July 8, 2009

For The Sake Of It....!!!

Sorry for the wrong alert on Facebook that I'm off blogging! Well, actually I have nothing to blog about... but still, considering that it's a good way to feel good, I'm back to blogging! My friend Dhaval suggested I watch some TV and I'll have plenty of stuff to write about. So I thought, why not give it a shot. He suggested I watch Aaj Tak... but sorry, I can watch Rakhi Ka Swayamvar's back to back episodes on weekends... but Aaj Tak... is well.... urrgghh!!

When you switch on TV these days, there's not much to watch. Now that Roadies has ended, MTV has come up with crappier shows than Spiltsvilla! (It's a misconception that I like the show, but the truth is that I despised it!). There's this twin-show and I couldn't watch it for more than a second after I saw Nauman in it! There's not one girl with a good face on the F1 wala show! Seriously, what's with today's girls? I pity the guys, seriously!! I know good face is not a criteria for being a good human... but the bitching.... for what?!! Seems like people have a lot of time on their hands! The Tickr also is not funny these days!

Even the ads suck! Try watching the Harpic ads to know what I mean! I saw this Fair and Lovely ad... a girl uses the cream, becomes a couple of shades lighter and instantly get into a good college or something. No wonder, Aanchal got into MBA and I didn't.... she's a couple of shades fairer than I am! Damn! I should've used FnL before my GD-PIs! Just kidding! She got in because she worked harder! But what are people thinking when they make ads? And that other ad about that guy coming all the way to personally say Sweet Dreams to his girlfriend.... seems cute at first... but then, why not take a better looking guy!?

Coming to movies.... Well, Imran Khan's back with Luck. It's all action in this one it seems. Shruti Haasan is kinda pretty.... but what is Ravi Kissen doing in this movie? With Sanjay Dutt, somehow, I have an apprehension that this movie will go the Kidnap way! But nonetheless, with Irfan deciding to get married, I have to look for greener pastures elsewhere, so I'll be one of the people watching this movie in its first week! And yeah, Imran is looking hot!! Any guy would... if he were to jump from helicopters!!
Chalo, I'll go and read the backlog of blogs I've not read since a week..... Till my next post (which is a short love story.... don't worry, it'll get over in one post...I won't drag it for chapters and chapters on end!!) keep reading and commenting.... I go into a depression when no one comments!!! Yeah yeah.... adulation is addictive!!!


flipped.... said...

wow..my name in the POST..with the link!!
nothing could have been better..
i'm glad seeing the TV helped..
most of the things are annoying!!
i'd rather watch NAT GEO...(read FTV!!)

comfortably numb said...

tht sweet dreams wala ad makes me wonder did the guy not have balance on his cell n even if he didnt could he not recharge rather than traveling to world's end to show her the reply:P
Bloody idiotic I say!!!

Ronaldinho said...
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left unseen yet seen because.... said...

iwhen i msg rohit i jus hope he simply replies bck soemtimes he doesnt even do tht//let alone traveling to m,y [place...yhe ad is RUBBISH

(P.s: :the above comment mine..deleted cus i had written it frm rohit's account...wud hav sounded lik soem gay had written it lol)

ankit said...

i'll accompany u to da movie coz i like shruti.......

awaitng ur nxt blog......

arshat.chaudhary said...

awww... i kinda feel bad for u every time i hear some snippet about irfan.. but seriously, thr r a lotta nice guys out thr... some of them have left mumbai, but thr r still a few of them thr :P

Nupur said...

@ Dhaval: Just wondering, is Nat Geo, the Y chromosome code for FTV??? All my guy friends watch NatGeo the whole time...so was curious!

Nupur said...

@ Numb: Probably he even was the Petroleum Minister's son... maybe that's why the petrol prices don't seem to affect his pursuits!!

@ Manalee: Dudette, you're putting me off relationships by comments like those!!

@Ankit: Ankit, please write Shruti Haasan!! There are many Shrutis!! I for a minute thought you mentioned some other Shruti!

@Arshat: All the good guys are outta reach.... what to do yaar!!

CRD said...

You think Rakhi's Swayamwar is better than Aajtak?? LOL!!

Wonder if you watch India TV. 80% of their airtime is devoted to Rakhi Sawant's swayamwar an the rest to Monkey & Dog weddings and Aliens in Delhi Slums :P

You're doing your MBA? Well I'm doin it too. When the 3rd sem begins I wonder if I'll get time to watch TV, but yeah, I'll have loads of stuff to blog about :P


Nupur said...

@ CRD: Yeah Rakhi ka... is better because i can atleast comprehend the hindi there!

I'm not doing my MBA... suddenly all B-schools have raised their stds and i dont seem to fit in!