May 29, 2009

WANTED: A Jain Vampire!

I really hope you've heard of Twilight before you read this post! For people who don't.... please wikipedia it! At least do that for Edward Cullen, for he's the new chhora of my blog now! Flavor of the season! OK, I'll save you that effort, Twilight is a book which has created a universal frenzy amongst teenage girls and even those who've quit teenage (me!). It's about a high school girl falling in love with....a vampire!! Yeah, when I first heard about it from Lucky, I thought to myself that the only books I'm now left to read is Elves' and Goblins' love stories!! But, when I started reading it, my long forgotten addiction of books returned! I actually forgot eating, sleeping and drinking while reading this book! It beats Harry Potter hands down! The narrative is amazing, the conversations are intelligently written and the romance.... man! It's fantastic!!
Edward Cullen, the vampire boyfriend of Bella Swan, can easily replace Mr. Darcy as the most sought after(and fought over) guy in fiction!! I guess that's why the book worked... because Stephanie Meyer played on a girl's psyche while writing his character....he's everything a girl would want..... he's sweet, he's caring, he's protective .... he throws himself before anything happens to Bella, always (ain't that cute?), he's intelligent, he's got a Silver Volvo... (he's rich!), he loves Bella to death (literally and figuratively), he's out-of-the-world gorgeous...... and the reason why he's so irrestible is the fact that he's forbidden!! You always want things you're not supposed to have!! I'm yet to meet one person who didn't like Edward Cullen!

But the most startling observation that missed my eyes but still managed to catch Aanchal's was the fact how freakingly similar I am to Bella!! The only three places where we differ is
·         I don't have Edward Cullen falling over me!
·         She talks too less!!!
      ·         I can never get a Mitosis slide right!!! 3/3.... NEVER!! And more never-er if someone like Edward is my lab partner... but all I've had for lab-partners have been Ajay and Aanchal! I mean how happening is that! Thanks, Ajay, for doing all the experiments by being our kaala ramu and giving Aanch and me time to talk!

Now, the places where we're similar are
·         Both of us are extremely accident prone (I used to have an accident every year from the time I was 2 till I was 11... on the same day.... 26th Jan.... the only year nothing happened to me on this day was in the year 2001..... but on this day... a lot happened to Gujarat! It's years of seeing myself being stitched up without anaesthesia that I dread blood now....and couldn't ever think of being a Doc!) 
·         Both of us can't walk straight..... we have to lose our balance and trip or twist our ankles at least 3 times in 20 steps!!! (Despite this fact, I wonder how I've never had a fracture in my life!!)
·         Both of us have Time, Distance and Speed problems while playing ball!! (I remember how I'd enrolled myself for basketball classes after watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and used to always come home with a bleeding nose... PT was the only thing on my Xth report card showing a B grade!!)
     ·         We both love like crazy (Remember a certain IrfanPathan!!??) and
·         We're both sarcastic.....though I have mellowed down a great deal!!

I was really happy when Aanchal used to call me Bella...! But then there's no Edward Cullen in fact...they exist only in fiction.... guys like him....are myths! But, I was wondering... just in case I really get a vampire boyfriend..... how'd he be like? Definitely not non-vegetarian (the one's drinking human blood!).... Didn't I just mention I'm scared of blood..... anyways, he won't ever be able to drink my blood.... one of the few advantages of being anaemic!!! Not vegetarian too (drinking animals' blood... like the Cullens)..... Well, I'm the unofficial supporter and member of PETA! So, my vampire boyfriend should be a Jain Vampire!! The one who drinksBloody Mary!!!!! Hehaw! Howzzat?!? Virgin Bloody Mary would be more preferable! (Aanch and Lucky..... there's no way a Jain Vampire would be quenching his thirst by drinking acockroach's blood! I mean that's just so ewww...dead cockroaches lying around.... Yeah, I'm scared of dead cockroaches as well! But, seriously your logic was really pathetic.... only because veg vampire feed on animals, Jain vampires don't need to feed on insects!!!) 

So, grab a copy of the book and read it asap! The movie's been released too.... but frankly speaking, the book's better.....and somehow, Robert Pattinson(Edward Cullen) was hotter in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory! I was sad when he died!!
P.S: I know, this post is one of the smallest.... but I'm on a talking-less .... rejoice, while I reduce talking!
P.S 2: Forbidden to remember..... Terrified to Forget...... Gosh! I wonder how mant heart breaks did Meyer go through for writing this one!!!

May 23, 2009

You Know You're A Graduate When...

This post is dedicated in the loving memory of all those school years, when everyone asked you to enjoy them, but you were only interested in looking forward to the glamorous college life. By the time you're settled in college, you're too sick of the system, cramming and everything to do with education and you want to show your talent to the world. And by the end of the entire process, you're heard telling this to your school going(near to exiting school) cousins, "School life is, infact the best period of one's life..... "And again, they don't listen to you and the vicious cycle continues. Sorry for such a useless start, what I wanted to say in this post is how you can identify a graduate amongst a crowd of people.

  1. They're almost always frustrated in life. The reasons for which vary maybe one of 
  • My life sucks, but girlfriend doesn't. ( a guy reason for frustration)
  • My boyfriend's such a jerk... he's never there when I need him... his IPL is more important.. his football with friends is more important...everything is more important than me... I know he doesn't love me anymore.... all men are alike.... blah blah blah... (a girl's reason... I've deleted the other 9 of 10 parts of the rant for the lack of space here.)
  • WTF?!?! I'm 20... and STILL single?!? Where have all the dudes gone? So here goes my dream of having a love marriage!! (Aanchal and my reason!!)
  • Will I get 632/700 or 630/700..... It's all in two marks that I'd come second and not first....I'm tensed!! (Toppers' reason! Losers!!)

     2.  They're almost always confused in life. The reasons for which maybe one of
  • What to wear today....  baby pink top on lavendar capris or a classic white one?? (The (ex)college babe's reason)
  • Whom to say yes to..... guy 1 or guy 2 OR (options don't cease for them) guy 3..!! (Almost all my female friends' reasons! Trust me, even if they pass me like 10% of the guys they have, I'd have  a new guy to go out with every evening for atleast 3 months... and I'm NOT exaggerating... I had actually calculated the numbers!!!!)
  • Now that I didn't get through MBA.... what the hell do I do with my life!! Job?? But where? Or Masters??From where...oh no... more entrances!! Marriage... uhh forget it... out of question! Sit at home... Suits fine!!! What do I do?!?! (This is also a reason for frustration, forgot to mention there...Anyways, this is well, my entire MBA gang's reason... if you read in the papers about mass suicides, in all probabilities, it'll be us!)
  • What do I watch today.... MI 3 or The Bourne series?? (Aanchal's reason!!) I say, Top Gun Aanch... I'll come too, again!! (BTW, Tom Cruise can cause female genocide with that smile of his in this movie.. and that inverted dive with the MiG..!! Man!!!!!)
  • Whom do I really really fall in love with today... Irfan or Brett?? (My reason!)

     3. They're almost always in hatred with someone. They most hated list comprises of..
  • Their almost illiterate relatives who give out career advice like they're Sameer Barua or something.
  • Again, their relatives, who keep on perstering them with: So what're you gonna do now?? Job?? Where?? Why not here?? Why there??It's not that good...What kind of pay would you get?? What're the working hours?? All this even before you've decided if you wanna work or rot at home.
  • Their aunties, who's only aim in life is to see you get married. Even if the last time she met you was when you were in Huggies. And the love she has for you is only a little more than what Bhajji has for Symonds' mother.
  • Their parents, for, they continue to think that they're good for nothing and totally useless, even when that's not the case! And they also pester you with the same questions as the relatives do. Do all these 45+ do a diploma course in irritating 20 years or what? No offence to parents... but sometimes they should give the kids some time to figure things out...!! But then, afterwards you realise that like always your parents were right, yet again!!
  • Their siblings... because you're really useless and jobless right now, they make you do all their work, they treat you like a piece of shit(which they always do) and they kick you out of your OWN room because they want to study!
  • Their friends, because they continue to show no signs of growing up since their Huggies days... they're as juvenile as before... the only comforting factor being that their toilet habits aren't as juvenile!
  •  One more reason for hating friends is that their exams begin the day yours got over!! If there are 3 best friends, never should the three separately take up Biotech-Pharmacy-Engineering.... trust me, you'll never be able to meet each other for 4 years... because of the other idiots' 4 yr courses!
  • The IPL team they supported.... because they almost never win! Murphy's Laws, I tell you!
  • The book they last read ... because it got over!!! I mean books with characters like Edward Cullen should go on and on and on and on and on forever!! (Extra info: Twilight is much better than Harry Potter!!)
  • Your couch.... it isn't as fluffy now, as it was when your vacations began!
  • Orkuters and Facebookers and MSNers... no one comes online!!! These places used to be packed during exams!! 

P.S 1: Sorry for the language in this post... it's obscene!!! I'm totally frustrated and that's evident!!
P.s 2: Aanch, thanks for the idea of this post!!

May 21, 2009


Yay! I'm happy!! I gave my first interview, and second one too, in one day!! Wow!! The first one was done by and the second one done by Jammag on the future of Biotech( wrong person to interview!!!). The first one was a print interview, while the second one was a video interview!! wow!! I'm getting famous..... without even marroing any teer in life!!!

Read my interview with Pakspectator at

I’m Nupur Bhayani, 20 years, just wrote my final year Biotechnology exams, but I’m not a graduate until my results say it! I have a 5 year Science background, now moving towards Commerce (the MBA bug bites all, recession notwithstanding!) with a passion for writing (Arts!) Read my blog at and please leave your comments!!!
Would you please tell us something about you and your site?
Umm, well, I was a Biotechnology student wanting to create genetically modified humans who’d love peace, but then seeing that this is impossible, I decided to earn money by doing MBA and helping whomever I can!!
My blogposts are pretty much about me (I’m one of the “Main toh apni favourite hoon” types!) and everything that’s happening around me from politics to films to cricket to who’s hot and who’s not on the celeb circle!!
Do you feel that you continue to grow in your writing the longer you write? Why is that important to you?
Yeah, if I were to read my first few posts, I’d think that those were written by someone else! Writing skills are like wine, they get only get better with age. It is always important for one to continuously grow and evolve… that’s the challenge for the creative wheels of your mind to keep rotating!!
I’m wondering what some of your memorable experiences are with blogging?
There have been many…. From friends making me believe that there is a writer in me, to people telling me that the wait between two posts is worthwhile, to people telling me that reading my posts helps them forget their depression… all these comments that I get, is a treasure for me. Each and every one of them. But if I were to pick up the most memorable moment, it has to be the first comment non-friend comment on my blog…. When someone you don’t know appreciates your work for the first time, there’s nothing like it!
What do you do in order to keep up your communication with other bloggers?
Well, thanks to Orkut Buyukkokten and Mark Zuckerberg, there are a lot of ways one can keep in touch with other people!! But on a serious note, commenting on other bloggers’ work and receiving comments on your is a great way to maintain the communication channel.

Do you think that these new technologies are effective in making people more responsive?
To an extent it does. . Everyone has an inherent curiosity which kicks in when novel things happen.. Technology takes us forward offering convenience like never before.. technological advances are made basically to make life easy so when it caters to what people want, naturally they start becoming more and more responsive
What do you think sets Your site apart from others?
The fact that it belongs to a girl… so I get a lot of male readers!! LOL! Kidding! Many people say that my writing is pretence-free and comes straight from my heart….. maybe this sets my site apart from others.. writings aren’t monotonous.. every blogpost is different from the other in terms of the feel of the write up. I’m not hooked onto writing only frivolous or only thought-provoking or only argumentative blogs.. my blog is like a mixed bag you’ll find one write up for every mood of your’s.
If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success in life, what would it be?
Speaking straight from your heart….. it definitely strikes a chord with others… and in the field of writing, that is very important…!
What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?
Happiest moment of my life would be… I’m one of the people who lives in the moment, for the moment.. so all the moments in my life are happiest to me… Gloomiest moment of my life just happened, when Third Front didn’t come to power in India… I had decided to catch the first flight out of Mumbai and go to NYC and stand at JFK Airport with a placard in my hand saying, “Can marry for a better, reservation free future for my to-be-kids. NRIs please contact.” Just in case Mayawati were to be the PM, but now that this hasn’t happened, I can’t do what I mentioned and that makes me gloomy!
If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for - what would your top 3 choices be?
First would be any US city- The NRI guys are hot here!!
Second would be Venice and Italy- I think they’re the ultimate romantic places
Third would be Hawaii- Being born and brought up in beach city, beaches have a special place in my heart.
What’s the first thing you notice about a person (whether you know them or not)?
The first thing I notice in a person, is how the person speaks. Well, the language, the tone, the sense of humour, absence or presence of sarcasm, wit…. It says a lot about the person, his reading habits, his upbringing, his ideologies in life, his principles… well, the way a person speaks, reveals everything about himself/herself!
Is there anyone from your past that once told you you couldn’t write?
I guess, I’ve been lucky in this respect, almost everyone I know, has only encouraged me to write further.
How bloggers can benefit from blogs financially?
They say Google is the second best thing to have happened to mankind after the internet! Google Adsense is great way to make some money.
Is it true that who has a successful blog has an awful lot of time on their hands?
No, it not true at all. Blogging surely does take a lot of time and patience from the blogger, but then, if you are passionate about something, and you really want to do something you’ll always find the 25th hour to do it.
What role can bloggers of the world play to make this world more friendlier and less hostile?
There’s are no boundaries… no borders…no territories on the blogosphere. I think this should say it all. 

Now that I'm at basking in glory, I'd give others too, a chance to bask in some glory. See, I think about everyone in my life, its not for nothing I'm called Tulsi! See, even 15 nanoseconds of fame can't ensure good quality jokes from me! Yeah, so coming back to the topis, I'd like to thank a couple of people for my story. First and foremost, I'd like to thank my parents (this includes Mom, Dad and Sis...yeah she acts like my Mom, though she's younger to me!!), my coterie of friends... firstly, Jay... this story would'nt have been possible without you. Not even a word. Thanks! Radhika, Rao, Aanchal and Ajay... for being the best friends one could ever ask for! Aanchal, for looking up for the names of the characters and approving and disapproving names (I still love Aarohi for the heroine!) and yeah, you can now  name your kid Ayaan.... I found another for mine..!! Ajay, for listening patiently to the entire story and suggesting twists and turns (why can't people digest simple love stories without twists??). Ankit, for the much needed insight into a guy's mind... I'll need it ahead... dude, but still, how can you guys check out every girl crossing your path?!? Last but not the least... all my readers... a biiiiggg thank you to everyone!! Shit man! This is sounding like a Booker accepting speech or something! 

Because the people are from IIT-IIM-MIT and stuff, Ajay and Aanchal are begging me to change them into being normal Bsc losers....but then only IIT-IIM stories sell yaar!! People want to read stories about losers,but, they want these losers to be from the top colleges of the world.... so, technically, these losers are all achievers in their own right!!Jokes apart, there is a reason why I've used these institutes in my story.... so, if I get too bored of researching on the lives at these places and decide to do away with the things related to why these places are necessary, I'll do away with these and the story would be in and around Mithibai!! Gujju losers! Take that!!

May 19, 2009

Chapter 1

Here's the first chapter of a new story I'm writing, please tell me how it is... if it's really worth spending time!!

Chapter 1
Keeping your hands off a drunk girl….

I really wonder how anyone could see anything in these dim blue lights, hear what their date says in this ear splitting music, gulp down drinks that are equivalent to the monthly salary of almost 26% people of this country and the most important of them all…. How can someone find some smoke-free oxygen to breathe?? But none the less, I’m here right now, because it is Nikhil’s bachelor party, and me being the roomie, now ex-roomie, actually, (he’s moving in with his wife after his wedding, obviously!) I didn’t have too much of an option to skip this one holy waste of time and resources. I’ve never been the partying and dancing types. I love listening to music, but only the one which plays at a decibel level conducive to my ear drums… the one playlist on my iPod, with 734 songs, suits me just fine. Free drinks, are always welcome, so is bird watching, this is my reason for being at this God forsaken place! Yeah, I’m happy for Nikhil too!

I don’t dance, not even if I’m dragged into a dancing circle, hence to escape the dancing ritual, I decided to sit by the bar and observe the proceedings. I was sipping my Bloody Mary, when this young woman caught my attention. She looked intelligent. Ok pretty types, not very hot… I say that because unless other dames at this disc, she was completely covered… no, she wasn’t in a burqa, not even in a saree, but she had worn a pair of denims and a half sleeve tunic on top (My fashion sense comes from my fashion designer sis, by the way!) No cleavage show… I don’t know why, but I liked the no-cleavage-show in her. She like me, too, seemed out of place, maybe because she was drunk!

“Where the fuck is my margarita I ordered??” She questioned the bartender who seemed like he wanted to enter the Guinness Book of Records for all his fire antics... I’d rather have him serve drinks than indulge in all this scary fire show. Yeah, I’m scared of fire. Terribly.
“M'am, is there anyone you’re here with? You seem a little high” I said, I didn’t want to say, “Dude, you’re drunk… ask you friends to take you home before you throw up!” I would’ve said this had this M’am been a man!
“Who the hell are you to tell me what to ddooo??” She said, and while coming towards me, she tripped. At least 4 drinks more than her normal capacity. Why can’t people just drink Pepsi when margaritas don’t suit them? Of course, like the gentleman that I am, I went forward to help her get back on her feet. I asked the bartender, who by now had thankfully stopped his fire-show, for a virgin margarita… or something that looks like a margarita but doesn’t have alcohol for her.
“Ssank You” she said, or rather, tried to say, or still rather, I attempted to comprehend from her blurred speech.
“Hi, I’m Arjun, can you tell me where your friends are, now that you got your margarita you ordered?”
“I don’t have friends… I don’t have no one… “
“Err, M’am, are you alone?” And drinking?? Man! Women in this city are brave! Getting drunk when they’re alone! I’d kill my sister even if she as much as looks at vodka, leave alone letting her go to a disc…and get drunk…that too ALONE!
“ Hey dude, did you see her with someone?” I asked the philo-fire bartender. He replied in the negative and went back to his fire show. Why?!
“You know, Navya, I hate that son of a bitch, you were always right…. He never ssseserved me….”
“Served you?” I asked her. So Break up it was. Why do people get into a relationship if they can’t deal with a break up, I thought to myself.
“Sssseserved….not serrrvedd…Navya you gone deaf or what?” I comprehended from her blurred speech.
“M’am, I’m not Navya… but if you tell me where she is, I can call her for you…”
“Err.. who’re you then? You don’t look like Anirved…err… no… you’re Anirved…. Anirved… Where’s Navya?”
Drunk women and nagging girlfriends…. They never listen to you. Or no, make that women in general.
“What’s your name?” I asked her, not really expecting anything more than Navya and Anirved!
“Aanaaaaa…..” she replied.
“Aana” What kind of parents name their kids Aana??
“A-H-A-A-N-A” She spelt it out. It is amazing how people remember their names even in drunken stupor!!
“Ok, Ahaana, can I drop you somewhere, you really don’t seem ok”
“No, I’m fineeeee” And there she tripped again!! If my sister does something like this, I don’t know whom I’d kill first… her guy or her!
“Listen, Ahaana, I’ll ask your friends to come and pick you up. It’s not really safe for you to be here, like this.” I picked her bag and her phone and put her hand on my shoulders and led her to my car. The worst part of being nice to a girl, when you’re a guy is that everyone thinks you’re trying to take advantage of her and the situation. I mean give us some credibility, there are some of us, who’re really not like the big bad wolf to a poor little lamb. Even we have sisters and friends and we act with other women how we’d like other men to act with our women! How difficult is that to get. Needless to say, I got a lot of ‘stares’ from people like I had spiked her drink and now I’m gonna rape her!

She wasn’t really heavy… you can call her underweight for her height, or maybe she was starving herself because of her ‘son-of-a-bitch’ guy. But then, that’s none of my business. All I wanted to make sure was that this girl reaches some place safe quickly. I was glad that none of my friends saw me exiting the club with a girl, drunk at that! I walked her to the parking lot, that’s where  my car was and helped her sit in the back seat. I was happy that I didn’t have to carry her and that she didn’t throw up. Men can’t stand women when they cry, are in labor or are throwing up!! I fished her handbag, which was quite a small thing, didn’t really have the ‘girlie’ materials in it… just her wallet, cell and a hairbrush! No make up! That really confirms my idea about her being of the intellectual types…. !! I checked her last dialed list and without any surprise, I found Navya’a number as the most dialed number, closely followed by Anirved’s. Thought of calling Navya. Didn’t want another guy asking me what I’m doing with his drunken friend! Guys, I tell you!
“Babessss…. Ahaana… who’s on your phone?” Navya replied, shocked at a guy speaking to her from her friend’s phone at 2 am!
“Err, Navya, right? Hi, I’m Arjun… I happen to be at the same place where your friend is right now, and she’s quite drunk…”
“DRUNK!! Where is she??” Why don’t women let men complete their sentences? Wouldn’t it be much easier for them to get things at a stretch?
“She’s at Poison… and apparently alone, I couldn’t see anyone with her…and she was kind of talking to me, thinking that it was you… so I thought, I’d call you to pick her up… or I can drop her to your place if you can’t get out at this hour…”
“Fuck! What the hell is this girl upto. I’m killing Anay…. Bloody son of a bitch…”
“Excuse me??” I was puzzled! Was she drunk as well?
“Err…. Ssorry, I was talking to my husband. I’ll come and pick her up… that’s so nice of you to be there.. You know… thanks a ton… where exactly are you?”
“In Poison’s parking lot… in a black Swift…. The number is 6798.” How long would you take?”
“I’m just leaving… I’ll be there in like 20 minutes. Thank you so much.!!”
“Err… that’s nothing, please don’t thank me.”

A red Skoda stopped near my car. And a girl, same as Ahaana’s age come out of the car.
“Hi.. Err.. Arjun?” She asked.
“Yeah, Arjun…” I gave my hand to shake. Her husband, too came out of the car and I was introduced to him.
“Arjun, my husband, Anirved…”
“Hello… Thanks a lot, man! This really was a very sweet gesture!”
“Please. It’s nothing…. Ahaana kind of feel asleep..she’s in the back seat”
“Oh ok.. I’ll take her.” I opened the door for Anirved and he carried Ahaana in his arms and put her in his car’s back seat and came to where we were standing.
“Thank you so much, Arjun. I really can’t imagine what would’ve happened had you not been there. I mean she never told us where she’s heading, you know. We were so worried about her, she’s just a little… you know… bad time..!” Navya said.
“I understand….she wasn’t exactly quiet in her sleep… she talks a lot!!”
“How much did she drink??” Anirved asked.
“I don’t know… I saw her when she was already drunk and tripping…but must be 4 drinks more than her normal capacity for sure!”
“She drank for the first time!” Navya added. Then turning to her husband, she said, “ I’m telling you… Anay really needs to see this… what has he done to her… I mean Ahaana goes out alone at night… she drinks…gets sloshed…this is not her… I can’t see her like this…. That bloody asshole…jackass…uurrgghhhh”
“Control, Navya… she’ll be fine tomorrow”. He said, placing his hand around her shoulder to calm her.
“Arjun, thanks once again, seriously…” Anirved said
“Come on man… it’s ok… even I have friends and sisters… I just did for her what I’d do for them…It’s no big deal, seriously…”
“That’s again, sweet of you. Thanks… Good night. I’ll have Ahaana talk to you tomorrow.” Navya said, waving a bye and opening the door of her car.

“Just look at her, Anirved…. Look what’s she done to herself, and you are asking me to control myself? What’s with today’s guys? Why has your blood stopped boiling for people who matter?”
“Navya, my blood will always boil for Ahaana, and even you know that, but why make a scene in front of a total stranger? We’ll talk to Ahaana tomorrow, maybe it was a weak moment today and she drank a little”
“Maybe you’re right. I’ll just check her phone if she called Anay in her stupor. I can’t find her phone….”
“Navya, your phone’s ringing”
“Hello, Oh Arjun, yeah I just realized it… I’ll have Ahaana pick it up tomorrow… yeah, thanks again! You’re just being humble, Arjun. Good night to you as well”.
“What happened?”
“Such a nice chap, this Arjun guy. Her phone is in his car and her bag too. I think I’ll ask Ahaana to pick it up from him. She’ll get a chance to thank him as well.”
“Yeah, nice guy”
“You know, Ahaana said, that Anay always told her that a girl should always be with a guy who’d keep his hands off her when she’s drunk…..”
“God! Now, even you’ve started talking about Anay! Ahaana in these 6 years wasn’t enough?”
“No, but tell me no, how’s this Arjun guy… I mean a guy review of another guy?”
“Pretty decent man. Really, to inform us that Ahaana is drunk and then make sure she’s safe and keep waiting for us…I mean… it speaks of a person’s character….!”
“You think he’d be single…”
“Thinking of marrying again?”
“For Ahaana…”
“Let her decide that”
“We all know how her choices turn out to be…Anay…. Close your ears… I want to abuse in Hindi…”
*                                                *                                                     *