January 11, 2009

The CAT woes continue...!!

OK the honeymoon is over and now no more watching stupid senseless movies in the name of completing the journal (I'll have to complete the remaining part of the journal umm..er.. well by actually reading what's written in the journal I'm copying from).... now is the time to brace myself for the RESULTS of the n number of entrance exams I gave and be slapped right in the face everytime! I see myself taking a drop and giving all the exams next year again... oh F**K...that means spending 7300 bucks again?!? No!! (7300 only if the test fees remain constant and don't get affected by the inflation/recession!) And yeah, will give the tests again next year only if I'm eligible next year... i.e. I score more than 50% in my graduation.... an event which I don't see happening this year... hell ya... I have only one chance here!

For all the people whom I've subjected to my MBA woes, I got 90.47 percentile. And to be honest I feel happy and sad.
Happy because
  1. My sister stopped laughing at my Math skills (finally). I did it... got two digit, positive marks and cleared QA cut off only for the third time in my life... yay!!
  2. I stopped quitting and escaping... I fought!!
  3. I think it's a great score for a first attempt.... I expected only 20 percentile from me... 10 minutes before the paper!! I was just being realistic... I thought the 40-question section was Quants!!! I would've got only 9 percentile then!!
  4. My parents are happy
  5. I'm in the top 10% people in India!! yay! (a very subjective statement, though!!)
Sad because:
  1. This was probably my only shot at getting this score.... it's not that I can't get it again... all it's gonna take is one sarcastic laughter from my sis and I'll be all charged up to prove her wrong!... but jokes apart... next year I'm not gonna have 40-question verbal to push my score!! To add to it, CAT's online next year. I can't solve papers on the computer... the paper-pen feeling is essential for an exam. Next year, verbal ain't gonna be less ambiguous as it was this time! (Thank You God!!) This time ka verbal was like a cake walk as compared to CAT 07!!
  2. If I could get 90 percentile by studying in a month... I can imagine what my score would've been had I started studying the minute I joined my classes!!(July 07!)) 99.99 percentile for sure!! The classic Nupur regret!! I have this regret everytime I give an exam... yet I don't sudhrofy!! (Now that CAT's over... you'll not find me jhadoing hi-fy English words!)
  3. To be honest I expected more in Verbal... I'm not being greedy yaar...!! TIME analysis said 98 percentile... but when you get 95... you're shocked!!
  4. Because my relatives think 90 is the awesomest score anyone in the family has got(irony: I'm only the second person to give CAT in my family!) and even with 90... I'm as stranded as I would've been with a 50.... or 70! It's just to impression jhaado in fronta people that you got 90...!!
  5. IIM-A is IIM-A!!! And I'm not going there. :(

IIFT results were out weeks back and I'm not going there as well. SNAP results out as well... and don't even talk about it to me! TIME and IMS analysis said a score a night before the result.... and the result the next morning was a cool 19 marks less!! I've never been more shattered before! Goes there... 2 probable calls..! I mark my answers in the question papers and then correspondingly in the answer paper... only to minimise marking errors.... I know that is the only reason for the low score I got... but somehow... I can't make so many marking errors...!! My numbers aren't this bad!! Couldn't even bloody cry for 10 hours.... was in a complete shock..! Even brushed my teeth for half an hour so that I didn't have to speak!! But I've let it go... Mom always had something against me going to Pune... guess she's right, as always.... and as always... I didn't listen to her only to regret later..! The doors are closed.... I have the faith in myself to be able to open a window..!

After SNAP fiasco... I don't expect anything from NMAT. I'm mentally prepared for a drop...! Now, nothing can break my morale!! I'm prepared for the worst too... no MBA, just in case I don't get 50% in my Univ exams!! I'm serious!! I'm barely able to rote now...!! And suddenly biology seems less interesting than Maths... never imagined I'd say this in my lifetime! My Mom mentioned keeping the MS option open... and I looked straight in her eye and said... you rather get me married... I CAN'T do MS!! Even one of my teachers asked me about my plans after TY... I said MBA and I could hear her saying "Thank You for sparing Biotechnology!!" to herself!

All in all.... the end mood I'm in is HAPPY. A firm believer of "Whatever happens, happens for the best". I've gotten over CAT/IIFT/SNAP. I'll get over NMAT and TY too..!(I can get over anything but love... ok sorry... sad joke!). I already have an alternate profession in mind... being a blog reviewer... If such a thing exists!! Now, that reminds me... I'm dying to read a COOL blog( my definition of a 'COOL blog' : A blog which is funny, witty, sarcastic, easy reading and has me mentioning it to my friends... they aren't interested in intellectually civilised things like BLOGS!! But I do my job... talk aimlessly and they do theirs... not listen to me and yeah give me the "Shut-up-you-blogger" look!!) So please, if you have any such blog in mind... lemme know.. I'll thank you in my next post and immortalize you in the hallowed posts of my blog! Please... refrain from self-advertising....! Self advertise only if you're GOOD! (my definition of COOL and GOOD are the same, FYI)

Nupur's Song Recommendation: "Take Me To Your Heart" by Micheal Learns To Rock.... a lovely song...! Read the lyrics on my friend Pooja's facebook profile.. Thanks Pooja! See, my "immortalizing-people" spree has begun, so you better suggest some GOOD stuff!!


DS said...

try http://garambhejafry.blogspot.com/
I like it. some of the previous posts have been hilarious fun!
And this one - http://www.rakeshjhunjhunwala.in/
If you can appreciate political satire!

arshat.chaudhary said...

Nice post :) Always honest, no pretence this blog has.. (Now that cat is over i can use "inversion")

Congrats on your score girl! Thats a cool score.. Tough luck with the Snap scores, I guess everyones scores are less than what they expected(I am among few lucky ones, who got more than they expected :P)

Freaky: I used to love that song, heard it again after 4 years yesterday!!

Congrats again :)
Have fun, and dont worry too much bout your scores..
"sitaron ke aage jahan aur bhi hain "

Nupur said...

@ Arshat: Thanks for the kind words!!
The song is too good!

P.S: Everyone's scores are not 19 marks less!! Just kidding!!

Rahul said...

Infrequent visits do pay off yeah..looks like your posts haven't lost THE charm!! IIMA may loose it someday!
Recommending a friend who i know writes good..

Keep blogging!

Nupur said...

@ Rahul: Thank You!

Wow! People are being so sweet to me! *I'm lovin' it!!*

Ashish said...

hey I can recommend you a really nice and cool blog according to my definition of cool blog!!!


BTW.... I'm a follower of your blog.....and mind you......I'm amongst 15 something followers of your blog :P

Aparna said...

so where will u be getting into for MBA?

90 % IS REally gr8

congrats nupur!

Nupur said...

@ Aparna: Thanks.... but I'm not getting admission anywhere... not as of now!!!

AJ said...

listen to mltr's 25 minutes and sleeping child