October 31, 2008

Sayonara... Astala Vista....Aavjo...Alvida...Bye!!!

There's a good news and a bad news for you. Which one do you wanna know first... Good or Bad?? Er.. Well, I'll decide, because you can't answer!! The Good news is that this is my LAST (*sob sob*) post until CAT and the Bad news is that this departing post is gonna be really really long. So no need to take your sedatives, if you're used to taking them for sleep. There's so much to say these days....! Ah! Haven't spoken to anyone from the Homo sapiens species since weeks! (Not counting the various positivity lectures I've been giving)So am back to my new best friend...my blog! Now, my blog didn't have much of a choice in being forced to be my best friend!! Finally managed to get one imaginary, non living friend in this lifetime!! My blog also doesn't have an option, unless the Celeron or Dual Core or whichever processor I have realises that it can hang itself to save it from the torture(Figured the pun... no... dyslexic? or Sonal Chauhan IQ types??)!! But not everyone has the brains na!!!

Now, I've been talking about CAT ever since I started blogging, but the main question remains ...why do I talk about CAT when I'm not too serious about it this year?!? I mean, yeah, I've been studying on and off for it since a year, but I'm still not seriously giving it.This is my graduation year, so kinda held up with it (I'm not studying for it citing CAT reasons is a different story altogether!!). The thing this year is that íf I get a decent enough score this year in any of the CAT/CET/SNAP/IIFT/NMAT, I'll take it.... if not, work for a year at Ankita's (Anki... please don't take the job away,you promised me....giving economy crisis as a reason... I'm banking on you babes!!) or maybe do a diploma in writing or something like that and then give CAT again and have my sis teach me Quants. Or rather, much simply, just ask her to go and give my Quant paper in CAT in 09... I'll give DI and Verbal myself. I dare not ask her to do Verbal for me. Engineer afterall!! Thier verbal is as good as my Quants! I tried asking her to give my exam for this year...but she refused...she says she wants to study for her exams!! Why isn't there a Raksha Bandhan for sister-sister... I could blackmail her yaar!! So if CAT does come out of the sack, good for the IIM's for I'll go there, otherwise, it'll have to wait! (So much for optimism!!)

Don't know why but this IIM bug has come again...for some reason. I had made peace with the fact that I may never go there...(there's something called as DREAMS and something called as REALITY.... and never the twain shall meet) I'm not being pessimist, just being pragmatic. Yeah, about the IIM-A bug biting again... it was this one pic of IIM-A lit at night that I just saw in one of the blogs I was reading and I just felt... Ah! Nirvana!! Ok... no more dukhi CAT stories! Maybe I'll encourage my sis hard enough for that one IIM seat for herself... maybe then can I wash off my sins for not letting her take a drop and go to Kota for her IIT-JEE.

I'm watching a lotta movies these days saw Andaz Apna Apna for the zillion raised to infinitieth time, for an hour only,but still, that counts! Saw the ending of Taare Zameen Par and got shivers down my spine. I was just wondering that reverse TZP is happening with me! I was a rather intelligent(modesty be damned!) kid bachpan main, but now I feel I've become dyslexic!! It's so difficult to comprehend (read rather) the question papers these days!! And more difficult to comprehend my friends' jokes!!

I also saw U Me Aur Hum... the entire movie. Saw it for the first time... and I loved it.... it was so touching. Shit!! Although it was a bit like the Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler starrer 50 First Dates, it wasn't totally lifted. It was so touching to see a guy care so much for his wife, who forgets him every third second. Creepy... to forget things!! I can say this by experience, because I always prided myslef as being a person who'd remember even my best friend's friend's boyfriend's best friend's birthday (Yeah, I've actually remembered this guy's birthday!) and now, I've started forgetting my close friend's birthdays...and they have to call up and ask me the date 5 times before I register!! Dyslexia...Amnesia...Alziemer's?? No, Schizophrenia, my friends would say!! And now I forgot Irfan Pathan's birthday(I remembered after 2 days!!)!! I mean how could I forget HIS birthday!!??!! I just hope the people whom I've tortured into remembering my birthday aren't reading this!!

Coming back to UMAH, if you haven't watched it, please do. It's not a masala type movie, but a very romantic one... realistic too, a bit. And Kajol's acting is worth a million bucks... The scenes when she forgets-remembers-forgets are enough to give you chills. Check the scene when she forgets her baby in the bathtub and the baby drowns... and also the scene when she asks her hubby to let her abort the kid... after she's had the kid. She also forgets she's pregnant in the labour room! OMG!! Chilling!! And the title song has the best lyrics I've heard in a long time... Apne rang gawaen bin, mere rang mein ghul jao, Apni dhoop bujhaye bin, meri chhao mein aa jao Oh chalo yoon kare,Tum, tum bhi raho, main, main bhi rahoon Hum, hum bhi rahein Oh tum, tum bhi raho, main, main bhi rahoon Hum, hum bhi rahein Teeno mil ke saath chale Saathi janam janam, u me aur hum..... I cried in the movie...and I don't cry in movies!! I didn't even cry watching SRK die in Kal Ho Naa Ho... when my crush on SRK was at its peak!! Actually my crush on SRK was at its peak for 5 years.... all through secondary school!! So it was more like a plateau peak!!! Now, I don't want a guy who can sing on a guitar to woo me... I'd rather want a guy who'd be ready to woo me everyday.... everytime I forget him, If I were to... By now you would've guessed where the fantasy to woo me with a guitar came from... SRK...DDLJ... his mandolin... A mandolin is like a gareeb's insaan's guitar man! So I wanted a guitar (classy, ain't it?) and no sarso ke khet.... a high end restaurant would do!!

Now I've been watching movies(one full + 2 quarters!), sleeping a lot and studying and hardly talking these days (my phone's always in a remote corner of the house... and my bloody Samsung ringer is so faint that I can't hear it anyways!)....sure signs of: I'm bored, lonely and depressed. Depressed about exams, bored of exams and lonely at home... of being alone at home when your family is holidaying!! Shit man... I'm regretting the decision of not going with them... my friends are addding salt to injury by chiding me for not going,my parents literally begged but I said CAT... and my mom was like. ... You aren't even giving it seriously then why study?!? Ah! My parents are so cool about my CAT and here I am rotting my brains over it, unneccessarily! My Mom also remarked that after this holiday, there won't really be time for all of us to hang out together and I rubbished the idea saying there's so much time...(I feared it would go down the *shaadi* topic again!) but seriously... where's the time??? My MBA... my sis's Engg then her MBA and THEN shaadi.. where's the time?!? And I don't even remember the last time we holidayed together... if those chindi weekend trips to Lonavla and the likes aren't taken into account. Had gone to Goa last.... in the summer of 2006!! Then in 2007 (freak been almost 2 years?!?!?)I went to US alone as my sis couldn't bunk her IIT classes and now they've gone alone as I cannot not prepare for CAT. And I'm not even doing that... I'm blogging!! Ah! Come soon folks...!!

One thing I observed is that one should never marry outside their languages. I'm not a narrow minded bigot or anything, infact I'm so cool about inter-caste marriages that my *aunties* think that I have a non Gujju boyfriend, also because I'm always taking my cousins' side when they talk about their non Gujju love interests! I said so, because it's so frustrating to not be able to follow the language your guy's relatives talk in!! All you can do is wait for one English or Hindi word to be able to guess the rest of the sentence! You don't even know if your ma-in-law is bitching about you... you might be smiling all the while when she'd look at you and talk!! Well, these are just assumptions... the real thing might not be the same! Don't ask me... I'm the most inexperienced person where relationships are concerned!

The third Test has started between India and Australia. I know people who know me know that I don't really like Dhoni like I like Irfan... but I like that guy's leading ablities.... he's cool, he's smart, he's shrewd, he knows how to get things from players, how to respect them, how to chide them when they err, how to give it back to opponents and critics and out of work until employed by Hindi news channels ex-cricketers.... but most importantly he has faith and confidence in his players... something I respect him for! Hail Dhoni!! So now, why are they still going in with Kumble..? He's a great guy... but there's a greater guy present yaar! I really like Gautam Gambhir... he so cute... he looks like a rabbit... cho chweet!! And I loved the way he hit Watson while taking his run... I loved Watson too, during IPL, but I can't like him if he ain't playing for anything Indian. Good going Gauti.... Keep it up.... and the anger on your face when you said: Fucking Shit... to Watson made me say: Hai...main waari jaava!! Keep slamming the Aussies...both with the bat and the elbow!

Brett Lee ain't playing well, Irfan's not in the team (I can imagine Paras chaffing about it to me)... so no reason to watch the match. It's a Test Match anyways. But there was a time in my life when I was such a cricket fanatic that I had seen test matches ball by ball!!! One more thing my *aunties* thought would not get me a good guy. I say... this was one reason that WOULD get me a good guy... I mean which guy wouldn't want his girl who'd not stop him from catching a match?? I'd give him company... If he decides to quit watching cricket completely unable to control the jealousy wouldn't be my fault!!! And I don't know why my cable wallah doesn't broadcast Neo Sports... first he'll put movies like Girlfriend and Ab Bas types on cable and second he won't show me matches! I'm switching on to Dish TV... Don't be santusht!! At least that'll give SRK some more pennies in his over flowing bank account... if his ICICI account hasn't duboed in the recent crisis!

You won't believe it... people are actually buying my engineers-are-responsible-for-the-economy-crisis theory!!!(all of them are non-engineers was the reading between the lines I wanted you to do, but if you've reached this far in the post, I guess you are as dyslexic as I am hence the explanantion) So, can I expect the Nobel Prize for Economics next year....?!? please??

All you out-of-work/vella/free people.... go back to your work!!! The story's over!! Bye! I'll come back on 17th November... with how the CAT screwed 98% of the people who wrote it (the other 2% got in ....dumb!!) and a review of Dostana... I HAVE to watch it on 16th!! John...!!! Ah!! I still maintain that he looks better with clothes on!! I don't like six pack abs ...they're beefy and look so fake.... one reason I shifted from SRK to Imran Khan!! SRK... get back to singing on a guitar this time... you might win a fan (back).

Poems by Prasad


the road i walk on....choking me,so silent,
so serene...success which never dawned....
da failure which made me green....
a wind of dust arises upon da horizon...
showing the might of tiny beings..
forcing me to think what i've done....
the answers loud and clear.....
as i tremble with the fear....
as i hide myself behind the might of a mere tear...
questions i ask myself takes the pride outta me....
fisting it on to da dusty ground...
doubting the possibility of turning i to we...
excuses i give are worthless....
love isnt anyything if i am pennyless...
its me whom i am blaming...
its i who should be punished...
the fuel of pride is what that'll set me flaming...
as i'll arise from the ashes....
and save my life, my love before it crashes!!!!


As you lifted your mane,
u started a dangerous game..
it was like russian roullette,
when i placed in my bet..
your looks gave me such a thrill,
ur love went for my heart, for the kill...
your lips as soft as petals,
melts hearts made of rocks leave metals..
a body as pure as gold,with a serene beauty unheard,
untold..the way u flutter ur hair,
with utmost gracethose naughty eyes stare..man!!
they are mischievious,
glancing at em i cnt help goin derilious...
last night all i did is dream about u,
dark skies and green grass under my shoe..
there u came swaying in front of my eyes,
gave me warmth under the cold skies...
i caught u by the hips and took u in my arms,
bewitched by your beauty's magical charms...
but reality woke me up from my sleep,
and there i was left alone to weep!!!!


Ur eyes..
Sanity they defy..
I try 2 make out n I try 2 guess..
But my Knees go weak n I go helpless…
As black as da night sky…
But still I get lost as much as I try…

Ur eyes.
.Sanity they defy..
Thousands of secrets they hide…
Rebelling against da rules we abide..
Not having words 2 speak…
Still sayin everythn as they peek…

Ur eyes..
Sanity they defy..
Careless about da world which traverse by..
Giving looks which could make heavens feel shy..
Peer at me with the want of care..
Askin me questions abt da times of despair..

Ur eyes..
Sanity they defy..
Unable 2 bear the pain..
They look at me again..
Love is wat it asks with hope and fear..
As a pearl falls by in the form of a tear!!!!!!!




i love u,
like no one else will ever do.
i hold myself confronting,
but the bells in my head wont stop ringing.
how i wish you could feel,
the pain of separation inside dat i seal.
recent days pain has been pleasing me,
ur thots wont stop teasing me.
watchin da moon in the sky,
i remember da days wen i held u by.
once i wish it wer true,t
o do everything i could do,
to make evrythn fine,


where do i go...
i dont know...
as i take on da track
the shackles pull me back..
renaissance is all what i expected...
the truth is what got me mutated…...
all i do is dream by....
thinking of u i silently cry...
never a dull moment with you...
feeling of desperation without u...
this is all i feel...
this is where life strangles me and goes for da kill!!!!
where do i go ..
.i dont kno...
brains go bonkers and insane...
as a worrying twitch appears on my mane..
.life is cruel is all i've deciphered...
walkin all alone while mates cheered...
what did i do to deserve this??
as love punctures me with a poisonous kiss..
who said good comes after bad??...
what really comes after bad is very sad...
never put me in a position wer i gotta choose...
between u and lifes blues...
coz i will not leave u...
until da last breath i heave thru!!!!!
i dont complain about the tragedies life puts me thru...
walk with yor thoughts is all i do!!!!!!!!

Now, there's a real advantage of having blogger friends... you're saved of the efforts of opening a blog for yourself (by citing I'm-an-engineer-hence-I-don't-have-time/ I-have -submissions/classes/assignments/projects/presentations/midterms and all other shit!) as your friend who's mighty impressed with your new found writing skill offers to put them on her blog!
These poems are written by my friend Prasad... please do comment... Any which ways, I'm the only one who comments on his poems! (Perpetually free=me) Rao, if I don't get Hershey's for this na, then you watch it.

If any one wants to put up thier stuff here, contact me(after CAT). I'll accept Hershey's/Lindt/Godiva/ Cadbury Fruit n Nut as payment. Only these. No cash or cheques.

October 29, 2008


Sparks flew with a blow on the metal
Just the way as times pounded
Feelings crushed and cursed though made of petals
Anger and anguish unbounded

Never a thought of such times would come
A morsel of food not given
Eyes filled with tears and fear of lack of that greensome
A wish that remained forsaken

Stop pretending stop getting affected
Stop the love stop the pain
I wanna be big I wanna get resurrected
I wanna kill the old me and get cremated!!!!!!!

Foes and friends
Some angels some fiend
Whats needed is a whip on my back
To remind me that none’ll come to cope for what I lack

Lifes not what we want it to be
I’ll change it for good and you shall see
I don’t care about the worlds thoughts
Against them I’ll and have always fought

Stop pretending stop getting affected
Stop the love stop the pain
I wanna be big I wanna get resurrected
I wanna kill the old me and get cremated!!!!!

This is a poem written by my friend Prasad... do leave a comment!

October 28, 2008

Positivity and Cockroaches!!

My Blog's got a new look! Sexy n sleek...black... er..well.. that's what I think!! Bloody had to toil so much to figure out what on earth XML is! All I was taught in my IT class back in 12th was HTML! New new languages engineers come up with! Huh!! Anyways, I like the new look, do tell me if its nice.

I truly believe more than anything, CAT, is more of a mind game... you keep cool,be positive,have faith and confidence in yourself... and you'll do good... even in Quants maybe (well, I'm yet to try this!!)... You panic... and it's like Tu saala kaam se gaya!(people feel this song is inexecrable, but I like it!!) Maintaining positivity for 3 more weeks is gonna be a mammoth task... lets hope I'm able to do it. One thing in me is that I can't think negative... I have to look at the positive side of things..But, the main problem with positive people is that if they get negative... they take ages to get positive again!! Like, last year... when I had gotten negative.... And another problem with positive people is that nobody around them knows how to deal with them when they get negative!! Because for one, positive people have their own theory of staying positive, whcih nobody else undestands, and they won't get positive unless this theory is reiterated to them with CONVICTION!! And when I had become negative... I didn't know how do I explain that to people and they didn't know what was going on in my life!! But, thankfully, I came out of the negativity and got positive again(took 3-4 months, but was out of it finally!) But, by far I think, the most important thing in life is not to EXPECT... I had began expecting things in my life, something I never did until then, and all hell broke loose. So one lesson I've learnt is simply not to expect and accept whatever you get! There are certain things you can't fight. Fate... for example! BTW, my Orkut horoscope for today says: Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life !!!

But there's one thing that I'll always be negative about... the fact that I can conquer over my fear of cockroaches!! Again, I was held at gunpoint by a cockroach...flying one at that! I don't understand why do cockroaches have to attack(!!) me when I'm alone at home or people are sleeping?!!? Bloody and they don't even go easily!! My grandmom, who threw the cockroach out, was actually laughing hysterically at me when I was jumping on my bed and shouting like a moron for the cockroach to be thrown out! Give me a PI at IÍM-A where the panelists would grill me on Microprocessors or worse still, discuss the GDP and GNP of Guatemala and be in a room with a cockroach for 10 secs... I'd choose the former... atleast the people in the room are humans!!

Huh! Only if God never created cockroches! But whatever... as long as I have people around who can throw off cockroaches, I don't mind! Time to go back to Quants ... no.. I'll do Verbal for a change today!

October 24, 2008

Engineeerrrrsssssss ......aaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!

I know I've been blogging a lot... I mean 2 posts in 3 days... with CAT roaring over my head... but on second thoughts, it really doesn't take a lotta time.... just 30 minutes max... and anyways I'm not one of those people who studies 23 hours a day that I'd worry about half an hour gone doing timepass. Also, Í don't talk on the phone now so I can time pass a bit!. Hah! Finally, feeling good after blurting it out that I'm not actually wasting time blogging!

Listen to your elders. And more importantly, listen to what your elders say. They say, " Don't count your chickens before they hatch" So please don't act over smart and start counting them, like I did!! My Goa IV is cancelled. And it is cancelled in such a way that I'm left to wonder if I'd have an IV at all! I was actually singing aloud yesterday and teasing my sis that I'm going to Goa!!Shit...this is not done! Listen to your elders, Nupur!! Does listening to your elders also mean listening to your mom who's always been right about you and you've always disobeyed only to regret later on, to not do an MBA now, that the MBA bubble too, has burst!? No MBA.. mom what will I do otherwise?!?? Creepy, to say the least... even the mere thought of only one degree ,...that too, well, which is like er..well BSc in the end! But maybe, I can go to UK/USA... those blondes revere BSc grads!! Only because they don't know what vella we've maroed in degree college. Now "vella" reminds me how baffled my Dad is whenever he spots Punju words in my speech... he's puzzled over the fact that I'm the first person who learnt Punjabi in Mithibai College(It's a place where even a Martian would turn Gujju!)!!! Dad... well, that's what happens when you're with Aanch the whole day!

I got my CAT center... some God forsaken place in Bandra East.. IES college or something like that! Bandra... Ah! Fond memories! But while I was at the IIM-A website checking my CAT details and stuff, I don't know what bug got into me and I decided to check the student profiles. I was kinda bamboozled and a bit angry. Figure this, for the 2008 batch, 74% students were engineers and in the 2009 batch... a whooping 89% were engineers! Holy Shit man!! In both the years, there were only 3% science grads! Now 3% of around 850 open seats would mean around 26 seats..... and I have to battle it out with 3 lakh aspirants... bloody engineers and IITians included to get ONE of the 26 seats!! FUCK!! And to top it all, I need to CLEAR Quants!!! Life has never been meaner. I also checked JBIMS' student profiles.... I must've gone uptill six pages.... and you guessed it right... all B.Techs and B.Es!

I'm just pissed off with them! Arey yaar, you're getting placement even before you pass out.... please leave some jobs and some seats for us gareeb people also! Now, I've actually figured out the entire recession cycle....how it started... no it wasn't the competition amongst banks to stay afloat that they started lending to bad borrowers.... it wasn't the global food and crude oil price rise, no it wasn't even real estate slump.... it was the ENGINEERS.... bloody who asked them to head banks and become investment bankers...... they should be building bridges and dams and things like those! OK.... I'll stop this anti-engineer bashing of mine before my engineer Dad, sis and friends come and wipe me off the face of Earth!

After looking at those figures, I was actually wondering why I am not an engineer. The most optimistic step that I had taken in my life was to buy engineering college forms and shell out 500 bucks per form, even when I knew that with my math and physics, I'd need at least 64 sems to become an engineer. I wonder how I passed class 12 Math and Physics... I did....like all other Bio students did....by rote! My sis till date shudders when I ask her to explain the Theory of Relativity to me..... she tried doing so a year back when she was preparing for JEE.... she spent 2 hours trying to drill in things in my brain... and the next day, she went crying to Mom that by trying to explain Physics to me..... she forgot hers!!! Ok... hyperboles apart... I'm not that bad in Physics, that I'd shake someone's basics...but I did manage to ruffle a few feathers!! So I can't utter the P word anywhere near my sis now!! And my sis won't utter the B- word... Biology of course!! After all, you can't beat the college topper in Biology in talking about Bio!!!

How much ever I may rant about engineers... I like them... they're are better than commerce grads at least! They have an iota of brain more than them.... and like you know... there's no bigger turn on than intelligence(and chocolates!!)!!! My guy has to be a tall, handsome, rich, engineer, Gujju guy.... Ok... now I know why I've been single since I landed on Earth... TALL, HANDSOME GUJJU all in one guy..... haha!!! Jokkkkesss!!!! LOL!!!

October 23, 2008

Go Goa!!

Bored yet again, so I'm back to blogging and whiling away my time royally! It's been exactly a week since my birthday so now the birthday hangover's over and I'm back to planning for other people's birthdays!!

Karzzzzzz.... as expected is a no brainer with the lead actors having a combined IQ less than George Bush probably! I guess the n number of z's were just to emphasize on the mental and physical state(that of sleeping and snoring) the audience would be in if they watch the movie and like I always say... IF is a very big word! Thank God it didn't release on my birthday.... I would have to hide in shame had that happened. And latest what I hear is that Himmesh wants to now try working with established heroines...!! Ouch!! May the force be with us to stop us from committing suicide looking at the beeline of movies having Himmesh and Harman!

One of the reasons I think Sarah Palin is in the VP race is because she is a stunner and McCain thinks that only that can at least provide him some hope if winning against Obama! I mean ...what was McCain thinking?? A former beauty queen for US Vice-President?!?! And that too a blonde chick...aunty rather?!?? Haha!! An blonde American beauty queen as the VP...! God save America and the world! She spent like 74 lakhs on her clothes for campaigning... Can someone tell her running a country is a much more serious business than walking the ramp?!?

Chandrayan I was successfully launched. A clap-clap moment for India as she is he 6th country in the world to do so. The budget for Chandrayan I was about 400 crores... the cheapest and 1/10 of the telecast rights of IPL! Only if BCCI give up a share of the money for R and D, we can be the first country in some other mission. I know, it's kinda great to launch a lunar mission and all... but I don't get the point! I mean there are so many of them launched already. And what do you want to do by knowing if there was/is water on Moon? Send Jack and Jill to fetch a pail of water?? What's the point in wasting money...rather feed hungry kids... India also ranks 66th in a list of 88 countries on the hunger index.... Food and not water in another part of universe is a basic need... at least that's what was taught in school.

The only good news I can see coming is my IV in late November. Most probably to Goa.... I really hope it's Goa and not Hyderabad....!! I've already made plans for Goa. Going to Goa for IV and that too to Kingfisher Beer factory.... the only plus point of doing Biotech! Haha!! I wonder if we'd get free samples! *wink wink*. Aanch... don't fume... I won't drink! But, on other thoughts, this is the only time I'd get to go to Goa with my friends.... and like Ayesha Takia said in Socha na Tha, when she and her friends had gone to Goa to holiday: " Yeh do din jo mile hain.. pura enjoy karna hain...pata nahi kal kis bhondu se shaadi ho jaaye aur life ko enjoy karne na mile!!" I know, my shaadi is far away... but still enjoy karna hain yaar life ko!!! And yeah, if you haven't seen Socha na Tha.... please jump in the nearest pothole.... it's a very sweet movie... trust me, you'll fall in love with the movie!!

Ah! I want to see Socha Na Tha again... maybe I'll download it.... yeah... don't scream...will download it after CAT!!

October 17, 2008

My Birthday Chronicles!!

*It's more like a THANK YOU post!!!*

Turned 20... Just one more year to be able to walk with pride and an identity proof into the Vegas Casinos and tell those bloody Americans, that I'm 21... and now, I can gamble!! So no more taking rounds while others are playing!! But, I till look like a 15 year old.... and still there are chances of the police coming to verify if my marriage is a child marriage! But jokes apart... I'm 20... freaking 20 years of my life just went past!! Gosh!! And now, all my aunties ... have got a new job... "Nupur, it's time to get married!!" I mean what??? Chill Aunties!! Am so glad my parents aren't of the "aunty" mentality! One of my friends also joked by saying, " You're 20, have become big, toh please 2 mahine baad, don't tell me ki ladka dekh liya, pasand aaya, shaadi main aa jaana!!" No ways... not so soon!!

I had the most amazing birthday this year! It all began on the 15th. Firstly, my stupid Biotech exams got over... with the entire class scoring an average of 8 marks on 50!! Well, the average, I think shot up from 2 to 8 beacuse of Aanchal's marks!! After the exams, went to Pizza Hut and had pizzas and didn't eat anything for the rest of the day... that must say how much I (don't) like Pizzas.Apetitte upset!!! Went to Worli, Campus Junkie's office to collect my cheque. I got a cheque.... 1925 bucks!!! Wow!! my first cheque came one day before my birthday!! the cheque tihng was great, I mean I've earned 10 grands before too, but, the CJ cheque was special... maybe because it wasn't 'charity' as my sis sums up my previous earning experience!! But the cherry on the Blackforest Cake was the stack of visiting cards I got... MY visiting card...!! With my name and details and designation and stuff!! Wow!! !! Just in the morning I was asking Ankita for her visiting card and in the evening I got mine!! Ankita, now even I can tell my kids when they're 20 and useless, that "Jab main tumhare umar ki thi and stuff!!" I'm still useless now even after I have my visiting cards is another story in itself!

It's just how a mere scrap changes your life. One scrap from AJ to me, asking me to check out his blog, his first time at blogging, which gave me the inspiration to blog. Another scrap from me to Manalee asking her blog address and giving her mine. This changed the world!! The pushing and the faith Manalee's put in me to write actually made me sit up and think that maybe I can actually write and not just write for TP... ! So Thank You AJ and Manalee! And AJ, Thank You for giving me my first international call on my birthday!! Thank You, Rads and Rao, for coming to Worli with me, to be a part of my happiness.... Thanks! You know what guys, getting lost in town, taking the Chowpatty bus to go to Vile Parle, with the peechewali aunty laughing at us, with no balance prepaid phones and a billing phone with no battery and wondering what to do... was amazing bliss...cause it was with 2 of my bestest pals! I'm still wondering why you guys don't want a treat from me?? I was literally begging you guys to take one!!

Come 16th....my birthday yipee!!! Something's wrong... something definitely wrong, a person who never gets up before 10...11 sometimes, actually got up at 7.30 for no apparent reason... and for the first time in my 20 years, I must've gone to the window and brushed my teeth. What do I see outta the window?? Rads and Rao at the gate of my building waiting for Pooja!! So now, I get what "submission" Rao had early in the morning.. and I was thinking that Sem V for engineers is really tough!!! No wonder my mom, who had been party to the entire thing, was shocked at seeing me wake up so early!! It was a looooooooveeeeeeeelllllllllyyyyyyy surprise, though I kinda caught you guys, but still, I loved it... and the cards and Ferroro Rocher was amazing!! I love you guys!! Even though I got two "I'll disown you if you go out with him" warnings, still it was great. And adding these two to Aanchal's warning, makes it three warnings if I even think of going around with the latest crush of mine, so I guess for my best friends, I'll have to crush my crush! Sob sob.! It's at time like these when I feel that my "aunties" are angels!! Add to that, one more warning from Aanch, this one in the name of God, to not go out with a guy I don't like..... Aanch, 20 years, I've not wasted for him!! Anyways, Thank You, Radhika, Prasad (see, I've started giving you izzat!!!) and Pooja. Esha, we really missed you!

First Aanchal, then Hetvi and then Ankita... all of them excusing themselves from coming to meet me. I knew, for sure, somehow, Aanch would come, and Hetvi and Ankita, I knew were bluffing...Aanch did come... 20 minutes is also a big time Aanch. Thanks honey. You know, 20 minutes with someone you love is like 20 years... for me your 20 minutes was what do I say... touching, and the fact that you had to brave a lot of odds to come, made me feel special, Thanks!!

I thought you were bluffing Ankita..!! But health first... I would've been guilty all my life had you come sick on my birthday.. it's ok... missed you... and yeah, your hug is pending... the visiting card hug!! I loved the gifts.... the HAN India Pvt. Ltd mug with the photograph of it's 3 founders... Hetvi, Aanch and me... the lovely photo album with the zillion photos we've clicked in the past 4 months!! And a special Thank You for remembering that I was supposed to wear a shrug in Hetvi's party and chose the pics accordingly!! But you had written... Memories of Our Fav Blogger on the first page.... People don't know I blog... remember.... but it was ok...!! It's fun explaining and cooking up stories at times!! But people... you forgot to sign the book man!! And lastly.. the Nike deo...which Manshi remembered!! I mean WOW! I now have competetion for 'Who can remember better'!! Trust me, I had forgotten that you had just casually mentioned you'd gift me the deo on my birthday when I told you that the fragrance reminds me of my USA days!! Thank You, Amit for coming from Raipur on my birthday...! Never thought I'd thank you, but there's always a first time! And sorry, that Hetu shouted at you for getting the WHITE CHOCOLATE cake for me..!!! Next time, make that Ferroro Rocher Cake or Hershey's cake or Lindt cake... !!! Thank You everybody!!! The party's due and you'll get it soon.

All in all a wonderful day, and it was more special because everybody took so much pains of coming and meeting me, despite the transport strike... THANK YOUUUUUUUUU .... There were still people whom I wanted to meet, but couldn't but that's ok... maybe next year, I may meet them too.... Neha, Akshata, Manalee, Mansi, Jay... next year, better be there on my birthday!! I had promised a friend that this year I wouldn't cry on my birthday, like I had been doing due to some reason or other on my previous birthdays for 3 years... I cried this year too, Sorry, I broke a promise for the first time in 20 years.... but this time... the tears were because of uncontrollable happiness.... pure bliss!!! Love you guys... and Thank You!! Thank You also for letting me sing, even if I had the permission to sing only for a day!!!

The Blogger's Blogged it!!!

October 8, 2008

Depressed and Bored

Everybody reaches a level of saturation with things, and now I presume, I've reached mine... and that too... without actually doing anything. I really didn't know when and how I fell in love with CAT. Roting Biotech has become such a task..... solving MCQ's was fun.... at least we didn't need to draw diagrams.... or worse remember organic structures complex enough to send a rocket scientist into a depression that there's something more complicated than his job! I'm missing CAT.... yes Quants too!! But as in my life it's always been that the things I love don't really love me back equally.... so Bye Bye IIM dreams this year.... maybe next to next year, this time IF I still manage to preserve some patience and retain my grey cells, I might be posting from Ahmedabad....!! May the force be with me.

Now that "force" dialogue reminds me that I've still not seen Star Wars Episode VI.... Something I had promised my cousins when I left for India from US more than a year back. Lucky, if you're planning to download it, my pen drive's ready!

I'm bored.... of apparently everything.... people have suddenly become sooooo busy.... and they're not even giving CAT... wonder what they're doing.... oh yeah, I forgot... all of the people in my life are couples or semi couples... so now I know why they've been busy!! But still, don't you get bored of .... well.... each other??? No comments on my blogs (that's really really really depressing), the page hit counter moving ahead slower than time when Karzzzz promos are on air when all you've been waiting for is to catch Johnny in Dostana... no scraps on orkut... worse... nobody even comes online!! No replies to my calls and messages will be a subtle hint I'll have to take from my friends that I should rather blog... than talk! At least they have the option of not reading it! Campus Junkie's put up only 1 of the 13 articles that I sent... so that's depressing. And also the fact that they still want me to write (despite reading my egregious articles!!) and I have absolutely no time ( leaving aside 10 hours for sleeping, 2 hours for eating and 1 hour for coming online!) so let's see if I write ahead... maybe I'll do that....

So now, I'll stop boring and depressing people further by subjecting them to yet another non sensical, my-life-sucks post... so I'll go and and well... maybe study Biotech.... Cloning Vectors and DNA typing....!!! Why God why???!!!???

October 2, 2008

Ultimate Exasperation= Exams!

Life is just so boring. So monotonous. Get up (this is the most difficult task of the day!), answer Aanch's call of my day's plan, which never goes according to what was planned. Never. Then try to work out the dilemma of studying for CAT or to study for Biotech, after that's done, pick up something and study. Well, atleast TRY to study, before it's time to eat and sleep again. Get up again (Nooooo!!!!) and resist all the tempation on earth to call up people and blabber your way through, and try to make peace with either xeroxed notes (Thanks to PRP for saving my money!) or bad quality papered books from TIME! Then again eat, (No sleeping so soon!), watch TV, irritate my sis, listen to Radio Mirchi and solve Quants and then finally sleep, which is like my heaven!

One bad thing in me has always been my 'escapism' from things, from situations, from life sometimes.... This explains me jumping at the idea of going to US for 3 months.... ALONE.... bliss it was!! This explains why I understood when one of my friends mentioned that she's been sleeping a lot of late.... well it had to be escapism!!! I really dunno why I'm writing about escapism here. Doesn't really fit in here, but still, feels good to just be able to escape from things na!! I wish I could... one last time!!

I just hope this gets over soon.... terms, CAT, CET, SNAP, NMAT... whatever..!!! Oh I forgot to mention IIFT! So that after that I can BREATHE!!! And I really hope a lot of other things too get over..... Life jjust gets you to a point of ultimate exasperation where you don't care even if some realtions, for whose long life, you prayed all your life, get over. I want things to be done with. ASAP! Don't really care if they're evanescent like all other relations!

PS: Please go to www.campusjunkie.com , type Nupur in the search bar, read my article and rate it,...... please please..... I may win an iPhone if I get the maximum page hits.... please!!!