April 14, 2008

The "Why-Me" Syndrome!!

The SC okayed the quotas...... lovely!! All the more reason for me to try for IIM-A in my next birth! I fail to understand the need for discrimination 60 years after Independence... And if there is a need for discrimination, why isn't it positive discrimination....???

Born with 46 chromosomes,not unlike other humans, still discriminated..... why? Because of one chromosome... just bloody one chromosome, and have to be discriminated for life...not positive that is! Discriminated,yes,we are..... but I don't see special quotas for us in educational institutions. The reservation in trains,buses etc thankfully offers some respite from the everyday head to toe "checking out" that we are subjected to.

Most of us belong to the "General" category who get no special favours such as subsidised fees or reserved seats.... why? Just a feeble attempt to undo the discrimination faced by the SC/ST/OBC's ancestors by the hands of "General" people's ancestors!Ludicrous, it is.... for you can't offer special privileges to people who have not suffered. I condemn the atrocities that were committed by my ancestors on the aforesaid ancestors but I don't think I have to pay for it by trading my "seat" with their descendants who have only seen privileges because of "one certificate". Why do we have to pay for something that we have not done?Rather than reserving seats, why doesn't the Govt. open many more institutions? There's no lack of land.... they can very well utilize one of the many malls, which are used mainly as afternoon picnic spots by families.

I really don't think that there should be any reservations for anybody... let everyone work up the ladder themselves.Let there be fair play. And there shouldn't be discrimination too.... we may be the fairer sex, but we definitely aren't the "weaker" sex. But then, hasn't this same thing repeated since times immemorial.... I only wish atleast the next generation finally opens its ears to listen to it and has the spine to stand up for it.


poo said...

well,i dont agree on ur views on d quotas...agreed,d quotas r not fair...tht's bcoz they r based on religion or caste but not on d monetary status of a person...religion is not a condition on which we can ensure fairness...bt quotas do help many poor but deserving candidates...also due to the corruption..quotas are now more hated then liked...this is my view after almost 50 discussions(in lectures)in college...also its a standing joke in xaviers & maybe in other colleges too...when asked who all are against quotas almost 90% raise their hands,but it is that same 90% who entered xaviers bcoz of the christian minority quota!!!
acc to me, d conditions for a quota shld be changed and also the leftover seats shld not be passed on to the next year...

poo said...

abt making more institutions...d govt wuld have to put in tht money...n just bcoz d land has been found,it does not ensure d success of d college!!!where r d teachers?where is d infrastructure?who wuld be ready to go to a new institution which has no name no standard in comparison to d other well known institutions?!?!?