July 12, 2009

The Universe Conspired- Short Story, Part one


left unseen yet seen because.... said...

yippy m the first to comment...i hope u put in a lot of 14 yr old romance in this one...it has been a long time since i read of teenage romance...wink wink..

Nupur said...

@ Manalee: Yup... you're the first.... well there's a lot of romance..... but ill write only the stuff that really happened.... and whatever ad happened was veryyyyy cute.....

I just so loved this story wn my frnd narrated it to me that i had to write it!!

CRD said...

cute story.

the last para was so true..the part about not looking at a gal below her nose...it should be the chin actually [:P]

True story? Is it someone who fell for u, or is it ur bro's story?


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Nupur said...

@ CRD: Hey thanks!!
Glad to know that there still exist guys who won't look below a gals face!!!
It's one of my best friend's story.... not mine!

CRD said...

:) Oh, there are many guys like dat. But unfortunately, many of em get labelled as sissies or weirdos..not jus by guys, but also by gals..

Not many guys wud therefore like to admit that they don't have a roving eye :P

Btw, ive emailed u an invite to my Blogger's community. Join it if you like wat u see :)


Nupur said...

@ CRD: Hehe!! My guy friends are also of the same opinion!!

I joined the comm.... its awaiting moderator approval.

CRD said...

k.. ur in :)

krish said...

hi nupur
Loved the story
soon will read the other ones too
and yes there are male species left
on the planet who live this way.It was very much the way i used to be in school.but just that i was so busy with physics that never observed anybody

Nupur said...

@ Krish: Thanks! It's not my story... I'm just writing it!!

krish said...
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krish said...

well Nupur i never said its your story
but i strongly believe every work of fiction has its roots in reality.

Adisha said...

That's a lovely story of romance and love ... Read the comments and am noting it's your friend's story ... SUch is life, every tale has it's roots in reality !!!

Pavitra .... said...

Waiting for the next part...!!

Harini said...

I liked the story. Its very cute :)
I am waiting to see what heppens next. How many parts are u planning :P

You havnt updated your other blog beyond chapter 5. when are you planning to? Yeah! i do read your blogs regularly but 2day have decided to post :P

Nupur said...

@ Krish: True! I strongly believe in that!

@ adisha: Thanks...! Agree with you as well!!

@ Pavitra: Writing the next part!!!

@ Harini: Only two parts... part 2 coming up...

comfortably numb said...

out with the next part...n wht happened to that story...wens chp 6 up???

Nupur said...

@ Numb:
Updated both!