June 10, 2009

The Need For Twilight Rehab!!

About two things I am absolutely positive,
First, Edward is a vampire and
Second, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him!

Yes, Its gone to that stage... the stage where one needs some serious rehab!! I tried to keep away from the Twilight series after I finished the last printed book, Breaking Dawn, but the withdrawal symptoms set in....and compelled me to read The Midnight Sun, the fifth unfinished book in the series which has been leaked on the net! And this half, unfinished version is the best of all the books.... because it has the entire story from Edward's point of view, which is well...... I don't know what word to use because, honestly I've never believed that a guy like HIM can exist!! Just too good to be true.... can exist only in books, movies and in your best friend's life (you can't even snatch him, Damn!!)! Bella correctly said in Twilight when Edward asks her if she's scared of him because he's a vampire... and she says, "I was wishing that I could believe that you were real. And I was wishing that I wasn’t afraid if you said you weren't!!!" I admit, I spend a lot of time on www.twilightquotes.com !! I'm just so hopeless and completely jobless too!!

There are some amazing lines from the book though.... actually one per page! But some of the absolute gems have to be

Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget
- Bella Swan in New Moon, when she's trying to get over the fact that Edward's gone forever and she can't make herself remember him and his memories... and she fears that if she doesn't remember him, she'll forget him!!

Edward : And the lion fell in love with the lamb
Bella: What a stupid lamb..
Edward: What a sick masochistic lion!

Edward: Could a dead, frozen break? I felt mine could,
When he thought that Bella'd like someone else and not him,... (only a certified loser would do that!), thinking when he was in Bella's room watching her sleep, surreptiously... not in a peeping Tom manner...but in a very cute way!
Bella: Edward... Edward... Stay please.... don't go, murmuring in her sleep, dreaming about him.
Edward: Could a dead, frozen heart beat again? It felt mine was about to, speaking to himself, not believing what he'd just heard!

But this one video takes my heart. I have to watch it every time I switch on my laptop!It's my personal brand of heroin, cocaine rather... or whichever is more potent!

If you didn't catch the words, I'd be more than glad to help you!
Bella: Everybody's staring...
Edward: Not that guy.... he just looked! Putting his hand on her shoulder, I'm breaking all the rules now since I'm going to hell!!! *My heart misses more than one beat!! *

Now, the above post for all those who haven't read the series, please do it ASAP! For the people who have, here's a checklist for you to judge if you need Twilight and Edward Cullen Rehab
  • You've read and re read Twilight
  • You're watching the videos
  • You saw the MTV awards and still like Edward and Bella inspite of the stoned/doped appearances of the lead actors!!
  • You've joined all possible fan clubs of Edward Cullen
  • You've got your friends addicted to Edward Cullen too (I've got Aanchal, Radhika, Ajay and trying to get Manshi addicted now!)
  • You've joined the Human boys have lost their charm because of Edward Cullen group in Facebook!
  • You're seriously not interested in lesser mortal guys now!
  • You try to read minds!! ( I was trying to read my sis' mind, but she thought I having a dyslexic moment registering her words!)
  • You almost ask your Mom if you could go hunting and not eat the food she cooked! ( I shudder to think what would've happened to me had I said this thought aloud in my Jain home!!!!)
  • You read the book with your mobile backlight when there's a power failure in your house at night.
  • You actually dream about Edward, Bella, the vampires and Jacob in your sleep!
  • You notice people's canines more carefully!
  • You try really really hard ot write a spoof on it, but you just can't get your thoughts coherent enough the minute your neurons register the noun Edward!! (also because you're missing the Cell Biology lectures.... as the teacher's incoherent lectures were the inspiration for all your creative articles... only if I could attend one more of her lecture, I'd write the spoof on the entire 4 book series, trust me!)
  • You think of writing your version of the continuation of the series for your best friend's upcoming birthday!! (But you can't as she has told you what suprise gift she wants from you, and damn it you've not even started anything in that area!)
  • You write a full blogpost on Twilight!!

If the answers to the above questions is in the affirmative, then you need REHAB! Come, join me! We'll think of doing something to get over Edward! Is there anyone who hates Edward...? Could you join us too.... just to make sure we get over him... and not form a fan club!!!

P.S: I'm back with a bang! Yo!!

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Aanchal said...

no prizes fr guessing the nt-so-gracious best frnd ppl!!!...

Newys i need rehab u knw tht..ppl r actually beggining to thnk im obsessed/posessed by the cullen guy..i wdve prefred being 'bitten' though..hehe

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: Mind you.... I'm in the line before you!!! Yanna rascala... mind it!

Aanchal said...

u have a bit of an error with the line..im breaking all the rules now and since im goin to hell IM MIGHT AS WELL DO IT THOROUGHLY!

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: Its not there in the video!!! it's only in the book!

Aanchal said...


Nupur said...

@ Aanch: Dude! I was quoting him from the video!!!

Aanchal said...

No hes not edward cullen..hez the stoned/doped guy frm MTV Music Awards!!!!!!!!

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: But you can picture him only na wen u read the book, dumb!

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

Is there anyone who hates Edward...? Could you join us too.... just to make sure we get over him... and not form a fan club!!!



Nupur said...

@Manalee: Hehe! No issues!! but where have you been woman!??!

ankit said...

u dnt need rehab............
such a thng shws u to wht extent u cn support a thng dat u r so passionate bout.........

m waitin to join da fan club.....

Nupur said...

@ Ankit: I so love you!! you r the only one who supports my madness!!