November 18, 2008

Aur Bhi Jahaan Hain Sitaron Ke Aage...!!

Finally THE CAT is over!! Phew!! Feeling so much better now! Got IIFT this Sunday... so will be comparatively free-ier after Sunday. So about CAT.. well I was the only person besides Aanch who was so happy after it was over. She was happy as she didn't let her panic attacks spoil her exam and I was happy for the simple reason that CAT got over. But, on second thought, in the end I had started loving CAT. I'm gonna miss it..!!

I never get tensed before any exam... just can't! But before every exam I'll be tensed about the fact that I'm not tensed and will eat my Mom's brain about it!! Yeah, I know I'm wierd! But, I tell you... don't reach the CAT center too early too.... its kinda intimidating!! I dunno why but it kinda just reiterated the fact that the exam is been given by 3 lakh other people! IITians, engineers, droppers included!! That freaks you out! And, the best thing to do in this situation is to have a chocolate. It calms frayed nerves. I was eating one even while filling up my exam details...!! Just can't give up chocolates for anything on earth... not even CAT!

And I was so happy that my class was a 4th grade class. It meant the benches would be of my size!! And they were. THe perfect height, the perfect back support. Just perfect! And when I looked around I could see people making their second and third failed attempt to get in those benches! And they were looking so enviously at me, as if I had "Already into IIM-A" written on my forehead!!

P.S: The guy sitting next to my bench was really cute. I couldn't help but throw a glance once every few minutes before the paper began... acting against the advice given by my friends to not to "BIRD WATCH" during the exam!!

When I saw 40 questions in VA... I could actually break into a victory jig looking at that! For once CAT helped non engineers... guess the paper setters read my blog! hehe!! I wouldn't have seriously had a problem, if they chose to pick an RC passage from the blog!! My posts are any which ways way too long, abstruse and boring! They can make real good RC passages!

I guess I'm the only soul on earth who found Quants easy. It really was. There were nearly 10-12 sitters. I solved 6 right... never before have I scored so much in QA!!! Had I 5 minutes more, I could have done 2 qtns more. So many qtns were from AIMCATS. QA was really easy... and if I can score above 20... it shows that 99% of the people can! I really don't know how they couldn't. People found DI easy. But, believe me DI was pathetic. Solved just 2 sets... and made mistakes in them too!!! And after the paper I came to know that the entire world solved those 2 there goes my percentile!! DI was fuckingly freaky! VA was less ambiguous. I thought I had a decent enough vocab until I read the qtns.... I felt dyslexic!! Didactic...diatonic...diastolic...ditetic....WHAT?!?? All in one question!?!? Maraoed a matka... and got it right!!

There was a point in life where I had given up hopes for CAT. And I was giving the exam only because I had paid for it and like a typical Gujju, I didn't want my money to go waste. But then I don't know why, this time, I didn't quit... didn't give up completely, like I always do... maybe this was one thing I learnt from Hetu and Aanch while studying... they never quit... they never said NO.... I tried this time... not quitting... and I must say I'm quite impressed by myself!! I tried... gave everytihng I could in the last month... though I knew that one month can't salvage CAT, but I tried... I won't get a call from IIMs... but atleast I'm proud that I came close... Maybe this was the reason I was happy..that I came... I saw... and I didn't give up...! Vini Vidi of the saying "Vini Vidi Vici" done.... maybe Vici will be done next time!!

I know I wouldn't have gotten a call but missing the DI cutoff only by a few marks... clearing QA and VA...hurt. I told Mom, that I'm missing it only by a few marks and I was really disaapointed because after coming so close, I didn't feel good to be still no where.. human tendency, I guess..I would've broken down when I told Mom the results... and she just said one thing... "Aur bhi jahaan hain sitaron ke aage" and I smiled.... she was happy with the mere fact that I tried... but as usual was late in beginning it!! Aanch, you're so damned right about me...!!


arshat.chaudhary said...

same here re.. feel so bad.. claring va and qa, but lost out on di.. gettin 115, while the cutoff is 120.. just one ques in di will get me thr!
sucks i tell u!

RETARD said...

aaaaah CAT blues yet again!
get over it!its ok!
it was a great attempt right?
i bet it was far better than wat u xpected!u underestimated urslf...u dint know u ARE good!dat shud make u happy!damn da human tendency!
if u still cant get over CAT do 1 for my CAT preparation next year!!!!:P
although im still confused weder to give CAT or not!

Nupur said...

@Arshat: 115!! Wow!! You might just get it... all IIMs have diff cut offs!! Congrats btw!!

Nupur said...

@Retard: Give CAT... It's not half as bad as we think!! Anyways you know Maths... so why worry?!?

RETARD said...

maths is 1 subject dat enables us to get KTs easily!atlst dats da case wid me!engineers suck at der maths syllabus im telling u!

ANWESA said...

well,dat was refreshing..if i evr sit 4 cat..oh,got butterflies in stomach,keep ur fingers crossed..
n yes,life will go on,iim-a or not..

Nupur said...

@Retard: Ppl get KTs in engg due to calculus... there ain't no calculus in CAT! (thankfuly~!!)

Nupur said...

@Anwesa: Yeah, life goes on...! And it must!