November 4, 2010

Who's A BFF??

A lot of guys have been asking me what a BFF here's a low-down on what a BFF is and who is BFF is. It is Best Friends Forever, by the way!

Who is a BFF?

  • A BFF is a person who knows you inside out
  • A BFF is a person who can understand your silence and knows when your leave-me-alone needs a hug and when your leave-me-alone actually needs you to be left alone
  • A BFF is a person with whom you can sit at Juhu beach for hours, staring into nothingness and yet feel that you've had the best conversation of your life
  • A BFF is a person for whose birthday gift, you won't mind fighting with your other best friends....only because you want the gift to be in a certain way!
  • A BFF is a person who can have a crush on all your crushes, but yet never fight about!
  • A BFF is a person who can say YUCK to your crush and you not pulling her hair out ! And then, you start having second thoughts about him!
  • A BFF is a person who has to be the first person given a call to by your husband when your water breaks!!
  • A BFF is a person who has to pick up your call within 5 rings....even if you're on your honeymoon!
  • A BFF is a person who would never mind you being a perpetual kabab-main-haddi when she's out with her guy and you're also there!!! Because she knows that you two go as a package deal!
  • A BFF is a person who would laugh with you about all your guy problems 5 years after you've had them!
  • A BFF is a person with whom you'd strike all your baby-sitting deals with!
  • A BFF is a person who'd draw 200+ diagrams of different forms of leaves,roots and flowers for your Botany journal for that you can flirt with your guy!
  • A BFF would be the first person to come and meet you after you've back come to the country after a 3 month vacation!
  • A BFF is a person who would know your darkest secret but will never spill it out. Not even for a tell-all book on you, were you to get famous!
  • A BFF is a person whom you can tell things about yourself which you wouldn't even tell your guy!
  • A BFF is the only person whom you can tell, "I'm losing it, I need a psychiatrist!" and she's say, "You don't need anyone while I'm still there!"
  • A BFF is a person who'd clean up all the mess you've made of yourself and do it again and again until you learn cleaning up after your acts!
  • A BFF is a person who would wipe out her break up tears so that she can console you about your break up!
  • A BFF is a person is the only person who could make you laugh while your eyes are still shedding tears!!
  • A BFF is a person who'd say YES when you ask her if your ex would marry his new girlfriend and you'd still have a smile on your face because you know that you have something those two don't have......your BFF!Yes, A BFF is the result of good karma in your previous birth!
  • Friends, best friends, boyfriends come and go. A BFF is like your parents.....they come and never go!

I read a research somewhere which said that women are at a lower risk of death due to depression as compared to men. And I think, the reason is that women are more prone to TALK about their lives to their BFFs than men! This post is dedicated to all my BFFs! 


Aamir Ayubi said...

FYI..I read the research too and I agree! That's why men die earlier and women live longer I guess.

Also, guys too have their BFFs...

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

awwww....tht is too cute....we all r over whelmed...( i say tht with pride) ...cus i knw m one of ur BFFs...hehehehehehehhehe

Nupur said...

@ Aamir : I'd like to know what a guy's BFF would be like!!
@ Manalee : I know....wish I could out up your elevator point!!!

arshat chaudhary said...

Aaawwww... why was I thinking about Aanchal throughout the post?

Nupur said...

@Arshat : Yeah, she's one of them.... the initial few points were her!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if u have so many BFF how can you write so much about them ?! Any which ways i dont think your idea is true as u can never have a BFF who is equal to parents replacing i quote 'Friends, best friends, boyfriends come and go. ' You mentioned Best friends here too my dear. Would really like to know more about your so called BFF and i believe that if u really are so proud of this single/multiple person/people in your life then why not mention their name in this blog. anyways from this blog all i can see is someone really happy at that moment in time but unable to capture the moment for a long time . Welcome to reality my friend !