January 14, 2011

Wanna Make A Fraandship?

Since the advent of social network websites like Orkut and Facebook, people have been flooded with 'friendship' requests. I'm not at all one of the hot types, but still, I get weird friend requests.So, I don't even wanna know what the hot types must be going through!! Here's a list of some of the requests I've received.All of them are real. It is their creativity talking, not mine!!! And every request is by a different person!! Wow! I'm so much in demand! I love it!!
  • hey nupur really sorry to send this message i dont weather  u the same nupur i met in shimmer [malad] on the 31st was waiting for u 4 hours out side shimmer please accept my friend request if u the same nupur and if not am sorry for the message call me on **********. {Now, with this person what I don't understand is how could he wait for 4 hours for a person and still not be sure of how she looks. Come on man, you could've given a better, more credible excuse!}
  • Hiiiii,,,,,,,,,
    Can We Know Each Other
    Then Let's Decide 4 a Friendship {People like him give birth to the concept of 'arranged friendship'}
  • Hi.....Wary nice your photo.....&.....your smile....{ 3 different people have sent me requests having the same phrase 'WARY nice smile/pic. Wary is different from very and it means cautious...so I feel me smile/pic makes people cautious of befraanding me!}
  • Hi, Nupur....
    This is Sheetal  from Mumbai. Can we be friends. {This was the limit!! Girls adding me!!}
  • hi thr howz life
    can i know ab u
    ur smile is ur asset {My smile is my asset and my nail scratchings to other people a liability that I have to pay off!!}
  • {This one was a killer piece} hey miss bhayain./ hie. ssup ??/ how u doin..?? i wish everything fine at ur end..!!!well this is mohit from kolkata.. shifted to mumbai a couple of month back..!!! was jst goin thru frds profiles. .somehow came acros u.. was delightd to knw th cute gal is from mumbai.. hope we can b in touch..

    by th way m not goin to say like all othr weird pickups... like hii ... ur beautiful.. ur sexy.. ur eyes r gorgeous n all bla bla... nor wil i say like to b frds... i understand u mst oftn b experiencing this.. sometimes u must be amused by the weird starts.. sometimes very irritated.. n u wonder from where out of blue someone is adding u n want to b frds..! bt i wud rather say... lets start off with a conversation... gradually we may knw each othr... n in the process we may end up being gud frds.. may be not... wat say ??? i do expect a reply from ya.. {People have time to type so much for random people and I thought I was the only one was jobless right now!And the bozzo can't even Ctrl C+Ctrl V my name properly!!}
  • hey hi dear .sorry ti dist u .i no u dont know me.actually me new on fb n here for good frdship .no other thoughts.i m not asking urr number or address.just a small chat on net thats it .n i dont think so is there any harm to chat on net.pls do send me frd request n be my frd.pls give me one chance n reply me back n ha u look very pretty.sorry if i hurt u in anyways {He's active enough to type so much shit but lazy to send a friend request and expects I would do that! Wishful thinking, dude!!}
  • hey hi nupur.........cn i ask one things? {This is the only request I replied to. Me : Yeah, go on, ask me ONE THINGS and then I never got a reply back!! I'm still wondering what was the ONE THINGS he wanted to ask me!}
  • hi nupur u look hot yr..........frnds???????? {Works wonders for my ego!!}
  • hi nupur 
    howz ya?
    i wanna knw abt window live massenger ........can u halp me abt dis {I didn't know I was paid by Bill Gates to be the 24x7 live technical support to random despos on Facebook!}
  • Hi,
    I want to be your friend. I would like to invite on Farmville. {
    How could Farmville and Facebook stay away from one another?}
  • hi
    hwo r u?
    kya huwa phechane nhi kya
    abhi kuch din phele hum aapke collej me aye the
    tabhi humne apko dekhe the
    so plz add mi {
    I'm wondering how this person came to know of my name just by looking at me!! Total creep!! And apparently it turns out that he's my junior in college and complains that I don't meet him !! Total creep raised to n!}
  • hello goddess....i wish i cud kneel down in front of u...on my knees.....and kiss ur used sandals.....:) {OK. Kiss my sandals and then buy me a new pair!!}
  • Hey ...I would love to talk to you and know you. Hope we can be friends.

    Just a bit about me-

    I am into consulting and completing my last sem of MBA from University of Melbourne. Right now doing my final summers projects with a company in Mumbai.

    I love partying, reading, movies and long drives :)

    Well …tell me about yourself? what do u do? What do u like to do on weekends? Etc.

    Look fwd for ur reply. Till then take care. {Perfect ad for shaadi.com!}

Happy laughing!!


Nashfi said...

Very Interesting, well articulated! KEEP IT UP!

Taran........ said...

hehehhee......nice one.....actually d 'happy laughing' types....good job...

johnincubus said...

I like the sandal one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its coz of son of bitches like this our names are gettin tarnished..........lol.......and look at the bright side CREATIVITY!!!!!!!!!1 ;-)

Nupur said...

@ Nashfi and Taran : Thank you!!

@Richi : Well, you could use this on women.... I won't charge friends for royalty!!

talha said...

hey nupur plz be my garlfraaand..hehahahaha this blog is too gud and ya even my windows messenger is not working plzz help me na....lol

Arshat Chaudhary said...

I am gonna say it and I am gonna say it loud - I wish I was a girl - and a HOT one at that - I wish my smile was my ASSET...
Girls get to have all the fun.. sigh...

Aamir said...

Haylo Nupur..I am so glade thet yuo rote daaun thi fraandsips rekwest inside yuor blogsposts...

GOD..the above took me 2 minutes to write...misspelling is tough :P

Although you told about this...glad you put it down...and as Arshat said, girls do get to have all the fun ;)

T@her Bp said...

Hey u hav told me this umptene times that random guys/ gals r sending you franship requests but I never thought in my wildest dreams tht u wud actualy write a blog on the same!!! Keep it up gal.... U inspire me to write!!! lolzzzz.... btw u shud reply to the sandal wala guy n ask him to buy u ur fav "Jimmy Choo" :P

Nupur said...

@ Talha : I don't date classmates ;-)

@ Arshat : Don't tell me you don't get female (stalker) fans!! If you don't, then you need to put even more romance in your books, trust me the female stalkers will follow!

@ Aamir : Girls have all the fun, seriously??

@ Taher : When have you taken me seriously anyways :-(

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

talk like this in peson and u can give russell peters a run for his money...

Nupur said...

@ Manalee: Thanks!! Comparison to Russel Peters!! Wow!

Samudra said...

@Arshat: Man! I know how you feel! I echo those thoughts totally. But then I remember about the last time I had to pee on a roadtrip...

@Nupur: No matter how many female stalker fans a guy has, it will always be less than the number of "fraandship" requests ANY average girl with all... ermm... body parts in natural proportions... would get. It is like comparing the population of Vatican City to that of India.

Nupur said...

@ Samudra : Oh!! The peeing part was bang on! That is better than getting a million of these redundant friendship requests!! Trust me!

ankit said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Now i know, how "desperate" are the guys and gals in our country to make friends!!!!! it is definitely too tough to be a gal!!!!!

Hareem said...

Hi Nupur...i just came across your blog today. Your 'fraandship requests' are hilarious and I've personally received some variations of these myself. It made me laugh because today I received an unusually high no. of fraandship messages. I guess they are in season or something?

Nassh said...

hehehhehe i cant stop laughing i have gone thru this a lot liked the blog :)

Rachit said...

that's quite funny, I never understand why people add custom messages when they send request. Nice read :)

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