October 31, 2008

Sayonara... Astala Vista....Aavjo...Alvida...Bye!!!

There's a good news and a bad news for you. Which one do you wanna know first... Good or Bad?? Er.. Well, I'll decide, because you can't answer!! The Good news is that this is my LAST (*sob sob*) post until CAT and the Bad news is that this departing post is gonna be really really long. So no need to take your sedatives, if you're used to taking them for sleep. There's so much to say these days....! Ah! Haven't spoken to anyone from the Homo sapiens species since weeks! (Not counting the various positivity lectures I've been giving)So am back to my new best friend...my blog! Now, my blog didn't have much of a choice in being forced to be my best friend!! Finally managed to get one imaginary, non living friend in this lifetime!! My blog also doesn't have an option, unless the Celeron or Dual Core or whichever processor I have realises that it can hang itself to save it from the torture(Figured the pun... no... dyslexic? or Sonal Chauhan IQ types??)!! But not everyone has the brains na!!!

Now, I've been talking about CAT ever since I started blogging, but the main question remains ...why do I talk about CAT when I'm not too serious about it this year?!? I mean, yeah, I've been studying on and off for it since a year, but I'm still not seriously giving it.This is my graduation year, so kinda held up with it (I'm not studying for it citing CAT reasons is a different story altogether!!). The thing this year is that íf I get a decent enough score this year in any of the CAT/CET/SNAP/IIFT/NMAT, I'll take it.... if not, work for a year at Ankita's (Anki... please don't take the job away,you promised me....giving economy crisis as a reason... I'm banking on you babes!!) or maybe do a diploma in writing or something like that and then give CAT again and have my sis teach me Quants. Or rather, much simply, just ask her to go and give my Quant paper in CAT in 09... I'll give DI and Verbal myself. I dare not ask her to do Verbal for me. Engineer afterall!! Thier verbal is as good as my Quants! I tried asking her to give my exam for this year...but she refused...she says she wants to study for her exams!! Why isn't there a Raksha Bandhan for sister-sister... I could blackmail her yaar!! So if CAT does come out of the sack, good for the IIM's for I'll go there, otherwise, it'll have to wait! (So much for optimism!!)

Don't know why but this IIM bug has come again...for some reason. I had made peace with the fact that I may never go there...(there's something called as DREAMS and something called as REALITY.... and never the twain shall meet) I'm not being pessimist, just being pragmatic. Yeah, about the IIM-A bug biting again... it was this one pic of IIM-A lit at night that I just saw in one of the blogs I was reading and I just felt... Ah! Nirvana!! Ok... no more dukhi CAT stories! Maybe I'll encourage my sis hard enough for that one IIM seat for herself... maybe then can I wash off my sins for not letting her take a drop and go to Kota for her IIT-JEE.

I'm watching a lotta movies these days saw Andaz Apna Apna for the zillion raised to infinitieth time, for an hour only,but still, that counts! Saw the ending of Taare Zameen Par and got shivers down my spine. I was just wondering that reverse TZP is happening with me! I was a rather intelligent(modesty be damned!) kid bachpan main, but now I feel I've become dyslexic!! It's so difficult to comprehend (read rather) the question papers these days!! And more difficult to comprehend my friends' jokes!!

I also saw U Me Aur Hum... the entire movie. Saw it for the first time... and I loved it.... it was so touching. Shit!! Although it was a bit like the Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler starrer 50 First Dates, it wasn't totally lifted. It was so touching to see a guy care so much for his wife, who forgets him every third second. Creepy... to forget things!! I can say this by experience, because I always prided myslef as being a person who'd remember even my best friend's friend's boyfriend's best friend's birthday (Yeah, I've actually remembered this guy's birthday!) and now, I've started forgetting my close friend's birthdays...and they have to call up and ask me the date 5 times before I register!! Dyslexia...Amnesia...Alziemer's?? No, Schizophrenia, my friends would say!! And now I forgot Irfan Pathan's birthday(I remembered after 2 days!!)!! I mean how could I forget HIS birthday!!??!! I just hope the people whom I've tortured into remembering my birthday aren't reading this!!

Coming back to UMAH, if you haven't watched it, please do. It's not a masala type movie, but a very romantic one... realistic too, a bit. And Kajol's acting is worth a million bucks... The scenes when she forgets-remembers-forgets are enough to give you chills. Check the scene when she forgets her baby in the bathtub and the baby drowns... and also the scene when she asks her hubby to let her abort the kid... after she's had the kid. She also forgets she's pregnant in the labour room! OMG!! Chilling!! And the title song has the best lyrics I've heard in a long time... Apne rang gawaen bin, mere rang mein ghul jao, Apni dhoop bujhaye bin, meri chhao mein aa jao Oh chalo yoon kare,Tum, tum bhi raho, main, main bhi rahoon Hum, hum bhi rahein Oh tum, tum bhi raho, main, main bhi rahoon Hum, hum bhi rahein Teeno mil ke saath chale Saathi janam janam, u me aur hum..... I cried in the movie...and I don't cry in movies!! I didn't even cry watching SRK die in Kal Ho Naa Ho... when my crush on SRK was at its peak!! Actually my crush on SRK was at its peak for 5 years.... all through secondary school!! So it was more like a plateau peak!!! Now, I don't want a guy who can sing on a guitar to woo me... I'd rather want a guy who'd be ready to woo me everyday.... everytime I forget him, If I were to... By now you would've guessed where the fantasy to woo me with a guitar came from... SRK...DDLJ... his mandolin... A mandolin is like a gareeb's insaan's guitar man! So I wanted a guitar (classy, ain't it?) and no sarso ke khet.... a high end restaurant would do!!

Now I've been watching movies(one full + 2 quarters!), sleeping a lot and studying and hardly talking these days (my phone's always in a remote corner of the house... and my bloody Samsung ringer is so faint that I can't hear it anyways!)....sure signs of: I'm bored, lonely and depressed. Depressed about exams, bored of exams and lonely at home... of being alone at home when your family is holidaying!! Shit man... I'm regretting the decision of not going with them... my friends are addding salt to injury by chiding me for not going,my parents literally begged but I said CAT... and my mom was like. ... You aren't even giving it seriously then why study?!? Ah! My parents are so cool about my CAT and here I am rotting my brains over it, unneccessarily! My Mom also remarked that after this holiday, there won't really be time for all of us to hang out together and I rubbished the idea saying there's so much time...(I feared it would go down the *shaadi* topic again!) but seriously... where's the time??? My MBA... my sis's Engg then her MBA and THEN shaadi.. where's the time?!? And I don't even remember the last time we holidayed together... if those chindi weekend trips to Lonavla and the likes aren't taken into account. Had gone to Goa last.... in the summer of 2006!! Then in 2007 (freak been almost 2 years?!?!?)I went to US alone as my sis couldn't bunk her IIT classes and now they've gone alone as I cannot not prepare for CAT. And I'm not even doing that... I'm blogging!! Ah! Come soon folks...!!

One thing I observed is that one should never marry outside their languages. I'm not a narrow minded bigot or anything, infact I'm so cool about inter-caste marriages that my *aunties* think that I have a non Gujju boyfriend, also because I'm always taking my cousins' side when they talk about their non Gujju love interests! I said so, because it's so frustrating to not be able to follow the language your guy's relatives talk in!! All you can do is wait for one English or Hindi word to be able to guess the rest of the sentence! You don't even know if your ma-in-law is bitching about you... you might be smiling all the while when she'd look at you and talk!! Well, these are just assumptions... the real thing might not be the same! Don't ask me... I'm the most inexperienced person where relationships are concerned!

The third Test has started between India and Australia. I know people who know me know that I don't really like Dhoni like I like Irfan... but I like that guy's leading ablities.... he's cool, he's smart, he's shrewd, he knows how to get things from players, how to respect them, how to chide them when they err, how to give it back to opponents and critics and out of work until employed by Hindi news channels ex-cricketers.... but most importantly he has faith and confidence in his players... something I respect him for! Hail Dhoni!! So now, why are they still going in with Kumble..? He's a great guy... but there's a greater guy present yaar! I really like Gautam Gambhir... he so cute... he looks like a rabbit... cho chweet!! And I loved the way he hit Watson while taking his run... I loved Watson too, during IPL, but I can't like him if he ain't playing for anything Indian. Good going Gauti.... Keep it up.... and the anger on your face when you said: Fucking Shit... to Watson made me say: Hai...main waari jaava!! Keep slamming the Aussies...both with the bat and the elbow!

Brett Lee ain't playing well, Irfan's not in the team (I can imagine Paras chaffing about it to me)... so no reason to watch the match. It's a Test Match anyways. But there was a time in my life when I was such a cricket fanatic that I had seen test matches ball by ball!!! One more thing my *aunties* thought would not get me a good guy. I say... this was one reason that WOULD get me a good guy... I mean which guy wouldn't want his girl who'd not stop him from catching a match?? I'd give him company... If he decides to quit watching cricket completely unable to control the jealousy wouldn't be my fault!!! And I don't know why my cable wallah doesn't broadcast Neo Sports... first he'll put movies like Girlfriend and Ab Bas types on cable and second he won't show me matches! I'm switching on to Dish TV... Don't be santusht!! At least that'll give SRK some more pennies in his over flowing bank account... if his ICICI account hasn't duboed in the recent crisis!

You won't believe it... people are actually buying my engineers-are-responsible-for-the-economy-crisis theory!!!(all of them are non-engineers was the reading between the lines I wanted you to do, but if you've reached this far in the post, I guess you are as dyslexic as I am hence the explanantion) So, can I expect the Nobel Prize for Economics next year....?!? please??

All you out-of-work/vella/free people.... go back to your work!!! The story's over!! Bye! I'll come back on 17th November... with how the CAT screwed 98% of the people who wrote it (the other 2% got in ....dumb!!) and a review of Dostana... I HAVE to watch it on 16th!! John...!!! Ah!! I still maintain that he looks better with clothes on!! I don't like six pack abs ...they're beefy and look so fake.... one reason I shifted from SRK to Imran Khan!! SRK... get back to singing on a guitar this time... you might win a fan (back).


AJ said...

I hate dish tv too cos,they dont show neo sports..i think after reading the entire post this is the 1st thing that came in my mind.
the title song of u me aur hum sung by vishal bharadwaj is a classic.

Hope you return to blogging asap,you shouldnt stop writing.


Nupur said...

@AJ: I will come back fter CAT...!! I just mentioned Dish TV aise hi!!

Nupur said...

@AJ: Shreya Ghoshal's version is better...

Tushar Sathe said...

u kno wats the best thing abt ur blog? there is no fakeness.. n it has a truly inspiring spirit.. btw chill abt CAT.. this guy is taking it for the 3rd time.. if its worth a dream, its not worth a compromise !

Monty said...

Gosh!! it took me two breaks like commercials to read the whole of it.

How do u manage writing such long posts? I too used to write such lengthy ones and my best friend always hated me for that, he would never comment if he find it even more than once a scroll. I even realized the same. But definitely writing long is one of my qualities and i cant give it up. Good to see another similar creature. :)

Nupur said...

@Tushar: if its worth a dream, its not worth a compromise !

I dont quite agree wid it.. i mean, u do have to compromise for ur dreams... it's another story that i believe in but dnt practice!!

Thank You for ur comments...

Nupur said...

@Monty: Everyone's been complaining abt the length...!! I cant help it!! Time... well, i dunno why every1 asks tht to me.. but it hardly takes more thn an hr(for such a big post) n 30 mins for smaller ones... every1 has tht much free time, i guess!

ankit said...

hey u cud hv askd me 4 a u me aur hum review.....isha sharvani movie afterall.......sonal chauhan doesnt hv low iq...dare u use dat again.....serious advice: dnt go 4 dish tv....go 4 smthn else instd....best of luck 4 cat....hp 2 c u soon.......

Nupur said...

@Ankit: Sonal chauhan does have low IQ... watch Jannat if you still disagree...thanks for the wishes on CAT...!!I gotta change my cable soon... i mean ive started watching movies like Good boy bad boy!! gosshh!!

RETARD said...

nupur ur crazy!!!!
dats all i can say aftr reading da post!
and shouldnt take such long breaks!
injurious to ur readers' health!
all da best for CAT!
im sure ull do well and not blame da engineers later!

Nupur said...

@Retard: Well, you realized that I'm crazy after such a long time of reading my blog!!!???

Thanks for the wishes!

BTW.. why is everyone complaining abt the length wen ive warned in the intro itself?!?

Well, engineers have become my fav punching bag of late...so will def blame them! anyways...if i cud blame them for the meltdown, i can surely blame them for cat!!

Aparna said...

after reading abt ur reviews abt UMAH i'm downloading it to watch it....really don't know y i missed such a nice movie

all the best for CAT...hope u realise ur dream ...and me too by fairing well in GATE...its a long time anyway...but i'll make sure i won't say no to my family if they decide to holiday somewhere.
i have a li'l sis like u...i won't have such a strong grit to send her for holidaying while i prepare for entrance.

Nupur said...

@Aparna: Good luck for GATE.Thanks for CAT wishes!! Well, my sis allowed me to go to US wen she was preparing for her exams... I could very well let her holiday in India!!

Neer said...

hey crazy

wat a steam of thought, amazing...
keep on writing (after CAT)
best of luck for the cat exam...
May god give u half wat u want.....



Ashish said...

hey nupur you gave me a challenge to read this long post and I did it!!! YIPEEE
well u r a awesome writer

Nupur said...

@Neer: Thank You

Ashish: Thank You too!!

arshat.chaudhary said...

wow.. quite a long post tht one..
I totally agree with tushar when he says thrs is no fakeness in wht u write and tht makes it more enjoyable..
Best of luck for ur CAT

Nupur said...

@Arshat: Thanks for the wishes... Wish you the same.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

RETARD said...

as far as i remmbr ud mentioned a bad new at da beginning of dis post!
cant keep ur hands off blogspot right?
hows da preparation neway?
and whens it?

Nupur said...

@Retard: No can't .... already thought of a couple of posts I'll be bombarding after CAT!!!

Prep is gng on... Now I'm kinda restless... Just want to get done wid it!! It's on 16th!! Read the post carefully!!!

RETARD said...

alright!sorry!iread it carefully but it was 5 days back!
u have a writer's ego dont u?
all da best!will have to keep saying dat till 16th!chiva;ry u see:P
and u reply faster on ur blog than on orkut!!!ur tooo dedicated a blogger!

Nupur said...

@Retard: Well...no writer's ego or anything... just frustrated with anything to do with CAT!!

I do rpy on orkut!!

RETARD said...

orkut is easier!

Nupur said...

@Retard: Blogspot is better... i get a mail everytime a get a comment .... so its kinda easier this way!!