May 12, 2009

Burnt Chips Of My Heart...!!

I'm back! Well, I was back to blogging right after my exams got over... what I'm trying to say is that I'm back to my old self.. at least a lil bit! Suffered from a major misoandrist phase... but now I'm back to my philoandrist (Word Power Made Easy doesn't confirm or deny the existence of this word) ways!! Become philoandrist from misoandrist after one of my friends gave me a 30 min WTF-is-wrong-with-you lecture as I had changed the channel thrice when Irfan Pathan's interview was going on!! Yeah, you read it right... it was Irfan Pathan... THE IRFAN PATHAN!!! So, now I'm back... it was a phase, which I'm done with now. Rao, you can dance in joy.... for once your prediction came right about a girl's behaviour! And Aanch, relax, I've stopped walloing in self pity!

Anyways, my interest in IPL is BACK!! (Never minding the fact that right now, KXIP are 111-8 in 17.4 overs......... and Brett Lee just walked back to the pavillion.... err and Karan Goel just got run out too.... damn!!) My interest returned on the eve of the CSK vs KXIP match... yeah the mother of all matches for Aanch and me... and as usual, for the fourth time in a row, we lost. But atleast this time, there was a very tough fight... even to the extent that Aanch called me to congratulate for my team's victory....  we'd have won... if not for bloody Suresh Raina... and this was one of the few matches wherein I prayed and prayed for Yuvraj to keep batting! (I hate him, BTW) and I sooooooooo loved Manpreet Gony in this match! Keep misfielding!

Now, you might wonder, if I hate the captain and the owner (scroll down to see why) of the team, do I still support this team. Well for this simple reason....

Illustrated by pics.... a result of 5 hours of googling, rediffing and a lil help from a friend..... 

I was sick of seeing these two... Irfan Pathan and Brett Lee in two different uniforms.... fighting against one another... and what's worse is when either of them takes the other's wicket... or hits the other outta the park... whom to cheer and whom to abuse under my breath was this major problem, solved by KXIP.... same uniform ... same goal... same cheering...same abusing..! 
(As I'm typing, Irfan just bowled a maiden.... no not me... a maiden over...And Brett Lee got Jayasariya out....yooo!!! yipeee!!!) This is why, even though I pray Irfan Pathan goes to some other team which is winning, I wouldn't really like it! What I like is this:

Gosh! This picture took 4 hours 55 minutes of my 5 hours of searching!! Seeing them hug after they won the Deccan match was such heart touching moment! I mean
Irfan hugging Brett....Ok.. I'll shut up now! (That bloody Appam C... can't really call him Sreesanth now, after the Fake IPL player blog... fucking gave 21 runs in an over?!?!)

Now, to Brett Lee and Irfan Pathan, add Shaun Marsh.... and what you get is an awesome Aussie Indo curry!!

Ain't he cute?!? And the way he fired last year! Man!! BTW, where's he this year... isn't the Pak-Aus series over?

Now, we come to why I hate the owner.... Priety Zinta... look at this:

Firstly, she has (
had actually: didn't you notice the two of them sitting separately during the matches and the gossips in Mumbai Mirror?) Ness Wadia: Well, He's HOT! I mean, the intelligent, corporate-business tycoon type hot you know!!

See, won't this hurt?!? To borrow from Chetan Bhagat's One Night @ Call Center, I may use the lines and the example... it feels like someone's cutting chips like those of potato of my heart!!

Now, it feels like the heart potato chips are being fried in oil.... real hot, burning oil....!!!

No no... stick more!! Bloody!!I'm a die hard fan of Irfan.... I can KILL Priety for this one!! The oil is BURNT ... the chips are BURNT and you can't distinguish charcoal from my these chips made from my heart... God! Why!! I was happy being a misoandrist..... You do this to me after I come back to my philoandrist ways!?!?? WHY?!?!? And still even after all the emosanal atyachar, I'm the only loyal supporter of the team, and I'll not stop supporting this team as long as the trio...Marsh, Lee and Pathan are in the team!! I can choose to ignore Priety!

P.S 1: What's with today kids... I mean 15 year olds?? They don't find Brett Lee and Ness Wadia hot?!??! Yeah, I'm refering to my kid cousin's choice in men! Whom she likes is Zac Efron... eww he's gay!! Trust me, she almost killed me with her look when I said this to her... !!

P.S 2: My other kid cousin, 7 years, couldn't get Brett Lee's name right... he kept calling him Breath Lee for some reason... and he pretty much gave me a very reasonable answer for calling him so... he said, Didi, he takes your breath away na... so Breath Lee!! See, I tell you, craziness runs in my family!!

P.S 3: Aanch, this one's for you.... but promise me, you'll not talk about Nauman to me...!! He's gay... and he sucks... he may have won Roadies.... but he didn't win respect! So enjoy the feast... Binga and Mitchell Johnson together... with a lil of Shaun Marsh sprinkled behind!!

P.S. 4: KXIP lost.... It's ok...
Haar kar jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hain...!


aanchal said...

aah..I love ure I'm breaking its virginity again..wrth me chkng out if ud updated it lovely pics..lee is smoking hot and thnx fr mitchiboy nd bingas pic!guess I'll hv to bark about nauman to smone else..oh dear!!!u knw shaun marsh nd ness were ure trump cards thr...made me thnk of switchng on secnd thoughts...naah..I'll make do wd albie morkel!!!csk rules!!!!!

Nupur said...

@ Aanchal: Dudette, I was still sorting out the kinks of the post...and you commented!! Read it again!! BTW, U said u dont want that pic!!

Yipee... no more Nauman stories!!

arshat.chaudhary said...

Oh dear... do u realise u r on a roll?
You know what? I always thought you were one of those girls who never says the f word :P I guess I have read all ur posts and this is the first time f-ing came up...
Girl you love Brett Lee and Irfan.. good.. I do too.. not in the same way as you do.. as in.. i like their cricket.. as in.. i shud shut up.. :P
As always entertaining post!

Nupur said...

@ Arshat: I don't use the F-word, normally..... but, I guess Sreesanth deserved it for giving away 21 runs in an over, right?

Well, can't say this for Irfan, but, I'm yet to meet a girl (except my cousin) who doesn't like Brett Lee!!

Thanks for such encouraging comment!!

Sharad Sharma said...

I absolutely love cricket and I support KXIP in this year's. My reason is different from yours of course and no , it is not Zinta either ;)
Anyway, I enjoyed reading something on cricket with a totally different perspective.
And yes,we would have won that game if it was not for Raina :\

May Lee,Pathan and others do it for KXIP :P


Chronicwriter said...


csk rox when badri, raina,dhoni,hayden perform...

murali hasnt been doing his usual magic now... jataki is doing it anyways..

and lol post it was..

oil burnt..


check my latest take on ipl :P


Nupur said...

@ Sharad: Well, I used to follow cricket for cricket's sake... but that was a long time back...when Irfan used to really play well!

As of now, all I'm hoping is to reach the semis!

Nupur said...

@ Chriz: CSK... well, no comments!!

The oil thing wasn't original... lifted from One Night @ Call Center..!!

Sharad Sharma said...

hmm I hope they do reach the semis.. got to win everything from now on

Dr. Internet said...

kings XI goes to 7 rank in IPL. Semi final getting interesting!

ankit said...

awsm 1!!!!!!

"innovation" is bcmin ur middle name nw.....whtr its writin in unique style, addin pics, etc etc.....

ur evolvin faster den da viruses!!!!!!!

as u knw m vry bad wit wrds.....pls help me wit da meanin of da 2 most usd wrds in da blog i.e. "philoandrist" n "misoandrist"

LAN said...

wow!! nice blog; i still think there is something between bret lee and preeti zinta!! :)

Nupur said...

@ Dr. Internet: I'm an eternal optimist!!!

Nupur said...

@ Ankit: Wow!! Thanks, first of all!!

Viruses... arey yaar i know, u missing biotech a lot... but me n virus??! pls!!

Misoandrist: A person who hates men!!!

Philoandrist: A person, girl preferably, who loves men! Still unsure about the existence of this word!!

Nupur said...

@ LAN: Err, well you know... Binga's divorce and Zinta-Wadia break up pretty much came at the same time. I'm not saying anything. My lips are sealed! *wink*

Chronicwriter said...

i lift bits and pieces from everywhere for my posts... saw your next post on bret lee