January 7, 2010

Some Honesty!!

Yes! I'm back with a vacuum cleaner (don't worry it's not the one that was used to deliver Mona Singh's baby in 3 Idiots!) to clean up the cob webs that my blog has accumulated over the period of two months that I haven't stopped by here! MBA is taking a serious toll on my creativity! All the creativity I know these days is creativity in leadership.... the stuff that I learn in subjects like Perspective Management and High Performance Leadership!!! *Yawnnnnn*

I saw 3 Idiots. Nice movie! And I'm sure the entire world's seen it thrice already so no point in writing a review on it! But I really feel bad for Chetan Bhagat! Not getting due credits for your book hurts, and it hurts bad!! But in some ways, I still prefer the book. It had it's own charm. Vodka, weed and Floyd on the Insti roof.... the way Alok and Neha first met (I'm now so conscious of driving with bare feet that I don't drive at all with a guy sitting next to me! Ok...ok... I'll be honest... I don't drive with a guy next to me because all the men in my life are big time chauvinists when it comes to women drivers!!) everything in the book had its own sweet charm! No wonder it follows the Twilight series in my read-more-than-once list!

Ok. Phew! Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax! The mere name of Twilight is enough for me to start hyperventilating and start talking about it Oh! Edward Cullen! There's something about this guy...err vampire that just makes you go weak in your knees! I saw New Moon which is the sequel to Twilight and I loved the movie. Though I didn't like the way the entire getting-over-Edward was shown. Methinks it happened too fast and the pain that was there in the book was missing from the movie, maybe because Kristen Stewart looked doped,stoned and sexually starved in the entire movie! I can't wait for Eclipse to come out! That would be one hell of a movie.... Edward v/s Jacob....both fighting for Bella!! Lucky bitch that girl is!! Really looking for a Jacob in my life now *wink!*

I'm so glad this entire Farmville thing has reached its saturation point!!! I remember when the frenzy was at its peak, I was getting friend requests from guys. Now for a girl, that too hot at that (so much for self love!!) getting desperate I-wanna-MAKE-frandship-with-you requests is not unheard of! But in the Farmville fever, the kind of friend requests I received said something like please-add-me-I'm-not-interested-in-frandship-I-just-want-a-neighbor-for-my-farm!! Man!! This hurt my ego real bad! Now my display pic is hotter than ever!!! But in all this social networking thing, I really feel bad for Orkut! Because of Facebook, Orkut's become like the illiterate man's Facebook!!! But I also miss taking inane quizzes on Facebook! I'm sure had they still been in demand, one of the quizzes would be like 'What Farmville Animal are you?!' or 'What would be your Farmville level when you die!'

I admit that I've been a social networking sites addict (the frequency of my status updates on Facebook would prove that), but I don't know why, I never got the Twitter bug. Methinks it's for people who are really really really jobless and to hide that joblessness, they try to attract attention!!! Which I think only shouts out loud that you're totally jobless! I admit I'm also jobless and have nothing to do, but tweeting is a waste of time!! (Ok, I'm sure you'd appreciate more honesty here.... I don't tweet because I'm too lazy to open one more website. Why take the pain when you can tweet on you Facebook status updates! See, I'm only really really jobless and not really really really jobless like those chidiyas who tweet every 5 nanoseconds!) I am so surprised to know that I have such a great fan following of people who love my status update and they wait to read it even though they understand head nor tail of it!! Time you guys form a group, 'We love Nupur's status updates!!' I promise you, I'll become a fan and will 'like' it too!! (I know, I'm in love with myself!)

Chalo, bye people, enough of being jobless, now you go back to your work and I go back to mine.... reading an entire week's Economic Times in the next 10 minutes (yes, training for CAT RC helps....anyways, at the 11th minute you reach a saturation point and can't understand anything beyond it, so why waste time!!). So I'll take your leave by giving you a piece of good news..... I, after being jolted of seeing my blogger rank fall, have returned to full time blogging..... ok, I'll be honest again, my ego's kinda hurt... think I'm getting a KT in my Communication Skills paper only because I thought it's not important to know how many lines are to left before and after the subject line and if the date and the complimentary close are to be on left for the semi-modified block or on right for modified block because according to me, communication meant getting your message delivered to your audience and them understanding it!! But who'll explain this to the Mumbai University!!! I need Baba Ranchoddas!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back dear !! Your entry was good but for some reason you were not able to anchor me till the end .. but i must give u 10/10 for your come back .. missed your blogs .. thanks !

Nupur said...

@ Anon: Hoping I get better in future!!

Nupur said...

Correction : Hari and Neha ....not Alok and Neha!! Sorry....getting too bored to edit the post!!

Arslan said...

Fun as usual. And welcome back :)

Pavitra .... said...

Hey welcome back!! Loved the post1 Awesome comeback!!

Samudra said...

1 thing at a time.

1. Welcome back!
2. I dont know if you do this intentionally, but HOLYSHIT!! I went blind trying to read your post on Google reader! Can you please use a darker font colour? Please?
3. Twilight. ("Oh God!! Not again!!" *blows his brains out* )
4. You got Farmville fraandship requests?? :D Awww. Poor you.
5. Why the hell am I writing in points?
6. Eh... why not?
7. You really love yourself, no? Good. :)
8. To be honest, I caught the Twitter bug only when I quit my earlier job. But its not only for the jobless. (NO REALLLY!!) It is actually serious business. And awesome for asymmetrical networking. And even more so for MBAs. Its awesome for getting access to new resources, to find out new trends in your field, and simply unmatched in terms of access to people (So far, I have gotten replies and feedback from Barkha Dutt, Pritish Nandy, Imran Khan, Gul Panag, Chetan Bhagat, and some more I dont remember). You can follow harvardBiz, Michael Arrington (founder Techcrunch), seth godin and other illustrious people such as samudranb :P
1 example of twitter driving serious business is this : http://bit.ly/378ii8
9. I know you are trying to get a KT in communication skills, but do you have to practice on your blog? I gave up trying to understand what that last para meant, after the third attempt!
10. Welcome back once again. Do write more! :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Nupur said...

@ Arslan : Thank you

Nupur said...

@ Pavitra : Thank you!!!

Nupur said...

@ Samudra:
2. Try coming to my blog and reading it! Google reader has a white backgrnd....my blog has a black one!! And trust me, the colours won't hurt your eye here!
3. Nothing to Twilight!!
8. I still maintain that people tweet to get publicity!!
9. The last para meant that acc to our education system, comm skills is more about knowing how many lines to leave after and before subject etc and its not about being able to communicate your message! Hope you got it now!

Nupur said...

@ Anon: I know my older posts sucked!!!

spirit_alive91 said...

Hey Nupur I totally love ur posts. They have a mix of humor n honestty... Plus Im waiting for u to complete ur story...The track is wonderful..I hope u move to d nxt chp soon... keep blogging :)

purplefish said...

you should write more oftn as ya used to!

Anonymous said...

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blunt edges said...

good 2 see u back...n even better 2 see the insanity intact ;)

ankit said...

hey welcome back......nice 1......hopin 2 c more soon!!!!!