October 28, 2008

Positivity and Cockroaches!!

My Blog's got a new look! Sexy n sleek...black... er..well.. that's what I think!! Bloody had to toil so much to figure out what on earth XML is! All I was taught in my IT class back in 12th was HTML! New new languages engineers come up with! Huh!! Anyways, I like the new look, do tell me if its nice.

I truly believe more than anything, CAT, is more of a mind game... you keep cool,be positive,have faith and confidence in yourself... and you'll do good... even in Quants maybe (well, I'm yet to try this!!)... You panic... and it's like Tu saala kaam se gaya!(people feel this song is inexecrable, but I like it!!) Maintaining positivity for 3 more weeks is gonna be a mammoth task... lets hope I'm able to do it. One thing in me is that I can't think negative... I have to look at the positive side of things..But, the main problem with positive people is that if they get negative... they take ages to get positive again!! Like, last year... when I had gotten negative.... And another problem with positive people is that nobody around them knows how to deal with them when they get negative!! Because for one, positive people have their own theory of staying positive, whcih nobody else undestands, and they won't get positive unless this theory is reiterated to them with CONVICTION!! And when I had become negative... I didn't know how do I explain that to people and they didn't know what was going on in my life!! But, thankfully, I came out of the negativity and got positive again(took 3-4 months, but was out of it finally!) But, by far I think, the most important thing in life is not to EXPECT... I had began expecting things in my life, something I never did until then, and all hell broke loose. So one lesson I've learnt is simply not to expect and accept whatever you get! There are certain things you can't fight. Fate... for example! BTW, my Orkut horoscope for today says: Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life !!!

But there's one thing that I'll always be negative about... the fact that I can conquer over my fear of cockroaches!! Again, I was held at gunpoint by a cockroach...flying one at that! I don't understand why do cockroaches have to attack(!!) me when I'm alone at home or people are sleeping?!!? Bloody and they don't even go easily!! My grandmom, who threw the cockroach out, was actually laughing hysterically at me when I was jumping on my bed and shouting like a moron for the cockroach to be thrown out! Give me a PI at IÍM-A where the panelists would grill me on Microprocessors or worse still, discuss the GDP and GNP of Guatemala and be in a room with a cockroach for 10 secs... I'd choose the former... atleast the people in the room are humans!!

Huh! Only if God never created cockroches! But whatever... as long as I have people around who can throw off cockroaches, I don't mind! Time to go back to Quants ... no.. I'll do Verbal for a change today!


Tifossi said...

lol..pray your CAT centre isn't infested with roaches...

Nupur said...

@Tiffosi: Oh freak1! I never thot of tht!!

Monty said...

Well few tips for CAT though i couldn't make it to IIMs but something which i experienced while giving CAT 06 and later i realised had i been more focused u could hv got through coz without too much of preps i had 92 percentile on the first chance. I even saw many of my friends' performances(not to be that satisfactory) who were quite serious and had given up food and sleep.

1. Be calm and confident. keep ur nerves under control.
2.stick to the basics and use your own old methodologies in stead of using complicated short cuts taught in CAT classes.
2.dont panic at any moment of those 3 hours.
3. have completely relaxed day before the D Day. have a good sleep the night before, it helps and i hv felt that.
4.never take it very seriously.
5. play judiciously with the questions and never stick to the ones u r unable to solve...move to next.
6. start with the section u r best at but that does not mean that u invest max time for that, rather complete that section at the earliest and even u can skip questions of the same section if u find u hv done sufficiently good no of questions. move to next section coz u need to fare well in every section, keep that in mind. u can always come back to the questions u think u can solve later when u get time...all the questions are not meant to be solved....the practical approach supposedly.
7. if there are questions bearing different marks, its always recommended to go for the questions bearing less marks, coz they r easier and if at all u answer it incorrect the negative mark u get will be less.

Anyways, sorry if it became like a lecture but i wanted to share my experience with you.
All the best and bell the CAT.

Nupur said...

@Monty: Hey thanks!!