November 17, 2010

How Does She Do It???

I don't believe that I'm admitting this, but I must say that, I agree with men when they say it's really difficult to understand a woman! Being a woman myself, I don't understand them! Because it's more than just 2 hormones calling the shots for them! What that is, is something mankind or womankind will never know! From where does she get strength which is inversely proportional to her size? And how does she fucking do it!

For every time her crush got crushed when he made an appearance with his girlfriend, she has the hope, faith and the patience to wait for her Edward Cullen who'd want to show her off in front of the entire world. (The silver Volvo is just a bonus *wink*)

She may be one of the top 10% brains in the country but she'll be stupid enough to go against the worldly wisdom and practicality and actually reject a guy with an empire for a guy without one, only because he said he loved her!

For every time she cribbed about abdominal pains during PMS, she has the strength to go through hours of labour to deliver a kid. ( I just became a masi! Yay!!!)

For every time she sat on a staircase begging her guy to not leave her and go, she finds the strength to pick herself up within months and say no to go back to him when he is begging her to take him back!

For every night she cries herself to sleep, she has the guts the next morning to let her ex-guy's phone ring in her hand and let it become a missed call. A very dear friend does this everyday, and I still don't know how she does it!

For every girl who carries on with a shitty relationship, consoling herself, that maybe one day her guy would stop being the retard in tin foil and start being her knight in shining armour, there's another girl who has the guts to get out of a shitty relationship even if it means carrying the tattoo of your ex's initials all your life....and carrying emotional AND physical baggage of that failed relationship forever! (I really bow down to Deepika Padukone for this one!)

For every girl who grew up imagining a guy like Raj for her, she has the nerves of steel to make a compromise and marry a guy like Kuljeet. (You won't get this one unless you're a die hard Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge fan!)

They say, that girls are more emotional and get attached to things and people more easily than men, still, since centuries, they've had the heart to leave it all up one fine day to pick up another life at an age when a human stops learning, she's learning to live life anew!

She may not have the physical strength to hit you back, were you to hit her, but she'll have a heart big enough to wipe your tears were you to feel guilty about it or have an explanation ready to give to people if they ask her about the marks.

For every time she nagged you for not meeting/saying I-love-you/calling back/replying to a text 17 times a day, she'll have the strength to  keep a stone on her heart, a tearless smile on her face and be your strength while bidding a goodbye to you  if you're going abroad and not returning for another couple of years. 
(Dooriyan bhi hain zaroori.....zaroori hain yeh dooriyan!! Amazing song from Break Ke Baad)

The laws of nature say that two sautans can never be friends and they are always vying for each other's blood, but then, in some remote corner of Earth, you'll find a Mariam giving her life so that Laila could make a new start and have a happy life for herself.... (So beautifully written in Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns)

She may be scared of cockroaches, but when she comes to running a home/company/nation, she'll do a much better job then most men.... and she can multitask, rule with an iron fist, be the only MAN in a cabinet full of men, quasi run the country where there are 28 small countries in itself, a country in which she is considered a  'foreigner' and do it with ease!

She may have the means, resources and the audience to defame you in public by waging an online war, but she won't....because even for a blabbermouth, silence, is sometimes golden. Wars are not waged when only one opponent has an edge over the other....that's not how Librans fight!


sweta said...

Darlin..u always get it right...nice blog..

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

toooo goooooodd........tooooo goooooooodd....WE ALL ACE THE INNER STRENGHT...women jus know to conquer it better than men! cus we r wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy stronger emotionally!!!

Nupur said...

@ Sweta : Welcome to commenting on my blog! Thanks a ton sweetie!
@ Manalee : So true!

Nothing but "Ficus" said...

I agree wholeheartedly despite being a man. We would be nothing without these beautiful creatures, who have stood up for us time and again, even when we didn't deserve it most of the time. I have known some people who have given more than share for someone who isn't worth it, or didn't keep up their trust. I myself have made mistakes several times.

Now I wouldn't say that there are no deceitful women, coz I have met my share of those too, but the good ones are surely more in number. I guess it goes to say that eventually, there is some justice after all, and people who truly deserve happiness will get what it sooner or later :)

Nice post.

$uparna said...

I love this post and the blog! Very very insightful and made me feel so proud and amazing about myself! :)

Aamir Ayubi said...

very well written... :)

CHAOS said...

i will tell you how she does it its coz god gave her a emotional heart but headstrong brain along with a stubborn streak of always get things done

pooja said...

very well written it...

Anonymous said...

well written dear :) be more feminist and make all the men feel more dumb if that makes u happy ! :) between you can also mention that men listen to women / loved ones very very attentively but not all of them succeed to pull it of :P

Nupur said...

@ Nothing But Ficus : Very true.... there are good and bad people... we just have to sort them and pick the ones we need!

@ Suparna : Thanks a lot. Also, thank you for mentioning my post on your blog :-)

@Aamir: Thank you!

@Virali : Totally correct!

@Pooja : Thank you!

@ Anon : This wasn't feminism.... I would like you to find out what feminism is, then read this post again and then post a comment on whether this was a feminist post and/or I was bashing men. I don't get a sadistic pleasure in bashing men. I was trying to put across a point here and people have got the point...

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

@nupur: STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!!!!! HAIL GODDESS they rage is Mightheir then ThY PEN!!!!

Voices within me said...

a very well written post.. hits the nail right
beautifully put down!

Anonymous said...

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arshat.chaudhary said...

Whoa! You just poured your heart out in this one!
You are at your best when you are no-holds-barred.. Did I ever tell u tht?

ankit said...

superb description of the examples without mentioning the names!!!!!

n ya i have always maintained this notion, so this idea was not new to me!!!!!!


nice post and song (break ke bad).