February 4, 2011

What's Wrong With The World??

If men have ego issues, then women have insecurity issues! Both of which are huge and insurmountable! A few days back, while on my way to college, I was in for a nice sight....a hot guy! Carter Road overflows with hot girls, but spotting a hot guy there is like spotting Hailey's Comet...once in 76 years! And, predictably, he was with a not-so-hot girlfriend {why God why} and as a response to stimuli, I stared at the guy only to get a very nasty stare from his girlfriend!! I mean come on man.... you can't expect to dress up a mannequin in a showroom in a Manish Malhotra outfit with Jimmy Choo shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag and expect women to not window shop!!! Women, I tell you, so freaking insecure about their men!! Actually, I can trace women's insecurity about their men to men's ego issues, but I'm not gonna bash men now...not when Valentine's Day is round the corner and I have no sign of a Valentine in my life!!

Now, Valentine's Day reminds me of a stupid little contest I held through my Facebook status update to find out if there's any intellectual single guy I might've missed till now {Oh yeah, Valentine's Day brings out all the desperation and depression in single women} but no one got it!! I had put up a witty and smart stat up, 'Monogamy is the great casualty of beauty', to see if any guy understands it, but none did!!! I mean where have all the smart men gone, come on, aren't you tired of chasing blondes and bimbettes?!!? It's such a magnificent line! I got it from a TV series called White Collar.... women, watch it for Neal Caffrey.... you'll thank me later! He'd make for a good virtual Valentine for V-Day!! 

I don't understand why is the entire world getting inked?? Has pain stopped paining to people? My Facebook wall was flowing with people's first tattoo pics the other day and it was irritating! What I don't understand is why would someone want to go through pain to scar them permanently... Nothing in life is permanent, so why should a tattoo be! Don't people get bored of it after a time? What if you do, but then you can't do anything about it!! There was a time when I also wanted to ink my guy's name on my hand as my first wedding anniversary gift to him but then better sense prevailed and now the only self-inflicted pain I see myself going through is labour!! Tattoos are like the BlackBerry phones....everybody and anybody has it, whether it suits their personality or no!!

I also fail to know what's wrong with kids these days! Apparently there's a bill waiting to be passed in the parliament that would make non-penetrative sex between 12 year olds legal! WTF! Aren't 12 year olds supposed to watch Pokemon or whichever stupid cartoon shows that are being aired these days! {I really feel sad for their Cartoon Network...CN had better shows while I was a kid!} And this news comes when I'm still trying to gulp down the fact that my 12 year old cousin has started abusing and clicking pictures wherein he's showing his middle finger...!! I didn't know of all these things until I was 16! Kids these days are more horny the the horny pigeon couple who've hijacked my room {since almost 6 months and they're still not done....guess they're on a honeymoon!} for fornicating and irritating me with their horny grunts! ... I don't understand why are the kids in a hurry to grow up! Childhood is better than anyone's jawaani! I'll end this post by that old cliched message....so kids, listen up... wounded knees are better than a broken heart....so be happy with your Pokemon while I enjoy watching the good ol' Tom and Jerry.....naa.... I'll get back to watching Neal Caffrey!! 


Aanchal said...

Aanchal Was Here!

Nupur said...

@ Aanch : After a million light years!! Welcome back!!

sanil said...

gr8 blog ya.....keep up the good wrk

Navneet said...

Lol.... V day sure has effects on all genders... tonnes relieved by this post :p

Aamir said...

1. It's the same story - Hot Girls with not so hot, rather not hot at all guys (even we go, why God why!).

2. I did get the quote ;) So you can't say 'not a single guy' ;)

3. Tattoos - These guys/gals are gonna get laser surgery (another painful procedure, remember Ted's butterfly) and regret it. you'll hear soon!

4. CN sucks big time nowadays, so these kids decided to grow up fast and create their own shows ;)

5. The bill is practical. Britains youngest parents are a 13 yr old girl and a 14 yr old boy. So we are at par in thought, atleast somewhere!

Angel said...

ive heard most of this stuff from u already..but still it sounds good..ure a nice funny intellectual chick...

Nupur said...

@ Sanil : Thank you

@ Navneet : Glad I could be of help!

@ Aamir : 1.Hot girls with not at all hot guys are with them only for money and diamonds!!

2. What will I do with a commitment phobic getting the quote!!

3. Still, the tattoo isn't completely gone even with laser...that's what I've heard...anyways, it's their lives...they should just stop spamming my wall!

4. Good one!!

5. I don't even want to think about it!!

@ Sweta : Love ya!!

ankit said...

in every couple only one of the 2 is superb, the other one is always average looking. otherwise the couple wont gel well...i have observed this right from 11th!!!!!!

Demure_me said...

loved this blog..! so damn funny..! especially the horny pigeons :P

samudra said...

there is an easy solution to not a single guy on FB getting that line - add me ;)

Btw, from my personal experience, I can tell you and everybody else that there is a simple explanation to the 'hotness mismatch'.


I have dated a couple of hot girls, and believe me they are BORING. In fact, the chances that the girl is hot AND interesting, is incredibly miniscule. Now, given a choice between a hot boring girl and an avg looking but interesting girl, MY choice is prettty clear.

And I can call myself at most an avg looker. Optimistically speaking.

arshat.chaudhary said...

I love when you get all Angry young womany! :)