August 31, 2009

Mindless Ramblings!

I'm blogging a lot these days! Maybe, I'm just making up for not talking. There's nothing much to talk these days is another thing. Anyways, I realised that I can be a big bitch if I really want to!! And, the thing about being a bitch is the instant gratification one gets! Nothing beats that feeling! But then, people do pay a price for not taking Shakespeare seriously..... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
But, like karma, whatever goes around comes around! You're bound to get a dose of your own medicine.... I realised this when, in a separate incident, I called up to wish my friend for his birthday and tried to make him rant a little....! (Please don't do this trick if your birthday comes after all your friends' !!!!), Yeah, just as the clock struck 12, I called up my friend and said, (caution: rated PG 13) "saale, kutte, kaminey, you're 21, you've not doped, not smoked, never gotten drunk, never flunked a test, never pataoed a girl.... you're such a wasted loser, get a life...and, Happy Birthday, by the way!" So, what I expected was another set of rants, but what I got was, "Your birthday comes in just another month and 16 days.....and I don't see you doing any of these things in the time you have, so shut up!!" Guess, I should really stick to just wishing people Happy Birthday! And, damn! why does my birthday come after everyone's birthday is done with!?!? And, by the way, I don't endorse doing any of the above things!
I'm really wondering what's wrong with Salman Khan? I just saw Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam yesterday, when after surfing all the channels on my TV for Jab We Met, I had to settle in to watch movies apart from my staple, JWM! So, when you watch these masterpieces, you just can't help wondering whatever happened to SK!! He used to act then, dance then, speak normal un-accented English then, talk by opening his mouth now, what's the matter?!?!?! Try catching a promo of Wanted, you'll know what I'm getting at! My mamma says you love me, my pappa says you love me..... gosh!! A first grader can write better lyrics! And, both Ajay Devgan and SK are looking like Asin's uncles in London Dreams! Somehow, it seems like Jaaneman's sequel to me! Maybe, Asin is the baby all grown up now!

Now here's a list of films who's promos are better not seen:
  1. Three: It's got bahu Kkusum in it...! And she's got Botox shots!! The songs suck, the starcast (Akshay Kapoor- the bald guy from the movie Alag and Aashish Choudhary) suck more!
  2. Wada Raha: Bobby Deol and Kangana Ranaut in a song which is a cheap cross between Teri Ore and Suraj Hua Madham which goes like I promise...I promise!!!!
  3. Dil Bole Hadippa: Rani Mukherji romancing Rakhi Sawant. Sherlyn Chopra (youtube her Outrageous video... you'll be enraged for life!!) and Shahid romancing mommy Rani. Do I need say more?
  4. Blue: The Chiggy wiggy songs makes me ask where's AR Rahman of yore gone?!?! Why isn't he coming up with stuff like Roja, Bombay and Rangeela??
  5. Do Knot Disturb: Seems like a Lara Dutta film festival's on!!
TV has definitely gone to the dogs! So has Facebook too. My only source for timepass! All people do is post whacky status updates (me included!) and other people like sample this:
  1. ABC was caught by an RTO officer for the first time. DEF likes this! What's to like in this? Feel bad for the poor guy!
  2. GHI is happiiiieee. After 2 hours, GHI is saaaddd. After 2 more hours, GHI feels that her life succkkkss. The next morning, GHI believes that all's well that ends well. After 2 more hours, GHI is veryyy happieee! I give up trying to figure her state of mind and take back my offer to help!
  3. JKL is singing/cooking/taking a bath/ sleeping with his/her gf/bf !! Spare us the horror, people!!
  4. MNO (insert foreign language here)! I mean, why?!!? When everyone on your friend list follows only English, why on Earth is there a sentence in a language which is best understood by the Zulu tribe??

Then, there are some gems too. No sarcasms here!!
  1. PQR thinks that love is when you start looking for the cheapest mobile plan! Me likes, me likes!!
  2. STU is wondering why no one ever mentioned THINK no evil along with see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil! Me likes!! And then, VWX comments, No one even mentioned DO no evil!!!! Me ROFL!!!!
  3. And the killer-est of all : YZ thinks that behind every beautiful girl is a dumbass guy who did her wrong and made her strong! The only stat-up I copied ever!!
P.S: Life sucks, and then you get engaged!!! First Irfan Pathan and now Imran Khan!?!? LIFE SUCKS!

August 29, 2009

I Miss...

  • I miss those days of wearing my red and white checkered pinafore with a white blouse to school
  • I miss having my hair oiled and plaited
  • I miss singing hymns for prayers....four times in a day at school! Ah! How I miss singing Blessed Anna and Long time ago in Bethlehem and saying Father who Art in Heaven....!!! I also missing trying to bunk prayer assemly in the morning!
  • I miss those carefree days when the only worry in life was completing homework and cribbing about the next unit test!
  • I miss studying moral science and value education!! Stuff that ensured I stay TULSI forever!!
  • I miss strolling around the coconut trees in school with my friends in the name of P.T!
  • I miss fighting! Oh damn! Those days of being a fighter-cock are long forgotten!
  • I miss going with Pooja and Radhika to 'favourite place' trying to avoid certain people!
  • I miss school like hell!!!
  • I miss being gossiped about
  • I miss being linked with people I never went out with!
  • I miss talking away to glory in Gujarati!!! The only place where I speak in Gujarati!
  • I miss my junior college.....
  • I miss standing on the Vile-Parle FOB with Radhika and Akshata and Radhika and talking about all our guy problems! If we had rather spent that time studying, we'd all have been in KEM doing medicine!
  • I miss making Akshata miss train after train!
  • I miss eating half a plate of sevpuri and drinking only Chocoshake at McD for over a year even when we had free coupons for eating at McD!!
  • I miss walking with Neha to and from college to SPs.
  • I miss the SP days!!!
  • I miss studying Botany! I miss winning Nobel prizes in Literature during Botany pracs! I miss eating chocolates hidden in dissection boxes with Ankita and Aanchal during the pracs!
  • I miss planning to open HAN India Pvt. Ltd with Hetvi and Aanchal!
  • I miss posing for numerous pics and make Ankit take the pics!
  • I miss bunking class tests and Saturday pracs and running away to Bandra with Lucky, Hetvi, Mansh and Ankita!
  • I miss making Ajay do all the lab work while Aanchal and I would talk about love, life and everything in between!
  • I miss eating from everyone's dabbas like there's gonna be a severe famine from tomorrow and God has allowed humans to be camels for a day!
  • I miss having no option but to eat Pizza and Pasta!
  • I miss going for movies at 7 in the morning!!
  • I miss gifting everyone with nothing but pictures of ourselves!!!
  • I miss writing articles for Campus Junkie and my blog during Cell Biology lectures!! Damn, along with them getting over, my creativity, too has gotten over!
  • I miss talking to Aanchal during lectures via Paper Messenger, then via MNS messenger in the evening and vio the phone at night!
  • I miss changing the Personal messages on MSN every evening according to mood....which always were something about love, life and everything in between!!! And, I miss Aanchal copying my messages and putting it as hers!
  • I miss eating, drinking, gossiping and harassing the teachers in practicals
  • I miss the 'what are you saying' expression on Ankita's face and her 'Even she has a boyfriend?? Let's jump from the window!' everytime we gossiped!
  • I miss going to all possible colleges to participate in Biotech quizzes and and returning with only a 'participation certificate'!!
  • I miss my degree college....and LIKE HELL!!
  • I miss studying at my house, even though it meant me making tea for Ajay and Aanchal, missing being in the best pics taken because they were taken in my absence and making all these slothballs climb 4 floors!
  • I miss travelling with Mansh while going to Aanch or Hetu's place to study
  • I miss 'eating' at Aanch's house!
  • I miss screaming everytime my chocolate was snatched from me!
  • I miss standing at the bhelwala for hours after classes got over and crakcing jokes with Aanchal, Ajay, Abhishek, Hetvi, Mansh and Amit (I don't believe myself right now!)
  • I miss my MBA classes with these guys!!

Damn it!!! I'm missing my life that it was!!!! Only, if I could do it for the rest of my life as well!!

August 25, 2009

Kaminey Review!! Worth the 160 buckf!!

Temperature- 98.6 F
Definitely no fever.
No swine flu symptoms too (anyways, I'd have been a medical marvel to get SF.... I'm at home since 19th April!)
Then how come two posts in three days?? Well, you're in for some good news... I'm in the mood for writing, so you're having another post so soon!!

You should never watch movies with your parents! They don't listen to you and shut you up and you can't even shout back! Now, I had this argument with my Dad who wanted to spend 160 bucks per ticket and I was fighting with him at the ticket counter, much to the amazement of the ticketwalla, who must've been seeing this behaviour for the first time...that a kid is asking a parent to not spend! I mean, I know Kaminey is a damned good movie..but 160 bucks!??! I'm not a miser, but I hate spending money where it's not required..... Gujju genes + MBA karne ki ichha... deadly combo!! Anyways, even though I am this zero maintenance person, I still don't have a boyfriend or guys interested in making me their girlfriend, so I really don't know what men really want! See, I'd be happy for a 8 o clock morning show on Vodafone Tuesdays too.... Any takers...?No....Still?!?! Damned life I have!

Now,we had gone to watch Kaminey.... the argument with Dad ensured we miss the beginning. And I didn't understand quite a bit in the first half of the movie so I was cursing all the critics and everyone who's been lisping since they've seen the movie. But, then, I called up my woman Friday (Aanchal, you sillies!) and asked her to enlighten me and my family.....who were all waiting for two years to end quickly so that I'm done with my MBA and get a job and shell out 640 bucks for the movie I got them to see! So, back to the movie.... I'm sure you've heard enough about it from the critics and all....and trust me, they were right....unlike the last time when they went horribly wrong about Oye Lucky..... Lucky Oye...!! It's a fantaftic movie!! Yeah, the reft of the blog poft haf been a victim of lifping!

The background score (the lisped version is well..umm, nevermind!) is fantaftic! Be it Dhan te na adding the spice to the narrative or Duniya main....the mufic is awefome, the acting is mindblaftingly good.... Amole Gupte is brilliant as Bhope Bhau and his Jai Maharashtra (I'm not lisping here!!) thing waf pretty good! Priyanka haf been a wonderful revealtion fince Fashion. And what do I fay about my dear Fhahid!!!! I'm just crying over the fact that why I'm not a Punju... had I been one, I too, would be around guys like (Fhahid, Ranbir, Kunal) Kapoor.... or at leaft guyf who're tall, handfome and again handfome! But, I loved Charlie than Guddu....yeah you gueffed it right... I'm a little off candy floff romance thefe dayf. Charlie waf mean, and you know how our elderf have alwayf been right about all good girlf falling for the bad guy! Charlie in that fhower ftrumming the guitar with Duniya main logo ko playing in the background had me speechleff and dif-oriented for quite fome time. OK. Enough of ftuff for the girlf. I liked Priyanka's character a lot. The entire I-am-pregnant-what-do-we-do-now scene is, according to me one of the beft scenes in Indian cinema!! The way she handled the role.... speaking Marathi et al..... and she didn't even have Marathi as a compulsory language in 10th....hatf off to her for pulling it off so convincingly!!! All I can speak in Marathi after ftudying it for feven yearf is "Mala marathi naahi aate!" which is alfo, wrong Marathi! But Bhope Bhau...pleafe....Jai Maharashtra... don't throw me out because I can't speak Marathi... I'm like the fugar...diffolved in the milk!!!

All in all, TOTALLY RECOMMENDED. Pleafe watch it afap! And now, this para is dedicated to all the moronf who didn't get the movie. One fuch (the last letter of the word is H. So don't mis-read) moron waf sitting behind me who joked with hif friend that the director should've given the audience a written script so that they could understand the movie! How I wanted to turn around and maro a witty's I didn't!! Then, there are other geniuses fifter's (sister!) friendf.... they didn't undersftand the movie even when they had reached the movie theatre much before even the commercialf began. I really feel like telling them "Abey Degree phad ke phek do, bloody engineerf... err...forry... SE ftudentf!" But I wonder if they're not getting a movie... how do they understand engineering!?!? Our country-people's IQ is going below Paris Hilton's!! What a fhame! If you don't underftand the movie, mail me.... I'll explain!

P.S : Moral of the story until next post: Listen to your parents. They're always right... 160 bucks well spent!!! No regrets!

P.P.S: Line of the song till next post: Tanhayee ne fursat di hain...pehli baar mohabbat ki hain!! Killer line!!! I'm back to my liking-candy-floss romance self!!!

P.P.P.S: I know I can be hanged till death for saying this, but I really want to watch What's Your Rashee.... you know, the Libran girl is shown to be a big boss at an MNC!!! No wonder why I want to see it!!! What...did you actually think I wanted to see Harman.... craffffffffffffffffyyyy or what!?!?!?

August 23, 2009

Haven't Got The IQ To Name This One!

I feel so cut off from the blogosphere and my blog these days! Trust me, I deleted 6 first paras already!! I don't know how I want to begin! I'm irritated with the social networking sites too. I acquiesce with Lucky... Orkut, really is for stalkers and perverts, and also for people who have the IQ of Paris Hilton to not understand Facebook!!! Facebook, too, after a time, gets boring.... I mean, come on for how long are you gonna keep taking stupid quizzes that prove that you do have the IQ of PH, even though you do understand Facebook. (Yeah, I still take these you had to doubt if my IQ was anything great!!). I joined Twitter too. But I fail to understand why people call it the 'next big thing'. I don't see it like's just about okay... !!

So, what do you do when you're bored of all these social networking sites? You switch on you TV and hope there's something watch-able being aired on TV. But, unfortunately all you can see is people eating worms, insects and other reptiles and arthropods, or bathing in a bikini...actually 'bikini' is also a very heavily clothed term for what those celebs wear.... or people being truthful. Let's begin with Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.... It's the crassiest show on TV today. Period. I'm not gonna write more on it. I think, that the sets of Sach Ka Saamna should have a divorce lawyer and a police inspector on their'll make things easier for the participants and the society at large. I feel bad for the participants... they don't get anything if they miss one right answer.... they ruin their marriages and don't even get the money....not even of the levels they clear.....tch tch...! I used to really love MTV and Channel V....but all I can see there are the re-runs of Splitsvilla, Teen Diva or the Stunt Mania.... And Channel V's Xhausted is just pissing off. Why people participate in these shows is beyond my IQ! These shows are at least bearable... try watching Bindass' Dadagiri..... trust me, you'll my mentally marred forever! It beats me why there can't be more shows like Dance India Dance and India's Got Talent. The latter is by far the best show since Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai got over. Though, I'm really looking forward to Farah Khan's new show starting today.

And, if you're still alive and bored after all this, you can spend some time downloading songs. I spent an unbelievable 3 hours downloading What's Your Rashee's music....13 songs!! Only to hear songs like Su Che! Trust me, I'd rather listen to Himmesh on repeat!!! Till now, I always felt the lack of songs that have Gujju words in them... but, if songs are gonna be like Su Che.... then, please spare me horror!!!! Please use Punjabi in Hindi songs...the combo suits... Gujarati in Hindi songs make you feel like throwing up! Try imagining Mauja hi Mauja in Gujarati....! Deadlier than H1N1. Now, there are only 3 songs I liked in the entire WYR album... Jao Na (superb song!! I guess it's gonna rule the charts!), Bikhri Bikhri and the title song. The music of Wake Up Sid, just like it's lead actor is HOTTT! Amazing music. Be it the title track or Kya Karoon or Iktara... the entire album is super duper cool! (It's not Ranbir's love that's making me write this!). More Saiyyan from Tere Sanng is also a nice one. But the songs of the season have to be Aahun Aahun and Yeh Dooriyan!!!

So, the best bet to beat boredom still remains social networking sites...!! Am off to Facebook now, taking more quizzes and irrtating everyone on my friend list by my incessant status updates... yeah, I'm too lazy to switch tabs and use Twitter for microblogging!!! Yeah, Facebook reminds me of this status update one of my friend has put up and it says... Behind every beautiful girl is a dumbass guy who did her wrong and made her strong!!! I couldn't disagree more!!! I'll leave you with this noble thought...till next time, listen to Jao Na... (never mind the Baweja boy and PC's weird pout!)

August 16, 2009


1) Link the person who tagged you. Harini.

2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Share the ABCs of you.
4) Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to them.
5) Let the 3 people know of the tag by leaving them comments.
6) Do not tag the original ‘tagger’.
Letting all my creative juices flow here i go -
A – Available/Single? Single. And don't intend on 'mingling' for two years at least!!
B – Best friend? Umm, well, Radhika, Rao, Aanchal and Ajay.... and a lot of other people too!!
C – Cake or Pie? Brownies. I'm sick of cakes now, and lost my appetite for pies after watching American pie!
D – Drink of choice? Does molten chocolate with nuts count??
E – Essential item you use every day? Phone (though no one calls), laptop, MS word!
F – Favorite colour? Depends!!
G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Is this one of the questions I need to answer in order to qualify for Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao or something like that??
H – Hometown? Mummmmbbbbaaaaaiiii!!
I – Indulgence? Books and music....and nail paints!!!
J – January or February? How about I skip to October directly?
K – Kids & their names? Not disclosing here.... Aanchal reads my blog and I don't want her to copy them!
L – Life is incomplete without? Family and Friends. Just them!
M – Marriage date? Had my Mom accepted one of the many 'offers' my aunts got this summer, I would've known the answer to question by now!
N – Number of siblings? One.... And I really hope this Swine flu vacation gets over soon, so that she starts going to her college and I can reclaim the house as MY territory.
O – Oranges or Apples? Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes, mangoes.
P – Phobias/Fears? Cockroaches
Q – Quote for today? Be positive, have faith, keep hoping!
R – Reason to smile? The namak in my toothpaste!!
S – Season? Monsoon....and winter....and summer too! Am a Libran yaar, gotta be indecisive!
T – Tag 3 People? I'm not doing this! The last time I tagged 10 people and only 2 obliged!!
U – Unknown fact about me? I love cricket but HATE Sachin Tendulkar and I've had the guts to shout Sachin Sucks at Wankhede stadium during a Mumbai Indians match!! Wonder why I even went for it.... things one does for friends!!
V – Vegetable you don't like? I eat only 4! So do the math about how many I hate!
W – Worst habit? Laziness...! I'm gonna get damned because of it one day!
X – X-rays you've had? None.
Y – Your favorite food? Depends on my mood! Right now I'm craving for a Grilled Sandwich but I can't eat it until Sunday!!!
Z – Zodiac sign? Libra

Not tagging anyone!!!

August 12, 2009

I'm Making A Movie!!!

I was discussing with Aanchal on how the 'asking outs' would take place in the story I'm writing and she suggested a faadu idea. Trust girls to come up with the most innovative ways of how a guy should ask a girl! Wish it was the other way round and the guys were innovative.... or at least, leave alone being innovative, atleast ask in the first place! But, such is life dearies!! Urrgghh, I'm digressing from the topic again. So, after that both of us checked the promo of Wake Up Sid and needless to say, both of us are fighting over Ranbir now! That's when the genius idea struck me... why not make a movie of the story I'm writing (OK, Aanch, I'll give you the credit of suggesting that I go to Ekta Kapoor!)

And my idle mind just needed a topic to start going berserk! Then I was there... visualing my story come to life. I finalised the lead actors for Anay and Arjun.... and again, you are not gonna get a free trip to Hawaii to guess who they are! It's Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor!! Now, there's been a lot of debate on who'll be Arjun and who'll be Anay..... but well, I'm the screenplay writer-dialogue writer-writer-director so I guess, it should be my call on who'll be whom. I say Arjun would be Ranbir....because I personally like Arjun and I'd definitely choose Ranbir over Imran!! ....and Anay'd be played be Imran. Then, though she doesn't believe me, the first person I thought for playing Ahaana was Aanchal. She's the best choice for Ahaana! She's tall, she's pretty, she can make a guy dance to her tunes, she herself can dance around tress for the movie and she can I can cust costs on the glycerine! So, my movie's a love story between Imran, Ranbir and Aanchal! Kya kismat hain.... she has Imran and Ranbir romancing her!!

Then comes the financing the movie part. I got a couple of interesting ideas for it... like... selling sugar and tur dal. But, Vinod, rightly mentioned that to sell, I'll need to first BUY them... and that'll cost me a bomb! So, dropped this idea. Then I went to a couple of friends asking them to finance the movie...but the useless friends that I have.... no one agreed! Ankita said she'd finance but she'd want to be the heroine! I had to placate her by giving her an item number! Yeah, there's an item song in the movie and Ankita's willing to do it along with Fatema. (I haven't asked Fatty, but I'm sure she'll agree). And I so love Anki's dedication... she's already started practising for the item song! She also offered to sing the item song...but I guess, she rather just dance! Then, Ajay also wanted a role... and he grabbed the item girls pe seeti bajane wala boy's role even before I offered him! And he's also the guy Ahaana shouts at when he spits on the road. And considering the fact that the scene's gonna be between Ajay and Aanchal, needless to say, Aanchal will even slap Ajay for old times' sake!! Lucky, Mansh, Hetvi.... there are other roles you guys might be interested in 1) Devika, 2)Arjun's sister 3)Navya.... err sorry, I'll be a little biased here and give Navya's role to Radhika...on whom it's partly modelled! Yeah...there's one more role of Anay's third girlfriend ....maybe one of you could pick that up. Hurry! Offer till stocks last!! And Ankit.... you're the camera guy! As always! So come back to Mumbai!

But the main concern still remains! How shall I get the movie produced?!? Ajay came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested that we shoot the item song first and then release an IPO of it...Ankita can sure manage that for about dancing in an item song and managing an IPO....she's my super-woman! He also had more explicit ideas for the item song, for which he's definitely gonna be slapped for!! In no ways are they gonna wear Negar Khan's clothes from Iss Jungle se Mujhe Bachao!! Rao wanted to do a male item number... but sorry... you'll have to be content with seeti bajaoing. And, I'll have Kunal Kapoor play Anir.... Radhika loves him anyway!! So my star-cast is finalised! Story's done! The music.....umm.... I guess, I'll catch hold of someone for that... Ankita and Fatty can do they choreography too...and what else... I guess, this is all you need to make a movie, right??

P.S: Aanch, if you're not gonna show any interest in my movie or if you're not gonna be as kicked about it as I am, then I'll kick you out of the movie! Be have Imran and Ranbir romance you!!! I can actually kill you for it, you know!!

P.P.S: Ajay, the item song's not Maahi Ve from Kaante (I know you want it to be slow and long, but dude, NO!!). It's not Mujhe pyaar ki chatni chakha de piya like Aanch wants it. Neither is it Latka dikha diya tumne...taddaaa like Anki wants! It'll be something like beedi jalai le....jigar maa badi aag hain types!!!

Anyone interested in the movie, please let me know!!

August 6, 2009

That Geet Wali Feeling....

  1. I don't feel like blogging
  2. I don't feel like writing my story
  3. I feel my blogs have lost whatever 'charm' it had... I can feel the change and trust me, what I'm writing these days is CRAP in bold!
  4. My social life has gone to a sub zero level (Like there was any to begin with)
  5. I'm not replying to calls/messages/scraps/ comments on my blog because there's nothing I've gotta say to them!
  6. My friends have semi-banned me. They don't pick up my calls. (I may not reply to calls, but I do make new ones!)
  7. I'm doing whatever work I'm given at home (my parents are happily surprised!)
  8. I don't come online much these days
  9. I'm suffering from a reader's block
  10. I've started caring and thinking about what people think of me...something I've always given a fuck about.
  11. I'm listening to songs at full volume on my iPod.....just so that I don't have to listen to my inner vioces or any other voices... and now, I'm 69% deaf from my intial 33% deafness levels.
  12. I don't know why I'm writing this and worse still, why you're STILL reading this.
I exactly feel like what Geet said in Jab We Met.... which was something like "ek ajeeb sa darr lag raha tha.... bechaini si, jaise kuch galat ho raha hain, jaise koi train chut rahi hain" Precisely what I'm feeling these days. And it hurts my ego to discuss my problems with people... I just like to take my 'time offs' and sort them on my own..... I hope people can put up with me.... if you can, I promise to be back soon, in my normal loquacious self. Till then, Auf Wiedersehen.

August 1, 2009

LAK Review

Whoever says that a wounded knee is better than a broken heart? I really wanna meet that loser! You can at least walk without a limp with a broken heart!I've still not learnt walking without tripping, but I pride myself by never really falling. But, today I fell twice and tripped once in a span of 3 hours and hurt my right knee in the same place both the times!And God, that hurts! And there wasn't even an Edward Cullen to prevent me from falling! Fact sucks....Fiction rocks!!! I'll take a broken heart any day, at least the pain ain't evident to others! (Jokes apart, I'll take wounded knees and even broken elbows in exchange for a normal, unbroken heart!!)
I saw Love Aaj Kal, second day, first show! And it's strictly okay. I didn't like it much. In the first 15 minutes of the movie, I was whispering to Aanchal if it's the same Imitiaz Ali who's made Socha Na Tha and Jab We Met making this excuse for a movie! The only reason I saw LAK was Imitiaz Ali ( I HATE Saif and Deepika, BTW) and my undying love for the two movies he had made earlier. But this one will disappoint people. Especially the ones who've been on a staple diet of SNT and JWM. (Read me!)
Firstly, Saif doesn't look cool trying to do a Geet here. Guys who blabber unnecessarily aren't cute! Deepika can't act. Well, she was awesome in that Close-Up's Kya-aap-close-up-karte-haiiynn ad, but her awesomeness ended with that 30 sec ad! The problem with the movie was that the love story between Saif and Deepika didn't get time to develop.... maybe that's why the movie wasn't that great. The songs too, interrupt with the movie, not flowing effortlessly like they did in SNT and JWM. And Rahul Khanna is WASTED.... I mean he'd have been better than Saif playing Saif.
If you've seen all the three Ali movies, you can figure out that the basic story lines of all the three movies have been same... guy meets girl, they meet knowing they'd never meet again, have a gala time in that time because it ain't coming back, go their ways, get sad and sing amazingly woebegone songs, realise their love for the other when one of them is getting married! This seemed so aaawwww-sssoooo-cuutteee in SNT and JWM, but here, it's constipated!
Gosh! Seems like I've done a PhD in Imitiaz Ali movies! That's what happens to you if you're a compulsive JWM and SNT watcher and watch it everytime it comes on TV.
The only moments I enjoyed in the movie were the song Dooriyan, the sometimes-present-sometimes-past storyline (reminds me of the story I'm writing!!), the line Saif says when he's dropping a drunk Deepika home and when Deepika cries to herself in the climax when Saif finally comes to express his feelings. God, this scene was the best scene in the entire movie! And also when Neetu Kapoor appears in the end as Harleen Kaur.... as Rishi Kapoor's wife.... just an after thought....couldn't they have shown Ranbir as their son too, arey puri family picture ban jati....with bahu and bhatiji's boyfriend and all!!!

Go, watch it, only if you've got nothing else to do, but if you're a die hard Imitiaz Ali fan, DON'T GO!
P.S: Harini, I'll do the tag soon!