May 23, 2009

You Know You're A Graduate When...

This post is dedicated in the loving memory of all those school years, when everyone asked you to enjoy them, but you were only interested in looking forward to the glamorous college life. By the time you're settled in college, you're too sick of the system, cramming and everything to do with education and you want to show your talent to the world. And by the end of the entire process, you're heard telling this to your school going(near to exiting school) cousins, "School life is, infact the best period of one's life..... "And again, they don't listen to you and the vicious cycle continues. Sorry for such a useless start, what I wanted to say in this post is how you can identify a graduate amongst a crowd of people.

  1. They're almost always frustrated in life. The reasons for which vary maybe one of 
  • My life sucks, but girlfriend doesn't. ( a guy reason for frustration)
  • My boyfriend's such a jerk... he's never there when I need him... his IPL is more important.. his football with friends is more important...everything is more important than me... I know he doesn't love me anymore.... all men are alike.... blah blah blah... (a girl's reason... I've deleted the other 9 of 10 parts of the rant for the lack of space here.)
  • WTF?!?! I'm 20... and STILL single?!? Where have all the dudes gone? So here goes my dream of having a love marriage!! (Aanchal and my reason!!)
  • Will I get 632/700 or 630/700..... It's all in two marks that I'd come second and not first....I'm tensed!! (Toppers' reason! Losers!!)

     2.  They're almost always confused in life. The reasons for which maybe one of
  • What to wear today....  baby pink top on lavendar capris or a classic white one?? (The (ex)college babe's reason)
  • Whom to say yes to..... guy 1 or guy 2 OR (options don't cease for them) guy 3..!! (Almost all my female friends' reasons! Trust me, even if they pass me like 10% of the guys they have, I'd have  a new guy to go out with every evening for atleast 3 months... and I'm NOT exaggerating... I had actually calculated the numbers!!!!)
  • Now that I didn't get through MBA.... what the hell do I do with my life!! Job?? But where? Or Masters??From where...oh no... more entrances!! Marriage... uhh forget it... out of question! Sit at home... Suits fine!!! What do I do?!?! (This is also a reason for frustration, forgot to mention there...Anyways, this is well, my entire MBA gang's reason... if you read in the papers about mass suicides, in all probabilities, it'll be us!)
  • What do I watch today.... MI 3 or The Bourne series?? (Aanchal's reason!!) I say, Top Gun Aanch... I'll come too, again!! (BTW, Tom Cruise can cause female genocide with that smile of his in this movie.. and that inverted dive with the MiG..!! Man!!!!!)
  • Whom do I really really fall in love with today... Irfan or Brett?? (My reason!)

     3. They're almost always in hatred with someone. They most hated list comprises of..
  • Their almost illiterate relatives who give out career advice like they're Sameer Barua or something.
  • Again, their relatives, who keep on perstering them with: So what're you gonna do now?? Job?? Where?? Why not here?? Why there??It's not that good...What kind of pay would you get?? What're the working hours?? All this even before you've decided if you wanna work or rot at home.
  • Their aunties, who's only aim in life is to see you get married. Even if the last time she met you was when you were in Huggies. And the love she has for you is only a little more than what Bhajji has for Symonds' mother.
  • Their parents, for, they continue to think that they're good for nothing and totally useless, even when that's not the case! And they also pester you with the same questions as the relatives do. Do all these 45+ do a diploma course in irritating 20 years or what? No offence to parents... but sometimes they should give the kids some time to figure things out...!! But then, afterwards you realise that like always your parents were right, yet again!!
  • Their siblings... because you're really useless and jobless right now, they make you do all their work, they treat you like a piece of shit(which they always do) and they kick you out of your OWN room because they want to study!
  • Their friends, because they continue to show no signs of growing up since their Huggies days... they're as juvenile as before... the only comforting factor being that their toilet habits aren't as juvenile!
  •  One more reason for hating friends is that their exams begin the day yours got over!! If there are 3 best friends, never should the three separately take up Biotech-Pharmacy-Engineering.... trust me, you'll never be able to meet each other for 4 years... because of the other idiots' 4 yr courses!
  • The IPL team they supported.... because they almost never win! Murphy's Laws, I tell you!
  • The book they last read ... because it got over!!! I mean books with characters like Edward Cullen should go on and on and on and on and on forever!! (Extra info: Twilight is much better than Harry Potter!!)
  • Your couch.... it isn't as fluffy now, as it was when your vacations began!
  • Orkuters and Facebookers and MSNers... no one comes online!!! These places used to be packed during exams!! 

P.S 1: Sorry for the language in this post... it's obscene!!! I'm totally frustrated and that's evident!!
P.s 2: Aanch, thanks for the idea of this post!!


Aanchal said...

i was actually looking fr the P.S.2 at the start of the post..hehe..but here are the winners frm ure post:

-My life sucks, but girlfriend doesn't.

-Will I get 632/700 or 630/700..... It's all in two marks that I'd come second and not first....I'm tensed!! (Toppers' reason! Losers!!)

-What do I watch today.... MI 3 or The Bourne series?? (Aanchal's reason!!) I say, Top Gun Aanch


- Do all these 45+ do a diploma course in irritating 20 years or what?


all in all bravo!welcome break from edward cullen..i needed to get "UNDAZZLED" by him!

manalee said...

thanks...i could figure myself out in that one...i belong to the constantly hate someone category..mine is because i hate the orkuteers and facebookrs..heeh

arshat.chaudhary said...

"My life sucks, but girlfriend doesn't."????
Oh dear.. and I thought u didnt knw whr babies come from! :P

"and that inverted dive with the MiG..!! Man!!!!!" You know, its not him who does it, and even if he does my friend Umesh could do it if he got that kinda money.. (mood j)

funny post :)

Nupur said...

@Aanch: You full fida on me kya these days?!?? and, btw, LEAVE Edward Cullen (for me!)....atleast have some shame, if not gratitude.. I introduced you to him!!

Nupur said...

@ Manalee: Sorry babes, for not coming online... was too involved with Edward Cullen to think beyond him!!

You hate orkuteers and facebookers?? But... that's where we met again!!!

Nupur said...

@ Arshat: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I can give a lecture or two on 'where babies come from'.. you know, the side effects of being a Bio student for 5 years!!

And about Top Gun, well, i know it wasnt Tom cruise, but it doesn't hurt to think that it was him!!

Aanchal said...

i dunno whr babies come from...can someone help me please??

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: How did you top Bio all these years.... now i guess i know how... you COPIED from my papers!!! bad!!!

comfortably numb said...

This was so true with a capital T:)
aah, I hate those friggin relatives:(

Nupur said...

@ Numb: Hehe!! Welcome to the club!!

Rahul said...

That's amazing once again Nupur...u really rock...I'm really impressed with the way u write... In this post I liked especially the first point.... "...always frustrated in life...":-)

Nupur said...

@ Rahul: Thanks!

Rahul said...

Oh...that's so quick!!! It seems in ur vacations u r all time actively on ur blog ha... :-)

Nupur said...

@ Rahul: Err... No... it's just an fortutious event that I'm online right now!

Rahul said...

Oh anyways' but its good to see a quick reply :-) Anyways sorry yar, I really want to check ur blog completely as I said last time but everytime I fail to do so due to my hectic schedule & as u explained in ur 1st case of ur article ;-)

Nupur said...

@ Rahul: Oh ok... no hurry... am not deleting my blog any time soon!!

ankit said...


since it wasnt ur brain child i'll give credit to aanchal for the idea, though u have developed it superbly.!!!

HATS OFF for anthr awsm post...ur movin frm strngth to strngth....

Nupur said...

@ Ankit: Thanks!!! I see, all guys are liking reason 1... no wonder!!

But then, sab aapki (aur ajay ki) hi sharan main seekha hain!!!

flipped.... said...

i guess i believe u!
but well who are these guls who have difficulty selecting and who are those guys who fall in this pool from which it seems impossible to decide...why do i not figure in such a pool...
why did my IPL team lose anyways??
oh even better why did my country lose..??

maybe i shud stop seeing cricket after all...

Nupur said...

@ Dhaval: These girls are all my best friends who have so many guys behind them that they're always in confusion whom to select! What a lifE!