March 2, 2011

You Know You've Started Earning When....

You know you've started earning when
  1. Your entire life depends on catching the 8.43 Churchgate slow from Andheri
  2. You start having your breakfast in train. More imprtantly, you start having breakfast in the first place!
  3. You know it's a festival day when you see an empty train!
  4. Big festivals become more important to you than your birthday!
  5. Your Facebook status updates have a lot of 'train' mentionings! {People, please be considerate when you criticise my train stat-ups....all that a single person can do in trains is tell the world about train travel}
  6. Your phone becomes the be all and end all of life. You can make/recieve calls/messages, you can come online, you just can't blog so you start wanting a BlackBerry! {This post has been written as a draft SMS on my phone! So, if you want to read more blogs, please contribute generously to my BlackBerry Fund... read ahead about it}
  7. For non bloggers, you start longing for a BlackBerry because now, you can afford it. Ok, whom are we kidding, it's just the freaking peer pressure to get one!!
  8. Your Facebook addiction remains the same, just the means on coming online changes!
  9. Your daily one-hour phone calls to your BFF is now a 10-minute call on weekends!
  10. Your sleep is more dear to you than meeting friends.
  11. You have to placate your friends by promising to go on a only-you-and-me date with them because they are upset with you for not having time {Sweta, this one's for you!}
  12. You stop wearing red nail-polish, something that was a part of your identity {sob sob}
  13. You move on to giving career advice from giving love/life gyaan! And people think you're really smart! Hehaw!!!
  14. You know understand why your Dad and uncles paid so much attention to the Financial Budget every year
  15. But still, the only thing yhat you are interested in the budget is knowing the tax slabs! And it hurts to pay 10 percentage points more tax than your friends. But you always have other friends who pay 10 percentage points more tax than you, so that's comforting!
  16. You've never cared about the money pocketed by politicians until you see your salary with TDS!
  17. You still have no clue where your hard earned money goes.... in someone's Swiss account, in making education free for rich OBC/ST/SCs, in making a bridge for 15 years, in redeveloping slums that still look the same, you're as clueless as a child in a topless bar!
  18. You get to know aate dal ka bhav!
  19. For people who've been reading my story, if you want to read further, please contribute for my BlackBerry fund, because that's the only way I'll be able to write. For people who've been reading, loving, going bonkers over my blog, you also, please do the same. If you guys can spend 200 bucks on mindless entertainment like Dabangg, you can definitely spend 500 bucks for intellectual entertainment from me! I accept only cash. Counterfeit notes not accepted! {I don't want to waste my hard earned salary on a phone, hence the fund!!}
  20. The only time you have in a day to read the 52 unread messages you got during the day is on your way back, in train!! {Yes, I have a lot of fan mail...oops, fan messages to reply to!}
  21. How much ever you don't like or don't want it to happen, money gets onto your head. A little bit does!!
Wow! So now the lady sitting across me thinks I have a boyfriend because I'm on the phone since I got in. Lady, I'm blogging and that's way cooler than having a boyfriend.... when you have a boyfriend, you have only one fan, but when you blog, you have a lot of fans!!  So, this post is dedicated to you, Miss. Lady Sitting Across Me..... I don't have a boyfriend.... but if you are rich and have a hot 25 year old son, I may be interested! I won't mind a lot of fans + 1!!


Kuttsguru said...


and BTW if you wanna have a BLACKBERRY u better float a "HELP ME PAY FOR MY BLACKBERRY BILL " fund


Disha said...

nice one...Looking forward to experience all this!!!

and yes i totally agree: blogging is wayyyy cooler than having a bf!! :)

Anonymous said...

how true..
r v lk twin souls..
lol...awesome post.. love your writin eshtyle... :)

Nupur said...

@ Ajay : Good one!! I really didn't think of a 'Pay my BlackBerry Bill Fund'!! I'll implement that after I buy one!

@ Disha : The grass is always greener on the other side of the court....and yes, blogging is cool! When are you starting??

@ Heena : Twin souls, really?? Wow! Feels nice to meet my blog twin!! Thank you for the sweet words!

Samudra said...

Getting a blackberry JUST FOR BLOGGING??!
Get an Android phone with a qwerty keypad! I use a Sony Ericsson mini pro... but then the big Xperia has awesome screen to play games on.. perfect for those long train journeys! :)

Having a blackberry sucks. Especially for salaried people. Because then you cant have any excuses for NOT getting that important mail at 2 in the morning :P