November 27, 2008

And There Was Blood On The Streets....

*Disclaimer: Long post. Reader discretion advised.*

And there was blood on the streets.... yet again. Yet again, Mumbai bleeds. Yet again, politicians pass the blame, yet again innocent people lose their lives. Yet again. Yet again, there is gonna be an avalanche of blog posts being posted, numerous articles, TV shows, debates etc on terrorism, but then after a week, this night will remain in history books and statistics as yet another terror attack. We, the common people can make a difference.... by voicing our exasperation and choosing the next government that will do what US did post 9/11. I don't want Indian govt. to ruin another country, but nab and curb terrorists and terrorism. Or at least, just prosecute them quickly.

First when the news of some firing was reported, I assumed it was a gang war, as not much was known about it then. After 10 minutes, while I was talking on the phone, I heard a huge sound but dismissed it as someone shutting the door rather loudly. After some time, there was a news flash that a taxi exploded near the airport. It was a low intensity blast. Nobody had shut the door, it was a low intensity explosion that took place in Vile Parle East, which I heard clearly in West. I can only imagine what a high intensity blast would be like. Could see smoke of the blast from my terrace. The entire feeling of having heard a blast was ghoulish.

But then the what the city faced was above what I went through. Indiscriminate firings, bomb blasts, hostage situations.... urghhh. The terrorists targeted posh hotels in South Mumbai at peak business time, of course to maximise the intensity of their attack. Two terrorists opened blind fire at CST on anyone they set their sight upon. Very much like the Virginia Tech incident last year in USA. Before people could get a grip of what was happening, it was all over. Either they were dead, or some miracle happened and they remained alive. Similar kind attacks took place at Taj Hotel and Oberoi Hotel.

While I was watching the News, Arnab Goswami,Times Now, mentioned that one woman from Taj messaged them at Taj, there were no lights and the terrorists were indiscriminately shooting. We, sitting in our living rooms cannot even imagine that scene, of staring death right in its fate, actually not even being able to stare. Worse even for the people from the forces who're going in to fight terrorists.... fighting for people whom they don't know....and at the behest of people who don't care for anything besides their 'kursi'. RIP all the people who left for their heavenly abode.

Mumbai Mirror, the next day carried a picture of a terrorist who wreaked havoc at CST. He didn't look more than 20, wearing jeans and t-shirt, and looking from a very well-to-do family. Must be educated as well. Looking at this I was just marvelling at the convincing powers of these terrorists who can convince these young educated guys to renounce everything to kill themselves and others.

I know, I may sound uninformed, but I really don't get what jehad is for. I mean what are jehadis fighting for? Money, land, love, religion? Religion, I presume. I have no clue about what exactly is in Quran, but I'm sure that it doesn't preach killing others even to protect Itself. My friend said, they do this for "Aman", peace... peace?! You've gotta be kidding me! You don't cause cancer only because you want to cure it. But then in a way, they may be doing it for peace. If everyone's dead.... there'll be peace... isn't it? At least then, after that there won't be anyone who'd have to die again, only because of someone's fanaticism. Once again people will start hating Muslims. And Muslims will hate non-Muslims for generalizing them. And the hate game will continue and the main reason behind it will be forgotten. Why can't we just see terrorism as a human v/s human game? Why categorise people as Muslims, Hindus, Pakistanis, Americans, Afghanis, Iraqis, Indians, or Brits? They're all human beings at the end of the day who are suffering. I think this should be the bottomline regardless of the name on their passports. This point was very poignantly shown in A Wednesday, when Anupam Kher never asked Naseerudin Shah's name.

Morning papers mentioned Advani blaming the Government for being soft on terrorists.Raj Thackeray, again blamed 'outsiders' for everything. Can't these people for once stop snowballing every event into a political opportunity for one-up manship. Learn something from John McCain who accepted defeat so graciously and pledged to lend support to Obama resurrect US from the crisis it is in. I don't see this happening in India anytime soon. I hope and vehemently wish I'm proved wrong. I think, I'm beginning to be proven wrong, just saw on TV, Narendra Modi offering all kind of help without indulging in cheap politics. I really feel that BJP should've had him as their PM candidate.

Barkha Dutt very rightly said that the modus operandi of this attack belonged to the old school fidayeen attacks, seen rampantly in Jammu and Kashmir, where fidayeens use grenades and hold people hostages. Counter attacks go on for hours, eventually culminating in days and the building down in ashes. I don't want the entry point of Mumbai down in ashes. I just refuse to even think of this possibility. Hope we don't have to come to a time where the entrance to Mumbai is a dry, barren land marred by blood stains and remnants of weapons. Mumbai is the city that never sleeps..... yesterday, for the first time, She was scared to sleep.

November 23, 2008

One Free Sunday... Please!!

I hate Paulo Coelho more than I hate the bitch who ruined my life in junior college. What was he thinking when he said, " When you want something, entire universe conspires to give it to you". I mean what was he in? K-Jo movie? Where everything is perfect? According to my Anti-Paulo Coelho theory, I have stated, "When you wnat something, entire universe conspires to give you everything but IT"! I mean it's so damned true.

On Saturday... on the eve of IIFT exam, my last exam on a Sunday, I thought, that finally next week, next Sunday, I'll hav the first free Sunday after 18 May when I can get up at 11, laze around the entire day.. watch dumb movies, and be online the whole day.... I was looking forward to my FIRST FREE SUNDAY where I wouldn't be giving an exam or checking results, or mentally appraising percentiles and city ranks....but alas.... Mr. Universe had other plans! My classes had to start mock CETs. Can't they give one free Sunday?? Just ONE?!? I came from IIFT exam at 12...and then went to give CET at 1.30. What a day! Two exams in one day... trust me ...both sucked, BTW!! This is when I feel that Paulo Coelho was mistaken. Terribly mistaken.

Now, I really have begun to hate Dhoni. I mean why on earth doesn't he want Irfan to come back? Every player has his ups and downs... as a captain you gotta give them a chance. Dhoni, if you could give others a chance.. why not Irfan... ?? After all, it was the added batting pressure that killed Irfan the bowler. Get Irfan back... or else I'll start an online petition... don't laugh..I'm serious.. it's been ages since I saw him in the Team Blues! Get Irfan Back!!

Yeah we seem to be winning this 22-22 match!! Yipee!!! India can make the series 4-0 now!! Yay!!

November 21, 2008

Maa Da Laadla Bigad Gaya!!!

What was I like blind to not like John without his shirt?!? I mean that guy looks like a damned Greek God!! And probably the only guy whom I'd like without his shirt! Now, this is the second instance in my life where I'm repenting not carrying my blue whistle with me(the first time was at the IPL match I had gone to see at Wankhede). There were so many siti deserving scenes! John as fannnntttttaassssttiiicc and he's finally learnt acting! You just don't feel like looking at anybody except John. Abhishek doesn't even come in the options! Priyanka with her weird accent is annoying. Can't she speak normally? And her lips are..well... silicon operation gone wrong!

Bobby Deol's also there in the movie. His Chamku look intact. Priyanka confirms her bad taste in men by leaving John for Bobby! And she likes chest hair?? No wonder she's with Harman! She actually didn't LIKE John?!? She's blind-er than me! Besides she was toh living with him in the same (awesome) apartment! Lucky bitch! Miami was shot so beautifully. If I had known this last year, I'd have happily traded my Vegas trip with Miami. Atleast there's no "under 21 not allowed" rule in Miami! But the scene of the movie would undoubtedly be the way John surprised PC on her birthday. Wonderful. Old world charm and old world tricks always work! And the shot of the movie was John drenched in the rain in a white see-through shirt and his hand ruffling his hair ( heart must've missed at least 10 beats!) with guys playing football behind and Kuch Kum in the background!

But the best joke on the movie had to be the one cracked by my Dad, while we were walking out... he was like " Karanya nu chaski gyu che. Potana jaat ni advertise kare che dobbo!!" In English it goes like" Karan has lost it. He's advertising himself, dumbass!!" So, by now you would've guessed how much my Dad (didn't)liked the movie!! He was on the verge of bedakhaling me from his jaidaat for suggesting that we go for Dostana....!!

After my Y-chromosome theory and the Engineers-are-responsible-for-economic-meltdown theory, I've come up with another theory. I call it the Mystery-of-the-sex-ratio-difference-in-books-and-real-life-solved theory. Ok, to simplify the Greek I just threw up, I'll elucidate on what I just said. According to the 2001 census, number of females per 1000 males(sex ratio) was 932. 932 gals for 1000 guys. So that meant there this is an extra of 68 guys. But the main reason for the my stating the stats was that there are so many girls who are single and have no guy for them(read my friends and me...)Because we didn't have "guys" for us, we thought that the sex ratio thing was faulty. But, now, after haven seen Dostana, I can explain why there are no guys for people like us.... because those 68 guys are gay!!! See, this explains everything... the excess guys... no guys for gals... us being perpetually single....causing other group of friends, all of whom are couples to be a group of odd number of people and yeah, of course the lack of privacy couples get in rickshaws due to the presence of perpetually single people! And also the fact that 68 is an even number... it's easier to form couples... 68 C 2(I've just given CAT.. Maths is still fresh!)!! So all singletons will have to wait until one of these 932 couples break up. And keep your fingers crossed that those guys aren't traumatised enough by girls to turn gay!! That would only lead to a rather long waiiiiittttttt!

November 18, 2008

Aur Bhi Jahaan Hain Sitaron Ke Aage...!!

Finally THE CAT is over!! Phew!! Feeling so much better now! Got IIFT this Sunday... so will be comparatively free-ier after Sunday. So about CAT.. well I was the only person besides Aanch who was so happy after it was over. She was happy as she didn't let her panic attacks spoil her exam and I was happy for the simple reason that CAT got over. But, on second thought, in the end I had started loving CAT. I'm gonna miss it..!!

I never get tensed before any exam... just can't! But before every exam I'll be tensed about the fact that I'm not tensed and will eat my Mom's brain about it!! Yeah, I know I'm wierd! But, I tell you... don't reach the CAT center too early too.... its kinda intimidating!! I dunno why but it kinda just reiterated the fact that the exam is been given by 3 lakh other people! IITians, engineers, droppers included!! That freaks you out! And, the best thing to do in this situation is to have a chocolate. It calms frayed nerves. I was eating one even while filling up my exam details...!! Just can't give up chocolates for anything on earth... not even CAT!

And I was so happy that my class was a 4th grade class. It meant the benches would be of my size!! And they were. THe perfect height, the perfect back support. Just perfect! And when I looked around I could see people making their second and third failed attempt to get in those benches! And they were looking so enviously at me, as if I had "Already into IIM-A" written on my forehead!!

P.S: The guy sitting next to my bench was really cute. I couldn't help but throw a glance once every few minutes before the paper began... acting against the advice given by my friends to not to "BIRD WATCH" during the exam!!

When I saw 40 questions in VA... I could actually break into a victory jig looking at that! For once CAT helped non engineers... guess the paper setters read my blog! hehe!! I wouldn't have seriously had a problem, if they chose to pick an RC passage from the blog!! My posts are any which ways way too long, abstruse and boring! They can make real good RC passages!

I guess I'm the only soul on earth who found Quants easy. It really was. There were nearly 10-12 sitters. I solved 6 right... never before have I scored so much in QA!!! Had I 5 minutes more, I could have done 2 qtns more. So many qtns were from AIMCATS. QA was really easy... and if I can score above 20... it shows that 99% of the people can! I really don't know how they couldn't. People found DI easy. But, believe me DI was pathetic. Solved just 2 sets... and made mistakes in them too!!! And after the paper I came to know that the entire world solved those 2 there goes my percentile!! DI was fuckingly freaky! VA was less ambiguous. I thought I had a decent enough vocab until I read the qtns.... I felt dyslexic!! Didactic...diatonic...diastolic...ditetic....WHAT?!?? All in one question!?!? Maraoed a matka... and got it right!!

There was a point in life where I had given up hopes for CAT. And I was giving the exam only because I had paid for it and like a typical Gujju, I didn't want my money to go waste. But then I don't know why, this time, I didn't quit... didn't give up completely, like I always do... maybe this was one thing I learnt from Hetu and Aanch while studying... they never quit... they never said NO.... I tried this time... not quitting... and I must say I'm quite impressed by myself!! I tried... gave everytihng I could in the last month... though I knew that one month can't salvage CAT, but I tried... I won't get a call from IIMs... but atleast I'm proud that I came close... Maybe this was the reason I was happy..that I came... I saw... and I didn't give up...! Vini Vidi of the saying "Vini Vidi Vici" done.... maybe Vici will be done next time!!

I know I wouldn't have gotten a call but missing the DI cutoff only by a few marks... clearing QA and VA...hurt. I told Mom, that I'm missing it only by a few marks and I was really disaapointed because after coming so close, I didn't feel good to be still no where.. human tendency, I guess..I would've broken down when I told Mom the results... and she just said one thing... "Aur bhi jahaan hain sitaron ke aage" and I smiled.... she was happy with the mere fact that I tried... but as usual was late in beginning it!! Aanch, you're so damned right about me...!!

I'm Back!!