July 18, 2010

What Women Want

"Like all guys, he blamed the girl.. Like all girls in love, she took the blame" was that one line in the first post that I read on Arshat's blog and I've been hooked onto it since then! But seriously, what I like in this line is how true it is and also the fact that it comes from a guy! What beats me is the fact that why is it so difficult for a guy to just accept that he made a mistake and he was wrong? Is it in their chromosome? Is it the male ego? Whatever it is, even if you don't want to admit that you made a mistake, don't atleast blame the girl!! That's the least you can do after screwing up!! It is ok to make a mistake,you're only human, so be a man and say SORRY and bloody well mean it in your actions!! (And, also be ready to be reminded of it every now and then!!)  A girl has tremendous patience when dealing with people, tremendous raised to n patience when dealing with the guy she loves, but if you piss her off beyond the point that she can take, you've had it! Like Shakespeare said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

People, guys in particular, say that women are very complicated and that they can't ever understand them. I think the contrary! Girls are the simplest creatures on Earth. It's the guys who are so fucking confused in life! And like I had promised Richard, I'm writing about what women really want from their guys. 
*statutory warning: This may not hold true for all women. But holds true for all women like me....the 16th century fossil, one-man woman kinds!

  • She just loves being made to feel special. Period.
  • She doesn't want expensive gifts on anniversaries and birthdays....she just wants those dates to be remembered.....because these days changed her life forever in some way or the other.
  • She wants to be looked into the eye and be told I love you in the middle of a completely different conversation. Yeah, she totally digs for these three words to be told to her....she loves being made to feel that there's someone worthwhile she's gonna leave everything for.
  • She loves surprises. Even if its a train ride not knowing where its gonna take her! She especially loves the fact that you took out time and made efforts to plan that for her!
  • She loves her friends loving her guy! Its a B-I-G thing for her. She wants a big happy family where everyone likes her guy and he likes everyone. ( A highly difficult condition!) And she totally wants her guy to make the effort to tell her world how much he loves her and how he'd do whatever it takes to get them approve of him!
  • She wants to be liked in his world too.....and she can so ANYTHING to have them like her for him! 
  • She wants you to be the first and the last person she talks to in the day.
  • She wants you to kiss her on the forehead everyday before you depart.
  • She wants you to see your unborn children in her eyes. She wants you to approve of the names she's thought of for them.
  • She just want to be kissed on the forehead, looked into the eye, have your hand placed on her stomach and be assured of the wonderful tomorrow that you two are gonna have together.
  • She wants to be told how beautiful she is every morning when she wakes up.
  • She gives you a minute by minute detail of her day because she wants you to know everything about her. She doesn't want you to come to know of anything from anyone but her. And she expects the same from you....!
  • She wants to be told the truth always, because she can take it. Even if it crushes her from within, she still wants to know of it from you...because she won't trust someone else!
  • She wants to give you space, but for that you need to prove that you're gonna be worth the trust she's gonna place into you.
  • She wants you not to roll over and fall asleep after you've done her. She wants to talk!
  • She wants you to make breakfast for her the next morning and get it in bed for her.
  • She wants to wear your clothes because they make her feel safe.
  • She wants to drop her surname and pick up yours because she thinks you'll make life wonderful for her from the minute she does that!
  • She doesn't want anything more than you loving her the way she loves you!

She's not complicated. She just wants to see the efforts from your side to understand her!!! She wants to be the only one.....she wants exclusivity!! She doesn't mind not being the first one...she just wants to be the last one!