December 31, 2008


Wow!! This feels like heaven!! No 'real' exam till Feb.... wow! Mini Vacation! Yeah, so the first thing I did was watch Ghajini. Now, I was really skeptical about it because the papers give it a real bad had 2 1/2 stars.... whereas Oye Lucky had 3 1/2 and it was PATHETIC. My family still hate me for taking them for it!! So I was just wondering, how Ghajini would be with just 2 1/2 stars! But then I was surprised to find out that it was much much better than Oye Lucky! At least I understood the movie and didn't have to rely on the Punjabi taught to me by Aanch!

So, you see Jiah Khan in the first scene. You gotta survive the scene to see the entire movie man! Jiah Khan reiterates the fact to me that ... yes! there is someone who's got worse hair than mine!! She seriously needs a rebonding job soon! The movie is really really violent with action scenes directly imported from South Indian movies!! Really now, never imagined Aamir, even with his 6/8/n pack abs to beat up 7 feet tall guys with as many number of packed abs or whatever it is called! I mean even they have the 'muscle' power to beat you, but they won't ... baddies don't beat the hero, I remember... they only kill the heroine and leave the hero alive so that he can avenge her death. Short term memory loss isn't that big a deal! Aamir was very good in the movie, as usual. But somehow Aamir doesn't convince me as a khoonkhar khooni.... his chocolate boy QSQT image is short-term-memory-loss proof!!

Asin is pretty and her hair...well... wonders of hair rebonding!! She's bubbly alright.... but she's dumb! I mean she never recognised a big-shot CEO?!? Must've never opened the paper, I presume! Jiah Khan.. I don't know... I need to see one more movie to really comment on her. (I'll wait for her next release.... not seeing Nishabd at any cost!) Now, I'm really confused if Ghajini was the same guy who played Darsheel's Dad in TZP or was he one of the baddies in Sarfarosh.... or if both... err...three of these people are the same!! But naming a movie on its main baddy....WOW! It's like writing your autobiography and giving it the name of the bitch who ruined your life!! Now, lets see some loopholes that marred the almost-non existent plot.

  1. How did Aamir start finding and hunting Ghajini's men? Did he google them??
  2. How whatever happened to his company?? There's something called as accountability to share holders, isn't it? Chuck the company... whatever happened to BMWs? I'm in the mood to get one, if they're giving them away!
  3. How did no one recognize a top CEO? Not the police guy... not another head of company... no one?? Guess, Times should shut shop.No one reads the paper in this country! It'll also help them combat recession!
  4. The police guy who entered Aamir's house and even managed to tie him up ran away like a bheegi billi later on! How preposterous... and he was double the size of Aamir!
  5. A Harvard grad wrote his diary in hindi..... must've given his GMAT/GRE in Bhojpuri then!

There were many more things that didn't go down easily but I'm not able to recollect them right now. Freak.... is this short term memory loss?!? Jokes apart, I really liked this movie for the way they showed a business guy! For once there was no lampoonofying! But Aamir's sleeves in the movie reminded me of the new "puff" sleeves that's in fashion these days.... in salwar kameezes!! I had fought 10 mins with my Mom to get those sleeves off my dress..... and now Mom says.... see even Aamir wears them!!! What an example! Guess he still isn't off that Tata Sky ad!

But, seriously there was a lot of violence in the movie... babies had started crying in the movie ka climax in the theatre! One reason I didn't want to see this movie was the violence, but then when you take other people for Oye Lucky.... they really want revenge!! I guess.... I'll never watch "SAW"..... some kinda God-forsaken movie which is really really violent. Guess, my friend who dared me to see this movie will win! I couldn't take Ghajini ka violence.... what and how will I watch SAW? I'd rather watch Exorcist! Ghost v/s human is better than human v/s human fighting!! Who's scared of ghosts anyways?? Just show it a mirror!! Ghosts are any ways less scarier than cockroaches!!

P.S: Note the ashleelta in Hindi film songs.... listen to Shut up and bounce!! Ram Ram!!!

P.P.S: SAW in the movie means the past participle of see or is it the carpenter's tool?? I'm really confused!

December 24, 2008

WhenYou're Happy And You Know, Clap You Hands-II

I'm very happy of late. Well, no particular reason to be happy, but just happy. You can call it the absence of sadness sprinkled with the presence of people I love in my life happiness. Just the mere assurance that they'll be there on the other line of the phone when you call them makes me happy. The mere fact that there are people who still gauge your feelings by your one scrap(which, as a matter of fact, looks very normal to other people) makes me happy. Just the fact that I finally know who are the people I really really love makes me happy. So, I'm happy just to celebrate their presence in my life. *CLAP CLAP*

Other than that, there's nothing much to celebrate! One more exam done... one more result out... and once more I miss out by a mark or two! Now, I've gotten so used to this phenomenon of missing things so closely, I don't even feel bad! In a way, its kinda expected!! So, all my hopes of going outta Mumbai for my MBA are fffiiiissshhhkoed!! Dance Rao, Dance!! So, * NO CLAP, NO CLAP*

I know, people from my college are not gonna believe this, but I'm really happy that I've finally shed all my self-criticisms and self-prejudices and most importantly...all my self consciousness to CLICK PHOTOS!! Yeah, there was a time in my life when I hated being clicked I hated my fact everything!!..... and always used to be the photographer, just to escape being clicked. But my US trip changed that! 1100 photos in 3 months!! And a zillion others with my college friends! I know, reading this bit, half my friends are on the floor, fainted!
So for coming out of the shell and for being open to being clicked, *CLAP CLAP*.

P.S: I still hate my hair! Smile....well, Ankita says it's a sweet rosogulla smile... so I'd agree with her!

Now, for some non-Nupur news. Did you see Victory ka teaser? I can actually stop watching cricket(even if Irfan's in the team) if the makers expect that HARMAN BAWEJA can play one! I mean.... its not a sport....its a religion out here.... and Harman Baweja is like blasphemy to it!! I hate this guy! Not because he dances too well (I'm not jealous!!), not because he apes Hrithik (I don't like him either!)...... I hate him only because HE CRIES WHILE SAYING I LOVE YOU!! I seriously can't get over that Love Story 2050 ka promo in which he did that! But, on second thoughts, I'll go watch this movie.... for Brett Lee... so what if he's only in a scene or two?? I saw....rather sat through entire Mujhse Shaadi Karogi only for that one scene of Irfan Pathan!! He was so cute... he still is! So, for Brett Lee in Victory... *CLAP CLAP*

Now, Irfan reminds me how beautifully my day began today! I got up at 10. Now that's an oxymoron actually.... happy thing that I got up at 10... and the sad thing is that I GOT UP..!! Why can't we only sleep the whole day?!? Then I go out and see that my breakfast is right there on the table... with newspapers besides it! And I'm wondering if it's still a dream... Mom not shouting or putting a bucketful of water on me to wake me up... then breakfast and papers ready... it's too good to be true! And then I open the papers....and what do I see...?? FULL PAGE photo of Irfan Pathan!! Wow! Now, this is what is called a GOOD MORNING! And alongside there's a full page article on him... in HT CAFE (it's like HT's Bombay Times... but trust me... has more gossip....that's why I read it first!! *evil grin*)So, in the name of Irfan Pathan, *CLAP CLAP*.

I saw Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na again. And again I fell in love with Imran Khan so *CLAP CLAP*

Nupur's Song Recommendation Until Next post: NA SAHI from Socha Na Tha.
Wonderful lyrics. I like this song because it echoes my philosophy in life.... If something goes your way, good. But, if something doesn't, better... because you are gonna get the best!!
Line of the song: Tumhe deekhke lagta tha yeh... tum ho bane mere vaste.... milna hi tha humko magar.... hum na mile toh na sahi!! waah!!

December 17, 2008

Must Watch Movies of 2008

2008 was a very good year for Bollywood.... Presenting some must-watches this year

SUMMER 2007: This was touted as Abhishek Bachchan's best buddy's debut movie... Sikander Kher.... year the same hairy bear you despised.... he can't act... can't talk... but this movie was really really nice. It showed the journey of a few private medical college docs(read: rich spoilt kids of docs) from being completely indifferent to things around them to people who care... it also shows farmer suicides in a very poignant way. It marked the debut of Arjan Bajwa too(the Fashion guy). I seriously recommend you watch this movie... though the lead actor can't act! Listen to "Jaaniye" song... it's nice.

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na: Go drown yourself if you haven't watched this one.... especially when you're reading the blog of a die-hard Imran Khan fan!

Aamir: Girls know him as Sujal.... guys know him as THAT Sujal?? This film marks the debut of a lot of people.... from the actor to the director to the music director to the cinematographer. And what a film!! Spent 125 bucks on this one.... and was totally worth it. Everything was just perfect. Wonderful entry to B.wood folks!! But, Rajeev Khandelwal stands out... he's out of the "Sujal" mold and is believable as "Aamir". Listen to "Ha Reham" and "Ek Lau" . Wonderful songs and wonderful lyrics.... And yeah..... Mumbai's never been shot better!! the underbelly of Mumbai rather... watch it for it story, acting, music(songs as well as background), camera work and yeah.... for Rajeev Khandelwal.... if I may... he can be the next SRK...!

Dasvidaniya: Watch it for Vinay Pathak.... never mind allusions to 'The Bucket List'. "Muskura" by Sonu Nigam is just WOW!

Mumbai Meri Jaan: I haven't seen it..... and trust me I'm dying to see it. It's a wonderful wonderful wonderful movie!

A Wednesday: By far, Bollywood's most crisp movie till date.... yeah.... till date! Editing, story, acting..... everything was impeccable.... Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher at their best. Jimmy Shergill, if he had given performances like the way he did here and in Yahaan, he would've been in a different league altogether! Aamir Bashir was great too. But the winner was the 'common man' speech in the end!! Thank God... they didn't spoil the film by putting in unnecessary songs.

Rock On: Watch it for a tale that is yours in a lot of way... for Farhan Akhtar(he's the intelligent hot types!!), Arjun Rampal (He's just HOT!), Purab Kohli(Mazhar from HHH... one of my childhood crushes!!) and the rock concerts.... watch it from the forst row.... trust me ... you'll enjoy better. And yeah, watch it for having a dekko at Farhan's plush apartment too!

Halla Bol: Vidya Balan's dresses don't hurt in this movie...seriously! Watch it for the powerful acting and a very good execution of a story we've been wanting justice for.

U Me Aur Hum: I've written a lot about it here!! Please read it here

Khuda Kay Liye: It's not a Bollywood movie... it's a Pakistani movie...but it's BRILLIANT!! Wonderful take on terrorism from their point of view! And please please please listen to "Bandyaa Ho".... I don't really get what the singer is singing, but nonetheless, I love the song!!!

Lovestory 2050: Watch it only to learn how NOT to:
colour your hair....
be a philanthropist and do a movie... not even for your boyfriend...
say I Love You and cry.....!!! DON'T DO IT! Do it only if you wanna get SLAPPED and stay single or probably turn gay after the incident
imitate Hrithik...
overdance... or rather dance like a turtle.
Let classics remain classics (read: Star War series)
and most importantly: HOW NOT TO MAKE A MOVIE!

December 16, 2008

Socha Na Tha

I have two exams in these two weekends.... and two functions in my family... on the same days... and the worst part of it all..... I bought two gorgeous Punjabis (OK... I can imagine Aanch fuming...) OK.. I bought two SALWAR KAMEEZes (what's the bloody difference, Aanch?)... yeah so the worst part of the problem is that I can't attend these two functions... It's not that I love attending functions...but just that I've acting like a 'girl' of late... yeah yeah... I've started liking getting dressed up! And when I've spent almost a bomb on the clothes... I should get to wear it na! And worse still, this is not the problem... the major issue is that I have journal correction tomorrow.... and the teacher doesn't really like me ... Last heard... she wanted to fling the journal on my face.... even when my experiment was right... and she goes on and signs for some other's girl same experiment, who had made the same mistake, apparently. And they say teachers don't take out personal vendetta! So, the bottom line is that I'm DEPRESSED and I don't know what to do... study or complete the journal! So I take the middle road... I leave my Quants (yes, it's been ages and I'm doing the same thing... yet I don't know the 123 of it!) and Biotech journal and switch on the TV. Escapism at its best!

And one silver lightening was that SOCHA NA THA was coming on the cable. For once my cable wallah put a watchable movie! And me being me, I can't miss Socha Na Tha for anything on Earth. It's such a sweet movie. I remember I had dragged my cousins to watch this movie on a Holi day... and the theatre was EMPTY.... except for us and two-three random 'couples'. I still can't forget the look they shot at me for even suggesting the movie.(Now after having suggested Dostana and Oye Lucky.... they really feel that I have a demented sense in movies! Thank God they forgot that once upon a time I had suggested a movie called Pyaar Koi Khel Nahi.... don't frown... there was no other movie around at that time and we wanted to see a movie badly!) Yeah, and of the entire coterie, I was the only one who liked(loved) the movie. I mean how can you not like it? It was so cute!! Trust me, I like Abhay Deol today only because of this movie. Ayesha Takia was so cute and adorable in this movie. Of course there was no silicon on her that time.. maybe that's why I liked her!

The story, the songs, the screenplay, the acting.... everything was just fantastic..... and more so because everything was so credible. Aditi was just like a girl next door... and Viren ... like a boy next door! In a way the reason I can watch this movie time and again is because Aditi's so much like me! I think if I have to rename myself, it'll have to be ADITI!!! I mean all the Aditis in all the movies are so freaking similar to me! (The other one being Aditi in Jaane Tu... ok... don't remind me of Jaane Tu... I'll start about it again!) But, still Aditi apart... the movie was WONDERFUL. Even the songs were so mellifluous.... especially the title track.... what lyrics.... "kabhi dil ke kareeb tumhe mere naseeb, yun payenge.....socha na tha.... ek chahat ka pal.... sab sawalo ka payenge ....socha na tha". And the way Aditi and Viren keep saying that they won't meet after that is just so cute!! (OMG... what's with me.... I'm acting like such a girl!!)

The moral of the movie is:
1) Guys are the ultimately confused, befuddled guys on Planet Earth and in their state of confusion, they confuse other non-confused souls.
2) Real life doesn't imitate reel life..... so no matter how much you do.... you'll remain what you are... a FRIEND... that's it!!

So, enough of SNT PRgiri from me... go and grab the DVD and watch it!!

December 12, 2008

Dostana....The Spoof

This is just in case MTV people are recruiting! I've never been as obscene as this before... so please pardon me if this post hurts your moral or ethical sensibilities!

*Starring: John, Drona, Chamku, Drona's bodyguard who is also Chamku's chamiya (shit! I never thought this word existed in my vocab!), Chamku's son and Miami.


Opening Scene: Miami beaches, blue sea, babes and dudes. John emerges out of the sea Ala Ursula Andress wearing Chamku's son's chaddi. This explains the small size and half his butt being seen. Then Drona and John are shown to be sleeping around with women. Different women, thankfully. Then John and Drona meet at the apartment's balcony which is the size of a 3BHK flat in Mumbai! Drona is hugely impressed with John's prowess in bed and checks him out from head to toe. An 'idea' strikes him and he starts nodding his head. The great idea is to turn GAY! This idea makes the women who've slept with Drona, pole dance in joy!

Drona actually had slept with Eeewwsha Koppikar and the trauma of the act made her change her sexuality. She was rather lucky to find a "girlfriend" soon. Her partner too had turned lesbian after a disastrous night with Drona. As a parting gift, Eeewwsha gave Drona a year's supply of Veet(Gosh! the chest hair!!) and DVDs of all superhero flicks, just to drive home the point that superheroes are meant to "guard" other people and not have bodyguard themselves! At least take a male bodyguard, if you want!

This depressed Drona a lot. He lost faith and confidence in himself and hence after a lot of rumination over his "bed" problem, he decided to turn gay so that at least he wouldn't have to "DO" things, the other guy can "DO" it. Drona then made a firm decision to go out and "ASK" John. He searched and searched for John and finally found him, when both of them hailed the same cab. John undressed in the cab itself, ignorant about Drona's switched sexuality. When both of them don't get Drona's bodyguard's (DB) apartment on rent, they began hatching plans to get there. Drona tried to placate DB by reminding her of all the beautiful Drona days they spent together. She slapped Drona hard as she was trying as Drona reminded her of things she was trying to get over! She also gave Drona an IVF kick, which further aggravated his "problem".

DB, however, said she wouldn't mind sharing her apartment if her roommates were gay. Drona jumped in joy and hit his head with the ceiling. What do you expect when a 6 feet tall guy jumps?? He pleaded with John to fake being a gay couple with him to get the apartment. But John was apprehensive of being linked with another man. His girlfriend, Billo Rani, looked like one! He was desperate for a woman who looked feminine.

DB worked with K-Jo. When she mentioned that she shared her apartment with two "mustande" guys, K-Jo demanded to be introduced to them. He didn't even bother taking his 'best friend' KkkRK(pronounced like Kkkiran)'s permission! When K-Jo learnt that John and Drona were a happy couple, they decided to play vamp and separate them so that he could get John. He called up Drona's Pa, thinking that he would separate the couple. But he was in for a rude shock when Pa was very happy about John and Drona. Now, he could "aish" all the way giving a damn about his son!

To be one up in his war with KkkRK, Pa, called him up and informed him of K-Jo's changed interests. KkkRk rushed to Miami after the call with Kanta Ben in tow and dragged K-Jo outta Miami and made him promise to think DESI from that moment and not NRI.

Chamku joined DB's office after K-Jo left. DB went into a depression being with Drona at home and Chamku in her office. She wished she could fast-forward her life and escape that apocalypso... but all she could see in her future was A Love-Story with Her-Man Baweja(he has red chest hair and cries while proposing...such a girl!!!) in 2050... so she jettisoned all those plans as well!

*End Of Part I*

For more information on Drona, DB, John and Chamku, keep visiting !!! Cheap publicity, I know!!

December 7, 2008

Beneath The 1000 Feet Of Shit Under Earth....

This feels like shit! Seriously.... I kinda agree when Ross said that beneath Earth, there's 10 feet of shit.... and beneath that... there's HIM! But I say... beneath Earth.... there's 1000 feet of shit... and then there are other losers who feel they're there... and then there's ME!!

It's just exasperating being frustrated with something and not knowing what exactly is troubling you. I dunno if it's the late reaction to my IIFT paper... which I was really looking forward to because it had a fatte campus... the fees were reasonable.... it was outta Mumbai.... and most importantly it's one of the best B-schools in India. Even my friends who tried to dissuade me by saying that Delhi is not as women-friendly as Mumbai, couldn't succeed...because I wanted to go there meant that I wasn't gonna listen to anyone once I had made my mind. And then missing it by 1 mark hurts(Acc to estimated result by TIME).... and it hurts like hell. Only if I had solved one more LA question... I would've been through.Damn! So this is the 8th institute where I won't get in!!

Now, I'm giving SNAP.... but why am I giving it? I dunno why.... but I normally have a vibe about things....and most often than not... it turns true.... and I'm not feeling too positive about SNAP... I don't know if I'm thinking too high of myself, but if SNAP institutes are the only ones I get... I'll take a drop. I don't want SNAP....! NMIMS....I've been brain-washed to accept NMIMS! I can't stay in that one gully any further.... 5 years and I'm sick of it!!! I really want SPJAIN..... but then...they don't want me! So it boils down to the fact that..... wherever I want to go.... I'm not allowed..... and all the places where I might stand a chance.... I don't want to go there!!! Gosh!It's like what Akshay Kumar said in Garam Masala : Jise hum chahte hain...woh hume nahi chahte.... aur jo hume chahta hain....use kaun chahta hain??? I'm thinking of dropping this MBA idea altogether!! Maybe... I'll ask one of my *aunties* to find an NRI for me... and get married...that'll be simpler.... atleast I won't have to write an exam there! Serving chai and all.... well.... we can always go to CCD right?!?!

And the worst of it all is the fact that I can't really speak it out. I've braved situations far worse than this just speaking out things to someone.... to's panacea... it can cure anything that happens to me... but somehow this frustration just doesn't come out. I try to tell Mom ...but she just doesn't get why I'm not just studying for my TY which is far more important(this is the first and final attempt there!). Can't discuss it with people who've given these exams because they don't want to check their results.... can't discuss it with people who've not given these exams because it's all Greek and Latin to them! So I gotta get it out here!!!

TY is acting like such a bitch(The teachers and the journal are only increasing the nightmare)! I don't know how I'm gonna study an entire year's portion in 2 months.... amidst preparing for GD-PI and CET. Yeah some hope in CET.... but that is washed off as well.... got my Univ. Practical exam worth 200 marks during the CET weekend... so in short it's gonna be RIP Nupur in Feb. Guess, I'll have to find a means of livelihood in blogging.... guess that's something I've been doing since the past 9 months and surprisingly I'm not bored of it as yet...which is a first time of sorts with me!!

The only silver lining I can see these days is well the fact that I've fallen in love again.... SACHIN PILOT. Don't know him?? Gosh! He was the only reason I followed the 2004 Lok Sabha elections like I followed Mohali in IPL!! Well, for the uninitiated, in 2004, he was youngest MP. And he's not like 'politicians'. He's educated and all..... St.Stephen's, Delhi.... IMT, Ghaziabad (I wanted to go here as well, but mom gave me a look I expected her to give me if I had said I wanted to go to cover the Iraq war!), and....... WHARTON School Of Business!!!!!! I mean WHARTON!!! Gosh! And he looks fabbbuuuullloouuuss!!! So, now, you may ask how this long lost love was ignited again... it was just that I was telling Aanch how hindi-filmish his marriage was(more on it later....people who haven't seen his Rendezvous with Simi Garewal on 28 May, 2006 may find it interesting) and I thought of you-tubing the episode....but no one except me has seen this episode I guess...for it wasn't there anywhere on net!! And all guys I like.... he's committed too!!! Sheh!! But still, chalega....mujhe kahan shaadi karni hain isse!! Anyone else from Wharton reading this may do!

P.S: One more depressing news for you... I'm on my way of writing Dostana spoof.... Mentioned it here just to mentally prepare you guys!

December 4, 2008

To Be Or Not To Be...... A Bitch!!

The best thing about being a bitch is the instant gratification you get. Those 'do pal' of happiness! Ah! Bliss!! It's just human tendency.... to be sadist. It's not that I'm a bitch or being a bitch comes naturally to me.... it took 3 years for me to show the first signs of bitchgiri! It just boils down to the thing that sometimes in life... you really need to be mean so that people realize what they had been doing was wrong... and it hurts even though people might just take it all without a word!!

The thing about friends....even close friends(some) is the short-term memory they possess in certain things...comes mostly after they get "hooked".... or rather, again the human tendency to forget things... favours in fact... and being the real life incarnation of Tulsi that you are... you won't even remind them! And that "favour" will be buried along with your grave!!

People call me Tulsi, for the superhuman qualities I exhibit... like... always acting like Tulsi, matlab... always being there for friends, even if that means keeping your book aside one day before your finals, fighting with others for them... or asking your friend to go ahead with someone else.... when all you wanted was.... well..hmm...him! It's not that I'm a-forever-seeking-thank-you kinda person, neither do I want people to go around town singing my praises... all I want from them is to just REMEMBER me..... even after your ship has started sailing smoothly... because in a way I was the compass who showed you the direction when all you could see was mist....just remember me.... that would be more than anything I can ask for.... just about 5 minutes a call up and ask... How are you...? And not just call up birthday to birthday...

I never spoke a word for 3 years.... yesterday I did. I acted like a bitch. Purposely. Though it felt good in a way, that at least now people have taken notice of what I had been doing since 3 years... people realize things when monotony is broken. But then I was feeling miserable from inside for I was being someone I was not. I didn't wish for a mere semester exam and people feel bad.... forgetting the fact that they never remembered that they never wished me for CAT... the biggest day of my life....even though they had been right there....with me when I bought the form!! Short term memory... How do you still remember me in that short term memory then?? I should be a vague idea too... a mere name on your phone list... or Orkut friend list...I had no option.... but to be callous....My friends rejoiced but I was quiet... I'm not a bitch and can't be one....and now I've taken a decision which has come after a lot of contemplation.... I'm who I am... I'm not being a bitch even if its to make someone realize something. I care a fuck if people forget.... maybe they didn't deserve it. I'm happy being superhuman!! Atleast I know I won't have competition out there.... not many like me! *wink wink*

P.S1: I got a wonderful idea what to tell my GD-PI panel if they ask me the infamous WHY-MBA question... I'll say... I wanna earn lots of money and then give a part of it for research to my Biotech and Pharmacy friends so that they can find a molecule that can cure common cold.... fuck all the viral mutation shit!! Afterall.... superhumans do fall sick!!!!

P.S 2: Akshay.... Tulsi's become Mandira now.... finally...!!

P.S3: My iPod's playing You're Still The One (again????!?)..... I'm throwing the damned thing.... anyone wanting to catch it?? Why not play Chup Chup ke... and Addicted too.... like a nail in the coffin?? What say Mr. iPod??

December 1, 2008

There still is blood on the streets

If I hear/read/watch/write one more word about Terrorism, I'll surely need to be sent either to a Depression Healing Clinic or some Terrorism Rehab Center! I'll talk about Terroism later... not any more. I've even stopped reading papers and watching NEWS because the entire episode makes you melancholic. Obviously, it was really egregious what those bastards did, but then just being sad and remorseful of what happened isn't going to be enough. We gotta keep this anger alive. We can't let the fires of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us go off so soon. Their sacrifices won't go in vain. Ok, so I'm doing exactly what I said I'd refrain from!

OK, in a way there's not much I feel like mentioning expect for terrorism. But I'll try.
Ever since I started blogging, I wanted my friends to blog as well. At least then would there be no 'Blog it you blogger' statements from them! Now, I'm really glad that Aanchal is blogging. Even if it means fighting!! Atleast there'll be one person less to maro that statement!! And yeah, there'll be more of Dhoni-Irfan wars in the comment sections of our blogs!!

Ok... where is this heading... what am I writing? Chuck, I'll write about terrorism.
Did you hear what that asshole of a State Home Minister(I don't even feeling like taking his name and spoiling my mood) said in a recent interview?? It was something like: Bade bade shehron main aise chote mote haadse hote rehte hain. In my life, I've never wished for any person to be dead,not even the cockroach who irritates me!! But, I seriously feel like saying that for R.R Patil. Mr. Patil... probably it was a 'chotta haadsa' to you as you weren't in there, you weren't in there as an NSG commando, woken up from your sleep to go and gun down terrorists with AK series of guns in the dark. Total darkness, mind you. You had a Z level security for yourself... you had 10 people to take bullets for you, but the people trapped/fighting at Taj and Oberoi didn't have that. Sometimes, I wonder, why these politicians need security. They're never attacked. It's we, the common people who're attcked, we're are dying. After, Rajiv Gandhi, I don't think any politician had been shot at.

In one of the reply to comments to my earlier post, I mentioned that I wouldn't have felt the way I am right now, had they attacked a hotel full of politicians and done a A Wednesday on them. If there are people like the Patils.... R.R and Shivraj... I'm sure I'll have people to second me on this. There's one more question that I want to ask Raj Thackeray.... TUMCHI Mumbai was hostage to terrorists for 3 days, where were you. The people who saved the city were all 'outsiders'. You didn't mind them? Why? They were 'uttar bhartiyas' and 'dakshin bhartiyas'... Don't you mind them taking all positions in NSG and not leaving anytihng for your 'marathi manoos'? I just loved what Ajay replied when I asked in anger, where the fuck Raj Thackeray was hiding! It's just too obscene for my blog!! Typical Ajay!!

Mumbai is angry. If you are not, watch the clipping of Maj. Unnikrishnan's mom talking to his dead body. TV has never made my eyes moist before. I could actually hear the song Lukka Chuppi being played in my head with Lata Mangeshkar and A.R.Rahman's spine chilling vocals... Prasoon Joshi's heart wrenching lyrics... damn... God, why didn't you just damn it??!! Please lets keep the fire ablaze and do something because these so-called leaders are as good as a Tamil newspaper to me. Or better, what RGV's visit to Taj was. Completely useless.

Democracy,my civics textbook defined it as, a government OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people. I see none of the three things. This govt. if definitely not FOR us. It's for themselves and the thing they love the most... their chair and the money and power that comes along with it. It's not BY us. I don't see how I can enter politics without having a 'godfather' in politics. India has a huge population. A billion! In school, we only learnt how it is a bane. But, it can be used as a boon. It is upto us how to do that. We're always short of personnel, they say. Are you freaking kidding me? One billion!! And you say you don't have people! Either you must be blind or I must be dyslexic. I remember when India needed people during Kargil, people joined the army by the dozens. Trust me, if I were physically strong (and tall!!), I'd have joined the army, or at least tried to. I know, India now needs people, and she'll have them. There is a peace rally on 3 Dec at the Gateway at 6.... please show solidarity to the cause.

1500 years ago, it was an Indian who taught the world to count. Aryabhatta. The father of medicine was Indian. Sushruta. It was an Indian who invented wireless communication. Jagdish Bose. 90% of world's computers run on chips made by an Indian. Vinod Dham. A man who fought a war without fighting was an Indian too. Mahatma Gandhi. Just imagine what a billion of us can do. Together. When we stand for what we believe in, we can change the world. Shakespeare said, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Isn't Mumbai scorned enough? Let us help Mumbai get back on its feet and not on crutches called MUMBAI SPIRIT. Let US stand up. Change we need and change we can, because change WE are.