April 18, 2013

Of Growing Up and .... Getting Married

You're growing old and looking for prospective grooms/about to get married/frustrated with your friend's changed relationship status and couple pics. That's a fact.

But it doesn't hit you when you shift your cribbing focus from men (this cribbing topic is for keeps for life, age no bar!) to the meaninglessness of life. Doesn't hit you when it's been years since you completed your post graduation. Doesn't even hit you when your classmates get married, have babies. Doesn't hit you when people whom you once cribbed about men to, are getting married. Doesn't even hit when you're own best buds tell you they're getting married. This in fact gets you more excited about life! It doesn't hit when you're busy getting wasted at her bachelorette party. Doesn't hit when you're getting engaged yourself. You think it'll hit you when the time comes for you to act like a daughter in law along with being a daughter and balance both, it doesn't hit you even then. You know you're growing old but it just plain refuses to sink in.

Then one day your Dad comes home with overpriced mangoes and tells your mom to feed you 4 mangoes a day because this is your last mango season at home and it hits you. More potent than a neat vodka shot. That you're getting married ... You're not getting old, but have actually become old.

You ask your best friend a week before her wedding what she's doing and she says she's packing. And you count the days left for you to start packing 24 years of your life in a few suitcases and move on to call another house as your own.

And all we wanted to do when we were young, playing with and getting our Barbies married, was to grow up and get married! And now when we are, it refuses to sink it, it's difficult to let go...

The heroine of my blog is getting married next week to be the heroine of someone else's life. Aanchal, wish you a lifetime and beyond of happiness. And P.S, barring a few days when I couldn't make it for your sangeet's dance practice, we successfully averted Bride Wars!