March 10, 2009

What They Say.... And What They Mean....

This is my 100th post!! Yay!! And on the 24th of this month, it'll be my bloggy's happy wala birthday!! yaay!! I'm happy! Finally some reason to be happy after a real long time! Now, happiness reminds me of how I got the best gift any woman could get on Women's Day.... Ranbir and Imran hosting the Filmfare show...!!I mean life couldn't get better you know!! I was so damned confused about whom to look at. But then, Ranbir, was definitely the scene stealer of the two... a complete charmer! Why on Earth is he with Deepika?? Guess, love, seriously is blind. Like someone needed to tell that to me! But, on second thoughts, they were not even close to being rib tickling funny.... SRK-Saif were waaaaaaaaaayyyy better. But then they have 20 years of experience, and no one... and I seriously mean no one has the wicked sarcasm combined with ready wit like SRK in the industry...that guy is just awesome! Now, SRK reminds me of Gauri Khan... and she reminds me that Aanchal feels that I look like Gauri Khan....same high cheekbones!!! Yay! But the only problem is that I don't have someone like SRK behind me.... and definitely no one to change cities for me! But then none the less, I'm happy...yeah right, Aanchal...after a long time.... one month 9 days!!

Ok, so on this auspicious occasion of my 100th post, I've tried to figure out what they say...and what they mean... Arrey... what She says and what She means.... and what He says and what He means... they, by no means mean what they say!!

She:        What day is today??
He:         *clueless* Umm...err... I ...err..
She:        It's our first-time-held-hands anniversary..... how could you forget it?
He:         Was I seriously supposed to remember that?? What am I...
She:        You forgot.... you don't love me anymore... 

She:         I'm getting bored.... talk to me na....
She:        Switch off that damned TV before I break it..!!

She:         Who's thinner.... my best friend or me... I guess she's put on weight....don't you think?
She:         Out with it.... I know you were checking her out yesterday....

She:         Am I looking fat in this dress??
She:        This question is just a reminder to you that you haven't really said something sweet to me since your team lost last week. 

She:         I hate all men!
She:        PMS. Period. Don't argue further if you love your life.

She:         *Finally*  I know, you don't love me anymore....
She:         Give me a valid explanation why you sent me only 59 I-love-you messages and only 41 calls yesterday..... as opposed to 70 messages and 60 calls the previous week. 
ME:         What?? Was the guy working for Vodafone... or was his last name Ambani??!?!  Wasted loser!!

He:           What's wrong??
She: Nothing.  *Golden silence*
She:          Nothing's RIGHT!!

He:          Brakes!!!!! 
He:      Brakes WITH the clutch.
Me:         Learning driving from a guy..... all the best!

He:          I love you na baby...
He: Can I now watch the match or rather can I now get to control the remote??

He:          No, I didn't find Priyanka Chopra hot in Dostana....
He:          I'm not in a mood to sleep with mosquitoes for company on the couch for blurting out the truth..... BTW, PC wasn't hot.... she was sizzlin' hot!!!
Me:  A guy who doesn't find PC hot in Dostana is definitely gay... come on man... I hate that dame... still she was HOT there!!

He:         I don't mind women drivers...I'm all for gender equality....!
He:        If your girl wants to learn driving.... don't come in her way!!!

She:       Wow! We're getting married!! I' so excited!! I can't wait for my NEW life to start...!!
He:         My freedom... everything's come to an END... E-N-D!! Tears...and beer!!
She:        I'm gonna leave old name and gonna take up yours.... I'm ending one life to begin another... and probably you're thinking that your life has ENDED.....!

It's just how you look at things you know....that makes life so interesting! 

P.S:      It's highly surprising how this post has come from a person who's never had a boyfriend!!! But  then life's about learning from others' mistakes!! *wink wink* !!

P.S 2:   Please put up with the alignment disorder.....I'm trying to straighten it... but to no avail!


AJ said...

nice!!! and i hate pc too but in that golden bikini,oh sweet jesus!!!

also,men love sharing info with women;which in other terms is called gossiping but i dont agree.Its just exchange of happenings occurring in the world ;-)

female you my best friends bf/husband bought her a gift/took her on a holiday/cooks sometimes/any thing that her guy doesnt do...and you are ekdum useless..seekho kuch uss se

i have to rush now,let me think of more like this...

kudos nupur!!

AJ said...

female: you know what*

manalee said...

hey...the thingy was jus helerious...lovely..its so so so sos the way u read between the lines...keep it up..

i could relate to it..cus i do some of it myslef..

Nupur said...

@ AJ: Could you rephrase what ypu wrote... kinda having a dyslexic moment here!!

Nupur said...

@ Manalee: Thanks yaar.... it's what I do when I'm with my couple friends...which broadly reads as when im with my friends!! So, now i know what not to do when i get a bf!

ankit said...

da brakin thing was excellent!!!!!!!!

Nupur said...

@ Ankit: Personal experiences always make for 'excellent' blog posts!!

Kuttsguru said...

Nupur i finally read ur blog..As the wise old jackasses say Better late than never..Gud one..The blog comes as a surprise from smeone whose NEVER had a BOYFRIEND!!!!!

Nupur said...

@ Ajay: I didn't get the pun!!!
and i seriously dont have a bf....its international news yaar!!

Chriz said...

good sense of humor..

congos for the centum... i scored a centum too in my 12th board exams in my second language " tamil"

100 out of 200

Nupur said...

@ Chriz: Thanks!!

RUCHA - half full said...

hey i really like this post..keep it up

Anonymous said...

@ Rucha: Glad you did!