November 14, 2009

Nupur's Blogging Academy!

Now, my blog has always been a matter of intense (?) conversations everywhere I go and everywhere I don't go. There was a point in time when Aanchal used to introduce me like, "Meet her, she's Nupur and she's a blogger!" and Lakshmi and Hetvi instead of saying Shut up, Nupur, used to say, "Blog it, you blogger!" all because of my blog! But these days conversations revolving around my blog are getting rather weird....the discussions about my blog!! My friend, Ajay, who doesn't read my blog, told me that people are complaining to him so that he could tell me that the quality of my posts is going down the Mithi river! Now, when was it good to begin with, but anyways, assuming that it was, even people who don't read my blog are now worried about the quality of the posts (only because random people eat their brains for my bad posts!). I don't know what to say to that!!

And this is a rather interesting thing that happened last week. Not many from my MBA college know that I blog, so when a guy from another class asks my friends and then me about my blog, it is shocking in a very nice way! And when he told me that somebody from a different MBA college was talking about my blog, appreciating it and recommending it to people, I really didn't know what to say!! Except blushing ofcourse! I know, I'm showing-off but it feels good to show off once in a while. I have a friend who was once analysing why I blog and he came up with the conclusion that I blog because I like the attention I get here (But, what will I do of virtual attention?) and because I'm a loner! I say, I blog because adulation is addictive. Damned addictive! On a serious note, I blog because I like to blog.

Now, I've figured the precise reasons why I'm not blogging like I used to. First is ofcourse, I need my Cell Biology lectures. (No, Operations Management isn't doing the trick.... because when I start writing in Op-Mgmt lectures, people scornfully look at me assuming that I'm taking notes and when I clarify that I'm not that dedicated in life, they give me a why-do-you-blog-in-your-book expression!). Second, earlier when I was at Mithibai, I used to travel alone, so I'd be getting a lotta me-time to think and hence blog! But now-a-days, I'm almost always having some or the other person giving me a lift to and from college (I'm now writing a book called , "Wanting to have a boyfriend so that he could drop you to college is passe!!!".... Yes. I've given up hopes of ever getting a boyfriend!) so, I don't get time to think. That's why I can't blog! No Cogito....therefore no ergo sum!! So, I've decided to start walking a little, to get some time to think!. Anyways, people tell me I've put on a little weight(I'm now 44.234 kgs from my initial 43.876 kgs!), so, I gotta exercise....!!!

Now that we're talking about blogs and all, a lot of people ask me how to improve their blogs and all. Here's something that I like in blogs and something I would see in a blog before reading it, so if it makes sense to you, you could use the tips and send me a return ticket for one (I don't
have a boyfriend, remember?) for Venice for all the traffic you'll get by changing your blog!!

Blogging For Dummies!!!
  • Pick up an interesting template (that's the background of your blog) because that's the first thing that will catch a reader's attention. But at the same time, don't get colours that would injure the eyes! You could Google for websites offering templates (that is just in case you don't like the ones offered by your blogging site)
  • Choose an interesting domain name (mine shows complete lack of creativity I know!). But more important is the name of your blog (mine is very creative, modestly be damned!), because that's the first thing the reader will read. Make it as innovative as possible. Something that would compel a person to read further! Furthermore, if it could summarise YOU in a phrase/word, nothing like it. Like mine says, Unlearning The Muteness is apt for me. You'll know why if you've seen me TALK!
  • For your posts, write whatever you want. Remember, it's YOUR blog, YOUR world and you are the king/queen. Write from your heart. But the most important thing is to continue writing the way you want to write without getting conscious of your readers. Because the minute you get conscious, you lose your charm. At least that's what I think! You are writing for yourself not for your readers. If you want to write for readers, go the Chetan Bhagat way! (yes, I hate him after 2 States.... it was disappointing)
  • And please, please, please DON'T write in SMS language!! It's irritating to read an article in that language! And, yeah, pay great attention to grammar and spellings! It's putting off to read articles with spelling and grammatical errors. Please put Bill Gates' creation to some use.... F7 in MS Word is not a redundant key.
  • Proof read your posts. (Yes, the perfectionist in me is speaking!) and give a catchy title to your post.
  • You could add many widgets on your the StatCounter (it gives you the count of people who've been on your blog) or Feedjit (who comes from where) or many more... you could Google for more. You could also add Follow Me option and give a list of blogs you like.
  • Now, we come to advertising your blog. If you've just begun blogging, catch hold of all your friends, bribe them with a Crackle and make them read and comment on your blog! Then, put up the link of your blog on your profiles on all the social networking sites you visit. You could also join Communities on Orkut for Blogging. Here you can advertise the most because all other members are bloggers and are interested in reading and finding new blogs. You could also get your blog listed on Blogging websites like Indiblogger or Blogcatalog or something.
  • Then, you could also visit famous blogs and comment there, hoping to get some traffic to your blog from there! (Start by commenting HERE!)
  • Book a return ticket to Venice in the name of Nupur Bhayani NOW!

November 6, 2009

Love Is When....

Love is When....
  • You look for the cheapest mobile plans!
  • You think of changing your network operator and your number(!) not because the rest of your family and 110 million other users use it, but only because that one person uses it.
  • You don't mind sending 750 messages a month! (and then think of reasons to pacify your folks when they freak out looking at the phone bill!)
  • You'd rather climb down the stairs than take the elevator....and wish that it was a 50 storeyed building that you were climbing down!
  • You stop listening to your iPod because 1) you have someone singing for you and learning to play the guitar for you and 2) someone doesn't want you to listen to it because the reason you're partially deaf and say 'What' more often than any other word is your iPod !
  • You look at cute babies in restaurants and you feel like having one yourself!
  • You don't look at your girl from below her face (her eyes, nose and chin as maybe the case with different love stories!)
  • You can picture the person sitting right next to you in your family dinners....because that's one big family you want.
  • You're completely over your ex and you can now spend months not thinking about your ex, something that never happened earlier!
  • You always have a smile on your face, even though you're watching KRK throw bottles at people on Bigg Boss!
  • You feel like singing romantic songs and it's been ages since you've heard a sad song!
  • You feel like breaking all rules....anyways, going to hell is inevitable, might as well, break some rules and go there! (So Twilightish!!!)
  • You get a 3D life and move over your virtual life that consisted of Facebook and GTalk!
  • You in your love oblivious-ness tell all about your love story to your blogger friend, who's incidentally suffering from a massive writer's block and she writes a full fledged blogpost on it!!! Yipee!! I so love myself!!! Hehaw hehaw *some more Raavan style laughter*

P.S: Thank you to all my friends. I dedicate this post to you guys!

P.S 2: When you leave a comment, start with Love is When, I........ and complete the sentence.... let's get a lil mushy here!!

October 26, 2009

Pain Breeds Art!!!

Pain breeds art! If you disagree, you can check your friends' facebook status updates!! Those 19 line essays people write as their stat-ups, man, seriously, it feels like Facebook is full of Devdases! But, jokes apart, seriously, I've always felt that pain, really does breed art. Almost all of my posts that I feel proud of and still can't believe that it was me who's written them, have been a result of immense pain. Try sitting in Cell Biology lectures, desmosomes, gap junctions, striated muscles et al, taught by a teacher with the most morose expressions, soporific voice, abstruse pronunciations and well, a dull and drab subject...what you get is pain..... unbearable PAIN!!! Third degree torture is much better!!! That is when, art happens and you write incredibly great (yes, modesty is damned in this part of the blogosphere!) articles! But when the pain is taken away from you and you are happy, the stuff you write is much worse than watching KRK romance Rakhi Sawant....even for a die hard romantic like moi! So, I have come to the conclusion that if I want to blog like I used to, I need my Cell Biology lectures!! And, ofcourse, I need an ambience of Lakshmi, Hetvi and Mansh making a note of the words wrongly pronounced by the teacher, Aanchal doing Quants besides me, Ajay and Ankit trying to impress a certain chick in class by attempting to listen to the dead lecture and asking questions (like how!!!???) and Ankita sleeping and/or texting/talking to someone over the phone!!! But, since this is never gonna happen *having a huge lump in my throat*, I thought its time I find another Cell Biology in MBA! I found my Operations Management lectures equally painful, but I'm still unable to write like the old me wrote!! Maybe, it was all in the ambience!! Like Lakshmi rightly said, I've run out of topics to write after Mithibai got over!!

Seriously, Operation Management is PAINFUL! Anyways, it's so funny that how used to we get to people and things surrounding them! And then we don't even realise that we are having acceptance problems with other people, only because we want other people to be like these I expect my new friends to not get annoyed if I use her freshly waxed hand as a white board and make notes on her hand and not my notebook...only because Aanchal never had a problem when I did that with her....or like just get away with anything by saying Forget about it kardo like Lakshmi used to say, and not expect people to doubt your English knowledge when you make statements like these!! And, expect people to pull out chairs, carry our bags, do your work for you only because Ajay and Ankit always did that!! Or expect to be taken care of and being pampered and sheltered from your problems and have people rolling up their sleeves to hit other idiots only because you cried because of them! Shit man! I sound like such a spoilt brat!

But, I love people at my new college too. It's just not fair to expect your new group to be like your old group. One thing you learn from these oldies with work-ex is to let go of things, however painful it maybe! I don't have an acceptance problem I just have a let go problem! That is why I'm still talking Biotech, missing Biotech, the lab and the people who made the lab a 'private' lab!! On second thoughts, desmosomes, gap junctions and striated muscles are anyday better than depreciation, defered revenue and capital expenditure!!

Anyways, enough of the philosophical talks! It's just so strange how you still act like a teenager, despite being 21 (and definitely not looking a day older than 16) when the guy you're crushing on passes by you and all the people knowing about it nudge you if you want an 'introduction'! Yeah, there's this super hot guy in college, with a very un-hot name (yeah, there's a lot in a name, Mr. Shakespeare got the funda completely wrong!!) unfortunately not in my class, who is rich as well.... so, I finally have some eye candy to look at in life! I've never really had hot guys studying in my college before! Damned Biotech...we just had 4 guys for 28 girls!! With Ajay and Ankit being brother material and Sean and Ratan never been seen in class.... Mithibai always felt like SNDT to me! The only positive thing being the hot BMM and BMS guys of UPG who shared their class floor with us!! And yeah, these guys are HOT!! So, if there's any Mithibai Biotech junior of mine reading my blog, you now know where to go bird watching! So, chuck those journals and enjoy your life in TY....go get a car, bunk a test and escape to Bandra...... you'll regret not doing it!!
P.S: It's so weird that I used to bunk lectures at Mithibai and ran away to Bandra (Carter Rd and Bandstand) to eat....and now, from my college at Carter Road I come to eat at Mithibai!!!! Life is strange!!! So fucking strange!

October 19, 2009

Some More Nonsense

Yay!!! I finally turned 21 yipee!!! And I so want to go to Las Vegas RIGHT NOW and throw an age proof on those casino people's face! At least now, they can't shoo me away for being underage!! Yay!! I'm 21!

I finally saw a Ranbir Kapoor movie in a theatre!! Yay!! I'm so happy! Finally I saw him on the big screen!! Wake up Sid! ain't that bad a movie that everyone says it was! Of course, I have no clue about the story.... I was lost in Ranbir Kapoor!! And there was Rahul Khanna too....he's hot too! Now I wish, even I have a hot boss like him and a hotter room-mate! Then, life would be totally COOLLL!!!Ranbir Kapoor in formals is actually hotter than Ranbir Kapoor in boxers! See, I can like men fully clothed too.... they need not be shirtless and playing football for me to find them hot! Anyways, RK in that white kurta in the end getting wet in the rain and in white shirt and blue jeans was breath-taking! I had to remind myself to breathe...just like Bella had to remind herself to breathe when she saw Edward Cullen! Yes! The Twilight fever is back!!

I'm so waiting for November... 2012, New Moon (Twilight's sequel) and Ajab Prem Ki Gajab kahani releasing! Wow! TREAT for my eyes!! And Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in New Moon is beyond HAWT!!! And APKGK looks like Andaz Apna Apna I'm all in for it. And hopefully, I get people to catch one First Day First Show with me! If not, then I'm gonna force people!

Yet another post.... yet some more non-sense. People, please bear with me. I'm going through the biggest and the worst writer's block possible and can't think of anything better to write!! So till then, read this! Oh Damn.... I really need my Cell Biology lectures to get my creativity back....

P.S- How's Chetan Bhagat's 2 States.... reviews needed...

October 8, 2009

Things I Learnt in MBA

Things I learnt after joining MBA college (which incidentally have nothing to do with MBA in general!)

  • There is an unexplainable pleasure in using your nails on your friend's touch screen phone!
  • Don't trust MBA students. EVER. Give them your phone to read the messages in your inbox, and they'll read even the ones in your sent items!! And then, they get scandalized and abuse you!
  • Learn to delete messages from your sent items....especially if you have called people HOT!
  • Lock your phone and DO NOT reveal the password!
  • You actually do know a lot about your graduation subjects than you think you do!! I'm batoing Bio gyaan to all and sundry!!!
  • Listen to your elders....that is people with work ex....if they say don't go for What's Your Raashee..... bloody, don't GO! Listen to them!! (Only if WYR had 12 Ranbir! I'd have seen the movie even if it had been a 6 hour torture!)
  • People from a Science background are more serious than their Commerce counterparts!!
  • You can throw tantrums and get away with it! (yeah, one of the advantages I have....being the only under 21 in my class!!)
  • People pity you and your size and carry your bags and Kotlers!!
  • People offer to do your projects because you're a girl ! *wink*
  • Shirtless people playing football in the rain, is HOT!!!
  • And the most important thing, which I think happens only in my B-school..... guys are made to wait on and serve girls during lunches and dinners during the trips!! Yay!!

Sorry for another non-sensical post from me. Really outta ideas to blog...might just quit blogging for the lack of ideas! And for people waiting for the Chapter 15 of my story....sorry...that's gonna take a LOOOOONNNGGGGG time.... for the simple reason that I still don't know what should I write about what went wrong between the lead couple.....please send me ideas if you want the post soon!!

September 25, 2009

I'm kinda back!

OMG! I haven't blogged since so long! I actually have forgotten blogging now! I can see so many people heave a sigh of relief, reading this! So, where do I start....umm I don't know! I just suddenly had this feeling that I'm neglecting my baby(my blog, you sillies), so I'm here trying to type whatever gibberish hits my neurons. If you have topic suggestions, kindly pass them on!

I think that they should rename MBA to 'self-actualization' ! I never knew so much about me before I started my MBA! Yeah, the classic question of 'Why MBA' and 'Tell me something about yourself' still haunts even after getting into MBA! We had a lecture and all the professor made us do was write 3 drafts on the latter question! And, while I was writing, I kinda had that 'dimaag ki batti jali' moment.....there are soooooo many things about us, which we don't know! And we never really bothered finding out. And I'm loving this self-actualization journey. It's this time when you realise that your strengths have been your weaknesses and your weaknesses have been your real strengths! I'm not making sense...... welcome to the MBA club.... hardly anything makes sense here!

As usual, Aanchal is right! She always says that things happen in her life first, and then after a lag, the same things happen in my life! And still, I'm unprepared for life! Her B-school began before mine, and she always said that these 24-year-old oldies speak more sense than we do! And, I refuted the claim by saying that we, too, have seen a lot of life to speak sense! Now, when I have a friend who's from the same league.....not the 24 year old oldies league....but the 22 year olds' league, I realise, that really, these oldies, actually speak sense!! They really, have profound thoughts!! I still remember gazing with my mouth wide open listening to my friend tell me things about me, which I also didn't know, and he noticed in me in just a day! How many of you (my friends, and people who've been reading my blog since long to know me kinda well) knew that I was a perfectionist!?? I didn't know that about me, trust me! My best friend of six years, Radhika, admitted that she didn't know this about me as well!

Now, after a long hiatus of around 4 years, I'm back to my oldest old self! I've changed so many times since school got over that I don't know who's the real me! Yeah, so I think I've gone back to school self. I've started shouting left right center at people who piss me off. No longer am I the let-it-be-na-chod-na-re person I had become since 4 years. If someone's doing something wrong, they better be prepared to take it from me! I actually shouted at a class of 120 for passing cheap comments and distracting my group during our presentation. And, boy! that felt good! And, now after a month in college, I've begun to feel that I need anger management classes soon before I break someone's skull in college! Anyways, managers ought to have a calm head! My degree college friends are sure wondering how I'd look shouting at people...or rather they are wondering if I'm bluffing again!

It's just so wonderful how I can write so much shit even when I have nothing to write about!! I'll end this post here. Hopefully I'll come back soon with something that'll remind you of my old self.....something that looks like my blog posts of yore, which were not this shitty!!!

P.S : Thought for the day: Life always gives you options..... it's for you to take them or leave them!

Nupur Bhayani,

One of the things these work ex people teach to sign mails!!!

September 8, 2009

Chivalry's Dead.... Oh just got CPR!

Just when I'm praising people to the skies, people have to act like an ass!! After getting completely pissed off with 2 guys from my team at college, I was singing praises of Ajay, Ankit , Abhishek and Rao, because they are really one-of-a-kind type of guys! And, then, Ajay has to act like an ass!! After promising a free movie treat, I was made to pay for the movie myself, and that too, a movie I've previously seen and spent 160 bucks for!! So, I've made the producers of Kaminey richer by 200 bucks now. Ok, now, I'll give it to the guy.... he paid for all the rickshaw and food....and then went broke paying for the movie! But, Ajay, dude, your treat is still pending. Bloody, you toh have a job also now!
Yeah, like I was saying, now it's confirmed that the guys I mentioned earlier are really the last specimens of a speices! They never abused in Hindi in front of girls, did all the work we gave them, they let us expolit them, manhandle them yet never complained, they would've rather come under the train than make a girl stand and sit themselves! But the guys I'm meeting off late (just 2 out of the entire college, though!) are all these weren't! I was totally exhausted after standing continously from 8 am to 7 pm on the day of our project presentation, and finally got a chair to sit, and no sooner did I sit, than there was this jerk, who asked me to get up so that he could sit! I got up... but in shock!!! I mean ...chivalry is DEAD! And today when I was with Ajay in the bus....not only did he make sure that I sit first....but made sure that all the females get a place to sit in the bus before he does! (OK, he was trying to impress one of females he offered a seat because she was a lil hot!). Even Ankit... give him any work to do...and all he'll say is, 'Yes, Dear!' Rao readily pays for three, my friend and himself! Only because my friend insits that I come in a package deal with her! And Abhishek.....well... he's the man you should contact when you want to cross the road! He'll hold your hand and make sure no one comes in your way when you cross the road! Where art guys like thee?? And the most important thing....they DON'T SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say, there's no place like home. And they aren't wrong! I, now realise how much I miss Mithibai....and why I'd prefer to eat in the Mithibai canteen rather than McD or anyother better looking restaurant, only because Mithibai feels like home. And, yes, I never thought I'd ever be saying this in my life....but I'm missing the Mithibai Gujjus.... bigtime!! Eating in the canteen today, I couldn't just laugh at all the free meals we've had from canteen in the name of our department fest...and how we made Mr. Yes Dear, Ankit sanction all those food bills! Like I said, I've exploited the guys in my life! Now, it all comes back. There was only Ajay, Mansi and me in the canteen.... Ankit, Aanchal,Ankita, Lucky, Manshi, Hetu, Fatty, Neha....all absent....and without them, we didn't even feel like attacking the food and finishing it off in 6.78 secs! People are right when they say the one matures after graduating. I miss the stupid, kiddish fun! I miss eating. People, I've gone back to my I-don't-eat-this-and-that days!!! Just the other day, I was coming home from college (which is at Carter Rd, a place where all of us used to hang out after bunking tests and pracs) and was pointing out all the places where I used to eat out and all the speciality restaurants to this other friend in the rick with me, and I couldn't help but smile....I was this person who had a more items in the not-to-eat foods than in the to-eat-list, and here I was, suggesting the best places to eat to someone!

And yeah, I noticed one more thing.... you can't beat a Gujju, when he comes to spending money!!!!! I've learnt this from SVKM (it's the trust that runs Mithibai). I'm not saying that my MBA college is in a dilapidated state, it's great....fatang actually....but when you've seen Mithibai 3rd floor onwards, nothing else will do!

P.S: Ajay...... dude, your black convertible BMW as a gift for my wedding is still on....! And because you've made me spend money on Kaminey today, you'll have to give me a Toyota Camry also alongwith the start working hard and earn money!!! And, Abhishek..... praan jaye par vachan na jaye....right, so in the same Rajput promise my silver Audi !! Any more contributions from my readers, fans, stalkers, lovers (urggh! none in the last group!), you send send me sedans too ....I don't have anyone giving me Porche, Bentley, Lambhorghini and Ferrari....but keep in mind that I prefer only black and silver colors!

P.S 2 :If these four are the last guys of a kind on Earth and I meet no one like them, I'm gonna keep the brotherly feelings I have for them aside and marry one of them!

P.S 3: Right after that jerk made me get up from my chair, there was another guy who offered to look for another chair for me...despite having stood for the same number of chivalry just got a CPR!

P.S 4 :It's now confirmed that my iPod has an emo sensor on it.... it's playing I miss my college days right now!!!! Darn!!

September 3, 2009

Why I'm Still Single!!!!

Reasons why I'm still single
  1. I don't wear salwar kameezes normally. So nothing like my dupatta falling on the face of the prospective boyfriend and then it sliding away slowly while he's still taking in my perfume, totally mesmerised by me.... err no, mesmerised more by the dupatta, doesn't happen!!! And, there's no slow background score playing too.
  2. Again, no chances of the dupatta getting tangled in his chain or anything else are nil! So no moments of looking-into-each-other's-eyes-while-music-plays-in-the-background.
  3. I don't wear I don't fall while walking with a lot of files with un-filed papers in them (which are almost always blank!),which would all fly in the air and then settle down due to gravity after taking their own sweet time after I fall, so again, there are no falling-and-he-coming-to-hold-me-whilst-a-slow-song-plays-in-the-background happens!!
  4. I'm always the most inconspicuous person at a wedding(still, my duur ke rishtedaar aunts are successful in locating me and bombard me with inane questions and rishtas!), so no Salman-Madhuri moment happening too in my life, pretty much because I'm too lazy to either get involved in the juta churaoing thing or to lazy to flirt with the dulha's friends/brothers!
  5. I can't get a plastic surgery done on my face which would: increase my height, increase my weight, make my voice more mellifluous isn't possible!!!
  6. Due to the fact that till now my college was just a few blocks away from my house, I never really needed to travel in a car. So, I'd have to turn down any 'do-you-want-a-lift-home' offers from prospective boyfriends, which had I accepted, would definitely lead to a road in the middle of a jungle, where there's been no civilization since the dinosaurs, in the middle of the night and suddenly the car would break down, it would get stormy and start raining, the cell phone networks would go off too, and he and I'd be forced to camp in the jungle around a bonfire, eating fruits, me wearing his jacket to protect myself from rain and cold, and then there'll be a slow song playing in the background and we'd look into each other's eyes and realise the love we have for each other!!!
  7. I don't cook, so no chances of us atta-kneading together in a very desi lift off from the Ghost!!!
  8. I'm almost always on time I'm never missing trains!! So, no chances of meeting a rich industrialist on the way of our catching up the missed train who'd make sure I reach home safely after I miss my train because of him (Damn! I almost missed my flight from Washington to Mumbai 2 years back!! Shit, had Jab We Met released by then, I'd have not made the efforts to run for 20 minutes like a crazy woman at the Washington airport to catch my plane!)
  9. No goondas ever chedo me when I'm with a no action scene where I'd go all spiderman, spiderman, here comes the spiderman in awe!!
  10. (* Warning: Twilight special!*) And finally, the killer-est of all ideas. Literally! Because, 1) it's never cloudy all year round, 2)leave alone having rains all year round, we don't even have rains in the rainy season here, 3) the vast human population to tempt them, 4) the lack of widlife nearby, 5) it's so freaking sunny everyday , here, in Mumbai, that there are no chances of vampires being able to thrive here! So, here goes my chances of falling in love with a vegetarian vampire like Edward Cullen! And, because there are no vampires, there are no were-wolves to protect everyone from here goes another consolation prize chance of hooking up with someone like Jacob Black. Just imagine, having 2 guys, one Edward and other Jacob first fighting each other for you and then fighting everyone else for must really be a lucky b***h!!!

P.S: This post comes out in frustration of
  1. Watching soaps right from Dill Mil Gaye, Miley Jab Hum Tum and the likes for over 6 months! (that's where the songs-playing-in-the-background idea comes from!)
  2. Writing a Shakespearean tragedy in Elizabethan english for 14 hours and then, my team-mates asking me to put some comic relief in the play because it's way too serious!!! What do I tell such people?!?

August 31, 2009

Mindless Ramblings!

I'm blogging a lot these days! Maybe, I'm just making up for not talking. There's nothing much to talk these days is another thing. Anyways, I realised that I can be a big bitch if I really want to!! And, the thing about being a bitch is the instant gratification one gets! Nothing beats that feeling! But then, people do pay a price for not taking Shakespeare seriously..... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
But, like karma, whatever goes around comes around! You're bound to get a dose of your own medicine.... I realised this when, in a separate incident, I called up to wish my friend for his birthday and tried to make him rant a little....! (Please don't do this trick if your birthday comes after all your friends' !!!!), Yeah, just as the clock struck 12, I called up my friend and said, (caution: rated PG 13) "saale, kutte, kaminey, you're 21, you've not doped, not smoked, never gotten drunk, never flunked a test, never pataoed a girl.... you're such a wasted loser, get a life...and, Happy Birthday, by the way!" So, what I expected was another set of rants, but what I got was, "Your birthday comes in just another month and 16 days.....and I don't see you doing any of these things in the time you have, so shut up!!" Guess, I should really stick to just wishing people Happy Birthday! And, damn! why does my birthday come after everyone's birthday is done with!?!? And, by the way, I don't endorse doing any of the above things!
I'm really wondering what's wrong with Salman Khan? I just saw Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam yesterday, when after surfing all the channels on my TV for Jab We Met, I had to settle in to watch movies apart from my staple, JWM! So, when you watch these masterpieces, you just can't help wondering whatever happened to SK!! He used to act then, dance then, speak normal un-accented English then, talk by opening his mouth now, what's the matter?!?!?! Try catching a promo of Wanted, you'll know what I'm getting at! My mamma says you love me, my pappa says you love me..... gosh!! A first grader can write better lyrics! And, both Ajay Devgan and SK are looking like Asin's uncles in London Dreams! Somehow, it seems like Jaaneman's sequel to me! Maybe, Asin is the baby all grown up now!

Now here's a list of films who's promos are better not seen:
  1. Three: It's got bahu Kkusum in it...! And she's got Botox shots!! The songs suck, the starcast (Akshay Kapoor- the bald guy from the movie Alag and Aashish Choudhary) suck more!
  2. Wada Raha: Bobby Deol and Kangana Ranaut in a song which is a cheap cross between Teri Ore and Suraj Hua Madham which goes like I promise...I promise!!!!
  3. Dil Bole Hadippa: Rani Mukherji romancing Rakhi Sawant. Sherlyn Chopra (youtube her Outrageous video... you'll be enraged for life!!) and Shahid romancing mommy Rani. Do I need say more?
  4. Blue: The Chiggy wiggy songs makes me ask where's AR Rahman of yore gone?!?! Why isn't he coming up with stuff like Roja, Bombay and Rangeela??
  5. Do Knot Disturb: Seems like a Lara Dutta film festival's on!!
TV has definitely gone to the dogs! So has Facebook too. My only source for timepass! All people do is post whacky status updates (me included!) and other people like sample this:
  1. ABC was caught by an RTO officer for the first time. DEF likes this! What's to like in this? Feel bad for the poor guy!
  2. GHI is happiiiieee. After 2 hours, GHI is saaaddd. After 2 more hours, GHI feels that her life succkkkss. The next morning, GHI believes that all's well that ends well. After 2 more hours, GHI is veryyy happieee! I give up trying to figure her state of mind and take back my offer to help!
  3. JKL is singing/cooking/taking a bath/ sleeping with his/her gf/bf !! Spare us the horror, people!!
  4. MNO (insert foreign language here)! I mean, why?!!? When everyone on your friend list follows only English, why on Earth is there a sentence in a language which is best understood by the Zulu tribe??

Then, there are some gems too. No sarcasms here!!
  1. PQR thinks that love is when you start looking for the cheapest mobile plan! Me likes, me likes!!
  2. STU is wondering why no one ever mentioned THINK no evil along with see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil! Me likes!! And then, VWX comments, No one even mentioned DO no evil!!!! Me ROFL!!!!
  3. And the killer-est of all : YZ thinks that behind every beautiful girl is a dumbass guy who did her wrong and made her strong! The only stat-up I copied ever!!
P.S: Life sucks, and then you get engaged!!! First Irfan Pathan and now Imran Khan!?!? LIFE SUCKS!

August 29, 2009

I Miss...

  • I miss those days of wearing my red and white checkered pinafore with a white blouse to school
  • I miss having my hair oiled and plaited
  • I miss singing hymns for prayers....four times in a day at school! Ah! How I miss singing Blessed Anna and Long time ago in Bethlehem and saying Father who Art in Heaven....!!! I also missing trying to bunk prayer assemly in the morning!
  • I miss those carefree days when the only worry in life was completing homework and cribbing about the next unit test!
  • I miss studying moral science and value education!! Stuff that ensured I stay TULSI forever!!
  • I miss strolling around the coconut trees in school with my friends in the name of P.T!
  • I miss fighting! Oh damn! Those days of being a fighter-cock are long forgotten!
  • I miss going with Pooja and Radhika to 'favourite place' trying to avoid certain people!
  • I miss school like hell!!!
  • I miss being gossiped about
  • I miss being linked with people I never went out with!
  • I miss talking away to glory in Gujarati!!! The only place where I speak in Gujarati!
  • I miss my junior college.....
  • I miss standing on the Vile-Parle FOB with Radhika and Akshata and Radhika and talking about all our guy problems! If we had rather spent that time studying, we'd all have been in KEM doing medicine!
  • I miss making Akshata miss train after train!
  • I miss eating half a plate of sevpuri and drinking only Chocoshake at McD for over a year even when we had free coupons for eating at McD!!
  • I miss walking with Neha to and from college to SPs.
  • I miss the SP days!!!
  • I miss studying Botany! I miss winning Nobel prizes in Literature during Botany pracs! I miss eating chocolates hidden in dissection boxes with Ankita and Aanchal during the pracs!
  • I miss planning to open HAN India Pvt. Ltd with Hetvi and Aanchal!
  • I miss posing for numerous pics and make Ankit take the pics!
  • I miss bunking class tests and Saturday pracs and running away to Bandra with Lucky, Hetvi, Mansh and Ankita!
  • I miss making Ajay do all the lab work while Aanchal and I would talk about love, life and everything in between!
  • I miss eating from everyone's dabbas like there's gonna be a severe famine from tomorrow and God has allowed humans to be camels for a day!
  • I miss having no option but to eat Pizza and Pasta!
  • I miss going for movies at 7 in the morning!!
  • I miss gifting everyone with nothing but pictures of ourselves!!!
  • I miss writing articles for Campus Junkie and my blog during Cell Biology lectures!! Damn, along with them getting over, my creativity, too has gotten over!
  • I miss talking to Aanchal during lectures via Paper Messenger, then via MNS messenger in the evening and vio the phone at night!
  • I miss changing the Personal messages on MSN every evening according to mood....which always were something about love, life and everything in between!!! And, I miss Aanchal copying my messages and putting it as hers!
  • I miss eating, drinking, gossiping and harassing the teachers in practicals
  • I miss the 'what are you saying' expression on Ankita's face and her 'Even she has a boyfriend?? Let's jump from the window!' everytime we gossiped!
  • I miss going to all possible colleges to participate in Biotech quizzes and and returning with only a 'participation certificate'!!
  • I miss my degree college....and LIKE HELL!!
  • I miss studying at my house, even though it meant me making tea for Ajay and Aanchal, missing being in the best pics taken because they were taken in my absence and making all these slothballs climb 4 floors!
  • I miss travelling with Mansh while going to Aanch or Hetu's place to study
  • I miss 'eating' at Aanch's house!
  • I miss screaming everytime my chocolate was snatched from me!
  • I miss standing at the bhelwala for hours after classes got over and crakcing jokes with Aanchal, Ajay, Abhishek, Hetvi, Mansh and Amit (I don't believe myself right now!)
  • I miss my MBA classes with these guys!!

Damn it!!! I'm missing my life that it was!!!! Only, if I could do it for the rest of my life as well!!