December 24, 2008

WhenYou're Happy And You Know, Clap You Hands-II

I'm very happy of late. Well, no particular reason to be happy, but just happy. You can call it the absence of sadness sprinkled with the presence of people I love in my life happiness. Just the mere assurance that they'll be there on the other line of the phone when you call them makes me happy. The mere fact that there are people who still gauge your feelings by your one scrap(which, as a matter of fact, looks very normal to other people) makes me happy. Just the fact that I finally know who are the people I really really love makes me happy. So, I'm happy just to celebrate their presence in my life. *CLAP CLAP*

Other than that, there's nothing much to celebrate! One more exam done... one more result out... and once more I miss out by a mark or two! Now, I've gotten so used to this phenomenon of missing things so closely, I don't even feel bad! In a way, its kinda expected!! So, all my hopes of going outta Mumbai for my MBA are fffiiiissshhhkoed!! Dance Rao, Dance!! So, * NO CLAP, NO CLAP*

I know, people from my college are not gonna believe this, but I'm really happy that I've finally shed all my self-criticisms and self-prejudices and most importantly...all my self consciousness to CLICK PHOTOS!! Yeah, there was a time in my life when I hated being clicked I hated my fact everything!!..... and always used to be the photographer, just to escape being clicked. But my US trip changed that! 1100 photos in 3 months!! And a zillion others with my college friends! I know, reading this bit, half my friends are on the floor, fainted!
So for coming out of the shell and for being open to being clicked, *CLAP CLAP*.

P.S: I still hate my hair! Smile....well, Ankita says it's a sweet rosogulla smile... so I'd agree with her!

Now, for some non-Nupur news. Did you see Victory ka teaser? I can actually stop watching cricket(even if Irfan's in the team) if the makers expect that HARMAN BAWEJA can play one! I mean.... its not a sport....its a religion out here.... and Harman Baweja is like blasphemy to it!! I hate this guy! Not because he dances too well (I'm not jealous!!), not because he apes Hrithik (I don't like him either!)...... I hate him only because HE CRIES WHILE SAYING I LOVE YOU!! I seriously can't get over that Love Story 2050 ka promo in which he did that! But, on second thoughts, I'll go watch this movie.... for Brett Lee... so what if he's only in a scene or two?? I saw....rather sat through entire Mujhse Shaadi Karogi only for that one scene of Irfan Pathan!! He was so cute... he still is! So, for Brett Lee in Victory... *CLAP CLAP*

Now, Irfan reminds me how beautifully my day began today! I got up at 10. Now that's an oxymoron actually.... happy thing that I got up at 10... and the sad thing is that I GOT UP..!! Why can't we only sleep the whole day?!? Then I go out and see that my breakfast is right there on the table... with newspapers besides it! And I'm wondering if it's still a dream... Mom not shouting or putting a bucketful of water on me to wake me up... then breakfast and papers ready... it's too good to be true! And then I open the papers....and what do I see...?? FULL PAGE photo of Irfan Pathan!! Wow! Now, this is what is called a GOOD MORNING! And alongside there's a full page article on him... in HT CAFE (it's like HT's Bombay Times... but trust me... has more gossip....that's why I read it first!! *evil grin*)So, in the name of Irfan Pathan, *CLAP CLAP*.

I saw Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na again. And again I fell in love with Imran Khan so *CLAP CLAP*

Nupur's Song Recommendation Until Next post: NA SAHI from Socha Na Tha.
Wonderful lyrics. I like this song because it echoes my philosophy in life.... If something goes your way, good. But, if something doesn't, better... because you are gonna get the best!!
Line of the song: Tumhe deekhke lagta tha yeh... tum ho bane mere vaste.... milna hi tha humko magar.... hum na mile toh na sahi!! waah!!


Krutika Chitre said...

another irfan fan..v glad!!

Nupur said...

@ Krutika: Been Irfan's fan since Dec 2003!!

Monty said...

I dont agree with the last thought " If something goes your way, good. But, if something doesn't, better... because you are gonna get the best!!"

The reason is that what u dont get is always the best as per the thought but what u get is always only is that what one wants ?? i hope not :)

Good post as ever...

Nupur said...

@ Monty: Depends on the person... depends on how one takes it... there's a BEST in everything in life!

manalee said...

true...i belive in the song to the life u miss out on somethings tht u feel are good for u do get bteer things later...and when u miss out on the better things always remember the best is waiting for u..and if u feel u hav lost he best was not evn good was nevr wat u always this ul discover quite late in life..

bottom line..u always get what u deserve..the best when u deserve the best!!!

Nupur said...

@ manalee: Precisely!!

arshat.chaudhary said...

u r up in arms against Harman, arent u! :P
I saw the teaser too.. inspite of the real cricketers the matches seem very unreal
The guy needs a good director.. and fast.. :P

Monty said...

@Nupur & @Manalee :

I do respect your thoughts but why do we always need to think that the best is waiting for us? why can't we take the lesson and move on to make things better and best?
Do we always need to wait things to happen for us?

P.S: Just trying to give a different direction to the discussion.

Nupur said...

@Arshat: He doesn't need a good director.. all he needs a is another profession!! I just don't like this guy!!

Nupur said...

@ Monty: That is precisely what I tried to elucidate but i guess it didn't come through.. u've always gotta move ahead... u dnt have to cling to things thinking that this is the best thing... there are better best things awaiting!! Hope this time i made some sense!

Monty said...

Yep :)

Agreed and signed off !

Fire and only Fire said...

Lovely....I liked ur post

Nupur said...

@ Fire: I liked you dropping by!!