October 31, 2010

For The Love Of Shoes

Since the past 10 days or something, Khar and Bandra have been painted red with ads of this particular brand. For the first few days, it was a teaser campaign. All that was revealed in the brilliantly creative ads was that the ads were for a shoe brand. Some of the teaser ads that I remember had their copies something like "Is there anything like too many shoes?Not in our world" , "More than women, men have a lot to thank the person who invented stilettos!" but the killer-est of all was " A Stiletto is more an attitude than just a high heeled shoe!!" I just absolutely loved the last one! It was huuuuge banner right outside Bandra (W) station.....right near the exit which co-incidentally comes near the ladies compartment!!! What a positioning of the ad! The size made sure no one missed it, and the positioning, well, had women let go 2-3 of the much coveted autos near the station as they were just fixated with the picture of a red stiletto that was alongside the copy!!!   

Then the teaser period was over and it was revealed that the shoe brand was Tata's foray into shoe retail with a new brand called TASHI. And the ads that came up later on were as amazing as before! The entire campaign (creative) was handled by Leo Burnett. My thing for getting into advertising is getting stronger by the day!

When I used to look at other people who used to have a passion for collecting things, I would often wonder, what's my passion? Something that I would collect? People loved and collected watches, for some it was bags, for some other  people, it was books. When I used to look at them and envy their passion and collection, I'd pacify myself and say, "I love blogs, and I'm proud of the collection I have and I'm constantly on the lookout for better blogs", but I still felt the need to have something more tangible to collect. I'm a human afterall, and a Gujju at that....showing off is coded in each of my nucleotide!!! 

During a boring afternoon in May when I was passing time chatting with Manalee to ward off my jobless afternoon at my summer internship office, she suggested that we work our asses off for a year, earn great bucks and then go spend all of it on designer stuff in Bangkok in an all-girls trip in 2012.(And you thought Bangkok was heaven only for guys!!!!). Then, I went on the Jimmy Choo website and looked for some shoes.That's when I totalllllllllllly fell in love with them and found my tangible passion!! It was this pair of shoes that took my breath away. Red stilettos.....and when paired with a LBD (Little black dress) and red nails, an amazing solitaire on your finger and a sexy clutch......what else would a woman want (to kill other women with jealousy and men with....you know what!). Yes, for people from my class wondering where else they've seen the shoe, you've seen it on my mobile.....it's my wallpaper when I'm too tired of looking at my pics!


So, now, I'm all geared up to spend most of my earnings on Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks, Aldos and Nine Wests! Right after I saw these red pumps, I happened to watch Sex And The City- The Movie (1) and when Mr.Big proposes to Carrie with this (pic below), I for the first time, felt the need for a diamond ring to be obviated if I were getting something like these!!! But if my guy loves me too much and would want to see a smile on my face, he can get me the ring too.... I won't mind at all! In return, I'll forgive him for forgetting one birthday and one anniversary! And if he's making a shoe closet in our home and letting me buy shoes enough to just fill the closest, he can forget birthdays and anniversaries forever! I'll never complain or frown. The next day after the forgotten day, he should just go and buy me a new pair of shoes. That's all I'd ask for! See, I'm gonna make such a wonderful wife! I'm so understanding!! 

See, at the end of the day, a woman wants only 4 animals with her... A Jaguar in her garage, a tiger on the bed, A mink in her closet....and a donkey to pay all the bills!! 

P.S: Thank you Aanchal, Vinod, Smeet, Rao and Shraddha for participating in my midnight poll and helping me choose the hottest LBD! 


Aamir Ayubi said...

@Nupur: 1)So how many shoes do you have? ;)

2) Tch Tch tch...what is this... please brand us as one animal...Tiger, Donkey, Dog, etc. Please make it simple :P

Nupur said...

@ Aamir : Right now, I have only one pair....but the number shall increase in future!! Amen!
You'll be branded an animal according to the mood of the brander!!!

buckingfastard said...

wats wid women and shoes...ur the second woman i met this week with obsessions regarding shoes...

btw tiger in bed and donkey to pay bills is like cheating the donkey!! and men are not faithful they say!! preposterous

ankit said...

SUPERB BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally spiced up one!!!!!

Loved the entire flow!!!!!!!!

Amen! to ur shoes collection!!!!!

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

@nupur: u knw i share passion for shoes with u...and MY GUY HAS TO PROPOSE ME WITH MONOLO BHALNIKS BLUE SATIN SHOE!!.... :) NICE READ!

Nupur said...

BF: What's with women and shoes....?? The same thing that's with men and porn/beer!!!

We want a guy who's a donkey by day and tiger by night ;-)

Nupur said...

@ Ankit : Thanks Ankit.... you're the one who'd be clicking the pictures that I would put up on my blog later :-)

Nupur said...

@ Manalee : Inshallah!!

arshat chaudhary said...

So... I have been wanting to tell this story since quite sometime now.. -

So this lady in my office, gori mem, shows me her office wardrobe...(dont ask me why) And it was stuffed with shoes!!! The reason why there were there is coz there wasnt enough space at home!!!

She had around 35 pairs and that she said was normal for European women!

I am telling you, if you stole away all her shoes, you would have enough money to buy a Santro!!

She spent 10 mins explaining the beauty of her shoes after which i had to stop her and tell her tth i was a guy and i didnt understand anything about beauty or shoes...

25 years and I still dont understand women.. :P

Nupur said...

@ Arshat : I so envy women in abroad for this very reason.... my cousin who is in US has a closet the size of my room and it is filled with clothes and shoes without even an inch left!!! I envy all these women!!!
About understanding women, it's like this.... you'd use money to buy Santro, we'd use it to buy shoes!! You can buy only ONE Santro, whereas we can buy MANY shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Hey have u given your blog space to Metro shoes for advertising?? If not then I must say tht the placement of the ad is commendable... It directly follows your "For the Love of Shoes" blog update!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE UR BLOG!!! amazing......and I admit too that I am crazily looking out for that perfect pair of RED STILETTOS!!!.....any luck you found those then bell me tooo=))

PS I live in mumbai....do tell me whn u get it....and at what cost==P!!