelling in BEST buses should take cue!!! I saw the old man standing and just as a response to stimulus, I got up and offered my seat to the old man. It was the look in his eyes, the grateful, the thank-you look that brought a smile on my face. But what he said after that
lit up by day!
He said, " Indian, aren't you"
I replied, "Yes, I am... How did you guess... maybe my features, my skin...."
He said, "No, your values."
Enough to get a 440 volt smile or rather a million rupee smile on any Indian's face! This was such mellifluous music to my ears after the 3 month cacophonous "India is in dumps" "India cannot be USA" "India's so polluted,populated and dirty" from my NRI relatives! India may be so...... but we do have some if not many good qualities....... I'm sure the old man agrees!!

May 29, 2008

On buying a cricket team

If you've been reading my blog(IF, that is!) you'd have noticed the amount of bhav cricket and Irfan have got! Since the day Punjab won its first match, I've been jealous of Priety Zinta... first of all, she has the money to buy a cricket team, second of all, she gets to get so up close and personal with all the cricketers(Read Irfan, Brett and Shaun),third of all she has Ness, fourth of all she has such dimples to die for!

In the last match against Jaipur, I went green looking at the hugs Priety was giving the cricketers.... ah.... it hurt! Thank you, Set Max for being empathic enough not to show her hugging Irfan! That made me take a prann that I'll buy a cricket team when I get rich!(Wishful thinking, I know!!) So when HAN India Pvt.Ltd (Co-owned by Hetvi, Aanchal and me) reaches the Fortune 100 companies' list, we'd definitely buy a team! To avoid Aanchal and me splurging the entire money on Dhoni and Irfan respectively, we'd have Hetvi to keep a tab on us and my friend Rao to advice us on whom to buy(looking at the profits he's raking in the CricXchange!!) I mean buying a cricket mean would be soooo cool! Atleast it would mean not sitting on those godforsaken seats!!!

My dream team would include
Virendra Sehwag
Adam Gilchrist
Gautam Gambhir
MS Dhoni
Shaun Marsh
Shane Watson
Yuvraj Singh
Irfan Pathan
Brett Lee
Glenn McGrath
Shane Warne

Deadly team na!! Obvio, it is! I'm not a fool to waste my money na!!!

May 27, 2008

Match in the stadium....!

Yeah yeah I know this should've come earlier but I was suffering from a massive writer's block so I'm writing about it now! Well I had gone for the Mumbai-Chennai match at Wankhede on the 14th of this month, ofcourse at the behest of my Dhoni crazy friend Aanchal!

Mobile phones were not allowed so we had no other option to smuggle them via our socks and shoes, this did generate marvel from some of the guys at the stadium! But what was the use of carrying phones when nobody clicked pics(mine, to be more specific!) We were in the West stand and the only two players whom we could see were Bravo and Gony (Aanchal was going crazy at the mere sight...{hindsight} of Gony) The match was ok, I mean it was prety much a one sided affair. Had I know that the Punjab Mumbai match was going to go down to the last ball, I'd have never let them force me into the Mum-Chen match! And yeah to top it all, Irfan was fielding near the West stand, so all the oppurtunnity I had in life to see him LIVE went down the Arabian sea! My heart still cries silenty at night thinking of having missed to see Irfan, who'd have been so clear otherwise! So am just being hopeful that I get to see him again!God please....!!
The atmosphere was so electrifying right from the minute we enteredd in... the beating of the drums, the flurrying of the Mumbai Indians flag(yeah I know I thought I'd never support them, but one evening is ok na!!) It was so magical..... it makes me want to marry a cricketer!! Irfan, are you listening?!!?

But the worst part about watching matches in a stadium is ofcourse the stink from people's sweat but the biggest problem is the seat! Damn they hurt! Especially to people who have a non existent ass! Guess people at Wankhede havent heard about "cushioned" seats! One more irritating thing was the presence of just one gate(I think there was just one, looking at the crowd that was gathered near the gate!) for exit.... it so seemed like Jallianwala Bagh.... Thank God there was no Gen.Dyer!

All in all it was a fun filled evening, I danced, sang "ala re", cheered Sachin for the first time in my life, shouted in Aanchal's ears when Chennai started losing, passed comments on the players, did everything and it was fun even though it wasn't a Punjab match,..... Loved it!! What we did after the match at Hetvi's place is well...hmm.... you should better ask the poor poeple whom we called at 5.30 in the morning to find out if they had heard of Kalamati, the chudail who snatches and drinks milk from your dudhwala, making you pay the milk bills later on! Sorry Abhishek, Jay, Ankita and Ankit... it was really sweet of you to pick the phone atleast at that unearthly hour!

May 24, 2008

Six Degrees of Separtion

I was wikipedia-ing a few days back to look for Six Degrees, a book on Global Warming by Mark Lyans when I came across this theory which is called as the "Six Degrees of Separation" theory. It refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person he or she knows and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people he or she knows, then everyone is an average of six "steps" away from each person on Earth. Simply put, it means that you know any person on this planet with a distance of 6 other people between the two of you!

This theory was widely popular in the early 1990's. One of the earliest social networking sites was called "Six Degrees" to highlight the closeness between us Earthlings! There have been a lot of plays, TV shows, films with the same name showing how close we are despite the distance between us!

Just to check how true this theory holds in my case I tried to calculate how do I know Irfan (Pathan ofcourse, you sillies!). Lets see... hmm... I know Shraddha, my school friend, she knows her Dad(obviously!), her Dad knows SRK(the former is the ACP of Mumbai), SRK knows Priet Zinta and Priety definitely knows Irfan!!That's precisely 6 people! Bingo!! And yeah by bingo, Binga(Brett Lee) comes to mind and I know him the same way! I know Shaun Marsh too! Wow!! I'm loving this theory! This is wonderful! Maybe I should get behind Shraddha to introduce me to the string of people who'd finally get me to Irfan! Wow, I love Wikipedia!!

May 23, 2008

God's worst creation!

I hadn't seen them for quite some time... but after an awesome lunch cooked by Hetvi's mum, I saw it....!! Initially I thought that my habitual afternoon siesta was coming a bit sooner and I'm hallucinating, for it can't be there, by the wash basin where I was washing my hands, with Aanchal and Hetvi in the line!! Then I regained my senses and SHRIEKED my lungs out( the shriek was quite sophisticated in terms of decibels as compared to the one when Aanch snatched and gulped down my chocolate!) Yes my worst fears came true and it was a COCKROACH.... the brown, filthy, macabre, hideous creature was there lurking behind the soap dish!

I ran out of the room and threatened my friends to run out of the house if the tried to catch IT with its antennae and throw IT on me! Thankfully they didn't but what they did was more horrible...after convincing me that IT had been thrown out, I entered the bathroom to wash my hands, I found out he was still there! See this is why I wrote in my earlier post that i should reconsider my friendship with my friends! Quite a pervert cockroach, I must say for he was found in a girl's bathroom... (that's why I used "HE"!!)

Enough of the horrid anecdote, actually my life is full of my encounters with of them being- 7 of THEM, flying to top it all, entered my house, that too when I was alone, lovely my friends said when I freaked out looking at one!Yeah you might be guessing how I combated those 7, well, I just took the house keys and ran off to my aunt's place! My family still laughs at this!

Well, to be honest I really don't know why I abhor them, its just that see are so yuck! Yuck enough that I can wake my mom from a deep slumber at 2 in the night just to throw off ONE from the living room. Yuck enough that I rot myself in botany for a year just to escape its dissection in Zoology...even the admission fellow looked at me in surprise as he said people normally fight to get Zoology and there I was asking for NO ZOOLOGY! I've heard they've got one of the slowest metabloisms... this explains the resistance to evolution and the capacity to even survive a nuclear explosion! Trust me I don't want to do a Will Smith a la I Am Legend... not with millions of cockroaches on the loose!! I'd rather face the zombies! ( One more reason not to continue research in Biotech! HEHE!!)

May 22, 2008

Painting the world RED!!!

I'm over the moon!!! yaaahhhhh!! For those of you who are wondering why.... here's the reason why...... First of all, Punjab Kings XI WON!!!! Yipeeeee! And it won against Mumbai....It was again people against me! And my team won, even though just by 1 run, victory in the end was ours! But I had to take this happiness wth a pinch of salt...... Irfan was fielding near the West Stand at Wankhede!!! Nahiiiiii....... I had gone for the Mum-Chennai match there and was in the same stand and the player fielding near the stand was the most clearly visible player!! Hard luck, I know... maybe next time!! But all in all my boys in RED won!! yo!! We're in the Semis!

Moving on to other good news.... Red Devils won!!! Yipee..... Man U won the Champions League playing against Chelsea in a nail biting match! The goal C.Ronaldo scored was worth a million bucks! But i guess he's going to Real Madrid.... so time to change loyalties..... maybe no! There migt be some other cool dude coming in Man U!All in all Man U won both the EPL and CL!
Its RED all the way this season!!

May 17, 2008

Its all evanescent after all.....

Its all evanescent after all,
The smiles,the sneers,the tears,
The climb, the fall,
The apprehensions, the fears,
Its all evanescent after all.

Its all evanescent after all,
Its here today, gone tomorrow,
Having reached the top, you fall,
That's Destiny's way of making you bow,
Its all evanescent after all.

Its all evanescent after all,
For nothing is permanent,
Even if you're drawn up against the wall,
Happiness, like sadness is immanent,
Its all evanescent after all.

Its all evanescent after all,
It wasn't though, once upon a time,
Seemed like a road winding up a cliff, ending in a fall,
Little was known that falling ain't a crime,
Its all evanescent after all.

Its all evanescent after all,
Friendships, relationships, love,
Relish the scrumptious meal,
Received from Fate's vast trove,
For you may never know when Fate seals it,
Its all evanescent after all

Its all evanescent after all,
They change the locks after you've found the key,
So what, you can still walk tall,
Thinking that you saved some other prey!!
Its all evanescent after all.

Its all evanescent after all,
Tears roll down,thinking of someone today,
Feeling the void like a gall,
Tears are going to be replaced with smiles one day,
WAIT... that's the key to life, the greatest ball,
Its all evanescent after all.

Its all evanescent after all,
Don't give up, don't lose hope,
Be like the sun which survives night's perilous ride,
Hold on, cling on to the rope,
It may be the last straw, but it'll see you through the rough tide,
Its all evanescent after all.

Its all evanescent after all,
Its all ephemeral after all,
Its all temporary after all,
The only permanent things are HOPE and a little FAITH!!
For it'll be a new dawn tomorrow and you'll shine like the sun!!
They are not temporary,
They are not ephemeral,
They are not evanescent.......

May 3, 2008

MSD For PM 2009!!!

Keeping up with the IPL fever, I decided to dedicate this write up on IPL. And by gauging the response that I normally get when I talk about Cricket (Read:Irfan Pathan and Brett Lee!!!) I decided to go in for some aberrations!!

Well the people who know me will vouch for the fact that MSD isn't a player I'd cheer for, but yet he has something in him that is compelling me to write on him. He never appealed to me... not of all his blonde coloured mane, which he had when he first arrived on the circuit. The blitzkrieg 183 made me feel like asking the Govt. for a national holiday!

But really appealed to me was his natural ability to lead... It came so effortlessly to him! I'm sure his calm-as-a-silent-ocean demeanour will be stuff that people emulate. The fact that he goes by his instincts just adds to his rustic appeal. Of course those who say "Fortune favours the brave" haven't been just gaffing! He backs his team and has faith in them and stands up for them a la Sourav Ganguly. And the fact that he doesn't mince words is his best quality.... He wanted no seniors,he had it. They said he wouldn't get the T20 World Cup, after all how can he when the team with the seniors failed, how would the inexperienced "young" side get it? He maintained a dignified silence and let the Cup that he got back home do the talking! Not bad, I must say! The ability to keep his cool and to be able to THINK in crunch situations is gifted and MSD has it along with the flamboyance of a leader!

The main reason why I admire MSD is not for all the aforesaid things, but just one thing.... the ability to give it back to people and not take any bullshit from them! Remember the post match speech to Ravi Shastri after lifting the WC.... that's the thing that I look in people.... to be able to be politically incorrect, but in style! How I wish MSD succeeded Dr.Singh as the PM, I'm sure id this happens India will be a global power by 2010 and not the expected 2020, just like his style to finish of things fast! (There won't be a lacuna in the team with his departure, Irfan, I'm sure will be a worthy successor!!!!)

P.S: Aanchal, this is your wedding gift!! Don't expect anything materialistic from me on YOUR DAY as I believe in giving personalised gifts as such....!!!