October 2, 2008

Ultimate Exasperation= Exams!

Life is just so boring. So monotonous. Get up (this is the most difficult task of the day!), answer Aanch's call of my day's plan, which never goes according to what was planned. Never. Then try to work out the dilemma of studying for CAT or to study for Biotech, after that's done, pick up something and study. Well, atleast TRY to study, before it's time to eat and sleep again. Get up again (Nooooo!!!!) and resist all the tempation on earth to call up people and blabber your way through, and try to make peace with either xeroxed notes (Thanks to PRP for saving my money!) or bad quality papered books from TIME! Then again eat, (No sleeping so soon!), watch TV, irritate my sis, listen to Radio Mirchi and solve Quants and then finally sleep, which is like my heaven!

One bad thing in me has always been my 'escapism' from things, from situations, from life sometimes.... This explains me jumping at the idea of going to US for 3 months.... ALONE.... bliss it was!! This explains why I understood when one of my friends mentioned that she's been sleeping a lot of late.... well it had to be escapism!!! I really dunno why I'm writing about escapism here. Doesn't really fit in here, but still, feels good to just be able to escape from things na!! I wish I could... one last time!!

I just hope this gets over soon.... terms, CAT, CET, SNAP, NMAT... whatever..!!! Oh I forgot to mention IIFT! So that after that I can BREATHE!!! And I really hope a lot of other things too get over..... Life jjust gets you to a point of ultimate exasperation where you don't care even if some realtions, for whose long life, you prayed all your life, get over. I want things to be done with. ASAP! Don't really care if they're evanescent like all other relations!

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