April 18, 2010

To-Do List Before I Die

  • Get Married : Considering the fact that my real social network of aunts is more powerful than Facebook or Twitter, I won't have to wait for more than 4 years before changing my name and address!! But, seriously, I feel that I've finally started showing signs of being a girl. I really want to get married soon. Considering my current state of mind soon means NOW! The only hitch is getting a guy who'd want to marry me too! 

  • Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue : The last time I went there, I had only 500 $ with me for the entire 3 months that I was going to be in USA. And the cheapest thing available at SFA was more than 1000 $! So, shopping at the best and the most expensive place on Earth is definitely something I want to do. (This point is conveniently placed after the point of getting married for obvious reasons....after all I'll need someone with muscles to pick up all the shopping bags and the heart of steel to pay for them!)

  • Doing something for my family :  I really want to send my parents and my sister for a holiday to Europe one day with the money I've earned. So, God, please, give me a good final placement for this noble deed ;-)

  • Go Sky-Diving : I'm not at all an adventure sports person but sky diving is one thing I really want to do. 

  • Gamble in a Vegas casino : Again, the last time I went there, I wasn't even allowed to stand at a gambling table for more than 30 seconds for being underage! Now, can someone please tell these idiotic Americans that 18 is the new 21 and they should've  let an 18 year old me atleast stand and look at my cousins play!!!

  • Get completely sloshed : Now, I think this is the world's most popular thing to do before they die! But seeing what all people say and do when they're drunk, I'm mentally prepared to have people come and tell me the other day of what non sense I did and spoke! And, Richard, please, stay a little away, I really don't want to puke on you!

  • Visit a Strip Club : This is one of my experiments of trying to find out how the male head functions.

  • Get a Tattoo: Really want to get inked with the name of the person I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with one day! And yeah, Saif  Ali Khan was no inspiration for this one!

  • *censored*

  • Be Honest :  I want to be completely honest one day and actually want to tell people how much I've done for them and how I've always thought of them before thinking about me and how they treated me in return was just not how I deserved to be treated. And guess what, I have the list of names ready...all I need is just a little guts to tell them!