April 7, 2008

Main Tulsi Kiske Aangan Ki.......?

For people who've known me since my 11th std days, may think that I'm referring to one of the guys I've liked, but sorry to disappoint you folks.... this blog bears no resemblance to living or dead! This blog comes out of the exasperation that I feel when I'm married off everyday to someone in the fictional world! That makes me ask this question:Main Tulsi kiske aangan ki?!!

Why Tulsi, you may ask....Well, for the antics that I've been upto since the past year and half,makes my friends and their boyfriends call me Tulsi! Why I act like Tulsi is another SERIES of blogs altogether!Ok, on second thoughts, I'm flattered by my sobriquet "Tulsi"... after all not everyone has the guts to act like one in real life!OK so enough of immodesty,let' s come to the point i.e Main Tulsi kiske aangan ki?!!

I've been married to at least 5 guys....all fictional of course by my BELOVED friends! My college gang..Ajay,Aanchal,Ankit,Hetvi and the rest are planning to marry me off to some "Typical Patel" who'd be the world's biggest parsimonious creature!The other contender is a guy from my class(Whom I'd obviously not name!!)Rao wants me to marry Atal Bihari Vajpayee for some reason, that too in Nalla Sopara!!Jay wants me to marry somebody from UP/Bihar so that he can talk to me in Bhojpuri!!And he says he'd love to see me in a Saree with the ghungat and fluorescent orange sindoor with at least 3 kids! Ewww!!!!!!! Yeah. yeah I know I need to change my friends quickly! It is at times like these when I wonder Main Tulsi kiske aangan ki?!!

Its when after setting up all the possible people on earth with someone or the other(My Tulsi genes are work)you feel whom do you have?That one exclusive shoulder on which only you have the right to lean on and cry isn't even there,you have to make do with udhaar ke shoulders!!No, I'm in no way implying that I'm desperate for a guy... its just that sometimes, it becomes really difficult to avoid the VOID!! But then the next morning if not as cheerful as the previous one,is only more cheerful!! At least you know who all are your true friends and who all will not mind being your udhaar ke shoulders in your time of need! See,there's a positive in every situation!

But still one question I'd like to ask: Main Tulsi Kiske Aangan ki?? (I just hope my "aangan" is either in Cuffe Parade or Alta Mount Rd...the soil there is REALLY fertile for Tulsi like me to bloom!!!)


poo said...

i wuld like to marry u off to irfan pathan...u wuld like tht wuldnt u?!?!? lolz....i culd identify wid dis post bcoz even i m waiting for tht one shoulder to cry on!! :)

Kuttsguru said...

i think this comment will put to rest ur complaint that " KOI MERA BLOG PADHTA HI NAHIN....". But Tulsi..eh..Nupur i am sure u will get married to a patel(i have got this amazing astrological prowess).
Also, have u heard of a cactus found in the SAHARA desert which holds a potential cure for cancer.. I am not trying to increase ur G.K but am implying that it is not place or time or type of blossom that matters but
the difference that the blossom makes to smebody else s life that determines the value of ur bloom..
AND is the IRFAN PATHAN ur friend POO mentioned someone from AFGHANISTAN..hahahaha

PRASAD said...

ohh nups....nw, do u kno dat nalla sopara has fertile red soil in which "th reffered to holy basil" will not only bloom but is destined to bloom....n dnt wrry abt kids!!! atalji is already andropaused!!!!
well u could adopt one of my eleven...but obviously dey'll calll der dad as pardadaji!!!
oh dat wnt matter bcoz beauty lies within so jus wait for atal 2 do a sallu!!!!