May 3, 2008

MSD For PM 2009!!!

Keeping up with the IPL fever, I decided to dedicate this write up on IPL. And by gauging the response that I normally get when I talk about Cricket (Read:Irfan Pathan and Brett Lee!!!) I decided to go in for some aberrations!!

Well the people who know me will vouch for the fact that MSD isn't a player I'd cheer for, but yet he has something in him that is compelling me to write on him. He never appealed to me... not of all his blonde coloured mane, which he had when he first arrived on the circuit. The blitzkrieg 183 made me feel like asking the Govt. for a national holiday!

But really appealed to me was his natural ability to lead... It came so effortlessly to him! I'm sure his calm-as-a-silent-ocean demeanour will be stuff that people emulate. The fact that he goes by his instincts just adds to his rustic appeal. Of course those who say "Fortune favours the brave" haven't been just gaffing! He backs his team and has faith in them and stands up for them a la Sourav Ganguly. And the fact that he doesn't mince words is his best quality.... He wanted no seniors,he had it. They said he wouldn't get the T20 World Cup, after all how can he when the team with the seniors failed, how would the inexperienced "young" side get it? He maintained a dignified silence and let the Cup that he got back home do the talking! Not bad, I must say! The ability to keep his cool and to be able to THINK in crunch situations is gifted and MSD has it along with the flamboyance of a leader!

The main reason why I admire MSD is not for all the aforesaid things, but just one thing.... the ability to give it back to people and not take any bullshit from them! Remember the post match speech to Ravi Shastri after lifting the WC.... that's the thing that I look in people.... to be able to be politically incorrect, but in style! How I wish MSD succeeded Dr.Singh as the PM, I'm sure id this happens India will be a global power by 2010 and not the expected 2020, just like his style to finish of things fast! (There won't be a lacuna in the team with his departure, Irfan, I'm sure will be a worthy successor!!!!)

P.S: Aanchal, this is your wedding gift!! Don't expect anything materialistic from me on YOUR DAY as I believe in giving personalised gifts as such....!!!

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parvati said...

hey nupur ur a grt writer pls pls do keep writing nd see if u cud put it professional use...cheers to tht..i liked ur one liners nd...stly..vry well as classic somehow..