May 29, 2011

Wanna Make A Fraandship - Part II

I know the female to male ratio in our country is really bad....but that shouldn't mean that (some) men just hit on women in the cheesiest way possible!! After my first attack on random men adding random girls on Facebook, I thought, the entire community would've banned me, but to my surprise, they had not. Looking at the amount of friend requests I get b(modesty be damned!), I think I should put on 8 inches of heels and walk into the Miss India contest!!! I'm hot property...or so it seems!! Here is a new list of the friend requests that I've received in the past couple of days....

I am xxx with you. I want to make a good friendship with you.
I am from Uttar Pradesh. Right now i am in Dubai. I am working hear as a Supervisor. Can you call me please on my
So, it seems, he's not xxx to others! And he thinks people in India would actually spend money in giving him international calls to Dubai!! Some people need to get out of their self love!

how u doing.....
Shall we be fb friends??? Cute smile. 
One more of those!!

Hi Friend i am searching a good friend u like to friendship with me .... replay me i am waiting for your responss

hi thr dear i jus came across ur profile,nice pic!! had u as a frnd suggestion, thght id ask u 1st b4 addin nna b frnz?? wt say?
If I were to add all my friend suggestions, I would have more than 2000 friends on Facebook!

hii u lokng so good
hi u have a cute smile ur eyes do talk a lot abt u miss naughty perfect eye brows love ur eye lashes, sharp features would like to pull those chubby cheeks lol lovely forehead i like the way u carry urself love ur hairstyle,sunglass u are wearing u make it look good ,earrings u are wearing u make it look good ,top or outfit u are wearing u make it look good ,jeans u are wearing u make it look good ,makeup u are wearing on ur face u make it look good ,lipstick color u are wearing on ur lips u make it look good ,whatever u wear wther any outfit or western outfit with or without accessories footwear u make it look good 
If you left reading it midway, please go back and read it again. It is totally worth it!! Trust me!

would like to know more abt u
would u be interested in modelling
I told you, I have Miss India potential!

hiee... DeaR Can We Be frndsS...????
hi gud evening i dont know u but u will bcome mi frnd?
Me became mah....but since when did it become mi??

hi... came across ya profile randomly... realised u an mba student as well.
Yes, it is a Mumbai University rule that all MBA students should be Facebook friends!!


Nayan Patel said...

If you left reading it midway, please go back and read it again. It is totally worth it!! Trust me! -- that was awesome! I actually left it midway and went back only after reading that :D :) ..

Too good.. keep it up!..

BTW i am still waiting for the 4th part of your "3 part story"

Anonymous said...

whoa..had fun reading.. n that gives me a good idea to write something i have been wanting to for smtime now.. :) take care n thankx for the 'idea-generation'..

Abhishek Ghosh said...

ha ha ha... always funny

aafs88 said...

How can u possibly attract such weirdos...?! :P

Fareena Rawther said...

Hi Nupur....I agree with you, I one got a mail on fb from a malaysian who was supposedly tracing his family back in India and he said he picked me because of my surname :P well what to say about such people!!! :P

Samudra said...

Dear all,

I understand you are frustrated at getting fraandship requests. I would have been nodding along with you, if not for a revelation that came at a Startup Saturday in Pune a month or two ago.

At this event, an phoren returned MBA who had started a social networking platform based on mobile phones, was giving a presentation on his startup. He told us how his biggest market was in the "B towns". He told us stories of how people from small towns interact with strangers, and why. He explained how the internet is the means of escape for them - escape from family pressures, escape from their mundane lives, escape from their geographical confines, escape almost from their very real realities. On one hand, they are bound harder than ever to their lives, and on the other, they can just about glimpse the world beyond, which to them seems magical, and filled with love, lust and glamour.

It is people with mostly those backgrounds who go around making fraandship requests. I know there are some genuine ch***yas out there, but most of them are sincere, and simple minded.

The next time you curse these people, if you could spare a moment to think about where they are coming from and be patient (and firm), it would really go a long way in making this world a better place.

If it does get irritating, it is easy for you to set your privacy settings so that random people cannot find you. If you do not do that, you are just getting off on putting down people who add you.

@Nupur: When i searched you on FB, your 56 profile pix/ ur profile itself (pretty much everything except the wall) was visible to all. When you can set your privacy settings to such that people outside of your network cannot even search for you, why deride these guys who "liked you"?

Samudra said...

@Fareena I dont know about the guy who emailed you, but here is a true story.

Scene: On a ferry back to the mainland from a day trip to an island in New Zealand.
Characters: my friend, a german 23 year old girl, and 3 white-haired old ppl (1 guy and 2 women)

The 78 yr old guy was with his 74 year old wife, and his 76 year old sister.

The sister and her husband had left England when they were 24 years old (in 1960) on a 25 pound ticket aboard one of those rickety steamers. From ENGLAND to AUSTRALIA. In those days, Australia was being newly settled, and there was lots of land up for grabs. You basically setup a fence on any vacant plot, and call it your farm.

So anyway, these 2 24 year olds, they could not get back in touch with the family in England, what with the ships carrying the letters sinking, or plague breaking out, or just in general the letters being "lost at sea". At the other end, having not received any news from Australia for many years, the family in England gave up the couple to be dead.

So life went on like normal for both these families.

Until the sister's 75th birthday in 2010, when one of her grandkids decided to get on FB, and see if she could find anything. And on Christmas 2010, brother and sister were re-united, after holy-mother-of-god 50 years.

As you might have already guessed, the whole finding-whether-grandmas-family-is-dead-or-alive thing happened on Facebook.

Demure_me said...

my god..! Nupur you are a hot pancake for em..! ;)

enjoy the attention :)

Fareena Rawther said...

Hi Samudra....if this is a true account of events then Im really happy for the bro-sis duo....but you know what it is very difficult to trust people just at one go...also regarding your earlier post....what you sayin makes sense but it is true even for people from higher strata of society and major cities. cheers :)

The "WHY?" Chromosome said...


Samudra said...

@Fareena I knew this would come up :D

My friend had actually shown me a newspaper report about them (sorry, cant find the link now though) so I know it is true :)

I know it is difficult to believe people straight away, but I feel we Indians have become very cynical. More than the rest of the world.

There is something incredibly sad about that.

Samudra said...

@Nupur I find the Disqus commenting system incredibly useful. You might find so too.

Pritam said...
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Nupur said...

Sorry for the late replies!

@ Nayan : The 4th part is out!

@ Heena : Anytime!

@ Abhishek : Thanks

@ Aafreen : I'm just an wierdo magnet!!

@ Fareena : Haha!! That never happened with me! Thank God!

@ Samudra : Only because privacy settings are open doesn't mean you just pass cheesy lines to attract attention. My search was on for a and when last checked I couldn't set the privacy for profile pictures.

And this post was in good humor. I wasn't belittling anyone! I don't shoo them off by rude replies to their requests. The post was supposed to be laughed about and then forgotten.

Having said that, I agree with the write-up mentioned. We are too hasty in judging people. I am contemplating writing something on the same lines.

@ Radhika : Spare me!

@ Rao : Thanks!

@ Samudra : Was caught up with work, so here I am

mohitparikh said...

well, the better ones search through blogs... I guess. :)