January 8, 2012

Of Growing Up and... MLIC!

There are days when you want to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just eat, sleep and repeat the routine. I thought I was the only one suffering from the most extreme bout of lethargy, when my friend, Ajay came with a theory to my rescue. A theory called - 'The Mid Life Inertia Crisis (MLIC)'. Mid life crisis because you're stuck at the crossroads between not wanting to grow up and having to grow up. A time when everything changes. The only good thing that comes out of it is that you start loving and respecting your parents more than ever (yeah, but that still doesn't reduce the number of altercations you have with your Mom over your 'training period' in the kitchen). That was about Mid Life. Actually, I was arguing that it should be Mid Mid Life because, well, you're just a little over 20, so Mid Life sounds really OLD! But then, Ajay argued saying that looking at our current lifestyles we'd be lucky to get to the other side of 40. True. And the Inertia bit in the theory was the lethargy of being comfortable in our current lives to that extent that we don't want any change to pull us out of so-called-comfort zone (e.g: marriage!)

I don't know how many of you actually got the theory. If you didn't, let me know, I'll get you in touch with Ajay.... he's looking for more bakras to validate his theory!

Just before writing this post, I was feeling so lazy that I thought I'd sleep it out, but some brainwave asked me to listen to songs from Wake Up Sid. And I did. After YouTubing the video for Boondon ke moti, all I wanted to do was open my laptop and write! There's something in that song that just livens you up! And yeah... the added benefit of seeing Ranbir getting wet in a white shirt! (oh damn! I sound so lecherous!) I so miss raving about Ranbir to my friends....something I haven't done in years. You have to watch Raajneeti to see how evil and scheming can be hot. You have to watch Rocket Singh to see how honesty can be cute. You have to watch Wake Up Sid to know how rich, spoilt brat-ness can be endearing! 

None of the current bunch of actors come even close to him in terms of acting or even looks! The one who comes close to his name...Ranveer Singh... is just an irritatingly cheap wannabe copy of Shah Rukh Khan. What he doesn't understand is that to be cute by being tongue in cheek, you need to have a quick wit and not the desperation to grab a co-star/rumored-to-be-girlfriend's ass on national TV! 

Something that happens along with growing up is the increase of impatience! I just saw 5 secs of a song from that Ricky Bahl movie and spewed venom on that poor Ranveer Singh! 

One more thing that changes with age is the definition of love. Or maybe it's just coming of age. Love, I think becomes a tad boring as you grow up. Or maybe we just realize that it isn't exactly a fairy tale world out here! Love isn't what SRK showed in his movies.... it's about that effortlessness in writing about it which isn't there anymore. It's more than love these days. It's not wild anymore.... there's no drama in love....because the talk about 'responsibility' takes it all away! Or maybe it's just me.... I'm so used to having so much of drama in my life that the complete absence of it makes me....impatient and annoyingly lethargic! My life may not have drama, but the best thing about being a writer is that you can add drama in others' lives! I'm planning to restart writing the story that I had left mid-way almost 2 years back! Hope I don't let the laziness come between the laptop and me!

Ah! I don't know what I have written. Just wrote the first things that came to my mind! Hope you liked it:) And you know what makes the MLIC more depressing... the rational fact that the world ain't ending in 2012! 
Happy new year, BTW!