October 10, 2010

Why a guy would want to be a girl

*Reposting an old post*

Read Why a girl would want to be a guy here

  • You're the most protected and sheltered one in your family
  • You can wear pink....
  • You can carry off floral print without looking like a Hawaii return or a Gujju!
  • Nobody accuses you of cross dressing if you happen to wear your guy's shirt
  • You do not have to pay anywhere!
  • You get rickshaws/taxis comparatively easily.(Your one "rickshaw" call launches a thousand rickshaws!)
  • You never have to take the pain of driving...you just have to grace the front seat.
  • Your primary business in the car is changing the CDs(Giving directions is futile...they're never acted upon,even when you're DEAD SURE about it!)
  • You never have to do anything... most of the times things are taken care of!
  • If they are not, then all you need to do is flutter your eye lids at great speed and say PLEASE in a very soft and bechari voice!
  • You're Daddy's favourite... hence you've never heard the word NO!
  • You can GOSSIP and BITCH...that's the centre of the universe for you
  • Cat fights have made you a stronger person, physically!
  • Your punches may not hurt.....but your nails definitely do!!
  • You have reservations everywhere! eg: buses and trains!
  • You do not have to pay fees in junior college and school
  • You abuse in English... and sound classy
  • "P" words from you scare the most toughest of guys! (Pregnancy, periods, PMS etc)
  • Sports means flying-in-the-air hair,cute faces, bulging biceps, strong hamstrings....in short Greek God replicas in the form of sportspersons!
  • You get to put wear make up and look like a Homo Sapien
  • You are pampered and loved the most when pregnant.
  • You can give birth.... something that's so selfless.
  • You are mentally very very very strong.
  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
 And the most important of them all.....
  • YOU CAN CRY!!!


left unseen yet seen because.... said...

you can crush a guy's ego...with ur stillitoe heal

Arshat Chaudhary said...

You didnt have to pay fees in school? I didnt know that.. not that I could do anything about it even if I did..
Your parents could never ask you to study coz they werent paying anything for your studies!
Whattay life! :P

Navi said...

If they are not, then all you need to do is flutter your eye lids at great speed and say PLEASE in a very soft and bechari voice!


Nupur said...

@ Manalee : Oh yeah.... I ttoally forgot about it!!!

@ Arshat : Yeah, I didn't pay fees in school!!!

@Navi : Thanks

Aamir Ayubi said...

@Nupur: I answered this post, why a guy would remain a guy!


chk it out!

Anonymous said...

men are men that defines them, women will be women the heart of gold for forgiveness that men can never be and only wish to be :)

Anonymous said...

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