March 28, 2010

All Men Are Dogs

Since the past few days, all I'm hearing are angry rants which is the reaction to my previous post wherein I had mentioned....generalised rather that 'All Men Are Dogs' and they cheat. So, after that, everywhere I went, I was pulled into an animated tirade on how I shouldn't generalise all men. But then ,why not? Now, these are the same male- friends of mine who i) admitted they have cheated previously ii) said they'd not mind sleeping if a hot girl were to hit on them iii) they'd not turn down a job offer if their lady-bosses asked them to sleep for the job. So, now, I conclude that men are not only big time dogs and cheaters....but they also are HYPOCRITES of the highest order!!!
P.S. - Saluting my friend who actually resisted making out wit a hot girl even when she was seducing him, despite being in a semi-drunken state.....only because he loved his girl-friend too much. So, according to my generalisation, he's a cute chi hua hua whereas the others are Alsations!

And men cheat not only in relationships, but also while playing sports and in betting. I'm sure all girls will agree with me on this one that one of the main reasons why girls get only to field and never bat while playing cricket with guys is because this stupid insecurity of the Y chromosome!! And, don't even get down to how much they cheat in betting with innocent girls like me! I'm already 400 bucks down. And considering that I'm betting 100 bucks per match and there are 35 matches more to go.... I'll need a loan to pay for my debts. Which,incidentally are a result of the advantage my friend has as he knows people who tell him who's gonna win the match beforehand! Now, I need better friends who show some chivalry and let me win some money and some bookie friends too!

While talking about cricket, there's one thing I don't understand. Why does the entire world hate Kings XI Punjab?!? Or is it because they know that I love the team and support them that's why they love to irritate me. I mean come on, they are not that bad. Yes, Yuvraj Singh is....but the rest of the team is pretty cool.... they have Irfan Pathan and Brett Lee in one team!!! And.... Irfan Pathan is not GAY! So people please stop hammering that in my ears!! KXIP is gonna won IPL 4..... !!!! I'm sure abput this....anyone wanting to bet 100 bucks on this?!?!

March 23, 2010

The New 'ME'

I'm so happy that my olden days are back. Days when I used to get up in the middle of the night to blog. It's one of those nights today. One that has come after a really long time. I don't know why but I think I've really lost that 'touch' I had in writing. My blogs aren't the same, my stories seem the same....there's nothing new in it. I guess I've gone stale! I don't even feel like reading these days. The last book I read was way back in July last year and I remember returning 18 books half read since then. I'm on my way to return the 19th unread one. Feels like I've broken up with Reading and Writing!

Speaking about break ups, I saw three break ups in two days! One of me breaking up with one of my best friends and two of two of my friends. I really don't know if you call parting ways with your friend as 'break up' but that's the simplest term I could come up with. It's not easy to let go of people that are so fucking close to you....but I guess, sometimes, you really need to stand up for what you think is right even if the entire world labels it as WRONG. I've always admired Geet when she said in Jab We Met, "Meri zindagi jaise hain, main jaanti hoon ki mere wajah se hain, kal uthke main kisiko blame nahi karna chahti ki jee tumhare wajah se meri zindagi barbaad ho gayi" I think this is the best dialogue I've ever heard in my life. And the best piece of philosophy. And it needs a freaking amount of guts to do that. I didn't have it till now, but now I'm gathering it to live my life the way I want, even if means hurting a few people on the way. They may think it's intentional....but it's's just coming of age. Or more bluntly, it's just living my life for me. Not having to give explanations to people. If they get it fine, if not, forget about it. I don't know what the repercussions of my decision will be.....good or bad.... but I'll never blame anyone for whatever happened to me....not even myself. But I hope one day, people will be able to see my point of view first and not try to influence me to go be theirs. Someone told me that the only problem with me is that I listen to what others have to say about me more than what I have to say about, just trying to prove people wrong here! Trying to being a new 'me'. And I don't think that's wrong.

It's so surprising that love is a thing that gets people close. The two of my friends who broke up (2 disparate break-ups) were not my best friends, but definitely people whom I really care about. Close enough that I got goosebumps when I heard both the stories! One story makes me hate all Indians for having a bias for Hindu-Muslim relationships and the other one makes me hate all men and their philandering ways.....why can't you dogs stick to one girl who's given so much to don't have to return the favour of what all she's done for you by cheating on her! There are only two kind of men whom I can't personally ever forgive.....rapists and cheaters. Men really are dogs. And this isn't a polite way to call women bitches!

Watching a chick-flick can be such a stress reliever at times! After 2 days of stress, I saw Sex And The City: The Movie, and I truly enjoyed it! It was clich├ęd, banal, hackneyed and all the synonyms has to offer for 'repetitive', but it's that kinda movie which can lift up a girl's spirits! So, am off now, to avoid banging with the table on my way out, have a good night....err....Good Morning. I'm sure it's morning by the time you read this. Adios!

March 11, 2010

Chapter 1 - New Story

Chapter 1
Falling for Committed Men
“So, how’s your first day at work?” asked Ayesha, my best friend of 7 years.
“Well, it has been nice so far”, I answered shuffling some papers and then stapling them alongwith balancing the phone using the other hand.
“So any hot guys around?”, Ayesha quizzed me enthusiastically. Girls have to know if there are hot guys around their friends!
“I don’t know…. Umm I’ve just come to office today!”, I replied, keeping the stapled papers aside.
“You’re stammering….. that means you’re lying…you bitch! Tell me who’s the hot guy!”
“How do you come to know when I’m lying?!”, I asked her, blushing.
“Well, that’s because I know even the nucleotide sequence of your genes, so out with it! Who’s the hot guy?”
“Well, I don’t know if he’s hot….but he’s definitely cute. He has a cute smile.”, I gave her some food for gossip.
“Oho! Cute smile! So what’s Mr. Cute Smile’s name?”
“Abhay”, I replied trying to hide my phone with my ear. I wasn’t sure if taking personal calls during office hours were allowed.
“Abhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!! Nice!” Ayesha screamed. Now I wasn’t sure if it was me who had a crush on Abhay or was it Ayesha!
“Relax, Ayesha! He sits just at the next desk… he might hear you scream!”, I warned Ayesha.
“What stupidity is that, Aditi. You’re saying that Abhay might hear me scream his name from the phone, but he won’t hear you take his name!”, Ayesha retorted.
“Hepe wapasn’t apat thepe depesk whepen Ipi topok hipis napeme. Hepe jupust repetupurned. (He wasn’t at the desk when I took his name. He just returned.)” I informed her in our P-language. It was a language we used to talk about our crushes. Just when I finished my sentence, Abhay looked at me and gave me a warm smile. Wow! He really had a cute smile!
“Oh…so he’s right next to you. Then why are you talking to me, dodo! Talk to him. Did you guys get introduced to each other?”
“Yeah, my Boss did that”
“So, did you talk after that or no?”, she asked me.
“No”, I gave a short reply because Abhay was right next to me.
“Aditiiiiii! Talk to him! He won’t eat you up!”, Ayesha said.
“You know me. I can’t talk to people Ipi lipike (I like).”
“You’re 22! It’s high time you start talking to guys you like! It’s not that difficult.”
“I know it’s not difficult, but I’m not sure if I’m still over Varun.”, I replied in a morose way.
“Urgh…Who’s asking you to get into a relationship with Abhay. Just talk a little. Flirt a little. Have a good time at office babes! Anyways you have no option but to get over Varun. It’s been a good four years that you’ve been waiting for that jackass to decide!”
“Yeah ok. I’ll try. Now you hang up. I’ll talk to you when I get home. Bye. Take care.”, I said, trying to end the conversation soon. It was rather weird talking with Abhay giving me side smiles!
“Bye, Love you,”. With that Ayesha hung up.
Abhay smiled at me when I kept the phone down. Now the real task was about to begin. I had to talk to a guy I had a crush on. The only guys I spoke to, despite being in an engineering collge were Vikram, Ayesha and my best friend, Rohan, my other best friend’s boyfriend and Varun, my crush of four years. Now if you call a four year old crush ‘crush’ is something I’m not sure of. But it isn’t love because it’s just one sided feelings! I had always been an introvert….lost in my own world type of a person. So, for me to open up to someone is very difficult. And although this is not the case, but I blame my Convent School education for not being able to talk to guys! Though I’m an introvert, I talk a lot to myself and my Facebook account! So, keeping my introvert-ness aside, I thought of speaking to Abhay. But how should I start the conversation….!
“So, Aditi…. Is this your first job?” Wow! My job was made easier. Abhay started the conversation.
“Yeah…. My first job”, I tried to sound confident.
“Which college are you from?”, he tried to keep the conversation alive.
“DJ Sanghavi… I.T”, I replied.
“Oh…that’s nice!”
“So, is this your first job as well?”, I asked him.
“ Yeah. My first job. Been here for 2 years now”
“Oh! That’s nice. Which college are you from?”
“Oh… my best friend’s boyfriend too graduated from the same college this year!”
“Nice.”, he replied.
“Can you Facebook here?”
“Umm… well, there are locks, but they forget that this office is full of I.T guys, so Facebook’s open….let me unlock it from your PC.” , with that he came forward to work on my PC. He wore a nice deo. Guys who smell nice are always a turn on!
“Thank you so much! I feel restless without Facebook!”, I added.
“You have a million other people for company”, he winked.
“Hehe.”, I tried to laugh, unsure if I should’ve laughed or no!
It was 11pm. First day at work was hectic. Actually more than office, I found the travelling hectic. After finishing calling up the 5 most important people in my life- Varun, Ayesha, Niti, Vikram and Rohan about my first day at work and Abhay (well, I didn’t mention Abhay to Varun!), I updated my status on Facebook and began searching for Abhay on Facebook. Now, I was feeling really idiotic for not having asked Abhay then and there where on Facebook he was! So, I had to go through the ordeal of typing Abhay in the search box and finding him. When I did that, I got 465 results! Now, one, I was dead tired, two, I had to get up at 6am the next day, three, I really wanted to find him on Facebook so I tried to gather all the patience I had to sift through the 465 Abhays to find my Abhay. After about 17 Abhays, I gave up. I didn’t even know his surname to narrow down the search! It was in this exasperation, a brilliant idea struck me! I knew he was in Thakur Engineering College, and considering that this was his first job and he’s been here since the past 2 years, it means that he must’ve graduated in 2007. So if I checked the Thakur 2007 batch’s group, chances of finding him were better! So I did that! And Bingo!!! I found Abhay there! I identified him from his photograph! And his full name is Abhay Shah......Gujju!!! I almost did a victory dance in my room! I excitedly clicked on the profile and suddenly all my fatigue disappeared looking at his profile pic! His profile page opened and I hurriedly went to check his relationship status…..which was COMMITTED. And the fatigue returned….bringing some heartache along with it!
So, now my Facebook status read : Aditi Mehta continues to fall for guys who are committed L

March 6, 2010

And The story Continues...

Wow! This one's real quick! After a long hiatus, two back to back posts plus Chapter 15. Nice. I'm proud of myself! Here's a bit of good news for all those who've been reading my story... the chapter 15 has been posted. And I'm sure many of you may not like what I've written about what happened between Anay and Ahaana, but that's the best I could think of in the 6 months!! There was a good idea given to me by Samudra that I throw the story open for people to continue.... so if you think you have a better continuation of the story, mail it to me at and I'll post the one I like the most. Thanks Samudra for the idea. And, I had no clue people were missing my story so much! Thank you people! It's after re-reading all those lovely comments that I feel that I should continue writing and not stop blogging and writing stories. I'm hoping to come up with my take on Two States pretty soon. I hope you guys like it.

I've learnt a very important lesson on life. Never take a guy for shopping with you. Not even when he insists! Because, you anyways are blessed with the great Libran indecisiveness and that coupled with a guy's complete lack of focus is a perfect recipe for disaster. I had gone chappal shopping and when I asked my friend for his opinion on how the chappals were looking on me, he rather tells me, "You have ugly feet". Yes, thanks for reminding me that I have feet that are a cross between a penguin's feet and a duck's feet, but I asked you how the chappals were! Guys are just useless. All they are good for is paying the bill and holding your shopping bags...which I made him do!

Even Facebook's become boring these days. I guess people are too bored of it now. No one comments on status updates, people don't take ignominious quizzes....nothing. Life has suddenly become boring! And how much I ever try I just can't get hooked onto Twitter! And I'm considered to be the biggest social networking site addict! Time to leave the throne, I guess!!

I've really reduced talking! I'm in the mood to write but don't know what to talk about! OMG! MY friend Rao must be lighting up fire crackers unable to contain his excitement after reading this! Here's one more example why men are dogs. I asked him to name his new born niece NUPUR so that in future she also attains great heights of success just like her namesake....and this guy has the freaking audacity to come and tell me that he's looking for a name for a human baby girl and not a radio station. What freaks do I have for best friends! God, send me some humane human friends!

Since the past one week, I really don't have any other topic to talk on but my story. So you'l have to put up with it again. At my MBA college people are rather shocked when they hear that I write stories! And that's quite freaky. Maybe this could also be because of the fact that at Mithibai, people had seen how jobless I was in Biotech lectures where in I used to write stupid blogposts. Now, when I do that in Operations lectures, people really look at me as if I'm a lunatic! So that's creepy and that one reason I'm not able to blog more. I have boring lectures, but not the inspiration and the ambience to write!! Anyways, I had given up on the Ahaana-Anay-Arjun story. I know, Vinod tried a lot to make me write, he even did my finance assignment for me in return of chapter 15, but I was still not motivated to write the chapter. Then a couple of people from my MBA college read the story and again tried to talk me into finishing the story. I agreed perfunctorily knowing well in my head that I'm not gonna complete it. But then there's always this one person whom you can't say NO to and you're again motivated to complete things you had long given up on. So all the people who were waiting for chapter 15, please thank my friend. I've completed the story because there was one thing that he told me which made sense..... he said.....complete things and then give up...and respect your readers' time...give them some return on investment (I hate MBA Finance!) So, I dedicate Chapter 15 to a person who's not even read the story and has told me he'll never read it. God, I really need better friends now!

Anyways, I think that story'll end as soon as I receive mails from you guys. So better hurry up! In the meanwhile I'm starting to work on a new story and Aanchal has like always finalised the names for me.... it's a love story between Aditya and Aisha. Yes.... my love for names beginning with A continues ;-)

March 2, 2010

Karma, Confessions, Holi and a New Story!

I just don't get the concept of hitting unsuspecting strangers walking on the road with water balloons in the name of Holi. I don't get the need for celebrating festivals at all is another thing altogether, but this thing of hitting people with water balloons is the most annoying one! Imagine, you are walking on the road, immersed in your own thoughts and then boom! there's a balloon on your shoulder and you're cursing the person with all the English expletives you know! I mean, if you're so into celebrating festivals, then celebrate it with your friends and family..... why are you dragging people whom you don't know into celebrating it! Actually, now it's become more of harassing women than celebrating Holi. Yes, I have become blunt. I know, by now, especially after reading the first two lines of this post and the entire last post, you must be wondering if I'am anti-social. No, I'm not anti-social.... I just don't like people! More so now, when I'm renewing my friendship with old friends at the same time of cutting ties...umm reducing ties with other friends. It's all a part of the game of life!

I'm just beginning to discover how ironical life is. On the one hand, I'm losing touch with my bestest friends while on the other hand, I'm making best friends out of friends. Similarly, I feel I've suddenly grown up in the past 6 months... I've not as naive as I was earlier.... I don't trust people that easily, I don't get hurt that easily....and most importantly.... I've learnt to let go of people......where as on the other hand, I feel like a kid.I mean, I was this over-matured person who, had directly gone to adult stage from infancy bypassing childhood (According to my Mom and Sis).But now, I feel young at heart. Feel like this lost childhood has come back to me! I feel like a 2 year old baby actually!! I've suddenly started liking kids is a different story altogether!

I know, the people who've been reading the story that I'm writing here are quite pissed with me,now that I've stopped writing the story. I'm really sorry guys, but I'm bored of the three of them! I'm now thinking of writing a new story.... it's a simple love story between a guy and girl... no love triangles involved...and it's their journey to getting married. This comes from an online challenge I had taken up unnecessarily on my Facebook status update when I said that Two States sucked big time and that I can write a better story than that!! So, I'll start writing that in some time....and then you decide which version of Two States is better! What do you get to vote for my version......umm.... I'll complete the's that for a deal?!?? I know, I'll make an offer you can't reject!! For all the people who've been spending sleepless nights thinking of whatever happened to Ahaana, Anay and Arjun.... here's a little dope..... Ahaana finally got rid of her emotional baggage and the jerk, Anay .....and she lived happily ever after with Arjun. Now don't ask me what had Anay done to her... I just don't like Anay....and as it's my story.... so, I made Ahaana go with Arjun!!
Keep visiting this site for the exclusive premiere of my new story!!!