October 8, 2008

Depressed and Bored

Everybody reaches a level of saturation with things, and now I presume, I've reached mine... and that too... without actually doing anything. I really didn't know when and how I fell in love with CAT. Roting Biotech has become such a task..... solving MCQ's was fun.... at least we didn't need to draw diagrams.... or worse remember organic structures complex enough to send a rocket scientist into a depression that there's something more complicated than his job! I'm missing CAT.... yes Quants too!! But as in my life it's always been that the things I love don't really love me back equally.... so Bye Bye IIM dreams this year.... maybe next to next year, this time IF I still manage to preserve some patience and retain my grey cells, I might be posting from Ahmedabad....!! May the force be with me.

Now that "force" dialogue reminds me that I've still not seen Star Wars Episode VI.... Something I had promised my cousins when I left for India from US more than a year back. Lucky, if you're planning to download it, my pen drive's ready!

I'm bored.... of apparently everything.... people have suddenly become sooooo busy.... and they're not even giving CAT... wonder what they're doing.... oh yeah, I forgot... all of the people in my life are couples or semi couples... so now I know why they've been busy!! But still, don't you get bored of .... well.... each other??? No comments on my blogs (that's really really really depressing), the page hit counter moving ahead slower than time when Karzzzz promos are on air when all you've been waiting for is to catch Johnny in Dostana... no scraps on orkut... worse... nobody even comes online!! No replies to my calls and messages will be a subtle hint I'll have to take from my friends that I should rather blog... than talk! At least they have the option of not reading it! Campus Junkie's put up only 1 of the 13 articles that I sent... so that's depressing. And also the fact that they still want me to write (despite reading my egregious articles!!) and I have absolutely no time ( leaving aside 10 hours for sleeping, 2 hours for eating and 1 hour for coming online!) so let's see if I write ahead... maybe I'll do that....

So now, I'll stop boring and depressing people further by subjecting them to yet another non sensical, my-life-sucks post... so I'll go and and well... maybe study Biotech.... Cloning Vectors and DNA typing....!!! Why God why???!!!???


Surya, the Ayrus! said...

Hey dudette! why arent u tkaing CAT?and btw, mera bhi haal kuch aisa hi hain..

Nupur said...

@Surya: I'm giving CAT...I just had college exams so was busy with that.....much to my irritation of course..!! And long time, no see!!