July 23, 2009


Yipee!!! I recieved my second blog award!!! Yo!! And it came at a really good time, just when my blog was gathering cobwebs due to the lack of posts I got a chance to write something, yeah you guessed it right, writer's block on!! This award comes from Saim...! The rules are simple... you've gotta list down 10 truths about yourself and pass the award to other people who's blogs have webs of their own!

So here's my Sach ka saamna.....
  1. These days I'm dancing like a naagin to Twist from Love Aaj Kal! It's a really cool song.... though I can't make out what Neeraj Sridhar is singing..... the beats are cool!
  2. The only Y chromosome trait in me is that I hate taking a shower!!! My Mom, even today, has to push me in the bathroom to take a shower!!! But, I do take a shower everyday ... unlike the guys, how much ever I find it a waste of time and resources!!
  3. I talk a lot....and half the times, the speed at which I talk goes beyond normal human brain comprehension! And I actually fell off my chair when Mayank of Miley Jab Hum Tum was talking to Nupur, who was exceptionally quiet in that episode, "Arey, tum toh Nupur ho, phir kaise chup ho!!" True!!!
  4. I'm a die hard romantic... put love in anything, and I'll be chooo-cutttee-ing it!!! But, I hadn't read a romantic book until Twilight.....not Mills and Boons too! Because I knew, it'd mess with my brain!!! Which did happen when I started reading love stories! But now, I've learnt my lesson, and I'm off love stories now!
  5. You can't beat me in laziness. Trust me!! According to my Dad, who's always cracking jokes on my laziness, I'm the world's second most lazy person.... not the first... as I at least don't feel lazy to breathe....unlike the first person!!
  6. I can do any work on Earth and survive....but not subzi shopping!! I'd either give more money and come...or pick up the worst veggies of the lot, which are just one step from rotting....or pick up something tangentially different from something that I'm supposed to buy.... like I had once picked up methi....when my Mom sent me to get dhania!! Can you believe that I actually studied BOTANY for a year!!
  7. I had begun planning for my wedding (in my head)....thinking of my trousseu, menu, guest list, venue et al.... the week before last... because three astrologers on three different occassions in the past had predicted that I'd be getting married by 2009 end!!!!! Also, I was doing this, because I genuinely have NOTHING to do these days!! P.S: I'm NOT getting married so soon!! P.S 2: Aanchal had also started planning for my wedding!
  8. I'm 11 kgs underweight!! I'm supposed to be 54 kgs... but am only 43! Don't tell me that I don't eat! I eat a lot... it's just that there are a very few things that I'd eat without making a fuss, but if I like the food, then I'll hog! I still remember the expression on Ankita's face when she saw me eat during our IV.... it was more like "Looking at you, NOBODY can guess you eat THIS much!!" Just, better metabolism and good genes, Ankita!
  9. I'm semi-anaemic, I have low BP and my blood volume is very low.... so in short... the reason I'm gonna die is over-exertion of my heart...because the poor thing has to work doubly hard to pump blood in me!! Add to that, getting over heartaches!!! Poor heart of mine!
  10. The only reason I never took up medicine was because I'm scared of blood.... I can't see people bleed!! One day, one of my friend had come to meet me, and poor thing's tooth was bleeding for some reason.... and I actually spoke to her with my eyes closed all the while!!!

So, now I'm done!!! I'll wake up other people from their blog-slumber!
  1. Arshat...... the best Timepass on the net!
  2. Aanchal.....time she really wakes up and writes something!
  3. Dhaval......I'm always laughing reading his blogs!!!
  4. Vinod.......Chandler in real life!!
  5. Manalee...you need to get up too!
  6. Rucha......I love her sarcasms!!
  7. Kushal.... he hasn't written anything since...well...ages!!!
  8. AJ....... he got me interested in blogging and now he's disappeared!
  9. Tushar.... he writes amazing poems!
  10. Siddharth..... because it's been a millenium since he blogged!!

So wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!! Start typing!!! Accept the award....copy the picture, paste it on your blog...list down 10 truths about yourselves and pass it on to 10 different people...!!! Happy Blogging!


flipped.... said...

Oh i do not know what one has to do with this award, but i shall for sure cherish it. Dont know if u give me more than required praise but i'll take it nevertheless!!

Nupur said...

Dhaval: You're writing CAT and you can't comprehend the instructions on the blog? Guess I'll have to find someone else to push into going to IIM-A!!!

Arey read the last para of the blog again....ive written what to do!

Vinod... said...

An award??!! For me??!! All my dreams are fulfilled now... ;)

Thanks for the award.. could I be more honoured...

Aanchal said...

uh im speechless cz i got an award for my own personal hell..my blogspace..uh..dinno u were awarding misery..
(hnstly im tryng to figure out d mning of my comment..see thts y i dnt comnt)

left unseen yet seen because.... said...

nupur the answer to ur post in on my blog! http://leftunseenyetseen.blogspot.com/

Adisha said...

That's such fun stuff to knwo about u ... Dancing like a nagin .. lolzz...

krish said...
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krish said...
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krish said...

Good yaar
even i feel like to start out blogging,to be eligible for awards like this but i am eternally lazy

comfortably numb said...

nice reading it made for though the truths r hardly of the controversial standards set by Sach Ka Saamna:P
am sure I can beat u for #5 though:D

Nupur said...

@ Vinod, Aanchal and Manalee: I know you guys are really kicked about the award and are singing and dancing in my praise... but really... get a grip and if you really wanna thank me, just send me Hersheys/Lindt.... I'll be happy and I'll keep on passing you the awards!!

@Adisha: Thanks!!! You should try dancing like that too... of course only when you're alone...or else the world'll think that you've lost it!

@ Krish: Try it!

@ Saim: Unless you feel too lazy to breathe... you can;t beat me!!!

Harini said...

hmmm... good post.

But you know if we were had a competition in the laziness thingy i might get close to you :P

ani_aset said...

congrats :)
thoda khana khao :P

Harini said...

hi... I have tagged in Abc tag. Check it!

ankit said...

CONGO YAAR!!!!!!!!!

hey i m bad at buying veggies too...but nw a days m buyin gud stuff........der's a secret to dat....will tell u whn v meet!!!!