February 24, 2009

I got an Award.... YIPEEEEEEE!!!

Yay.... lalalala... yuhu....yipee....!! If you're wondering if I've been hit by a truck and lost all my senses, sadly, you're mistaken..! I'm just trying to rejoice...! I've been awarded by Arshat  !!!! My first blog award...!! Yeah.. It feels good! And now that I've just seen the Oscars, I'm really into giving thank-you speeches and everything. So my speech goes like, "(very emotional... tears...glycerine induced, ready to flow...) Oh my God!! (my hands on my mouth...like those beauty queens) This is just so unexpected (I would've killed someone hadn't I got an award in this one month!) I'm...I'm so moved...I'm sorry...the tears aren't stopping... I'd like to thank... God, for providing obstacles in life, so that I could write about them and make fun of them. My parents... well, I thank them for providing the world with a precious gem, who'll bring world peace, reduce global warming, make Osama surrender...etc etc..! My sister...for...umm teaching me how I can use my nails...hehaw hehaw!! My friends...for having the clairvoyance of befriending me! AJ..for 'inspiring' me to blog. Manalee...for pushing me into writing. And last but not the least... Arshat...for giving me the award...my faith in humanity has returned... at least there are some people left to appreciate talent!!

Anyways, enough of my narcissist crap, I'll get down to business

Ok, so the rules for getting the award are 
a. Put the image on your blog
b. List 10 truths about yourself
c. Give the award to 5 other people
d. Provide meaningful quotation
The award reads "Fucking Fabulous Blog".

Waise toh, I've got this award because my blog is pretence-free and honest, so now I don't really know what truths about myself shall I reveal...! But I promise, all of them are true...obvio doofus... they're TRUTHS...they're supposed to be TRUE! Anyways, any case of heart attack shall not be blamed on the authoress. Yes.... scandalising secrets revealed ahead!

10)  For people who haven't noticed, "Like, you know", "It's like... you know", "Like" are my most used phrases. I've filed a lawsuit against Yashraj Films and Aishwarya Rai for plagiarising!

9)   I hate straightening my hair..!! But it's like childbirth... the process is laborious, but the end result is worth it! (I can see...imagine rather my college friends gasping for breath!)

8)   I never abused before 2007...! Seriously!! I was the quintessential convent girl! Still am, actually!

7)  Bachpan main when I was small, (I still am small even at 20... Damn the Gujju height genes!!) I wanted to be an air hostess...!! Then after some years, I wanted to be Shah Rukh Khan's daughter... I was just one step away from asking him to officially adopt me... the one step was that I didn't know how to contact SRK! Then in 11th, I wanted to be a doctor... till I got freaked by the sight of blood.... and yeah dissecting cockroaches! Then in FY, I wanted to be a CEO... until all B-schools unanimously decided not to admit me... and now, I want to be... err....well.... out of ideas now.... and professions too!!

6)   Contrary to point 7, I'm not at all an ambitious person...!! My only weakness... I'm too contented a person!!

5)   I wrote my first poem in 6th grade...! It was on friendship... And my mom didn't believe that I had written it myself and not copied it from my friend!! See, ghar ki murgi, dal barabar!

4)   I normally don't cry in movies... never cried when SRK died in Devdas and Kal Ho Na Ho... didn't even cry in Oye Lucky (to stop the screening, of course)... not even in TZP.... but the only movie I cried in was Na Tum Jano Na Hum. What? I'm telling you I really cried in this movie and you're laughing!?!? Rude! Yeah, I know, my taste in movies sucks!!! So, you can mail me your DVD collection, if you want!!
* For people who don't know... it had Hrithik, Esha and Saif.... and as usual, I had taken 15 people of my family to the movie... and by the end of the movie, 14 of them wanted to disown me and un-bequeath me from the will!

3)   I love watching K-soaps..... they're my daily laughter dose...!! I just love to see how melodramatic can some people's lives can be... and I think my life is filmy!! But, sadly due to pressure from my mom and sis, I can't watch them!

2)   I didn't really like Irfan Pathan the first time I saw him...! Yeah... you read it right..! I thought he needs a haircut sooner than anything on earth.... but then gradually over time, my love for him blossomed and now he's an integral part of my life...!! I wish the vice-versa was true as well... Ah! the pleasures of wishful thinking..!! Same for Imran Khan... I still think he needs an eye-brow job....! 

1)  If my college friends don't faint on this one, I'll have to conclude that they're the only shock-proof people on Earth!! I HATED gossiping before 12th...! I thought it was a criminal waste of time and never did it.. was not even interested in gossiping until everyone in junior college started gossiping about me and I started gossiping only to know what pleasure do people get in gossiping!! And, now, after 3 years of successful gossiping and bitching and being christened "The Gossip Queen" , let me tell you.... there's no bigger sadistic pleasure on Earth than gossiping!!! Yeah yeah, if you take a poll in my junior college.... I think I would be the most talked about person...! Seriously... the cat fights...the link ups... life for me, has really been filmy!! 

So, here were my 10 truths... hope you liked them! Even if you didn't I can't help it!!

About award-ing 5 other people... I'll keep it for some other time..!

And the quote.... well, I have loads.... right now, all I can think of is... "A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something"  A Gossip Queen's guide for beginners in gossiping!!


manalee said...

thanku for you enlightening quote...it has made me all the more strong with my opinion on gossiping..hehehe..wink wink...keep it up...U DESERVE THE AWARD!!..hail nupur

pooja said...

hey congrats fr d award....!!

Nupur said...

@ Manalee: It was my Fortune for Today on Orkut yesterday....!!

Nupur said...

@Pooja: Hey thanks a ton!

Tushar Mangl said...

Congo for the award
But u really cried in Na tum Jano na Hum???
My My, how can anyone tolerate that movie.
Nice compilation of the enlightening 10 truths.
its good to know some thing more about u.

Nupur said...

@ Tushar: Thanks... yeah I cried... I dunno how...!! Actually I was more scared about the bashing I was gonna get after the movie...!! No, to be honest, I felt really sad for Hrithik in the movie...!!

P.S: I haven't seen that movie ever again! Not that much patience in me!

shruti said...

hey congrats 4 da award!! bdw wats this award? n by whom is it presented? i know, arshat..but by any company or something?
u dint cry in TZP?? strange!

Nupur said...

@ Shruti: It's just a blog award.... given to me by a fellow blogger...!!
I don't really cry in movies...!

arshat.chaudhary said...

Fantastic post.. :)Enjoyed eevry bit of it!
"Then after some years, I wanted to be Shah Rukh Khan's daughter..." aawww.. cute!
I knew this was gonna be fun when you do it.. Thanks for accepting the award. Btw, how did NM go?

Nupur said...

@ Arshat: Thanks yaar... I also wanted to add... after even more years I wanted to be Irfan's girlfriend.... but then I didn't... !! Thought Imran Khan would feel bad!

Anyways,it is an honour, your award. And NMIMS thing was good... surpisingly...!! They'll surprise me more if they take me in!

डॉ .अनुराग said...

good !congrats....keep flowing

Aman said...

wow I am so glad I got here through Arshat's blog..You write really well and some parts were simply awesome..

AJ said...

hey congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I'm really happy for you( and happy that I 'inspired' you).But you had it in you,you really write well yaar. So please bask in your glory and celebrate the success.

PS - I kinda feel so incomplete without writing anything for so long!!!

PS 2- Continue your good work!Cheers

Nupur said...

@ Dr Anurag: Thanks!

Nupur said...

@Aman: Thank You...hope you like it in here!!

Nupur said...

@AJ: Yeah you've not written for long...!!! I guess it's been a year since you first blog.....I blogged for the first time on 24 March...so yours would be def before it..! You better get back...i wanna read sumthn abt life in UK...so start typing!

Anyways.... our pracs were superb! The viva was like a joke!!

AJ said...

Hmmm...I dont know when I shall return to writing but I will for sure..
I heard about the pracs...
great stuff...
i think ppl who have been torchured by this syllabus deserve a break somewhere down the line..Its just fair ;-)

Nupur said...

@ AJ: The second batch wasnt as lucky!

Harish said...

We actually share this award from Arshat! nd the acceptance blog seemed a bit similar to mine!!
And yeah, u do write well as I was told earlier :)

Nupur said...

@ Harish: Oh! congrats for the award!! I guess Arshat was just being sweet!!

Kuttsguru said...

ppl sure know how 2 blackmail guys..hmmmmm u truly deserved this award, it was long due..The next one will be a booker,,inshaallah..But seriously i never knew there existed a movie by that name..GUD mujhe dena yeh movie dena..Oh and people need to read a bit about the awards

Nupur said...

@ Ajay: As a matter of fact, there is Blooging's equivalent of Booker..called as Blooker Prize!! i hope i get that one day...!
P.S: This is what happens when you prepare for a PI!!