August 25, 2009

Kaminey Review!! Worth the 160 buckf!!

Temperature- 98.6 F
Definitely no fever.
No swine flu symptoms too (anyways, I'd have been a medical marvel to get SF.... I'm at home since 19th April!)
Then how come two posts in three days?? Well, you're in for some good news... I'm in the mood for writing, so you're having another post so soon!!

You should never watch movies with your parents! They don't listen to you and shut you up and you can't even shout back! Now, I had this argument with my Dad who wanted to spend 160 bucks per ticket and I was fighting with him at the ticket counter, much to the amazement of the ticketwalla, who must've been seeing this behaviour for the first time...that a kid is asking a parent to not spend! I mean, I know Kaminey is a damned good movie..but 160 bucks!??! I'm not a miser, but I hate spending money where it's not required..... Gujju genes + MBA karne ki ichha... deadly combo!! Anyways, even though I am this zero maintenance person, I still don't have a boyfriend or guys interested in making me their girlfriend, so I really don't know what men really want! See, I'd be happy for a 8 o clock morning show on Vodafone Tuesdays too.... Any takers...?No....Still?!?! Damned life I have!

Now,we had gone to watch Kaminey.... the argument with Dad ensured we miss the beginning. And I didn't understand quite a bit in the first half of the movie so I was cursing all the critics and everyone who's been lisping since they've seen the movie. But, then, I called up my woman Friday (Aanchal, you sillies!) and asked her to enlighten me and my family.....who were all waiting for two years to end quickly so that I'm done with my MBA and get a job and shell out 640 bucks for the movie I got them to see! So, back to the movie.... I'm sure you've heard enough about it from the critics and all....and trust me, they were right....unlike the last time when they went horribly wrong about Oye Lucky..... Lucky Oye...!! It's a fantaftic movie!! Yeah, the reft of the blog poft haf been a victim of lifping!

The background score (the lisped version is well..umm, nevermind!) is fantaftic! Be it Dhan te na adding the spice to the narrative or Duniya main....the mufic is awefome, the acting is mindblaftingly good.... Amole Gupte is brilliant as Bhope Bhau and his Jai Maharashtra (I'm not lisping here!!) thing waf pretty good! Priyanka haf been a wonderful revealtion fince Fashion. And what do I fay about my dear Fhahid!!!! I'm just crying over the fact that why I'm not a Punju... had I been one, I too, would be around guys like (Fhahid, Ranbir, Kunal) Kapoor.... or at leaft guyf who're tall, handfome and again handfome! But, I loved Charlie than Guddu....yeah you gueffed it right... I'm a little off candy floff romance thefe dayf. Charlie waf mean, and you know how our elderf have alwayf been right about all good girlf falling for the bad guy! Charlie in that fhower ftrumming the guitar with Duniya main logo ko playing in the background had me speechleff and dif-oriented for quite fome time. OK. Enough of ftuff for the girlf. I liked Priyanka's character a lot. The entire I-am-pregnant-what-do-we-do-now scene is, according to me one of the beft scenes in Indian cinema!! The way she handled the role.... speaking Marathi et al..... and she didn't even have Marathi as a compulsory language in 10th....hatf off to her for pulling it off so convincingly!!! All I can speak in Marathi after ftudying it for feven yearf is "Mala marathi naahi aate!" which is alfo, wrong Marathi! But Bhope Bhau...pleafe....Jai Maharashtra... don't throw me out because I can't speak Marathi... I'm like the fugar...diffolved in the milk!!!

All in all, TOTALLY RECOMMENDED. Pleafe watch it afap! And now, this para is dedicated to all the moronf who didn't get the movie. One fuch (the last letter of the word is H. So don't mis-read) moron waf sitting behind me who joked with hif friend that the director should've given the audience a written script so that they could understand the movie! How I wanted to turn around and maro a witty's I didn't!! Then, there are other geniuses fifter's (sister!) friendf.... they didn't undersftand the movie even when they had reached the movie theatre much before even the commercialf began. I really feel like telling them "Abey Degree phad ke phek do, bloody engineerf... err...forry... SE ftudentf!" But I wonder if they're not getting a movie... how do they understand engineering!?!? Our country-people's IQ is going below Paris Hilton's!! What a fhame! If you don't underftand the movie, mail me.... I'll explain!

P.S : Moral of the story until next post: Listen to your parents. They're always right... 160 bucks well spent!!! No regrets!

P.P.S: Line of the song till next post: Tanhayee ne fursat di hain...pehli baar mohabbat ki hain!! Killer line!!! I'm back to my liking-candy-floss romance self!!!

P.P.P.S: I know I can be hanged till death for saying this, but I really want to watch What's Your Rashee.... you know, the Libran girl is shown to be a big boss at an MNC!!! No wonder why I want to see it!!! What...did you actually think I wanted to see Harman.... craffffffffffffffffyyyy or what!?!?!?


left unseen yet seen because.... said...

good that u saw the movie and even better that u felt it was worth the 160 bucks u spent...i serisly...did not want u to go crying to vishal bhardwaj for ur 640 bucks...hehe...

cute review!!

Nupur said...

@ Manalee: I wouldn't have gone to him re! Not that velli in life!!
And I can watch that movie again and again(now, only after i download it!)

Aanchal said...

arrey drats!someone else commented i was so ready i opened the windw and fgt fr 45 mins...neways woman friday!hahahathts betr thn being the erstwhile scarlet woman!

Nupur said...

@ Aanch: And you say I'm always late!! Scarlett woman toh you are...!! BTW, my blog's become comment as soon as u lay ur eyes on a new post

blunt edges said...

lol...that was a lisp-filled kaminey hangover wala review!!!

even i wanna watch it...will probably watch it this weekend...n weekend tickets r 200(+15 credit card booking charges) here...wonder what the gujju+mba would say 2 that ;)

had visited home last week...n told dad we'll go watch kaminey...n he was like "yeh koi naam hua movie ka??? i would never watch such gande movies" rofl :D:D:D

Nupur said...

BE: And here my Dad wanted to watch it!! You too, download the movie...!!! Sheesh! I think im gonna be framed and jailed due to one of the anti piracy laws!!

2 Pegs Down said...

think i'll watch this one :) waiting for "Quick Gun Murugun" - yeah i know it'll be total crap! finally! can't believe how long it has taken us to go the way of national lampoon.

Nupur said...

@ 2PG: Do write a review on it!!!

Harini said...

I fo wanna fee da movie. But fomehow am not able to :((

Adisha said...

Waiting impatiently to watch it :D

Surya Sudheer said...

You should be lucky....the idiotic swine flu is keeping us back from watching Kaminey..... anyways nice inched the zeal to watch the mmovie

Sourav !!! said...

Fahi movie hai yaar ! The fhould be fuper hit of thif year ;)

And anyways Oye Lucky was as liked by me too, as much by the critics, just for the information... I'm not a movie critic, an MBA (recession-hit) with an income to pay for the internet rent every month rather than paying for the highly priced movie tickets ! And I'm Man-Thursday (coz I see movies even before they release) :D

Well written post ... going to stalk you !

(VIP) P.S : you should follow me too if you don't wish to be sued ! :P even if you don't like my blog ;) love with me and life

Keep watching and writing !

ankit said...

good review.......i hvnt watchd it still......yes u read it rgt.....da persn who is nw a band ambassador of chandan cinema hasnt watchd it still......will do so asap.......

u said u r low maintainence......pls gv a thought 2 dat...i disagree a bit!!!

Nupur said...

@ Harini: Stop reading my blog and watch the movie, trust me, I'm not the one who'd shoo away a reader otherwise!!

@ Adisha: Watch it asap!!

@ Surya: THe swine flu scare is over na now

@ Sourav: Welcome here. I read the reviews of Oye Lucky and took my family for it, and they've curtailed my pocket money ever since! So no comments there!

@ Ankit: I AM LOW MAINTAINTENCE...!! Kaunsa kharcha karwaya maine kisiko??? Your best frnd is also looking out for ppl to watch the movie with him!!