January 8, 2009

Movies, Movies.... and many more movies!!

Hello... Happy new year!! Hope you did something more happening than what I did on the New Year's Eve (I was sitting at home, getting bored, for the records!). Now, I didn't really feel like partying... for the basic reason that keeping aside my 1.5kg heavy journal was proving to be a tough task for me! Now, in the past week, people were spared of my posts because I was making yet another futile attempt of finishing my journal... guess it'll be done when my kids would be getting ready for their convocation! I don't see anything happening before that!

I've seen a looottt of movies while completeing the journal. The maximum being 3 on one day... Saanwariya, Dil Kabaddi and Sorry Bhai on one day... from 8pm to 3.30 am! Now, I know people hated Saanwariya, but I really liked it.. that's why I saw it for the second time. Firstly, it was a SLB movie, secondly, I love the story(the book is much better though... it's called The White Nights, by the way. Didn't mention the author because you'd anyways not know how to pronounce his Russian name!) thirdly, Ranbir Kapoor and fourthly, I really like Sonam Kapoor... she's much better than Deepika! Genes do help sometimes! Saanwariya is really nice if you don't mind the pestering songs and the slow pace. I'm waiting for another Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam from SLB.. it's time!!

Dil Kabaddi... well, I don't really know what genre to put this movie in... it was really something! I guess it was like the softest version of soft porn minus the nudity! The movie was not even average... had to sit through it, actually (I was too lazy to change the DVD!!). But there was one thing I learnt from this movie... that for some people falling out of love and then falling in love with someone else still while being in a relationship with the former is so freaking easy!! Gosh!

Sorry Bhai was nice. Chitrangada is pretty! And the story was nice actually.... not very good... but bearable... actually right after Dil Kabaddi, anything except RGV movies is bearable! The songs are good too. The end was really nice... the twist of course!

Had seen Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi the earlier day. It's a sweet movie... actually much better than what I had expected. When I heard that that Anushka dame doesn't recognize SRK, I thought what crap has Aditya Chopra got down too... maybe he was suffering from the RGV fever... to descend from the height of creative ingeniuty to utter rubbish! If you don't mind this point, the movie becomes really nice. SRK as Suriji was too cute... all husbands should be like that! And all boyfriends should propose like the way Raj did!! The songs are not great except for Tujh main Rab dikhta hain. I never liked this song earlier when Ajay and Aanch used to sing it. I have even laughed at my friends when they said that could see Rab in their love.. but when I saw that song, even I could. I know I'm born filmy, but seriously, it's not that you see your love's photo in God's photo or anything(not that filmy also!), but when you listen to that song, all you can think of is that one person you love/loved/thought you don't love, but actually you do. Rab ne, in no way is anyway closer to DDLJ... no songs are of that calibre... I won't even compare any other aspects... DDLJ was like Bible.... and there's no other Bible. Waiting for the New Testament from Aditya Chopra, SRK and Kajol... what they created was MAGIC.... !

Saw Hijack too.... and still alive. Esha Deol contradicts my theory that genes help! This movie should get the BEST DIALOGUES award. Sample this
Esha: I'm scared
Shiney: It's normal in these(hijack) situations!
Esha: This is a hijack situation.... it's a hijack... do you bloody even know what a Hijack means??
I'm speechless...!! I'll leave it at that. Nothing new in this movie. Been there, seen it all.

Seen a lotta inconsequential movies too, thankfully not full.... my patience gave way in 10 minutes and for once my laziness also obliged me by letting my finger move on the remote.... like Koi Dil Main Hain(no, it's not a K serial.. but a 3 hour movie), Cash... and the likes..!! I seriously need some journal and movie rehab now!!

Now, for some updates on the new releases. Marjaani is awesome... listen to it at full blast... a lovely track! SRK looks fantastic in the song. The other one with Deepika is well un-comprehendable. I can't make out what Neeraj Sridhar is singing..! And Deepika... er.. well... the size of her tops is never more than the size of a bikini top!!! Seriously! She dances well, but somehow she doesn't have the feminine grace that Sonam Kapoor has... something that Madhuri and Aishwariya had...! Sonam is fantastic in Dilli 6... the song Masakali is great... ofcourse AR Rahman!! I really like this dame.First actress I've liked since Madhuri Dixit. (liked Ash only in HDDCS...she was phenomenal in that movie!). I just hope she doesn't become bitchy in some time! I want Victory to release really soon... at least then will they stop showing the promos..! I've jettisoned my plans of watchin this movie... I'll watch Brett Lee in the IPL...!! Wanting to end this post on a good note... Slumdog Millionaire is finally releasing.... I hope they release it in English also..! Jai Ho... is an awesome track!

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